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  1. It;s actually even stupider than I thought it was now I've read the article And it seems they set out without checking whether anyone would take them -which in the post Covid world seems to be nowhere - all countries have decided the best action is to say Nein... But if you want to land the people safely take them back from the port they set off from.
  2. This popped up in my twitter feed and after 180 days it seems even the thickest of the African "refugees" are realising they aren't going anywhere. The obvious solution of docking in an African port seems to be beyond them.
  3. We cancelled our 2 weeks in Cornwall last week as there was zero point travelling to be in a smaller house with the hassle of booking things in advance. It's since been taken by someone else so I'm led to believe we will be getting a full refund of our deposit.
  4. eek

    Three Gorges Dam

    I also suspect that's its completely impossible to get to where they would need to be in China to corroborate evidence.
  5. eek

    EY in the shit

    For any FT article search for it on Google using the headline. When you click on the link to the story the FT gives you access to the story
  6. Councils aren't really pyramid schemes, they (just like all large businesses) use money from one source to pay for other things. Covid stopped the merry go round which meant money isn't coming in from some sources and won't be coming in for a while. That's a certainty no-one sane would take that bet.
  7. But the world would have allowed that to continue (forever) unabated until Covid 19 resulted in the tide changing direction and the truth being revealed.
  8. This is the important thing here - rightmove is the market and changing agent isn't going to magic someone up - if no-one is looking no-one is looking and nothing is going to fix that
  9. Political Betting is -> I suspect the current odds are roughly correct but the thing I'm watching out for is republican states tightening voting regulations and closing booths..
  10. And Trump won Iowa by 9 points last time around.
  11. Um it's an 8 point lead against the incumbent with 4 months to go and the trend is still sliding away from Trump..
  12. It's Irish so it's whiskey not whisky Oh and commiserations XYY - on the upside at least you know where you stand and you beat the forthcoming rush to the job centre...
  13. Here is someone using Google's firebase to host their wordpress site Downside is it's google. Upsides are it's free and on google's servers so probably very good for SEO factors.
  14. Yep - that sounds to me like a fu**ed hard disk - easy enough to fix just order that and reinstall windows via a usb key.
  15. Yep Mrs Eek's boss is currently working whenever she can as she has 3 children under 11 to keep occupied during the day. She is working mornings, evenings and weekends to get close to the hours she is supposed to be doing.