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  1. Crypto's main use was shifting money out of china - I don't think that's the done thing at the moment.
  2. It's not much per worker £9.40 for office and another £5 for decent Active Directory options but then gets higher as you add bits you don't need. So it doesn't really cost much less than 2 hours at minimum wage a month.
  3. The head of the school my girls go to is off for 14 days - he was leading the skiing trip to Italy. Shame he was in on Monday so spread it then,
  4. Yep - I'm trying to work out why he think 10 people minimum (i.e. the plane crew) should be put at risk just to get him home. What the Government should be doing is telling him the cost of the flight and that he will have to pay for it. A £1m bill should silence him quickly.
  5. eek

    25 days or im out

    Even getting a contractor in probably won't work nowadays - you can't be claim expenses when inside IR35 and most companies won't think that through until it's too late.
  6. +1 and I'm coming from the otherside. Deaths will only start mounting up if the number of people seriously ill get beyond the point that medical help is available for all of them.
  7. eek

    IR35 - private sector

    I have. Current rates in my sector (Dynamics 365 / Power Platform) are probably:- £60k for a qualified developer £70-80k for a suitable functional consultant £80-120k for solution architects (including presales and sales). Contract wise you will need to be paying £500-550 for a good developer or functional consultant and £600+ for an SA. In all cases there is more work than people and all consultancies seem to be recruiting anyone they can.
  8. eek

    IR35 - private sector

    On the first point yes you can restate your accounts and get the corporation tax back (it takes time though). As for your second point regarding Employers NI. alongside the April changes there are new Key Information documents that need to be given out by agencies to explain exactly what you are paying out in tax and why
  9. eek

    IR35 - private sector

    Let me spell it out then. HMRC in public have said they won't be automatically checking people who were outside until April and continue inside after April This internal document tells you that HMRC's staff are being told that they have to do it as they manually follow the manual they need to work from.. So if you have been at a client for a while, it's probably is time to leave... Because that isn't actually a rule - just something your accountant has made up. You can as I have already said multiple times have multiple contracts running at the same time some inside, some outside in the same way some low paid staff have cleaning and care work...
  10. eek

    Buy more cars

    That is being kept quiet - after all where is the tax money going to come from..
  11. There is zero chance this is lab grown - as I will continually argue when people see conspiracy it's always a grade A screw up and the only conspiracy is those that screwed up trying to pretend it wasn't them. Witness China with the prosecution of the Doctors warning about things a month ago...
  12. eek

    HS too much

    Faster trains cost peanuts in the scheme of things. HS2 without all the extras which aren't connected to the actual track costs £170m or so a mile, a slower track would still costs £160m or so, so you may as well go for the most future prove option... The only issue is it was sold on speed and that should have been shot down in the first interview on Radio 4's Today program. It wasn't which has resulted in this thing going on 15 years rather than being already finished...
  13. eek

    HS too much

    It's all about capacity see and The issue with HS2 is that it was sold from day one as a fast way to Birmingham. It is, but it's also a means doubling the capacity on the current east and west coast mainlines by ensuring all the trains on a track move at the same speed - that will allow the capacity on those lines to move from 12-15 trains an hour to 24-30 trains an hour while another 30 trains an hour go on the fast track. 1 piece of engineering hence allows the capacity to go from 24 trains to London an hour to 70+ trains and yes it will do London good but it will also do the rest of the UK good as those slower trains will make intermediate locations far more accessible as well. And what is annoying is that no-one ever explained it that way...