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  1. Iamcynical

    Amateur mechanics question

    You do need to strip down the door and positively identify the failed component(s) and then order the needed part(s). Whilst using a piece of wood to temporarily wedge the window back up until said parts arrive. It's not a totally straightforward job in fairness. I tend to buy cars with problems so I get a good price and then fix them myself. Acquired some skills by just picking up the spanners really, and occasionally listening to experienced people
  2. Iamcynical

    Amateur mechanics question

    If it's a golf MK4 then yes, 249 is a bit pricey. It can be fixed for much less. I fixed my neighbours back in June. Replacement metal parts off eBay cost £6. A couple of hours work. Ask on here next time ! Anyway, keep the car going. They are decent solid cars
  3. Iamcynical

    Amateur mechanics question

    Is it a golf MK4 ? TDI ? You can reach the linkage under the bonnet.. check if it's come loose. How much did the garage charge for fixing your window out of interest ?
  4. Bit of a quandary for the raging loons that one:- Sacking white man = good Employing brown man = good White man NOT behaving like a racist = bad Presumably you need to enslave your new employee and treat him like shit to get a full house of 'good' for the swivel eyed loons increasingly permeating society
  5. Iamcynical

    They are coming for your meat

    Will this end like the 'diesel cars are best' policy under the one eyed wanker. Ie. Once everyone is vegetarian then they'll declare that this is the true enemy and tax the hell out of us for eating vegetables !? These twats in charge really do think we are stupid. I should point out that I am largely vegetarian, not for health reasons but because I despise humanities treatment of animals. As a rule I generally do the exact opposite of what governments say, but due to my above paragraph I won't this time.
  6. Iamcynical

    They are coming for your meat

    I'm so pleased the government is looking out for me..
  7. Iamcynical

    Would you buy a hair transplant from this man

    I gave in 6 months back and shaved mine. No thinning, just recession at the temples to the point where I was self conscious that people might think I was in denial. Anyway, I have blonde/grey hair. I'd advise 3 on the top and 1 or 2 on the sides. Defo go at least one grade shorter on the back and sides as it'll look long compared to the top as it starts to grow. I did go for 2 on the top initially but felt it was too extreme for my head !
  8. Iamcynical


    Charity starts and ends at home these days. Help only those you care about and/or those that you know would help you in the future, should you need it. If I get accosted by a charity scrounger I always ask them what their CEO earns. They rarely know what I'm talking about, so I Google it for them. I then point out the obvious - that as someone who earns far less, I shall not be giving them any of my money.
  9. Iamcynical

    trans madness

    This. And coming soon to every second world country that is currently being 'helped' to escape so called poverty. They'll want to go back once they realise how shit it is for both parents to have to work all hours just to struggle on.
  10. Iamcynical

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    My thoughts exactly spy. Immigrants = entitled to fully paid for education British = £60k+ debt That's how it read to me anyway. I'll stick my neck out here and say not one of 6 featured in the article will end up in the career mentioned..
  11. Iamcynical

    Minister for Pizza

    @spunko at our local Domino's it's 2for1 on collection. It actually gets better than that though as when asked they'll do one pizza for half price. You need to ask, as I'd also never pay £18 for a pizza !
  12. THIS. You nailed it Frank. Make the enslaved think they're free and the 'game' is won I guess
  13. Iamcynical

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    Derbyshire here. Grew up in the county also. Moved about a bit in my 20s in the south east but been back up here quite a while now. I have no interesting facts though
  14. Iamcynical

    Dancing Couple Kiss

    All part of the distraction. Smoke and mirrors. I read the So-Called BBC website for a laugh only. The propaganda and brainwashing is very strong these days
  15. Iamcynical

    12 years to save the earth

    Exactly what I said to someone earlier. They have trashed our UK manufacturing economy to boost much bigger polluters in China et al to then bring more people into 'consumerism' so even more pollution is caused. I'm not saying poorer people shouldn't have western luxuries, but the way it's been done is so obviously for financial gain, and financial gain only. With the added bonus of helping to destroy western civilisation as @One percent very rightly keeps pointing out.