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  1. Iamcynical

    Sheffield school riot

    I don't live a million miles away from there and my experience of having to visit the hospital over the past 20 years from time to time means I would not live anywhere near there. When my missus has had to visit the hospital on her own at night I've told her to keep the car moving and go through red lights. It really is that bad. Gangs just hang around, seemingly looking for trouble. Reminds me of certain areas of Paris actually. Big thanks to our fucking politicians
  2. Iamcynical


  3. Iamcynical

    Peak UK Economy

    Do you meaning working for 4 months and then jacking it in and claiming job seekers for 8 months ? I thought you had to wait 6 months after packing a job in ?
  4. Iamcynical

    Car Broken Into

    Scummy bastards. Console yourself by knowing your life is immeasurably better than theirs. If you're handy then get a second hand window from a breakers and fix it yourself. It'll save money and you'll have achieved something. And yes, don't leave anything on display in future.
  5. Iamcynical


    IMO the "master plan" is to get the 99.9% all at the same level, regardless of whether they work or not. Those calculations previously posted on here regarding the £90k p/a solicitor and the child minder having similar disposable incomes shoes how it works. I'm not convinced the 0.1% have thought through the "end of game" situation though. Unless of course they are planning on bailing out of all the countries that are trashed through these policies.
  6. Iamcynical

    Wanted down under

    They almost always have to work harder to achieve the same "lifestyle" as back home. It's basically just a free holiday, particularly for the film crew etc Essentially the problem is doing 5 days a week relentlessly becomes tiresome. I would like to drop to 3 days a week if possible. Enough work to keep you occupied and get you out of bed in the morning and cover essential bills, and plenty of free time to do stuff, or even just relax a little.
  7. I was thinking the same (but in English) But it shouldn't distract from the fact that councils are desperate for money to keep their DB pensions alive. They will rinse every one of us working people for every last penny that we have..
  8. Iamcynical

    "Smart" meters debacle

    Just don't answer the door, or alternatively go out for the day. You are doing us all a disservice having one fitted !
  9. Sounds like lots of places unfortunately Good look with your escape.
  10. Iamcynical

    1988 All over again

    XYY, you crack me up My mortgage is joint between my 'common law' wife and me. We have savings that will cover the remaining mortgage which is still significant. I don't want to pay off the mortgage with savings though and leave us with no liquidity, because who knows when I'll be out of work again for a while ! Several people consider us 'rich', my missus doesn't even pay tax she earns so little and I'm not a 40% tax payer. But, we don't spunk money on shit and I fix everything, the house, cars etc etc. I even fix other people's houses and cars for some pocket money. I guess rich = not in debt these days
  11. Iamcynical

    Millions of families 'worse off' than 15 years ago

    They won't have the balls to do this now. It would push too many people below the bread line I suspect, and/or make the unemployment stats sky rocket. They'll carry on until the whole system totally fails. Meaning massively more pain for everyone.
  12. BBC article. Look at the low-middle income line on the graph. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44926447 I suspect it's even worse than the graph suggests for this section of society. Pensioners doing well, and even non working doing better. What a clusterfuck.
  13. Iamcynical

    No more casting couch.

    A lesson there to everybody, keep your 'edgey' jokes to your mates down the red lion. Although I would be concerned if a mate of mine was saying shit like that tbh. As bkk says, he seems to have some issues there. Anyway, my sympathy for him vanished when I saw the quantity of similarly themed tweets and the fact he appears to be a democrat idiot droning on about trump all the time.
  14. Bang on the money Joe. Just like help to buy and bomad gifted deposits are keeping the housing market alive (just). It's easy to spend money you haven't earned.
  15. Iamcynical

    Climate change...

    Hang on, we must have got it all wrong. Our glorious leaders keep telling us that we must have a growing economy, which must therefore be driven by an increasing human population. The planet will be absolutely fine once plastic drinking straws and internal combustion engined vehicles are banned..