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  1. leonardratso

    The normalisation of female obesity

    like threading a needle (prick)
  2. leonardratso

    Sheffield school riot

    nay, the whole lot has to go. its for the best. think of the chilun!
  3. leonardratso

    The normalisation of female obesity

    seeing objects clearly?
  4. leonardratso

    Sheffield school riot

    its sarf yorkshire, nobody will miss it. best do west as well. east is a shithole too. north is mo'affluent, but full of deluded pricks. so thats a shoe in as well.
  5. leonardratso

    The normalisation of female obesity

    hey just saw a george advert, no fatties, yet apparantely they are 'vibrant' and 'confident' (and probably in a kitchen somewhere no doubt), but i cant see how they can be of they arent fatties. Something doesnt quite add up here, im being massively confused by the big advertising machine spouting its shit at me. Think ill just turn the tv off. And throw it out of the window.
  6. leonardratso

    Sheffield school riot

    looks nice. Is it the 70's?
  7. thoought they drove him around a bit then shot him. what happened to his mad old hag of a wife, cant remember, memory going.
  8. leonardratso

    Where's Wiggy?

    more like a banana (in the tail pipe).
  9. you should, the losses can be staggering. hahaha, they cant take what youve pissed away.
  10. leonardratso

    Sheffield school riot

    wall it off. bomb the shit out of it.
  11. leonardratso

    trans madness

    MtF, why would a bloke want to spend all his time in a kitchen barefoot wearing a dress, making sandwiches and being pregnant? Surely that jobs already taken.
  12. leonardratso

    The Police embarrassing themselves on social media

    who are all these fatties?
  13. leonardratso

    This is a first - Tesco mixes up petrol and diesel!

    yeah, just the rest of the car is a piece of crap, well mine is anyways. I used to like the old GTI's, apparently they used diesel blocks on the petrols so they lasted forever, i know my old F reg 16V had 350K on the clock before the gearbox fell out of it, i bought it at 88K, mind you i used to change the oil+filter every 30 days cos rapid fit on washway road was doing it for £9.99 for oil+filter.
  14. leonardratso

    The normalisation of female obesity

    yes, not that lardy;