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  1. leonardratso

    Direct Line Home Insurance Jokers

    where exactly is local, im asking for a friend.
  2. leonardratso

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    i think shes lovely (from the back).
  3. leonardratso

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    maybe they left it in the back of a black cab. You never get those things back.
  4. seems a lot of bother over a speeding ticket. JUst for the bullshit they should double the fine daily and then send in the bailiffs, wasting my tax money on shit like this.
  5. algos be gone mad boss,
  6. have a look at the fantasy 2018, malthus played a blinder with the lon:lnga choice (gas etf) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lggMOk7ZJd0TkFQamiN_jWgyhnJ3kLuJ2BhmjFmbVwY/edit#gid=1662780564
  7. leonardratso

    Shopping with posh people

    hehehe, no we have our very own cross dressing wigster do we not?
  8. leonardratso

    Shopping with posh people

    closer to dosbods.
  9. leonardratso

    Protecting from the insanity

    i read he used to be a grumpy rude waiter in a restraurant, and people would actually go to get insulted by him.
  10. leonardratso

    Shopping with posh people

    I believe a ginger syrup was left behind at the scene. I wonder who would be missing a ginner rug and be interested in designer hand bags.
  11. aye, and id only just finished the frigging carillion ones as well. Luckily i still had my old arthur andersons shred and burn machines in the shed, last seen at lehman brothers i believe.
  12. tis true im afraid, being on the inside of the company one would have thought we would have a bit better info than the average joe on the street or the MSM, but the lying toerags that most companies really are, you often dont. I admit that im a a bit of a cunt and im sure people who know me would agree, but i think its because of that, that ive managed to find out sometimes more than i should, its not beneath me to stick my nose in where i shouldnt and sometimes overhear (by accident of course) things that i shouldnt. Anyways, i best get back to my shredding, ive got all these interserve internal documents to shred and burn before sun up.
  13. Im not putting cattle prod down or questioning his knowledge, but i was in HBOS as an employee when it went to the wall, internally it was 'nothing to see here' and 'carry on as normal', 'it will blow over we'll be fine', luckily i wouldnt trust them as far as i could throw them even back then and my escape plan was always primed and ready to fire up, I could see it was a piece of shit from where i was working, which was basically in the gutter and as soon as i saw fear, i just ejected like a rat leaving a sinking ship. I was lucky, i hadnt been there long enough to get anything meaningful like a redundancy payment so hanging a round was a non runner for me. I did feel sorry for the long termers (for about 20 minutes) and again i was lucky being young enough that i could just shake it off and move along. But yes i was always sceptical about what the official results said on paper and the waste i witnessed first hand.
  14. leonardratso

    Pathological demand avoidance

    fuck em. When these kids grow up and the parents are dead (or deadbeat) and they get out in the real world and try that on, they'll find that the real world can be worse to them than they ever can be to it. They'll be avoided and dumped on from a great height, and no one will give a flying fuck about them and where they end up. Those pies wont come flying through the door into her mouth as if by magic anymore.
  15. leonardratso

    Pushing Islam

    are they pushing off a roof? tied to a chair?