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  1. DoJ charges three JPMorgan metals traders with market manipulation For those who can't see behind the paywall US prosecutors uncover ‘massive, multiyear scheme’ to defraud customers Henry Sanderson in London 48 minutes ago The global head of precious metals trading at JPMorgan, one of the biggest bullion banks, has been charged by US prosecutors with running an eight-year conspiracy to manipulate the global precious metals markets and defraud its customers. Michael Nowak, 45, a JPMorgan veteran who ran the bank’s global precious metals trading desk, was charged along with two traders of a “massive, multiyear scheme to manipulate the market for precious metals futures contracts and defraud market participants”, assistant attorney-general Brian Benczkowski said. The indictment alleges the three traders engaged in “widespread spoofing, market manipulation and fraud”, while working at JPMorgan. They placed orders they intended to cancel before execution in an effort to “create liquidity and drive prices toward orders they wanted to execute on the opposite side of the market”, it said. They placed deceptive orders for gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange, it alleges. Along with HSBC, JPMorgan is one of the banks that dominates global flows of gold and silver trading. JPMorgan declined to comment. also on twitter
  2. The global head of precious metals trading at JPMorgan, one of the biggest bullion banks, has been charged by US prosecutors with running an eight-year conspiracy to manipulate the global precious metals markets and defraud its customers
  3. Big Six energy provider SSE has agreed to sell its household supply arm to smaller rival Ovo Group in a £500 million deal. Ovo’s planned takeover of SSE’s energy services business is expected to complete later this year or early next year. The deal comes after SSE was forced to scrap its merger with Big Six rival npower last December after the Government’s energy price cap sent shockwaves through the industry. If i remember correctly @DurhamBorn wasn't this what you wanted for them to offload their household supply arm
  4. Donald Trump said Wednesday his administration will propose banning thousands of flavors used in e-cigarettes to combat a recent surge in underage vaping. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will develop guidelines to remove from the market all e-cigarette flavors except tobacco, the health and human services secretary, Alex Azar, told reporters during an Oval Office appearance with the president, Melania Trump and the acting FDA commissioner, Ned Sharpless. interesting video from the Guardian article
  5. I thought the bit about no nice cars in Italy was funny, because they would get pulled over and there taxes cross referenced, So you have millionaires driving around in banged up fiat panda's Also what he said about immigration Italy has if i remember correctly something like 30+% youth unemployment whilst Germany has a lot less so they want the immagration even the young Italians are moving there But one immigration policy doesn't suit a range of countries
  6. 0 received a letter once when younger told them i was in Spain with the car and someone must cloned my number plate and won't be coming to court never heard anything since and that was about 23 years ago but now with all the cameras every where i just stick to the limit
  7. Sold half of my Harmony (HMY) this morning was at around 120% ROI around a week or two back and set a rule that if it drops near 100% ROI I would sell half and let the rest run
  8. Watched a few Real vision Interviews but I always enjoy Grant Williams kinda mini documentaries whilst there is talk about the history of Italy it also discusses a lot about the Euro, banking, immigration, brexit and investing plus much more Worth watching if you have the time
  9. Fortnite maker Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has teamed up with Bidstack, a native in-game advertising platform, to enable video game developers to monetise their titles by creating ad space within their games. Developers using the Unreal Engine will soon be able to use a Bidstack plugin to choose areas within their games where they could make native in-game advertising available. They can pick any appropriate surface including virtual outdoor billboards, sporting pitch-side hoardings, decal stickers on the sides of vehicles, and prints on character clothing. Developers can also retrofit ad opportunities into existing games. Eventually, games using the Unreal Engine will see their ad inventory become automatically available to advertisers to buy programmatically through Bidstack’s network of demand side platforms. I do see if it became a popular option companies creating there own in house versions of Bidstack or even one buying Bidstack as stated by someone else here either way i have bought a few shares to hold and we monitor them
  10. I saw you mention this in the other forum and was kind of hoping you would start a thread here to save me doing so. Now one reason I liked this was I work in advertising I love gaming Probably not the best reasons The advertising I do is small scale promoting say companies new phone app for a commission (affiliate marketing) as most would call it. We would mostly use Native ads that many of you will have probably seen on news sites. But I know many others are using the likes of Facebook ads, Google Ads etc.... For smaller Advertisers like me, We need to track everything, for example, which Ad did the visitor come from, what website was the Ad shown on and other crap. So then we can block out all the crap that doesn't make any sales. One thing a lot these Ad companies want is brand money, which is brands like BMW, Coca-Cola or Nike who have huge monthly budgets to spend on Advertising. The gaming industry is growing, and the gaming companies are always looking to gain more revenue from there games, that's why micro-transactions are so popular now within games. But having a game which people can play for years where you can update Ads within the game is pretty impressive, and big brands will love it if it works. Another thing is games sometimes on the Xbox which I play can get huge updates, fixing bugs adding features. So I wonder in time could this code be added to games already currently being played via an update. (LSE:BIDS) announced it will be providing native in game advertising in codemasters new game ‘GRID’. So I have pre-ordered GRID to check out the Ads and will update this thread. While I don't expect many companies using it currently, but in time it should have a lot of inventory to buy if games start adding this to their games. Its a interesting idea and i have taken a small bet on it More info someone posted in the other thread
  11. Saw this on Twitter with some info about Rio2
  12. Similar to you sick and tired of listening or hearing about Brexit and just focusing on making money now As for a home i have discussed this with my partner i would like to move or buy somewhere and probably live there for most if not the rest of my life, But not a smaller home where everyone is on top of each other Still wonder about moving abroad sometimes not that i think its any better just different options
  13. Only had a little bet with this one a year or so ago as a gamble on if they would ever get the permits currently its up 109% since i purchased them as its a small amount i will just hold and see (Reuters) - Canadian miner Eldorado Gold Corp on Tuesday said it has received installation permits for its stalled Skouries mine project, and Olympias mines from the Greece’s Ministry of Energy and Environment. The permit will allow for the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment in the Skouries mine, which has struggled with permit delays for years.