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  1. Liz Hurley, very tidy even with a black eye.
  2. Whats with all this 'Gammon' Nonsense? Is that all they can come up with? 'Gammon'.... What the fuck is that. 'Gammon'. Define 'Gammon'. Democracy is always right unless your an authoritarian / Communist type. Or get ready for civil war because that is the alternative.
  3. Can you guys recommend the best platform to get started with regarding shares etc? I'm torn between H&L, AJ Bell, Interactive investor & IG Group. I like the information & platform layouts that H&L & AJ Bell provide although costs seem to be a bit more with these two. Any feedback would be most welcome. Great thread by the way.
  4. Just to be clear - Is this thread a big thread about teachers or a thread about big teachers???
  5. Do you suppose there's the possibility that the 'international' money is being spent in the Med rescuing 'migrants'?
  6. Crowd of 20,000. Imagine the size of the crowd if there was a free and unbiased MSM without a SJW agenda. 500,000? 1 million?
  7. Mr Fabulous

    TV License

    We went round to my sister in law's a few months ago for a bbq etc. In the evening we ended up in the lounge and they had all the usual Saturday night crap on the TV - Ant & Dec, X factor or some such bollocks. My wife and I were extremely bored within 5 minutes. Even the kids were bored. Then eventually some shit film came on interspersed every 10 minutes with 5 minute advert breaks (even the adverts are shit - no funny ones any more due to PC clampdown). I can't even listen to any BBC radio now - Radio 4 with it's 'Thought for the day' resembles something put out by the Khmer Rouge. Radio 2 seems to be inhabited by bellends (Steve Wright and his 'Serious jocking' - WTF?). And don't get me started on Radio 1 - What on earth is that all about? The DJ's are all bellends & either it's the same artist on all the 'songs' or the same song writer c'os it's all sounds the same (I thought it was perhaps an age thing but my teenage sons think it's crap too). Commercial radio is also a load of old arse with it's endless PPI adverts and smalltalk nonsense.
  8. Yes It was nice of Jeremy Steptoe to turn up for a bit of 'Iftar'. I wonder where this lot were on the anniversary of Manchester? Yes It was nice of Jeremy Steptoe to turn up for a bit of 'Iftar'... Sorry - not got the hang of posting yet....
  9. Mr Fabulous

    TV License

    We've been licence free for 4 years - we only watch Netflix, Kodi, Showbox & Terrarium etc. now through a firestick. No adverts and we only watch films, documentaries and shows (Westworld, GoT Etc. Very liberating being free of adverts, soap operas, 'Reality' TV and all that nonsense. We've had loads of letters which we ignore and we had some geezer from Capita knock on the door once - My wife promply told him to do one.
  10. They should move upmarket - Guineaworld anyone?
  11. Hi DB, I've been following your thread on TOS (I've been lurking on there for 10 years just never posted). Your knowledge on this subject is phenomenal - I have learnt loads! It's all looks to be slowly panning out exactly as you have predicted.
  12. I dunno - on that shop page there's a non-telescopic model for £99. Just need an armoured Bowler hat to complement it me thinks.
  13. This might be due to the dodgy practice of opening the hard shoulder during busy times which is a recipe for disaster.. I've noticed most driver's don't move over to the hard shoulder and just stay in the left hand lane - who can blame them?
  14. I think 'Ramavan' is the best & quite apt....