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    ... got a reaction from Austin Allegro in Annoying Colleagues   
    Clean snap?  As in a shit that doesn't really need any wiping?  A check/courtesy wipe just to be totally sure?  That is a beautiful thing.
    Anyone know the best diet to achieve this on a regular basis?
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    ... reacted to The XYY Man in French Election 2017   
    Miss Fletcher, Brierton Comprehensive, Hartlepool, 1977.
    Mid to late 30's, hard-faced dirty looking Welsh milf that wore an over-worked black bra under a wafer-thin white blouse, with the button below "decent" always un-fastened - and a grey pencil-skirt and black (hopefully) stocking or tights to complete the ensemble.
    As if this wasn't enough - as the science teacher, she also cut up frogs, and killed chicks with formaldehyde right in front of us 11 to 12 year olds.
    To this day, she still features as an occasional transaction on the monthly statement from my wank-bank...
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    ... got a reaction from Carl Fimble in June election - which way will you vote?   
    Now you're talking.  If you're gonna chuck Abbot into the mix then I'll be giving them both a face like a painters radio.
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    ... reacted to The XYY Man in Welcome!   
    I leave that kind of thing to my wife...
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    ... got a reaction from The XYY Man in Welcome!   
    Spunko - any chance you can do the same with XYY on this site? 
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    ... got a reaction from SCC in Islamification of Europe   
    You could earn a packet doing cold calling selling I reckon.
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    ... got a reaction from One percent in Trivial Things that annoy you   
    Anyone who says anything
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    ... reacted to XswampyX in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    Cut all the crap off after the numbers before you paste it.... "&feature=youtu.be"
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    ... got a reaction from Turned Out Nice Again in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    I'd like to see these two go at it 
     Sorry, can't seem to embed it
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    ... reacted to Fossildog in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    Can we have a thread to post any Youtube videos that tickle your fancy? This one made me laugh more than I should have, the old lady at the end was proper Gonzoed
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    ... reacted to MrPin in Welcome!   
    If you say it three times, do they appear?
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    ... reacted to Frank Hovis in Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!   
    Taking @GARCH 's idea of Politics, Philosophy and Extremism as the main forum and jazzing it up slightly I suggest:
    The New World Order: Politics, Philosophy and Extremism
    as the site title and forum lead.
    I'd also vote for just this and Off Topic as the two forums, I know I suggested House Prices and the Economy but that was just chucking something in, a big "Stupid House Prices" thread in OT will catch this.
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    ... reacted to gaztastic in Annoying Colleagues   
    you might find this website of use: http://www.ratemypoo.com/pictures/000000243/113901/
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    ... got a reaction from The XYY Man in Annoying Colleagues   
    We referred to it as a starburst
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    ... reacted to Sgt Hartman in Annoying Colleagues   
    I may have mentioned this before but dear God, my old MD. If your snacking or anything, you might want to give this a miss.
    Basically I worked in an open plan office with a single, strangely sited crapper right in the middle around which our desks were placed. My MD at 10:30 every day, on the dot, would stride in and unleash noisy hell for ten minutes before flushing (multiple times) then striding out, turning the fan off and leaving the door open as he went.
    The following genuinely happened. 
    I returned to the office at 25 past ten to collect something and, to my horror, noted that a meeting had been set up at a table near the khazi by an enthusiastic intern. No.
    Unfortunately members from other departments had gathered and I was ushered into my seat shooting a nervous glance at my workmates as I did; have they not been warned!? The pained look on their faces said not. The cute intern started the meeting - ah God how could she know, such innocence, such trust...- just as the MD strode by the table and into the bog. The door closed.
    I saw my workmate slowly facepalm.
    She began, God help us she began.
    "So this is the first scheduled meeting to discuss..."
    A few amused glances. "...to discuss the quarterly performance lev..."
    "...of the..."
    "...for God's sake..."
    "Look, I think we'd better..."
    "Right, I've heard eno..."
    Then came a noise which can only be described as the sound a large dead salmon would make if slapped off the surface of a stagnant pond, followed by a long wavering fart that seemed to go on forever. The faces around the table were varied rictuses of silent horror, I swear the intern had tears in her eyes
    " Parp!..Ahhhh,"
    At that point I suggested that it might be prudent to leave before he opened the door and killed us all. I've never seen a table clear so quick.
    The intern left soon after.
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    ... reacted to JoeDavola in Annoying Colleagues   
    I have a colleague near me who I'd guess is quite obviously somewhere on the autistic spectrum, and even has problems with things like personal hygiene. He annoys me far more than he should I guess, I don't think my ego likes that he's being paid as much as me when he's such a mess who's barley functioning in most areas of his life. Says more about me than about him probably.
    And on top of that I've just heard that a bloke I went to school with, who was no genius and a bit awkward, has some lofty really impressive job in local government. Whereas 15 years on I'm still sitting here wrestling with code with a smelly autistic person.
    I feel like a total loser right now, and quite depressed. I'm not joking.
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    ... got a reaction from JFK in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Film her and her mate doing their thing, obviously
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    ... got a reaction from spunko2010 in Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!   
    If you're trying it on iOS you need to request the desktop site (press and hold the refresh button in the URL bar)