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  1. leonardratso

    Worcester child acid attack in court

    anyone complaining about all the scum 'resting' in this country, nobody actually asked them to come and set up a home from home, except maybe for those who dont have to deal with it, but thats always the case.
  2. leonardratso

    Worcester child acid attack in court

    all irrelevant, you have no say in the matter until mass rioting occurs.
  3. leonardratso

    An other of Browns free money for everyone! scheme ends

    pay peanuts...
  4. leonardratso

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    if your adding a fuel pump or high voltage line switch somewhere, dont forget to use a relay, in line on high voltage isnt recommended unless you like blowing up or burning down.
  5. leonardratso

    whats with this layout

    carbon monoxide is apparently painless and like dropping off to sleep, if you can find a source with all these unleaded buggers about. Unfortunately if it doesnt do you in it causes brain damage, so make it count.
  6. you should look up how france treats ex-colonies, for decades after independance, they still pump them dry of money and treat them like shit, plus ensure that french infrastructure and the military get first dibs on all the goodies of those 'ex' colonies.
  7. leonardratso

    whats with this layout

    ive had some indigestion in the past that felt rather heart attackish, wasnt pleasant, however i did work with a bloke who had one and he did say its like having really bad indigestion, many who have one take a dive into the big bottles of gaviscon apparently, so unless it kills you quick i assume its like a body seizing big bout of indigestion, or having spear thrust into your chest and twisted.
  8. leonardratso

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    ten pole tudor
  9. leonardratso

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    aye, tyne brand, dredged the lumps from the river tyne.
  10. leonardratso

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    are you all muslamic in petersandlee then? maybe it was britains biggest turd buglary.
  11. leonardratso

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    like shit in a can;
  12. leonardratso

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    certainly was, tha old poofta. Interesting life, and a ripe old age to boot. Certainly wasnt no run of the mill joe blogs. Quite funny too.
  13. leonardratso

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt (on the piles cash and gold) doesn't get any worse
  14. leonardratso

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    come with us mr macron, we have some large saveloys to feed you. Did you ever go to a spit roast BBQ?
  15. leonardratso

    Freelander of Peace

    aye bummers all.