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  1. These are the varieties I use and always come out perfect. Also @One percent, on the potatoes going in the bin if you overcook.... All you have to do is stick a fork in a few of them at a time while boiling. You want them to slowly slide off the fork when held up, that means they're done. While we're on the subject of perfect roasts. My new one that I've discovered (and I can't believe I've been butchering red meat all this time) is to cook your (red meat) joints "low and slow". Take a 0.8-2kg piece of red meat (on beef ideally rump, but sirloin, or like me today fillet as it's on promo at Morrisons). Set your oven as high as it will possibly go. Rub salt and pepper all over the joint Place in oven for 15 minutes Drop the temperature down to 60 degrees (most ovens don't record 60 so you have to estimate). Leave for 9-12 hours. (Really this is about tenderness). This will give you a beautiful pictures pink inside and a cm of grey on the outside. You can do this with lamg leg but suggest a slightly higher temperature if you don't want it too pink. This is what I'm doing up on a sunday morning!
  2. Sorry Joe, back OT: Some good advice here, maybe go see a dentist first?
  3. Had to be outdoors for me or it makes very little difference to my mood. I've been doing 10k a day on a treadmil for most of winter and on Monday I was feeling pretty sketchy/anxious about all sorts of things. MIL came round for dinner and she suggested she came early just so I could have an hour to myself for a change (had packed in alot with the kids over the long weekend). Went for an outdoor run, nothing spectacular, just 45 mins or so but I ran like I had a purpose. Felt like a new man after and every day since I've swapped the treadmil to get outdoors. There's something psychologically draining about running on a treadmil, maybe that you're not going anywhere?
  4. Don't worry. Probably just a touch of superaids.
  5. Deep breathing and CBD oil for me if stressed during the working day or a 5mile run @ 7min mile when not working gets me right as rain.
  6. Only happens to me when I'm particularly stressed about something. I'll wake up and I've been having a nightmare about not breathing and I wake up and take an enormous breath but I can't immediately take it, has to be shallow breaths for a while. There's plenty of mask machines you can buy but that might be OTT, and not ideal if you've got a lady round (I'm sure @The Masked Tulip can suggest a kinky-osphixy-wank way around that though )
  7. On the rare occasions I turn the stupid box on and happen to flick through to that pile of excrement, I realised what it reminded me of; Going live. I'm guessing some researcher somewhere had the thought that there's a group of 30 something's that never grew up and still want to be force-fed cow faeces. like the "real" laughs, giggles and garfores (sp) of the floor crew.
  8. Bad English alert. Thought the So-Called BBC was supposed to be a cut above? The family has completed in almost 150 running events, including 35 full marathons "We started running in 2015 with a few park runs and we haven't looked back since, we haven't stopped running since," said David. The family has completed in almost 150 running events, including 35 full marathons, such as Manchester, Belfast and Dublin. I see three mistakes/sloppy English.
  9. What if someone identifies as a male but hasn't transitioned ? Or same but a woman identifies as a man? Do they pay a 9% surcharge? It's all so confusing, the 21st century.
  10. Not really the case on private torrent sites where you need to keep a ratio, but I wouldn't touch a public one with a bargepole, even with a vpn.
  11. I'm still a member of a private torrent site (there's not many left in town) and my ratio is not too shabby. But I hardly use it. Got a vpn. The cost all in of having the pc on24/7, the yearly VPN subs and a NAS powered on all the time to house 10tb of films etc for the library Vs the cost of Amazon prime and a Netflix account probably makes it less worthwhile these days
  12. Well I'm convinced you only have so many heartbeats in you. For me it's the quality of those heartbeats though and it's a fine balencing act. Sure you could be a lazy sod but not become a fat sod, but your quality of life might not be great; getting your heart racing is a sure way to keep you happy. But by the same token overdo anything and you'll risk injury and fuck up your autumn years with aches and pains.
  13. Ah well, here's my reserve. Bronwyn Davies
  14. Was just above to post exactly the same. Proper girl next door look about her