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  1. Satire surely Let's run the numbers:- 9*52=468 working hours per year. Annual wage=468*8.21=£3842.28 Average uk house price~£230k 230000÷3841.28~60 years work to buy a house. No spending on ANYTHING else at all. Seems fine to me
  2. We sold our house two months ago. I had paperwork for everything, windows, gas, building work etc etc. But didn't have the leccy cert. I advised the solicitor that this was missing and was obviously quite prepared to have another test done. Buyers never asked though and so it wasn't an issue.
  3. I recommend you chase it and get the paperwork. When you sell the house you will be asked to provide this paperwork. You don't want to lose a sale because of not having it.
  4. It's why management love young people in shit loads of debt. They do as they are told ! Because they are too shit scared of losing their job. I'm sure there's more to it than just this with the max, but all the things add up until you've got something not fit for purpose that makes it to production.
  5. Working for the state broadcaster, as he has for years, he should have known not to go anywhere near a comment/picture like this. Either he's not as bright as i thought he was or he was pissed or something. At least he can start to draw his gold plated pension should he need to..
  6. I just can't work out what he was thinking when he did this. He's seen how things have been going over the past 5-10 years https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48212693
  7. Climate emergency
  8. Apparently a builder never fails to quote on a job. If they don't want the job they quote ludicrously high. If the customer is thick enough to pay then they do the work.
  9. I thought there is a "climate emergency". Surely we don't have time to worry about how blokes are sitting on a fucking train..
  10. Under the guise of 'green stuff'
  11. If you must go then open the lloyds account that gives you 6 free tickets per year. Assuming you have a partner then have one in each name then that gives you 12 tickets. You need 2 dd on each account. Set up a standing order to move money in and out each month so that the fee is refunded et voila. Once you have used up your free tickets then don't go. That's what we do. I should also add that we never buy food or drink. We also think most modern films are absolutely shit
  12. Very eloquently put might I say And so totally true. My take on the whole climate change bollocks is this:- We may or may not be contributing to an already existing changing climate. What I think is beyond doubt is that us humans are damaging the planet from a variety of different angles. This is exacerbated enormously by our sheer numbers. If by our actions we destroy entirely or at least decimate the human population then this can only be good for the planet and biodiversity in general. My only concern is that if human population decimation occurs then it needs to be arbitrary. I fear though, that the evil, and by that I mean the establishment, will someone ensure their survival to the detriment of the 'plebs'. Time will tell I guess, but it will be well beyond all our lifetimes I'm sure.
  13. I agree. Divide and conquer. Again..