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  1. Iamcynical

    Gatwick Drones

    Do tell..
  2. Iamcynical


    The old Bosch rotary fuel pump diesels are happy on veg. Eg. A 1.9tdi vag car, 90 or 110bhp. Economy will be a bit worse, in my experience. Since the veg oil prices went up a few years back I stopped using it as wasn't worth the effort tbh. Also, be careful of fuel pump seals weeping as they don't always like veg.
  3. Iamcynical

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    I think they will means test state pensions against property. But not before they've started the ball rolling by doing private pensions first. Once they've done the above then it's game over for working in anything but the very highly paid jobs. Of which they'll be almost none ! Humanity is regressing. Maybe this is agenda 21 in all its glory.
  4. Iamcynical

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    I have also made the same conclusion. I now tell all my friends and family the same. The more clear thinking amongst them are starting to believe that we might be right. The 'elite', whoever they are, obviously know that they need the plebs well and truly divided. So the destruction of jobs and destruction of security through shit housing situations and insane immigration is the perfect recipe. There are some truly sick individuals out there
  5. Iamcynical

    1980s photos of Manchester

    My bold, but this exactly. Notice on a rainy day in winter that traffic gets way worse. Combination of some people ditching the bus etc or driving their kids to school to save them getting drenched plus bit more hesitation at roundabouts etc. There can't be that many extra cars but once you reach a particular threshold then the whole system starts to fail. Bit like an economy really
  6. Iamcynical

    How many people can you get in a Ford Focus?

    15 month ban and a curfew !? He must have been known to the cops for other stuff and they just threw the book at him for this.
  7. Iamcynical

    Flatshare bias; the new racism

    We really shouldn't give this piece any of our time. I'm 43 so if I was wanting to share a flat with someone then I guess I'd want someone between, say, 30 and 50 who worked normal office hours because this would make them similar to myself. Am I ageist to young and old therefore ? And also shift worker ist ? I'm getting very bored of the propaganda. It's insulting my intelligence
  8. Iamcynical

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I have a record of my two online conversations. For what it's worth..
  9. Iamcynical

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I was concerned about their website which looks like a child did it. But, their pricing was so much better than the rest that I went for it still.
  10. Iamcynical

    The twilight zone has arrived

    Should Deeplurker be worried that his wife is buying you gifts JFK ??
  11. Iamcynical

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I wouldn't recommend contacting them. They are idiots. If you are definitely in credit and still will be at the point of leaving them then say nothing I reckon. They'll soon know you're switching because your new provider will contact them.
  12. Iamcynical

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    Yep. When I used to see my g/f reaching for the thermostat I'd tell her to reach for a jumper instead
  13. Iamcynical

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I was previously with first utility and paid them monthly, exactly what we used. I left when they ramped up their prices. OFTM didn't offer this option though. We are frogs being slowly boiled with energy prices though. They are taking the piss.
  14. Iamcynical

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I joined outfoxthemarket in June. I first contacted them to advise that my DD was too high in September. Hilariously their response was to try and increase it. They told me I hadn't been with them long enough to change the DD ?!? when I advised them that I have 4 1/2 years days on our energy usage they dismissed this because they obviously know better than I ! Anyway, the last straw was when they increased my DD by 175% to cover the winter months. I cancelled my DD and I have a spreadsheet showing exactly what I have used. I'm going to put the wheels in motion for leaving this week as they are still the cheapest for me until 1st Jan. I've suspected they're going bust since September tbh. I also switched my mum to them so I've got double the hassle to sort
  15. Iamcynical

    Pension charges Klaxon flashing red.

    THIS. I've been saying to anyone who will listen for several years now that this will happen. Means testing against private pension. Then against house value. Then ISA. It'll start with a high threshold on private pension, say, about £350k or so on a sliding scale. Of course the amount and sliding scale will change over time. This will definitely be the end for working for a living. They'll be no point at all. But, the elite want the 99.9% all at the same bottom feeding level so they'll have reached their goal !