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  1. Thombleached

    What percentage of human die-off would cause major disruption?

    I don't think it's been edited since the late 90s
  2. Thombleached

    What percentage of human die-off would cause major disruption?

    Cue a plug for my favourite website!
  3. Thombleached

    BBC Northern Ireland Produced This Clip

    New claims only. Didn't even think theyd even followed through with new claim limit anyway?
  4. Thombleached

    Jeremy Hardy

    Steptoe didn't miss a chance to get his mug on the telly by capitalising on his death.
  5. Thombleached

    Islamification of Europe

    Nope. Police have tried taking statements but she refuses to talk. They've taken witness statements from the carers and therefore have ID descriptions but the police haven't taken any further steps.
  6. Thombleached

    Islamification of Europe

    Not just in x-field. Happens everywhere I'm afraid. Wife works in social care and one of the girls in the house has got out in the middle of the night (several times) to pleasure some beardy types in favour for booze. She's 14 and an alcoholic, all very upsetting stuff.
  7. Thombleached

    Anti anti-vaxxers and Venn diagram irony?

    Quite right. The two circles should be over each other for the joke to work. But that wouldn't be very funny.
  8. DAB radio Bluetooth speakers/headphones Smart-thisandthat (fridges/lights Etc) 3d TVs
  9. Has anyone mentioned vacuums that are better for us because they aren't as powerful? IIRC that's another one we can thank the EU for.
  10. Thombleached

    how to stop people buying your product

    I've still got a 2 and works fine. Mind I jailbroke it so iOS hasn't been updated in maybe 4 years.
  11. Thombleached

    Fuckin' Weather

    I especially like the biting of the lip right at the end. Lovely.
  12. Thombleached

    Common sense

    That'll be the new tagline 🇪🇺 😀
  13. Thombleached

    Giraffe neck - a SJW thing?

    Listening to Joe Rogen t'other day. Raised the point that when people are gobshites you have to think twice about lamping them one, I guess for fear of either the law or a cameraphone. 20 years ago if someone mouthed off to the point where some of these dipshits do then you'd rightly give em a kicking. Everyone's a victim and everyone's got a phone to either capture perceived injustices or to wreak revenge with the support of their twattercuck friends.
  14. Thombleached

    OMG! Thats is so like 1990s!

    I'll give you a hint. It starts with tax and ends with credits
  15. Thombleached

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    I'd assume that's produced by p&g