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  1. Deary me. I dread to think what some of the blokes are like that subscribe to this shit. But, it's a free world (ish, for now !) So the birds and the blokes can do whatever they like. Some of the pretty young woman are gonna be fucked up though, they will view all men as sad bastards there only to be rinsed for their ££s. But as these woman get older they are going to be getting more desperate in order to 'earn' the money, and God only knows where they will end up. It's their problem though, and they'll get no sympathy from me as they're probably making quite a few blokes ill leading them up a very expensive path to nowhere.
  2. This is the same as the car insurance story where Mohammad pays more than Dave Smith isn't it ?! It's obviously racism, and nothing at all to do with the computer using available data to spot a trend...
  3. Starts, and pretty much stops at home these days.
  4. My solution to all this charity abuse and corruption is to not give money to ANY charity. It's harsh, but I'm afraid I just cannot trust what any of them say now. So all my spare money will simply be spent on me or people close to me, where I know exactly what it is doing.
  5. I also tired of away games, and specifically the behaviour of a certain number of absolute Neanderthal 'fans'. Some are so brain dead I honestly wonder just what they do, as surely nobody would employ them
  6. 'Retirement' bungalows selling for 500k in Bakewell. There's only rich boomers on final salary pensions buying here imo. I suspect they'll be an age related crisis there before long, as the older residents will expect some home care, but the young carers will all be travelling at least 10 miles to do it and I suspect the shitty wages just won't cut the mustard.
  7. I voted labour I was 21 and thought I knew everything, but in fact knew fuck all. As I was recently told: if you vote conservative when you are young then you don't have a heart. If you vote labour when you are older then you don't have a brain.
  8. THIS. This is occuring across all sorts of different business sectors - the little guy just can't profit because of all the stupid regulations put in place. I certainly don't think it's an accident that it's playing out this way. Regarding this lad. It's very sad, I'm honestly not sure I'd eat out if I had a deadly food allergy. But, as alluded to above, I was pretty arrogant and stupid when I was 18 so Christ knows what I'd have done.
  9. Loving the watches and booze making a teasing appearance. It's no accident I'm sure
  10. Funnily enough I'm planning on having a trip out there on Sunday as I passed recently and noticed a sign saying they're having an open day. I only read this on Monday and noticed several people giving warnings about the aggressive cows. https://maps.app.goo.gl/gjjWtoc5vZehi6Po8
  11. They'll market the SIM card bit as being ready for software updates as and when they're ready. I've said from the outset that the smart meter needs to know when a car is being charged and it's not the electric shower being used, so current monitoring is not enough. These things will talk to one another at some point to ensure the correct tax is charged. It will also be used to limit demand at peak times. It will be amusing when the infrastructure cannot cope with the number of cars being charged, and Tesla owners get severely pissed off that they've only got 150 mile range after a full 12 hour charge.
  12. This is what I've been saying for years. The plan appears to be to get everyone on the same money, regardless of how many hours you work and what job you do. Tax credits will take up the slack and top up the low earners to pretty much match the higher earners. Of course the level of take home is going to be just above the bread line for all but the 1%.
  13. It's probably for the best, as let's face it his career as an assassin was over either way. I used to live in Sydenham in the 90s. It was pretty rough then, I imagine it's worse now.
  14. So they are saying we won't have access to the Galileo satellite. Total bullshit, this is the EU vehicle spy satellite that will be used to implement per mile road charging as electric vehicles go mainstream. As if they don't want to start reaming the UK motorists even more
  15. How do these fit in with regards "climate change" ?!?