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  1. eek

    Tommy Robinson thread

    What new charges? Not being awkward but I can't find any reference to anything except the 2 original charges that he is being retried for...
  2. Grainger are build to let people - and to be honest they are better to deal with than most housing associations. And at least you know where the profits go...
  3. eek

    Additional Voluntary Council Tax

    I didn't say the money would be put to good use. Although I know of a few departments in Cornwall who would be pushing for the money to go to citizen's advice as due to issues with it's funding the council workers are having to take up the slack - for instance housing are having to do off-record conversations as there is no-one able to provide the appropriate advice...
  4. eek

    Additional Voluntary Council Tax

    I can actually see the logic of it in a tourist area like Cornwall where some wealthier second home owners may be happy to toss another £100 a month in the direction of the council...
  5. Yep - the other requirement is 1 kitchen and not multiple ones - I discovered that when looking at a property earlier this year. Equally too many toilets may be a reason to refuse a mortgage...
  6. Well his best bet is probably to head towards Malta with as much cash as he can carry as he will needs enough for the rest of his days..
  7. They must be, he wouldn't have a problem if he had a property or 3 that wasn't mortgaged as you could use those to extract yourself from the rest of the mess... Years ago I did a post of TOS that covered the order you needed to do things to extract yourself from a Jenga IO BTL pyramid it's not pretty and either have to be very lucky or do things in a particular order. The inability to extract any money from a sale makes it impossible so bankruptcy is eventually inevitable, the only question is whether its a bank or HMRC that push you into it....
  8. I think you have your maths wrong - I suspect his net cashflow isn't anything like what you think it is (remember this is just £2.3m owed to UKAR, there are another 52 properties with no doubt similar loans)... Now assuming a return of 3% on the £3.6 portfolio - that gives him an income of £108k from those properties 4% interest on £2.3m is £92k a year - so he has some leeway but its not that much (of course once you factor in S24 he is royally fluffed but that's a different day)..
  9. If he had money he could afford to pay the capital gains tax - he can't which is why he cannot sell the property as it needs to be paid in 30 days... I believe the only thing he actually has is some "equity" in the properties which will quickly go up in smoke.
  10. And now the real comedy begins as busta offers his "advice".. As if anyone would keep a six month old phone call transcript...
  11. I doubt he knows enough about S24 to be scared by it. If he did he wouldn't be flogging a single property he would be doing up and flogging 5 of them at a time....
  12. Picking up a post from one of my favourite comedy sites - I give you In summary - landlord owes bank £2.3m - he wants to sell a single property for £285k. Bank wishes to keep all the money received leaving said landlord without the means to pay his capital gains tax.. So he isn't going to sell the property as he doesn't have the spare cash to do so...
  13. eek

    Italy to act on illegal immigration?
  14. eek

    Tax credit even more sad face :-<<<

    Surely that depends on your definition of employment....
  15. eek

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I will give you this link for the anti-climax of it