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  1. I was just thinking that earlier. I now feel that I win every time I don't spend money. It drives me on to keep my old car on the road for as long as possible. I love it when I can make use of someones unwanted item. Many people don't 'get it', but they might as time goes on..
  2. Here here. I'm increasingly feeling like a right mug for working full time. More so as the better weather approaches. I've attained some pretty decent savings over my working life so claiming benefits will be nigh on impossible I imagine.
  3. Unfortunately I'm fast reaching the same stage. A very sad indictment on the state of this country/world. We've recently sold our house and are now dossing with family. I took great pleasure in cancelling the council tax. And I await my rebate also. I took equal pleasure in cancelling the TV licence also and I don't think I'll ever pay it again.
  4. Disgraceful. They don't give a fuck though. When this 'investment' is proven, along with all the others to be a total failure he'll be retired. Or hopefully dead!
  5. It's why stupid people are valued more highly than intelligent people by the establishment. The establishment get what they want with stupid people.
  6. I'd only shop in that Sheffield tesco if I was desperate. It's not a great part of town! I've read a somali was the perpetrator, this will not be a surprise to anyone that knows that part of town. Slowly but surely all UK inner cities are becoming no go zones for decent folks. Sad sad state of affairs. The politicians should hang for what they've done
  7. Saying nothing is NOT doing anything wrong though. Some people hardly ever check their bank statements.
  8. They will just take it from your account when they realise. I have the tee shirt on a situation similar to yours. Banks are utters wankers. Say nothing though, obviously!
  9. SNAFU My default position when I have to rely on anyone in this country is that it will be fucked up. I am rarely let down, if you know what I mean! I think becoming a drug dealer (or any other cash based business) is the best alternative to avoid all this shite. I wish you luck. Keep calling, eventually you will get someone with a brain who will help you. When this happens, get their name and be nice to them and always use them from now on!
  10. This. She mistakenly thinks criminals respect the uniform. They never have! They comply through threat of being physically forced to, which won't happen if a 9 stone lesbian is asking!
  11. You've generalised far too much there. Modern diesels when doing reasonably long runs still have a place and if maintained correctly will quite likely be OK. Or you simply disable the egr valves and remove the dpf
  12. It's certainly proving difficult to offer much in the way of advice given the extremely sparse details on offer