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  1. should have sent the double digit thousands first then followed it with the pound once the first was confirmed.
  2. i dont know anybody whos been push frauded, just how rife is it, or do i not know many gullible stupid people who fall for anything/everything?
  3. leonardratso


    whats that book hes reading, is it something anti-semitic?
  4. its a work pension, i did enquire but they wont pay to anything except 'approved' pension schemes, to be honest its not a massive amount and i really dont expect to make it to drawdown, plus it gives me 3.5x death in service and ive topped up elsewhere via work to add another 7x, so the contributions+10x salary + anything else should leave a nice wedge for the brats when i kick the bucket.
  5. L&G for me, funds available are dire, they revamped it a few months back and i managed to get hold of a gold fund by mistake, they sold me back to a multi asset, they really are a pile of shit. They are good at quoting the faq when i dont even ask them the question they answer(with cut and paste). They hate me cos i always call them or complain via email and they just try to blow me off with shit. Im ready and as soon as it starts falling im going all to cash then ill buy it all back again - no body is even aware that you can switch as far as i can see. Useless bastards.
  6. you're front running Durhamborns hypothesis now, his thread expects double digit interest rates into 2025-27? if i remember correctly. The stars are aligning then?
  7. my local closed down bath store has been replaced with something call floor something or floor store or some such shit, its got even less customers than the bath store had in it, i cant believe shit like this exists to be honest. Its carpets and hardwood flooring - probably mainly just that ply with varnish stuff, its expensive as well. So id say that wont last long.
  8. where can you get vgpmx from though, i assume HL but i havent checked. Its certainly not on offer in their vanguard uk gia; https://secure.vanguardinvestor.co.uk
  9. get thee to the crypto traders, might win, probably lose, never know.