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  1. Surely not all DLA'ers are scooping a £60k salary for doing the square root of f all? Would a FOI request cover what % of claimants net the equivalent of 60k + ?
  2. 'kin ell. I know roughly what SIL gets and it's equally depressing. Always convinced myself it's a small number of people claiming these figures. I hope that's still the case because that above is a fucking disgrace.
  3. I really don't get it. Get a butterfly safety razor and one of these a year. Simple.
  4. With Prince William seeing what the plebs are doing behind him
  5. This is the one I use, works perfectly
  6. You can use any old usb remote control off Amazon. My Xbox is a Kodi hub these days.
  7. 9% of greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. Of that - 25% comes from livestock methane. Of that around half is cattle. So we're talking cutting greenhouse gases by 1% by giving up beef. Even worse when you just highlight the uk( maybe 5% of global??) 5% of 1% That's going to fix heaps you workshy crusty vagabonds
  8. I get this all the time when using cruise control. Set to 70, move to overtake someone doing 60 only to find that by the time I'm level, they're doing 70 and then some and so I pull back in. Some people just don't like to be "beat" in their eyes.
  9. Thombleached


    Just saw this on the news and she just creeps me out. Someone's being played here. Us, her, the UN, who the fuck knows. But she is one creepy child with a penchant for the dramatic.
  10. I always wonder about polls like this along with consumer confidence ect. Are things worse and more rigged or do people have access to better (big caveat with that word) or more information? Are world atrocities any worse or are they better reported?
  11. I was being semi-facetious. I actually think he's handsome and rich. ....see his charms have even worked on me. Search over 🥰
  12. 😘 The last time I went to a gay club in Manchester cy2k (with gf and her friends) I was mightyly upset that I failed to even get one gay giving me the eye. It actually preoccupied me to the point of ruining my evening as I remember. 🤠