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  1. chicken and mushroom, ive been hawking it on here and at work for well over 2 years now, still no takers, not even an offer or a looking at, i mean its not a new build house, id expect at least some interest from a discerning public.
  2. its disgusting using work email netwrok to push personal agenda. BTW my used pot noodle pot is still up for grabs if anyone wants to make a bid, ive even washed it out and put a twig in it, on the advise of krusty and phil to increase its value and desirability..
  3. http://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/funds/snapshot/snapshot.aspx?id=F00000MNWP
  4. cna is making gold and miners looked sound and stable. ex divi today.
  5. are you irish? maybe that was the joke, like calling the biggest kid tiny or some such tom foolery.
  6. leonardratso

    Atomic Pi

    this light switch you talk of....
  7. hmm, can you add 'on the common' to that title? That will improve the click baitness 10 fold.
  8. its great, nimbys of the 1st order.