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  1. We recently mounted a wall clock on a wall. There is no way I can get it aligned straight relative to anything.
  2. So Peacocks and Jaeger are not in Administration. Jaeger was actually an OK brand until Day decided to make the products more cheaply.
  3. I sit in my home office (formerly a spare room) on a computer - it's not really work by any definition anyone prior to the 1980s would understand.
  4. Because they have the time to talk while anyone in an actual business has real work to do. And now back to work.
  5. And they can still claim interest relief at 20% which no other investment offers.
  6. eek

    Guarantor loans.

    £200m is enough for it to always be the lenders problem.
  7. Your even more cynical than I am (I completely forgot that bit)
  8. It's probably cheaper to rebuild then retrofit anyway.
  9. You may be better off paying the fee and getting the broker to look at the whole market not just the bits that pay the highest commission.
  10. Nice trick, using the affordability check as a means of selling a mortgage.
  11. If you think Trump will win the popular vote contest you are completely deluded. Biden will pick up millions of wasted votes in California and NY that will carry him over that barrier (heck Hillary won the popular vote).
  12. It shouldn't be an issue provided the money is in the price to pay everyone - but does add complexity and complexity means it could all go wrong at any stage. Mind you,you probably freaked out the estate agents by pulling up the land registry details - I suspect they've never seen such details revealed by a prospective purchaser before and panicked.
  13. Because for the last 30 years* house prices have only ever gone up- so it was impossible to over pay (at worst you paid next year's price rather than that years). Which means now the market, has turned a lot of people don't have a clue what to do and don't use the valuation as the means of knocking the price down - and it's really not difficult to cause pain here - you knock the price down to the valuation whilst forwarding the document on then the seller has a choice, accept the lower price, or reject the offer and pray for a miracle and risk of moving. * down south- up north price
  14. Mike's son lives in America (California but his business is actually in Nevada and a couple of other states at the moment). His 2 posts regarding places to watch and why are probably a lot more useful https://www2.politicalbetting.com/index.php/archives/2020/10/29/us-election-night-the-ten-counties-we-need-to-watch-part-one-of-two/
  15. There may be less demand for book keepers but the rates and salaries of tax lawyers and tax accountants are as high as they ever were. The entire loan mess is due to less than 50 people discovering that a combination of the fear of IR35 and a few previously existing tax schemes created a whole new market. That market has grown bigger over the years as people see the IR35 tax bills and go and then seek a solution that keeps the money coming in. Sadly the agencies (and the umbrella industry) aren't actually that great at fixing this mess but they've left a route that may allow me to m
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