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  1. That's the problem they under priced their product to get people to use it and it's proving very hard to increase prices as their target market is usually very price sensitive.
  2. Not quite, Amazon has always had profitable bits that it used to subsidies the next market segment it entered (Books begot Music that begot....). Uber subsidies almost every single ride a passenger makes...
  3. You only have to look at all the issues Intel has - nothing is 100% secure because if you made it completely secure you would never ship anything. As for Huawei the only reason they are in the position they are in is that they were slacker on security than Nokia and Ericsson which until now worked to their advantage,.
  4. This is very old news here but I didn't see it posted when it appeared on twitter while I was away
  5. It’s a one off charge on purchase though - hardly a large amount in the scheme of things
  6. On betfair you really do need to read the rules of the market you are betting on. That market is for the following question "Will the UK have left the EU with a No Deal Brexit on 30-03-2019? " so it is far more specific that do we leave the EU without a deal - any delay and Yes loses the bet.
  7. This has only been on the market since July 2016 - I'm sure a buyer will be along soon.
  8. This - most of the time new homes and extensions come with a premium that you would never recover.
  9. I should point out Newcastle isn't my area - I'm there often enough to just about know that local market but in reality I live very slightly north of the Yorkshire Border... Mind you to show how much agents lie the property is also up for rent. Care to guess how much the advertised rent is? £900 as one advert quotes? £800 as the other yield based advert claims? Nope it is £750 (and will probably be rented at £700)... See^1539140&includeLetAgreed=false . Also it's been unlet for at least 2 months....
  10. Yep but that's not that surprising prior to the 2008 crash. Currently I suspect house prices up North are back to 2004 or so levels and I suspect that property is worth £140,000 or so...
  11. Seen it plenty of times back in the 1990's. You don't want to drop the price and all agencies think they are God's gift to selling so every agency is willing to waste time on the off chance that they can sell it. It even made sense back in the 1990s as agencies often had different contact lists... Then again this is 2019 and the only thing that matters when selling a property is an advert on Rightmove so multiple agencies won't help - the only thing that matters is the price and £175,000 for 3 bedrooms in Cramlington is utterly insane...
  12. As of last week there are no longer tariffs on cars imported into the EU from Japan. That combined with the fact that Diesel sales are falling faster than a stone has I suspect a lot more to do with this than Brexit - after all why spend £100m moving a plant around the world if sales don't exist to justify spending £100m.
  13. It's why Motel One are very popular in Europe. The rooms are good (but small) and they have a decent lounge area that even Premier Inn don't get right. Plus in Manchester / Glasgow ... they are cheaper than a Premier Inn as well...
  14. Interestingly (but utterly unsurprisingly) Intu have decided that 4 House of Frasers stores they were happy to see close down can remain open
  15. I suspect they will open any practical line that hasn’t already been built on. thats the reason we have the mess that is HS2 a north south line is supposedly required and the central midland line was closed and built on