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  1. is it spocks brother? frock?
  2. is this topic worthy of a national newspaper? or is it just click bait to drag us in and sell us tat made in china? Like joe davolas very realistic beard and moustasche dye , (may come in invisible package), or joe davolas natural ginger nylon wigs (as seen on TV).
  3. all dead now, except for christopher lee, he was a vampire see. They live forever, but not in spain. Too sunny.
  4. RE BT et al; (Sharecast News) - BT Group shares surged on Wednesday after chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a new investment tax super deduction policy in the budget. Under the scheme, companies investing in new plant and machinery assets in the next two years will be able to cut their tax bills by 130% of the cost. The super deduction will allow businesses to cut their tax bill by up to 25p for every £1 they invest. BT, which is currently investing millions of pounds to upgrade its UK broadband network to fibre optic, rallied on the news and by 1510 GMT, the shares were tradin
  5. old knackered pianos are so laurel and hardy up the big steps yesteryear, harpsichord is where the yoof are at these days.
  6. you should use brackets so we can seperate out the real meaning of the denial thats not or not.
  7. yahoo, back on the whisky and dope it is then.
  8. somethings amiss, no swears no ranting. Maybe its calm and happy pills all round eh.
  9. id say more, last march if id left the work pension in the standard bucket, it would have wiped out 25 to 27%, as it is i caught it a little late at 12% down, but i kept a note of the unit values when they bottomed out, looked like -27% ish of previous high value. Anyway, i bought back in but diversified a little, although the diversification was just as bad, so im looking to ram it all back into cash again as soon as i see it tanking, could be a fake, so ill realistically just trickle it back to cash slowly.
  10. shane i assume is correct when replying to an aussie as in the cricket guy who flogs hair pieces.
  11. leonardratso


    yar, id had enough of it when s/he started going on about how peoples with no coins kids would be serfs to his/her kids holding all the wealth of the universe in their inherited bitcoinage, total fucking bollocks, i think like most threads, they tend to STFU when it tanks heavily and the ramping doesnt illicit a response or NAV goes to zero. Wonder if its fired back up to max ramp now, havent been back to have a look, cant be arsed.
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