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  1. Thombleached

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    The system just needs chopping in half, then it won't need more money. The system just needs chopping in half, then it won't need more money.
  2. Thombleached

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Crusty rolls technique but with flat caps and purses I believe.
  3. Thombleached

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I don't know who hairy is, but if he's got a beef with someone who can articulate a point as well as she can, I doubt I would care much for him.
  4. Thombleached

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I think because there's probably more social barriers for women to fuck around. So women fucking everything that moves tend to be a bit more hard nosed. But I'd agree though. Friends (myself included when I was young single and care free) can't help but get attached to even the slightest bit of attention.
  5. Thombleached

    What little things do you do, to test yourself?

    When listening to music on random I like to remember what the last 20 songs were. Usually that means I'm constantly repeating myself in my head instead of enjoying the music. A touch on the spectrum I suppose.
  6. Thombleached

    Vegans Storm Brighton Steakhouse

    Just highlighting that there's only one way to hold the moral superiority and it's not shopping for your tofu at wholefoods. 😎
  7. Thombleached

    Vegans Storm Brighton Steakhouse

    If they're on a moral crusade about animals not dying, there's no food you can eat that doesn't cause another animal to perish in some way (unless you grow your own and are extremely careful). Any land being farmed with ploughs etc pick up and dice a fuck load of small/medium sized rodents. That's why you see crows flying about above a seemingly empty field. They're scavaging all the guts and blood of field mice, rabbits etc. Then there's pesticides that kill insects etc. You could argue that hunting for game yourself kills less animals than buying vegan food.
  8. Thombleached

    Bye bye Treason May?

    In 20 years all that soy and oestrogen in the water will have done it's work and we'll have two full generations of submissive weak snowflakes who wouldn't dare fight with anything other than a keyboard. 😓
  9. Thombleached

    Xbox for dummies

    Varies by game. Some games will offer system link play, so you're just using your local network to play each other. I would imagine something like battlefront would not offer system link though. So to play each other would need two live accounts going through the MS servers. Used to be in the day of Xbox/xbox360 system link was a standard with all games. But less and less people play their friends in the same room these days so it's less prevalent. Just Google "game X system link compatible Xbox one"
  10. Thombleached

    Left Handers

    When I first picked up a guitar it felt more natural to play left handed. Till my brother convinced me it would cost more in the long run so I switched. Certain activities I'm a leftie but still write with my right.
  11. Thombleached

    Tommy Robinson thread

    On the subject of how/why he disappeared, he always maintained that running a campaign like he did put an enormous pressure on him. His plan was always to leave public life to that extent after the referendum. Just imagine having your name besmirched at every corner for years on end. At some point you have to draw a line under it all and try and live a quieter life. There's no conspiracy, he just wanted his life back.
  12. Thombleached

    Hollyoaks tackle the far right problem

    Considering the IQ of the average Hollyoaks viewer, I don't think there's much chance of anything sticking.
  13. Thombleached

    DOSBODS Black Friday Dissenters

    What if your mum sends you an email that says "Black Friday has made me very philosophical today. I'm going to donate your inheritance to the cat sanctuary, at the end of the day"
  14. Thombleached

    Black Friday deals

    Here you go, fair few deals now. Just got the john Lewis bundle
  15. Thombleached

    Shower proof hair clippers

    Does it not buzz everything equally or something ? (No I'm not thinking of buzzing it over my ballsack)