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  1. Any groups over two people were deemed to be breaking covid1984 rules. How very convenient..
  2. Indeed. But that doesn't tell me their name or what they look like..
  3. The cops are defo using masks to hide their identity as much as they are because they've been told to. I'm thinking of buying a stealth (button or whatever) body cam for next time. The cops get in my face when they see me filming them, so I would prefer something stealthy. I could then also film my entire day and crop it for any interesting bits.
  4. The cops appear to be non questioning robots who do exactly as they are instructed by their superiors. They are actually destroying their own freedom with their actions. On the way home I passed the BBC building. There were at least 4 riot vans and lots of cops. They were obviously expecting a protest there which never happened as far as I am aware. Funny how they get that level of protection eh!?! Anyway, as I walked passed the vans all the robocops were sat in the vans twiddling their thumbs, almost every single one was not wearing their masks. They know this virus is being massi
  5. I was there. Cops were utter cunts. They were the only violent ones. We need police blood on the streets for things to turn. It isn't looking good imo
  6. That Andy Marsh sounds like an absolute POS. I wonder if he truly believes what he's saying? Either way, he's saying it, and that makes him the enemy of the people.
  7. I doubt anyone will ask you any questions. I'm already eyeing up a trip to the canaries at xmas, but am currently trying to be certain I can avoid having to take a test. Tui were recommending their 'trusted' supplier at £120 per test. They can fuck right off Seriously though, see your friends and family and get back out of prison UK - it's shit, and promises to be for quite a while yet to be honest.
  8. This is true. I've recently spent a week in Greece and did not speak a single non english word in that time. But, had they not spoken english I'd have made an effort, and although I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation, I'd be able to spend my money - which ultimately is what they want. If I moved abroad then I would absolutely learn the language - to what level, I could not say
  9. This is becoming more common. Without going all @spygirl, it's obvious this is a result of bennies encouraging the wrong people to reproduce for financial reward. Government have totally reversed evolution in the UK.
  10. Funded by the mens team undoubtedly.
  11. Go onto the gov website. You can sign on there. It will ask you all sorts of questions. But regardless of savings, if you're out of work and have full NI payments for the last two years then you will receive £74 per week. If you have savings of more than £15k I think then after six months you will be kicked off and left to fend for yourself. I signed on in October 19. Staff at the job centre were all very pleasant and it became apparent to me that the system is not there to help the decent person. If I spunked all my savings on a vastly over priced house then I could go and sign on again
  12. Disgusting (but totally predictable) behavior from those coppers. They are so arrogant that they can't even be bothered to check the law before telling people what to do. They are on very thin ice if they continue this behaviour.
  13. I'm pleased to hear this. As a nation, if we are to prevent a slide into totalitarianism then people need to choose their side. The coppers behaving like thugs to the people have chosen, I hope other coppers who don't like what they are seeing will make the correct choice, it will be easier for them if they are not enslaved by mortgage and/or high rent of course. All topics merge to one eventually..
  14. I think it's because the cops were preventing the veterans getting to the cenotaph and the bagpiper was making a point. I guess some tension had built up before the video, but I doubt that level of force was necessary. The cops are making it clear which side they are choosing, things could get very interesting..
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