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  1. Thombleached

    Ryanair Racist?

    Time for my favourite saying. "There's two sides to every story.....and then there's the truth"
  2. Thombleached

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    I think this is the petition that's cited. Certainly something that needs researching (if it hasn't been already)
  3. Thombleached

    Dosbods secret Santa

    I guess the roulette wheel of "will this butt plug ever come out" is part and parcel of the fun. If we discuss this anymore, it's pretty much guaranteeing me a butt plug from my secret santa.
  4. Thombleached

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Only if there's an option for it to come out again.
  5. Thombleached

    Dosbods secret Santa

    I'm in
  6. Thombleached

    Single mums demand to live where they want

    Only if you have a fair few kids I'd imagine. Single person on TCs would get the square root of FA
  7. Thombleached

    Masterchef reaches new peak

    So chicken with a roux and cheese? Not that bad is it? High fat/protein. Plate of chips probably worse for you in the grand scheme of things.
  8. Thombleached

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Made up for you @JoeDavola you're definitely a different man now than a couple of years back. And no-ones mentioned pooing the bed in ages. Whoops. 💩
  9. Thombleached

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    Exactly. Suspect if I was on holiday then staying in a nice friendly B&B would be part of the trip, but if I'm working I just need a private room, a clean bed and thick walls.
  10. Thombleached

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    Same. When I've stayed in b&bs they're always really friendly and invite me down for a slice of cake and cup of tea while we chat. It's really nice, but invariably I just want to be left alone.
  11. Thombleached

    Heathrow passengers prevent Somali Criminal deportation

    On BBC breakfast this morning when they do the papers run through. Would love to be a fly on the wall at the homes of any of those white knights when that comes on the stupid box. Eating their cornflakes surrounded by their family, maybe even a 16yr old daughter here or there. Then that awkward moment, everyone turns to the cuck that rode in on his white horse and says "daddy, why did you want to protect that bad man?"
  12. Thombleached

    Dosbods Island

    Libtardland already exists, it's called the UK
  13. Thombleached

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    I'll chuck myself under the bus here. I've used them regularly over the years. Main reason now is I live in a tiny rural village and it's nice to have a list of companies that will deliver when I need it. Admittedly we only use take out when we're desperate, day out with the kids has overrun and not had time to go to the shops etc. Maybe once every 6 weeks. First heard of them maybe 8 years ago and it seemed like a really good idea. I was at a mates 30th and before we went out we picked a takeout and then just passed the phone around so everyone could make their choice. I didn't realise the subs were so high and that genuinely makes me think twice about using them now.
  14. Thombleached

    Heathrow passengers prevent Somali Criminal deportation

    Protecting kiddy rapists. The mark of a truly retarded cuckle of sjws
  15. Thombleached

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    @JoeDavola good luck buddy, is it this weekend? I'll echo what you've been told a thousand times. Own it. She's lucky you've given her the time of day, but don't be a complete dick about it and all will work out.