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  1. Apparently this isn't a new problem in aviation. I guess if all tools aren't checked in and out when starting and ending shift then it can happen. Apparently a wooden chair was once left in a vulcan wing tank It is concerning though, because a vigilant worker strictly adhering to checking in and out all their tools should prevent this. Swarf and other waste material generated in the process of assembly and repair should, you would hope, be cleaned out before signing off the aircraft.
  2. Funnily enough, as it seems that the census next year will be the last, I was thinking that a twitter campaign is needed a few months before to encourage all whiteys to identify as black/asian/whatever, just so long as it's not white. It will exaggerate even further the state of the uk, as well as an added bonus as totally fucking up their final census.
  3. Iamcynical


    I've been wondering for a quite a while now if the establishments plan is to create total civil war throughout all western nations, primarily caused by mass immigration, and of course destruction of jobs and wealth. They can then sit back in their protected areas (parts of NZ, Argentina?) whilst over a few decades humans numbers are reduced due to famine and low scale wars.. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but why else are they allowing this to happen.
  4. Should also be noted that the question is "Do you identify as being white?" Not that so long ago it would have been a straight forward "Are you white?". The world has totally lost the plot.
  5. If this bat flu doesn't do it, then for sure at some point in the future a very deadly pandemic will sweep the globe. The sheer number of humans, their penchant for living in close proximity to one another in major conurbations and their transient lifestyles will be a perfect vehicle to hasten it's transmission. I don't think the virus will care whether its victims are vegetarian or not.
  6. Do any of us here think the TPTB have a plan for how they can still make money if the global population stops rising or even falls ? It's the only thing they know - more people, more personal debt, more national debt = more money for the ultra rich and powerful. If they go printy crazy to counteract the lack of increasing population then they trash their own wealth by devaluing the currency.
  7. We try to be vegetarian, but sometimes fail. I'd say I eat 90% less meat than I did 15 years ago. The reason is simply because I don't like the treatment of animals in the commercial meat industry. But, I would never work for a company like that. Typically leftys wanting to control people. What next, no beer, no car use? This time next year they will be telling their staff they can't socialise with 'right wingers'. Slippery slope and all that..
  8. Agreed. The cyclist is less likely to just fall off sideways into the traffic if they're going 15mph also.
  9. I wasn't actually. I used to go out on the mountain bikes with my mates, all off road (I don't like riding on roads, particularly busy ones), and a slow rider would mean we keep having to stop and wait. Likewise, if I go out on the bike with my g/f, I'll have to go slower or wait at the top of the hill. A leccy bike would keep everything even I reckon. For commuting, it would mean a 5 mile peddle to work with an incline doesn't result in stinking of BO in the office.
  10. I guess leccy bikes will be the equivalent of a handicap in golf. I think it'll be a good thing if it enables cyclists of different fitness and strength to go on the same ride at the same pace.
  11. It'll definitely involve diverting money towards his business/bank account.
  12. Right on que https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51539321 If this guy is giving 8% of his wealth then he'll be wanting a return..
  13. My thoughts exactly. I'm currently thinking where I can invest money that will give me a moderately interesting business where I can latch onto some free government money and make a decent living. Everybody who knows me knows exactly what I think of this bullshit, but I will unashamedly make money from it if I can, because as you say, it isn't going away. I should point out that I think we should all try to live our lives causing as little negative impact on other humans, living organisms and the environment as possible. But I'm increasingly giving less fucks as this agenda gets pushed and pushed. And I know for sure, that a very large number of working class people feel exactly the same.
  14. Wow. Won't our cops put the fear of God into a hardened career criminal in 2020