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    Sorry, thought it hadn't appeared first time so posted again. I really don't like London but it's your forum so no complaints for getting rid of it, I've edited it if you wanna get rid of your quote. Apologies to any Londoners offended.
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    Women are now obsolete

    Anyone else got the urge to stroke the fluffy lamb, through the plastic?
  3. Sexy as fuck love the beard
  4. Next you'll be telling us you don't wanna see Nigella Lawson's hamoolas Or Fern Britton's.
  5. ...

    Women are now obsolete

    I'd smash the granny out of that, and no doubt
  6. Have a go anyway. Vid it, for the DOSBODS, obviously.
  7. So, really, a kiwi fruit should be fucking you right up. Or maybe it's not the formaldehyde and methanol being the problem!
  8. Yep. I'm wanking over the 8% interest too!
  9. Just think of England and go with it when they force themselves onto you sexually. That's my recommendation
  10. This is not an argument Joe. It's a demand.
  11. Got any tasty birds there? You could get some arty shots done of them, ya know....tasteful like.
  12. And eat good meat. Plants are for cows Joe.