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  1. Would the Hammersmith flyover have been a better choice ?
  2. I try and use cash wherever possible, primarily just to annoy whatever government departments/companies are trying to monitor what I purchase. However, there are times when I do use contactless. I don't like using chip and pin because I think a lot of dirty bastards have used those same buttons .
  3. Number of boundaries scored in the 50 overs England had 26 to NZ 17 iirc.
  4. This brave new world is teaching us all to care about nobody but the few who are close to us. I guess this is by design, as this is divide and conquer in its truest form. It will make for a terrible society in which to live though.
  5. All these new controlling and monitoring initiatives pushed by government are targeted at the young. They need to get the drones whilst they are still wet behind the ears. It's easier now as they have all completed a full indoctrination program, otherwise called education. The young are being played, and maybe a fair percentage in years to come will realise, but it will be too late by then of course. My big issue is that they take us all down with them though, as we're all sailing on the same 'western' ship.
  6. The people cheering this need to worry if they ever do anything outside of what the establishment permits to be acceptable. I suspect they are far too stupid to understand this though. Very worrying indeed.
  7. And when she's too old to pull this scam anymore, put her down for mental illness and probably put her on suicide watch also.
  8. Iamcynical

    Nail infection

    I got it in two toe nails about 10 years ago. I took the tablets for several months and was careful (ish) with my diet and alcohol intake to hopefully minimise the affect on my liver. It cleared up with the nails recovering to 95% or better. I've not been aware of any issues with my liver at any time.
  9. Can someone point me to the info detailing that salary cannot be sacrificed below minimum wage please ? I've been using SS for 13 months. Work also contribute half of their saved 13.8% employers NI liability. So I save. 20+12+6.9= 38.9% in my pension which would have disappeared into the black hole that is the government coffers.
  10. Enjoy:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-48717840
  11. Absolutely reasonable level of force used. It's only a few months since the Russian politician was shot dead in turkey. Surely if an unknown person is rushing to approach a target then they need to stopped as soon as possible. She wouldn't have done this in the US or Russia for sure !
  12. Long story which I can't really go into on here right now, but it involves a new company. Trying to make a new product. It's not my money that's paying for this new company. I'm concerned though as there's no guarantee it'll work out ! I'm currently trying to get the computers and various other stuff that we'll need together. Office space is sorted and ready. I still need a few weeks off though before getting into it
  13. I'm planning on leaving my job the week after next. I'm going to join the gym and have already knocked the cobwebs off my mountain bike as I plan to try and get slightly fitter again before moving on to the next thing.
  14. I remember getting into a few scrapes at the blue orchid in Croydon. Not to be mistaken with the blue Oyster bar in police academy before anyone says anything
  15. So that's 3 of us that lived in that area in 1997 !