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  1. 1) What type of games does she like playing 2) Does she want to play online games with her friends 3) Does she want something portable My daughter (10) has an xbox. But only because it's a hand-me-down. She only plays Roblox and Minecraft on it but speaks to her friends on xbox live. The switch is great, but not great for online (don't even know if mic's etc work - they may do). I'd probably go either 2ds or Switch at a complete stab in the dark, unless she's got friends on PSN or Xbox live that she wants to keep in touch with. Don't get the switch "lite", it's not that much cheaper and takes away the best feature of the damn thing (can take the controllers off the side and play with someone else and includes a dock to use with the TV - it's pretty seamless and a nice touch on the normal switch)
  2. Ditto. Saw the video and assumed she was a complete knobscratch. But then I read his own description of what hapenned before he started filming and it's difficult to see her as the 100% cunny-hole after that.
  3. The bit where he says "Look, if you're going to do what you want, I'm going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it" and then calls the dog over....does sound incredibly fucked up. For all she knows he fucking hates dogs and wants to kill the yappy little fucker. I'm firmly on the side of "They're both utter bellends"
  4. I've watched them all now but this one takes the biscuit as being the most unbelievable
  5. Bonfire gone wrong is my best guess. Of course my mind immediately went to a John wick buggs bunny crossover but I figured it unlikely.
  6. Well would have been a good toe dip. Fresh, not shot, quick death. Much more eco friendly than buying a Quorn steak that's been processed in 4 separate factories before it arrives in the supermarket's black plastic.
  7. Should have just stopped and acted like you were taking it to give it a beautiful burial, you know with candles and hymns. Just try not to smack your lips while your hauling it into the boot.
  8. Criminology YouTuber called "Jim can't swim" who shows police interviews and does commentary on interview techniques. It's very addictive. Here's the one I started with, but currently burning my way through them. He's bizarrely done one on the prince Andrew interview as well 👌
  9. Got to wait for the last bull to turn bear I'm afraid. Once Ferguson comes out and says it was all a load of bollocks I guess
  10. Wonder if future savvy students will consider loading up on CC and/or private loans instead of a student loan, then just go bankrupt.
  11. I've got a hotel that previously stayed in every week for a couple of nights near work. They haven't asked to see any proof that I'm an essential worker, but that's likely because they know me. Saying that, I doubt very much a hotel would ask for proof, they'll be biting your arm off for the business.
  12. Best of luck fuck-face. I'll save being sentimental for if it goes tits up.