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    Premium bonds

    £50 for me
  2. DoINeedOne

    Anyone fancy a trip to the pictures?

    Younger one loves a trip to the cinema to watch marvel films, i do like a good film but the prices are a joke normaly for me and a child with some sweets its about £40 then the film is good or bad or you have a bunch of idiots sitting around you, also went on a saturday once never again full of teenagers on there phones thoughout the film the addiction is real snapchat and instagram must be checked every 3-5 minutes incase you miss out on something Personally i think jammers should be legal Last time i went had some fat bird 2 seats down laughing weirdly at every single joke whilst holding 3 plates of pizza, yes 3 plates Now i try and wait for them to rent on the Xbox for £4.95 and get some pizza and maybe few beers at least i can pause it if i need a shit and enjoy the confort of my own home i think cinemas will die out again just like they did years ago but for now they seem to be building them everywhere i have probably 5 cinemas within 20 minute drive Actually sat down the other night and rented the new mission impossible actually enjoyed it and more relaxing at home, also have a rule for movie nights phones are left in other room on silent or fuck off
  3. Actually sold some of my premium bonds the other month fully intend to rebuy some in the future though
  4. Thinking about selling my Sibayne currently up 20% and placing that into Centrica Any Thoughts
  5. DoINeedOne

    Grr Traffic

    Had a friend who also worked from home told me when you're being lazy or unmotivated go out and sit in rush hour traffic look around you at everyones faces makes you think if i dont get work done one day this will be me it works well
  6. DoINeedOne

    Grr Traffic

    I work from home so i don't have to suffer traffic i will generally go out shopping or if i need to do something whilst everyone is at work This has spoilt me really sometimes i will be stuck in rush hour traffic thinking how the fuck do people do this all day Actually had a family member who was in different locations around london and had to drive spent 6 hours a day in traffic , then quit and you saw how much less stressed he was
  7. Royal Mail Plc LONDON: RMG.L (GBp) 298.85p 9.85 (-3.19%)
  8. Even bitcoin dropped below 5000 today
  9. Royal Mail Plc 5.03% Royal Mail Plc's first-half profit dropped about 25 percent as the post and parcels company failed to cut enough costs in the UK and margins came under pressure at its fast-growing European business.
  10. Waitrose near me i still get a few bits from that i like but since they removed coffee cups i dont get a coffee no more cant even remember the bloody bags let alone a coffee cup, to be honest i just got a coffee for the sake of it most of the time I do remember it filling 3/4 of the cup though which i like as cup holders are shit in my car so helped
  11. I wanted to buy more VOD at 1.42 guess not then
  12. Vodafone Group Plc LONDON: VOD.L (GBp) 154.58p10.22 (7.08%) Vodafone dividend — on hold
  13. DoINeedOne

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Maybe im wrong but people with more then 1 item percentages seem to be wrong Take spunko for example has 1 item and column G is taking the total percentage of that 1 item from column F as it should Anyone with more then 1 item should'nt it then just add together the percentages in column F as above For example if XRP is up 9.82% and gold is down 2.14% how is the total -2.13% doineedone XRP/GBP 35.74 39.25 3.51 9.82% spot gold 1oz 123560.00 120920.00 -2,640.00 -2.14% -2.13% another example total profit loss % -1.95% even though he is up nearly 20% on lon:infa ponty mython lon:infa 0.51 0.61 0.10 19.61% tse:tgz 353.00 346.00 -7.00 -1.98% -1.95%
  14. DoINeedOne

    Premium bonds

    Email i just got from Premium Bonds Buy them, grand kids, some PB's
  15. DoINeedOne

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Who ever added it to the sheet for me thank you