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  1. Random thought driving around all i see is retirement appartments being built and with lots of news about baby boomers coming into retirement so what about REITS for these retirment homes
  2. Im no expert but i doubt it
  3. I used to enjoy rowing at the Gym, but don't go anymore really need to start getting in shape again myself but the Gym does my head in always busy and full of tossers One thing i would love is more gamification like rowing or cycling built into a decent game where you could play against people or friends online, only seems to be some very basic options VR would be pretty cool for stuff like that
  5. Whilst doing carpentry i was into it but have not practiced for a while still got all the tools its good fun being able to pick stuff and relising how shit most security is Maybe one day when i can buy a house and have a man cave workshop and get back into it A few websites i knew of was Also a cool Youtube channel was Have Fun....
  6. They just opened a huge one at Bluewater too over 2 floors i think That too had crowds for the opening, fucking mental to me why people go to these openings
  7. South Africa’s largest gold producer Sibanye-Stillwater said that it would raise $130m in a share issue as it seeks to end a months-long strike at critical mines.
  8. A few are having a bit of a shit day pretty crazy how much they have dropped so far i will buy more soon for longterm holding (I dont hold Stage Coach yet) Vodafone -2.6%, Stagecoach -6%, Royal Mail -4% and Centrica -1.96%
  9. Samsung Electronics sees a 60% fall in profits The downbeat guidance is the latest sign of woes hitting global electronics manufacturers as chipmakers have been hit by falling demand and rising stock inventories following a slump in smartphone sales.
  10. Just some other info I had saved on Centrica's Hive Hive – Hive is a smart home technology provider to help homeowners save on their energy bills with smart products, such as thermostats, lightbulbs, sensors, plugs and a range of other products such as cameras and leak detection sensors providing the user with the opportunity to manage and receive alerts via their smartphones. Centrica says it’s planning to roll out a series of smart packages in the UK for these Hive products, As of May 2018 Hive had over 1,000,000 customers. Centrica and HAX have also announced plans to develop new smart solutions to benefit the growing ageing population as the next phase of Hives ambition. Centrica’s newest system “Hive Link” allows families and friends to keeps track of elderly family members using sensors on doors, cupboards and appliances such as kettles, The program is designed to learn their routine and notify loved ones if they deviate from it. Also South East Water has partnered with Hive to trail leak sensors with 800 customers and if successful it could be extended to South East Waters 2,200,000 customers.
  11. Home was delayed due to strikes in Germany but finailly got to my local depot and not updated for 5 days Called the local depot twice to try locate it no luck, the last call said maybe the label fell off Anyway emailed Coininvest yesterday they chased it up UPS apparently promised to delivery it, but the tracking now just says come back later will email them again tomorrow as that will be nearly 6 days at my local depot with no updates
  12. Would seem UPS have lost or stolen my silver coins parcel from CoinInvest
  13. Nice i was going to do that too, selling half that is but may buy back in at some point