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  1. leonardratso


    sounds like the husband might be a bit of a cunt auch so gut.
  2. meanwhile in cardiff......
  3. goyim gazzette anyone; a somewhat flawed consiracy edition ; https://goyimgazette.com/issue-666/, completely fucking crackers of course.
  4. this is such an exciting thread, i cant wait to get to the end, i hope its got some sort of modulus 10 check digit at the end to really end it with a bang. perhaps interleaved....
  5. feacophiliacs bi-annal will certanly pay good money for any old shit.
  6. no worries, shes quite an old hag isnt she, she'll be waved off into a pine box probably quite soon.
  7. these cunts will never leave, they know that elsewhere behaving the way they do here and saying what they say here, they would be killed almost immediately.
  8. made up? You sure? ivebased my whole life on those stats and stories and now you tell me its all a lie? Fuck this, im off back on my flying saucer to corby.
  9. is it this one? quite impressive the rabbit scoffer, without even choking or gagging.
  10. they should get some baked potato's on the go on the fire, about 5 each should do it (and about a kilo of cocaine each).
  11. leonardratso


    no problem, i like to be helpful.