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  2. Remember reading this about inflation Then went on to talk about Shrinkflation too and how products are shrinking but prices the same or going up.And how the average Joe is getting poorer but doesn't understand why
  3. Actually decided watch as i own XRP
  4. Socialise now everyone just likes and comments on Facebook
  5. Mmmm heard a rumour few days ago should of took a gamble oh well lets see in the morning
  6. Already have enough XRP just wondered about after hours trading
  7. Honest question as i don't know but i own cryptocurrency XRP and Ripple have just announced a partnership with Moneygram and to utilise the XRP crypto Now regardless on your view of Crypto Do you think there's a quick profit in buying some MoneyGram Shares
  8. Just dropped under 90 Centrica Plc LONDON: CNA.L (GBp) 89.98p1.54 (-1.68%)
  9. #ChuckaPromise Thats the problem with social media someone will always drag up your history