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  1. Bod

    Car Broken Into

    I forgot to mention that, one day, insurance firms will provide private policing, like fire fighting was in days of yore. This is simply a consequence of HM police force offloading most tasks to insurance firms, where the offence is righted by turning it into a monetary value. Eventually, the money paid out and the outrage of the public will justify the insurance firms doing detective work that the police should have done.
  2. Bod

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    This weeks Spectator: Lara Prendergast observes that men are becoming narcissists and increasingly concentrating on self-discipline and self-improvement. If I may quote: young men are drinking less alcohol, smoking lees, and, oddly, having less sex, perhaps because having sex involves focusing on someone else. Later on, she is bemused that bodybuilding, not so long ago a peculiar pursuit, has now become an ordinary hobby. She laughs that her friend has declined to date such a man. But why would anyone write with no real insight or knowledge of the subject? That seems really narcissistic to me. Thankfully, the following article is by Cosmo Landesman, and he concludes that what women really want is a man with a beautiful house !
  3. Bod

    Car Broken Into

    Mate, you have a right to feel upset and sorry for yourself. Beauty spots are renowned for this sort of thing, and there are often signs in the parking spots. It happened to me once. I told the plod call handler that the bag contained dangerous medication that could kill, but that it looked like smarties. As it happened, the bag had been tossed by the crims, and someone had dropped it off in a local cafe; the crims want to get rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. It might be worth a poster or two in the area because I'm sure you are right and the remnants are lying nearby. My mate had a cheap car and never locked it. He rightly reckoned that the repair cost of a window or forced lock would be more than the car was worth. Also, who tries a door except a criminal? And a criminal can get into any car in seconds by smashing a window, so you can't keep him out.
  4. Bod

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    Is higher education the cause of ceasing to question things, then? Like in the Emperor's New Clothes, it was the little boy who saw clearly because he had no baggage? To be successful in academic circles, you have to take on trust what has gone before, else you would never leave the starting blocks. The autodidact crank in a shed has loads of time on his hands to investigate things from first principles.
  5. Bod

    DART Charge bollocks

    The toll on the Severn Crossing is disappearing soon; I never thought I'd see that for the same reason the promise on the Dartford crossing was reneged on.
  6. Someone posted some days ago that intelligent people are more likely to believe ridiculous things. I can't find the post now I search (I thought it was in the Qanon thread), but I've just been reading a blog that said the same thing, and I wondered is it true? And, if it is, why is it so? Could it be that the adventurous mind relies on being open-minded to new things and the calibration is sometimes out? Or that leaps of thought are necessary for discovering new things and sometimes the leap is a bit too far, or off course? The Wikipedia page on gullibility states that it is low IQ people who are more credulous, and easily manipulated.
  7. Bod

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    And by this:- "and the issue here should not be on race or religion"
  8. Why is it funded by the EU?
  9. Bod

    A plague on all your houses

    Guffaw. The recipe for becoming an MP seems to be to join the local party, tramp the streets, make the cold calls, raise funds, do everything you are told, agree with every decision to show your loyalty, and keep this up for 20 years as you work up to the top slot. We often end up with politicians with no opinion and no critical thinking, even if they are intelligent underneath. My local MP seems to specialise in "aren't cats nice, isn't cancer bad" type newsletters then advertising a cat cancer charity fundraising event.
  10. Bod

    A plague on all your houses

    You can't go letting the populists have a say, what with their simple, straightforward solutions to highly nuanced and long-standing problems (we should leave decisions where they belong, in the hands of actors, and Oxford PPE graduates. Ideally, actors who studied PPE at Oxford)
  11. Bod

    How Rich Are DOSBODSers

    For comparison, this Lloyds bank press statement states that in 2015 half of all households had less than £1500 is savings. It states the average deposit savings are £48K, but I suppose since half half more or less none, that must be of those who do save have about £100K on average, so DOSBODSers aren't appearing that much different to the main population. The huge headline figure of £146K per household seems to be because Lloyds have included pension savings, which is a bit misleading.
  12. Bod

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    The imam at the end of the clip says that they do not accept British law which is made by unbelievers. He asks whether David Cameron is a believer, and quotes surah 33 ayah 1: O Prophet, fear Allah and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise. The bible says in Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities It would be hard for there to be a greater contrast.
  13. Bod

    Western Civilisation - Is there a great awakening yet?

    I disagree. I imagine the people in countries that fell behind the Iron Curtain are more aware of what the state machinery can do to those who stepped out of line or thought the wrong things, and this is why countries like Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia are having none of it now. The Soviets had bogus illnesses like "Sluggish schizophrenia" that doctors could diagnose in someone, then lock him away in the psikhushkas. Incredibly, the use of punitive medicine and political psychiatry that was once employed in the Soviet Union is now in use on these shores, and most people don't even know. The thin end of it is the deliberate dehydration of people in hospital, then when they become disorientated, diagnose dementia, and administer antipsychotic drugs which stupefies them, then they rapidly fail. The Liverpool Care Pathway was not abandoned, just rejigged, and rebranded. Handily, "old age" is now a valid cause of death for a death certificate. At the thicker end, we have sane people detained for having caused trouble, usually by whistleblowing. I don't think it is safe to discuss it, though. edit: Here's more creepy stuff from the deep state
  14. Dr Taj Hargey, imam the Oxford Islamic Congregation, and director of the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford, was interviewed on TalkRadio on the morning of Thur 9th Aug. He said that face veil was introduced from the Persian empire during the reign of King Cyrus, so originated outside of Islam, and it was introduced because it was decreed the nobility should not gaze upon the riff-raff. He said that it was now used to show off how pious you were as a family, so has become a form of one-upmanship, so in a way a fashion accessory. It was rare until recently promoted by Wahhabists and Salafists. His chief argument was that no-one has a basic human right to conceal his identity in public, and that being able to identify people is an important part of social regulation and the law, and he was at pains to point out it was completely different to turbans, crucifixes, bangles, and other religious paraphanalia. He also said that Islam shouldn't have symbols or icons, so all physical signs including beards etc were unislamic, and that the way your life is led should show what you are and what you believe. (I've got to note that I don't trust the circumlocution of intellectuals on these matters; their views often don't accord with that of the majority they claim to represent)
  15. Bod

    Aquatic Apes R Us

    I suppose what the world wants is an operating manual for human beings, but there are none to be had. Knowing what the earlier prototypes were adapted to do would be really helpful.