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  1. If oil hits $100,I'm not sure anyone will be worreid about XOM's green exposure. Decl:We're long XOM but also the other oil majors for balance. Key thing for me is the last chart.Picture paitns etc.The rise and rise of US investors(poss Mrs Watanabe effect) and the Fed points in one direction-that the days of the dollar hegemony are getting numbered.Foreign holders have barely increased their exposure with the inflation rate. The first chart is pretty impressive too.We appear to be entering an exponentail phase. I think this also goes back to a comment you made a few
  2. WHo bought US debt https://wolfstreet.com/2020/09/17/who-bought-the-3-3-trillion-piled-on-the-incredibly-spiking-us-national-debt-since-march/
  3. Not yet,but probably this week.Only a small holding.First line stocks will be BT/Vod/Orange/AT&T/Sing Tel A lot of these companies have deep detbs but kicking off a lot of FCF. We too some prfotis off the table in PM's with a view to reinvesting in other more beaten down PM's but the value seems scant to me away from BVN/EGO/RIO2 so I'm pondering building the first tranche of our telecoms . Can't beleive I'm picking up BT at a £1.Coma scale 21,top buy in my back yard ,time will tell. PS also worth taking a look at Proximus/Koninklijk/Nippon telegraph/Korea telecom/Airte
  4. NS&I take depostis up to a bar and you can have mulitple accouhts.Treasury won't haricut their own cutomers. Interesting that theyre predicting 96mn bpd demand going forwardwith inventories shrinking at 300mn per quarter from 1.2bn at peak Corona.But that 6mn daily drop will be met with dwindling US shale suppy which has got 150 rigs working when it needs 600 to keep going.........all I'm thinking is that when that inventory runs down and we've had another month or two at $40 WTI keeping the rig count down. 'Demand should stay largely unchanged at around 96 million barrels a d
  5. This was fillmed somewhere in Leeds,bloke cuffed for not wearing a mask then released a few minutes later. I'm unsure of the legal basis for cuffing him.
  6. Treating myself to some XOM 40/45/50 with some PM profits. BP 270/290 Intrigued by the way the big oilies are going down but WTI is still circa $41. Also some TOT earlier today at E36/38. Pays yer moeny..........got to be in to win etc.
  7. I rarely make predictions but I think some big oil and some big Telecoms stocks will be higher than now both during and after the BK.
  8. I think the broader issue is that people need to learn their risk/reward profile and designa buying/selling strategy that suits it.As you come across more experienced traders then you can watch and learn how they approach things. I have some background in gambling and it's the same there.
  9. I think the key for me is that I design a rough roadmap in my mind of where I think we'regoing over 1/3/5/10 years and then place trades to fit that roadmap.Whether it's confirmation bias or jsut reading DB's work over the last few years but DH's roadmap to 2021 is ticking a lot of my boxes.It also concurs with the lack of sell triggers I'm currently seeing despite numerous peple I ahve a lot of respect calling a major selling point here. We've recently been buying some telco's and we'll be holding them through the BK as they don't move inversely to DXY.Other things that the dollar moves
  10. The social cost of this ongoing Ponzi scheme jsut gets more and more derpessing,especailly when you consider the student debts they've been misssold. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/09/16/pew-majority-of-young-americans-live-with-parents-for-first-time-since-great-depression/ A recent poll by the Pew Research Center revealed that a majority of young Americans are living with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression. As of July, approximately 52 percent of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 lived with their parents. The number of young adults living w
  11. Your comment made me think of reading Bernar dGrays beginner guide back when I was 22/23.I remember reaing how in the 1970's private individuals owned 60% of stocks on the UK stock market iirc.Now that figure would be way lower. The powers that be have herded msot punters to get heir stock market exposure via pension funds and ETF's where the charges are applied before the dividednd. The bulk of growth in asset values over the centruy come from reinvesting divi's.So the city take 50% of the average persons compund growth.... You literally couldn't make it up. Panzner was
  12. yeah,as someone who lived through the tech bubble and sold before the top because of the madness I was seeing,I really appreciate the historical context. interesting that he cites tight moeny as the root cause of bubbles popping.I've felt for soemtime,this BK will hit when the Fed can no longer print for whatever reason. I'm not sure it'll take rising rates if increasing default rates restrcit credit creation.
  13. you've intriuged m there H.Listening now. https://ttmygh.podbean.com/
  14. @MvR Foiund this nice intro for the basic stuff ie where the download is ...
  15. anything gratefully received. I run wondows.Have a dual screen set up. Saxobank/Interactive brokers all easy to use.....IB is obviously a bit more of a pro's site as there's a test to see if you can get to the front door. added some XOM Apr 21 40/45
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