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  1. Miners are on fire today
  2. DoINeedOne

    Morrisons - Wimmin v Men

    Helps me build up a strong immune system right....
  3. DoINeedOne

    Morrisons - Wimmin v Men

    Like McDonalds they agreed to increase the wage, then now you have these big touch screens where i select what i want and pay then go and wait at a counter like in argos for someone to call out my number less tills, less staff same as supermarkets with there shitty self checkouts
  4. DoINeedOne

    Breaking bad basement

    But i can still produce drugs in it correct
  5. DoINeedOne

    Breaking bad basement

    Actually surprissed at the size of that basment would not even know where to begin or what to put down there but you would need to to something fun with it
  7. interesting video posted yesterday
  8. I bought about £2500 worth Sibanye a while back last year currently up 75.9% thought about selling but may just continue holding
  9. China to me just seems an odd place, always liked ADV's youtube channel about China But also saw this article yesterday which made me laugh because some Chinese bike sharing companies are pulling out of some UK cities due to the amount of stolen, missing or damaged bikes but then in China, you have this
  10. DoINeedOne

    Rats in drainage pipes

    Actually had scratching every couple of days for about a month in the downstairs toilet it was driving me mental it was either something in the pipe, under the floor got close to ripping the whole floor up but then thought I would try one of those plugs that send out a frequency that apparently annoys the shit out of them, I didn't actually think it would work if I'm honest thought it was more a gimmick Anyway, its still plugged 3 months later and the scratching stopped so apparently it worked
  11. DoINeedOne

    Premium bonds

    Nothing for me this month
  12. DoINeedOne

    Investment Notes

    Anyone suggest a good way to keeps notes, research etc... on investments Pen and paper just messy Apple notes just becomes unorganised One thing I did think was to host a private wiki or blog to make it more organised may be a bit of an overkill just trying to organise things so it's a bit easier to look up old notes etc... Any Ideas or suggestions
  13. Yeah I know I would get stressed after a while, but I would like a home with a nice bit of land to maybe build an office/workshop certainly won't get that space in London
  14. This is something I'm currently working on building a set of rules to stick to whilst investing whilst I'm sure there will be adapted over time as I'm only just getting started I think it would help with sticking to decisions With work (Advertising) I normally have to track data from Ads and use rules to block or increase bids on Ad placements having rules or a checklist in all things can definitely help cut down on stress and overthinking its just most people use checklists the wrong way An interesting book I read was checklist manifesto mostly about how different industries use checklists to avoid mistakes
  15. DoINeedOne

    The ultimate video

    Pressed play then thought what am i doing with my life and that making coffee would be better so maybe 2 seconds