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  1. these guaranteed +ve return funds often work by retaining the dividends. If the fund price goes up, even a bit, then the fund has delivered on its promise. If the fund falls, then they have a stash of cash to use to prop up the fund. The thing is, the dividend is often the major source of growth, not share price.
  2. Bod


    An fairness issue here is that CEO used to paid 40x that of their lowest grade staff, but, over the past ~thirty years, this has risen to 400x: are they that much more brilliant than they were in the 1970s? Pay and reward is often set by independent pay review boards, populated by the people who run other large companies, so it appears independent, but really is incestuous. Bonuses based on company performance might seem worthwhile, since the shareholders would benefit by many times the bonus, but as we see in the investing board, the data is too easy to manipulate. It also fails to take into account probabilities, like reversion to the mean, or that the stock price is lifted by completely extraneous forces. Bonuses will be being paid for results that had nothing to do with the talent or intellect of the top people.
  3. Bod

    Bonuses @5:18 in (and it was made in 2004) How much is your house worth? My house, oh, my house is unaffordable.
  4. Bod

    Trump's progress

    He mentions more (maybe in his books?) that he used to be a management consultant. Here he mentions a bit in his blog. He's definitely aligned with DOSBOD thinking.
  5. Bod

    Trump's progress

    What has Donald Trump ever done for us?
  6. Bod

    12 years to save the earth

    And the offspring should be fertile; hence neither mule nor hinny is a species.
  7. Bod

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    Eric Klinenberg studied the 1995 heatwave in Chicago, and found that poor people were much more likely to die than affluent, but there were some poor areas which did better than the richest: they were the areas with strong social infrastructure, libraries, churches, active high street. This then led to more neighbourliness from people knowing each other, and social cohesion. Loneliness and Isolation knocks years off your life.
  8. Bod

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    For some reason, 5G has fired up the Internet cranks. Millimetre waves are bathing you all the time, 5g or no 5g. And then there are higher frequencies like infra-red which people don't seem to worry about. What I find more plausible is that the lopping down of 'dangerous' trees by councils or Capita could be connected to the roll out of 5g in cities, since wet leaves attenuate the signal.
  9. That's not the explanation. If there is a crash and they are liquidated, and their landbank falls to 1/3 of its current valuation, then that is still £6.50 per share, but the current share price is £3.00. I bet they leveraged themselves to fill the landbank, and they have enormous amounts of debt that will be called in.
  10. What's going on? They have 257 million shares, a land bank valued at least $5billion, and a dividend of 11%. What's the catch?
  11. Bod

    Britain part of Yemen war

    There are RAF officers stationed in Saudi to assist with the mission planning + we supply the hardware. Brilliant, isn't it.
  12. Bod

    Instant campervan - £500 or less

    Listen up. I have something to say. That Kangoo van has, like most conversions, has never been away. Good points: the storage nets Bad points: very expensive shower unit. A pack of 99p wet wipes achieves similar feeling and cleanliness at 10p per wash. No cab curtain/bulkhead or stealth capability. Once he realises most places are hostile to campers, except (not cheap) camp sites, he will regret his choice of too short a vehicle. Every filling station prohibits the filling of gas cylinders, but I admire his chutzpah. Usual style over substance. For example, the leisure battery is not strapped down, but will weigh 25kg, and kill him in a crash. BTW, I also disagree about the utility of insulation. When caravans and campervans get habitation certificates, the most common problem is mould or damp. The cause of this is improperly sealed insulation. It's very hard to get a vapour barrier in a van because the sides aren't flat, and the beams have holes in. The only insulation that works is a spray-on foam that coats everything. Even in house, insulation is a frequent cause of damp, and the walls are flat. You can get so little insulation into most vans, that is is going to raise the internal temperature only a couple of degrees. On top of this, the electrostatic paint job on most vehicles is excellent, so why would the inside rust away if it gets condensation on it, when the outside survives years of exposure to the weather, and salt, and, debris? I've never seen a van conversion with insulation or vapour barrier applied in the cab, so do the controls and bulkhead rust away? Cracking the windows at night and putting the aircon on when driving has more effect on moisture control than insulation and vapour barriers.
  13. Bod

    Where's Jamal?

    Well done on the research. If he's at the Party of Davos, it'll be as the contents of a tureen.
  14. Bod

    Universal Income and neo feudalism

    I've got many fuzzy thoughts on this. Our government is complicit in offshore tax havens: half of them are in our overseas territories. Our government only pays lip service to wanting to clamp down on corporate tax evasion and this might be logical since there is no reason to tax businesses at all---the government applies taxes to alcohol and tobacco in order to suppress them. Why would anyone really want to do that to a business? When K Foundation burnt £1million pounds, the value of the money wasn't lost, it just appeared elsewhere; this is because money is given value by the goods and services it can buy, and the amount of goods and services in the UK was the same before and after the bonfire. The scandal of M&A is that it is usually only an excuse for execs to trouser bonuses and banks to extract fees; however, no harm arises unless the taken over firm is dismantled, in which case, capital and technological vandalism has taken place, jobs are lost, and the country becomes poorer, as in the Kraft case you mention.
  15. Bod

    The United States is probably fecked like us, Europe, etc

    I could watch more. He has formulated a coherent big picture of what is going on. He almost argues that medieval indulgences have been updated for the modern era. There is nothing new under the sun.