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  1. the chinese will always rub you sir. Hows the NE lockdown, i hear they are building a wall around the whole of the NE like in that documentary film escape from new york, with one eyed jack.
  2. hehe, ringing and talking to the talking clock isnt really a business call. arseholes all. esp journo.
  3. i knew a guy lastname coleman, this was donkeys years ago, we worked at same place, at the time 'OLE' was the latest software fad doing the CV rounds, he was looking for a new job so his CV was circulating agencies, can you guess what happened......
  4. seems canny, as in canny fookin' believe it.
  5. Averaging down is my game, some losses, some +ves, but i just keep paying in, i dont even mind averaging up. Have to admit when they hit a certain -ve %age(usually -40) then i stop buying and leave them to see if they recover some, ive got time, im in no rush, also i wont go massive on anything, just what i can afford to lose and not effect my standard of living or make me short of anything i need, to be honest i tend to just discount the money anyway like it never existed. I still do mutual funds as well to a lesser extent just for spraying. I did swap out one ftse fund in vang
  6. hahaha, i remember years ago having to sign a document at a new job, well, me and some aussie bloke, basically saying that if they found out we had lied on our cvs then they could sack us straight away, the aussie because the company he said he'd worked for didnt exist (went bankrupt back in australia), me because two of my referees were actually dead, hahah, thats how long ago it was, yes referees. I didnt even know they were gonners, so obviously they had done some checking, but anyway, job was shit, left after a year, same with the aussie, fact i think he left after 8 month.
  7. surely you could just print one off, bash it around a bit to age it and jobs a good un, whos gonna chase it up?
  8. put it down as HMP. Dont elaborate any further though.
  9. if you want some risky shit metals for multi bagging or multi zeros, im doing a small amount thus; lon adt1 lon sres lon ufo lon hzm actually hzm is my atm at the moment, skimming every week by the look of it.
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