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  1. Shipping now in the sights of the emissions lobby

    Anything the twats in charge do is based on money.. The plebs can't even afford a vegetable patch in the UK now so have to burn some fuel whilst driving to the out of town supermarket to buy the veg that's done Christ knows how many 'food miles'
  2. Shipping now in the sights of the emissions lobby

    I'm not sure how far they can crack it tbh. I'm told it's the crap of the crap that they burn. Indeed, I spend a bit if time on ships and often look out at the brown haze left behind. I'm not saying we shouldn't try and clean up the emissions but we really should look at whether we need to transport so much stuff about. The powers that be aren't arsed though cos they want the $$$.
  3. Shipping now in the sights of the emissions lobby

    Who watched that shite on channel 4 tonight about trucks emissions ? Old trucks are bad, new trucks are good blah blah. Nobody joining the dots on the shit people buy requiring all the trucks to deliver it. And then take it away for recycling* a month or two later.. * Read as mainly burnt at a waste incineration centre !
  4. Shipping now in the sights of the emissions lobby

    First post, but been reading this forum since its inception. Keep up the good work ! I know about this business. Bunker oil is pretty horrible stuff, but is cheap fuel. The cynic in me wonders if the recent attempts to demonise diesel cars is because they're gonna need the fuel for ships ! In 2020 ships are going to be banned from burning HFO (heavy fuel oil) unless they fit an SO2 scrubber. This basically creates a dilute sulphuric acid using sea water and it's dumped back in the sea. These scrubbers are very expensive. The shipping industry is absolutely on its arse as well ! I do wonder though - what happens to all the bunker oil if ships don't burn it...