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  1. Fed is flattening the curve to allow government and companies to re-finance cheap,fill the pipes with liquidity then say to the markets invest in growth or we will inflate it away and allow government to do it for you.Once the market wakes up to that velocity will start to increase,then inflation cycle will start and CBs will run rate policy behind inflation chasing for all the cycle.
  2. Who cares about earnings or quality in a silver bull they just need a good name,crap managers and some prospects that might have some silver and to be on my rubber band list then its good to go
  3. They will also be raising money for the new mine in the market selling shares.They have raised $21million so far.Guanacevi looking much better as well.Iv been selling a lot into the rally as they nearly 4 bagged and i had a big holding,but holding the rest.
  4. Iv got a 15 year old and a 13 year old,i keep two as can repair at will and never be without a car.Parts work out an average £250 a year and thats it,depreciated them years ago.I really dont want to get rid of one,but im thinking that late this year early next will be prime time.
  5. Mosaic up over 100% now as well from March buy prices.DRAX more than doubled,im not sure why BP hasnt launched a bid for them,though maybe they fancy carbon capture on Teesside and are leaving the Humber to Equinor.Playtech more than doubled and great update today.Telcos are bumping along with some small losses and small profits.The pleasing part is the profits from 2 silver miners has made up for every stocks thats in the red.Big oil is lagging a bit,but no problem at all with that.The market is trying to work out what they are worth now BP has laid its cards out.The market is trying to price things off $50 average Brent though when the cycle will see a much higher average . Fed and other CBs are still engaged so we should see a dash to real assets start develop with lots of nasty pull backs along the way. All things considered we have had a fantastic crisis.I might even buy myself a new car,well a 4 year old one,in 3 months of course,leads and lags)
  6. Thats why you never marry.Iv lived with 7 out of 120+ girlfriends and always in my house in my name.Like you say been taken to the cleaners over 45 is game over for most men.Only a couple of my friends have actually lived alone,and no other has ever had any assets in their name only.I guess thats why when i built my friend a profile on POF who had his own little terrace house paid for he was swamped with women.I remind my partner of this on a regular basis
  7. Just wanted to add this slide from BP today as it shows the level of buybacks of shares at Brent prices.At $60 a barrel Brent they expect to be buying back around 5% a year of stock.A $10 uplift in price almost doubles the stock buy back,actually up about 80%.So say 8% a year of stock (at todays price).I think oil will average over $100 a barrel over the cycle,so we might get an average of 15% of stock bought back a year over the cycle.Plus 5% dividends,BP MIGHT deliver 20%pa compounding over the cycle.
  8. BP strategy looks decent to me and i like the way they are going to use free cash to buy back stock once debts are at 35bill.Thats stops them spunking it all away.Lots wont like the divi cut,but as well all got at todays price and below we are looking at around 5.5% yield.Im aiming for 6.5%pa return over the cycle,and i think BP might buy back £3.00+s worth of shares minimum over the cycle.I think £7.00+ is very likely as a target,£10+ possible by 2028/30 They said the divi would be set,but i think by 2024/25 they will be starting to produce that much cash that they wont do all share buy backs and the divi will increase.
  9. Look good there,i have Mosaic and Nutrien much bigger holdings than the others,i like Nutrien for its agro business as well,and probably wont sell them even if potash runs hard.
  10. Their potash mines are along the Yangtze,their stocks are getting low,means less exports and more imports.
  11. Delivered just as prices are moving into high gear,im hoping the sector can stay down a bit longer so i can add some more.Shell will go to new highs in the cycle,probably by a long way.That will shock everyone especially the dopey funds dumping inflation stocks at the start of an industrial cycle.
  12. http://investors.mosaicco.com/Cache/IRCache/88748048-2200-e936-7c8f-e5382241051f.PDF?O=PDF&T=&Y=&D=&FID=88748048-2200-e936-7c8f-e5382241051f&iid=4097833 Mosaic's results,as expected inflation is now entering the sector,hopefully we might now see a big run up in the stocks. "Tighter global market than what many analysts and buyers were expecting" Well macro strategists spotted it If flooding continues in China we might get a perfect storm in the sector. These are lead indicators,inflation is about to unleash across the primary producers as demand pull forces up prices.It wont take much for some of that Fed money being forced into the longer end of the curve to break loose and boot this reflation in high gear. Silver first,is potash next for us?
  13. Your welcome,its by an expert on the subject and one of the big drivers of the industrial cycle ahead.
  14. I think Anglo have the best management in the industry.I had them back in 16 when they got smashed and sold them all around £14 when they trebled.I was going to buy some in March during the falls,but they never tagged my buy point so missed out on getting any.I bought a lot of BHP below £10,but no Anglo.I wish i had got some,but not buying now as my allocations are pretty settled now and im just topping up other holdings. What you can take from Anglo though is by buying the Yorkshire potash project they are telling you potash is close to the bottom of the cycle.Just need BHP to push its huge project in Canada forward.
  15. Insurers park a lot of their income into short term paper so higher rates higher profits.They also gain because they have a lot of annuities based on low rates,though they will be more hedged.