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  1. never a truer word spoken, enemadale(yes) is doing for me; ive bin chipping 20pence in every day... one day i may make it to £100 great british pounds.
  2. whats that bag been thrown out of the porsche? is it coke? or dogshit?
  3. its to give you chance to buy mooooaaarrr at knockdown prices. @Yellow_Reduced_Sticker buy some moooaaarr so it goes down. Get hunter to pump the metals as well so i can buy moooooaaaarr.
  4. might want to look at ancillaries, for example ive been studiously paying into the ever losing BLINK charging, looked a right dog from the get go, havent looked at it for a about a week, lo - today took a look, +212% - shame i didnt bet the farm, but hey, easy come, easy go. And to think i had XPEV at $19, mofo, looked a turkey, should have just gritted my teeth and held. ah well....
  5. damn that nio, i never looked at. Mind i have tsla so im not that bothered, i wish id have kept my NYSE:XPEV though when they IPO'd - was lookinga bit shaky @ $20, fuckers went on to $40 after a while, ah well. You live and learn. Did you get that BTCE german ETP for bitcoin, I bought £800 of that a few weeks back, i just keep slicing the top off it and leaving it at £800, i think ive had like £200 nearly out of it so far. Keeps me in milk. Mind you had a a couple a grand in BTC and link as well, thats over £3K now, but im a bit narked at the questions coinbase are asking now, such a
  6. wot breaks off lovely in the socket leaving the live+neutral gates open for toddlers to shove forks in.
  7. yes, i have some £12.34 in the HZM also.... its all go at the top of the market.
  8. this is it, i was very bored of the constant downs on the oilers, i started newer tranch's on a t212 pie for oil, thats now 5% up and my main portfolio is down much less on the oilers. meanwhile my shuttered sgc and gog parts gained 20% - but are still well under water, you never know whats going to happen short term i had a dabble in some shitty aim stocks - like ufo, that went up like 200% in few days, so that moneys gone into DCA the oilers. Ive often consolidated but always end up widening out again - usually when i was bored. Anyways ive started to DCA the big losers with profits fro
  9. i think cnawas pounded a bit unfairly to be honest Probably didnt help that its retail arm was hated and the most expensive of the competition, mind you a lot of them went bankrupt. I did wonder if british gas might make a recovery, it was starting to appear in the top 10 comparison sites again as a supplier and was becoming a price setter again, dunno what happened to that i havent shifted for a while, i stopped buying them when my average got to 68p, wanted it less than 2x current nav (40p at the time) since i thought they might get taken over at 75-80p a share and so cover me. They didnt, s
  10. yers they had a team in czech republic? selling them or collaborating, i didnt read it too closely cos it was on my fav grot mag daily mail.
  11. heheh, i once sat next to ops in TNS a few decades back when a warning came up on the console, we went had a look in the machine room and the OS-390 was on fire, hehehehe, just got out before the haylon came down.
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