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  1. You could be right, but where do you draw the line then? I've seen similar behaviour from coppers at the lockdown protests. Pathetic little men getting off on commiting assault because they think they'll get away with it.
  2. Probably wankcocks family and mates. It's all fucked. Everything.
  3. It's bullshit isn't it? I don't believe for one second that covid1984 was actually responsible for any of their deaths. If that tsg guy is one of the twats I've seen in London at the protests then as harsh as this may sound, I'm glad. Their behaviour towards peaceful protesters has been absolutely disgusting.
  4. They are pressured at an equivalent of about 8000ft asl. Hence why o2 is lower and peoples feet sometimes swell.
  5. Because she, like a lot of people, is a complete non thinking drone and needs to be told what to do at all times. I wouldn't gaf, except these twats are taking us all down with them.
  6. Of course it is. It will morph into universal income, or whatever grand name they give it. Government want everybody on bennies, and they'll sure as hell get what they want. The sleeping masses love free money and will not recognise the problem until it's far too late
  7. Because too many people are far too comfortable in this country. Although they say they care about others, they don't, and will keep quiet to maintain their lifestyle. Furlough needs to end, and a substantial number of people need to start experiencing serious financial pain for serious protest momentum to be gained.
  8. I just logged on as wondered what had made my isa shoot up in value, it touched a 51% increase briefly.
  9. Soylent green. That film wasn't far wrong you know.
  10. The more 'people' keep away from me, the happier I am. Unless it's a buxom blonde 21 year old, in which case I'll happily entertain some lack of social distancing
  11. That's a tough situation. It's very frustrating when close friends and family are, of their own volition throwing themselves and by association you, under the proverbial bus. I went out 'stickering' last night. These are stickers I have obtained to try and wake up the masses. I felt good having done it !! I've ordered another 500 to distribute to friends and go around my area putting up wherever I think they will get noticed. The more people comply, the more these rules will continue. Do everything you can to push back against this bollocks, you'll feel better for it
  12. I don't know. But I imagine 'they' would normally wait for one that doesn't require such extreme low temperature storage.. That's what I'm getting at. We all know that if frozen chicken is allowed to thaw and is then refrozen that bad things can happen. I have absolutely zero confidence that the distribution and storage chain is reliable enough to keep it at -70c all the time. It's just another reason why I won't be having this rushed vaccine.
  13. Does anyone know the implications of having the jab when this so called vaccine hadn't been kept at - 70c? I imagine they'll be lots of fuck ups in the distribution chain keeping it at this temp.
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