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  1. a large wall around leicester and armed guards, like in that documentary i saw decades ago, escape from new york or something. maybe bojo can fly over it carrying covid vaccine codes and crash land in it and we can send mick gove in with somekind of bomb in his neck to go retrieve bojo and the codes. This is all my own story so no thieving pls.
  2. robin hooders probably didnt burn it all on chesapeake
  3. i dont know anything about all this nuclear malarky, what i do know is that in the cutlery draw, the best and most hardwaring cutlery is over 30* years old and has made in sheffield on it, but then again i suppose that was probably made in a time when it meant something and it was built to last. * god knows how old it is, its from my mums cutlery draw and shes been dead for many years.
  4. i see the one across the road from me has been sold and gone back on sale 2 times in 2 months as well now. I might go over and break in to have a nosey around and see if their boiler is better than mine.
  5. hmm dunno about HL but lloyds quotes me last NYSE price; Last closing price 33.03 (USD) Listed on Market: NYS fact i cant even get the TSE one. ill have a play.
  6. you now have to delete that as well. Not that you can after a few hours.
  7. i find rotting fish really gets them visitors moving through at a rate of knots.
  8. are you saying centrica might be decentrica-lising its systems? or is that old hat now. Bout fucking time it got a kick in the arse, its a proper piece of shit, like my little foray into ukog which was a terrible 'drunk in charge of a web browser moment'. Still, never mind it will all come good in the end (maybe).
  9. is the pink pound an american euphemism? like dick pound; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Pound
  10. BP's divi just landed in my account. 8.3p /share. this cut.