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  1. My thoughts exactly if money keeps chasing Crypto hopefully i can grab some more physical and miners cheaper, I only hold one miner currently as sold the rest whilst my physical i doubt i will sell for many years
  2. Small and medium sized businesses are being especially hard hit by the continual lockdowns, so Vodafone UK is smart to push the boat out for them. The press release talks of giving small businesses free broadband for 2021. While this is technically true, it only comes if they commit to a three year broadband contract, the first year of which they don’t get charged for. That’s still a decent deal and will presumably come in handy for those many businesses struggling to pay their bills in this unique time.
  3. And to think i bought 10 Bitcoins at $100 each years back Then sold them at $130 because it was pissing me off for some reason, still makes me laugh when people say but you would had XYZ i very much doubt i would be still holding today as i didn't understand it But just think of all the people who had bitcoins back then but lost access to there computers an wallets And then apparently there was this guy wonder how he is feeling today every time he has a pizza currently them 10,000 would be £278,000,000 but again doubt anyone would held till now
  4. Whilst i do enjoy a few beers or ales indoors to relax stressful day with work etc.. or watching a movie i don't drink alot maybe 1-2X a fortnight which will be 3-4 bottles each time I enjoy a good drink when out with friends which is also becoming more like 1-3X a year But i do like doing 30 day challenges one of them is randomly not touching alcohol for 30 days, the first few days i seem to crave a beer which is always a little weird Last had a drink a few days 2nd January ago might actually see if i can go longer maybe April 1st I don't see a problem enjoying a few beer
  5. Still wondering if i want to stay in the UK to be honest A family member has been looking to buy recently with a budget of £350,000 in south east London usual story needs to be close to working London Been to view a few house with them, and just come away thinking what a shit hole and crazy how small some of them are Saw this on twitter last night whilst not within my budget but still makes you wonder So i thought no way and with google images its pretty much correct https://www.regosothebysrealty.com/enb/sales/detail/10-l-581-hjgvkr/pigeon-island-causeway
  6. interesting video and images For Solar For Wind As @DurhamBorn has said its windy in the UK
  7. @Loki also within HL you should have a message now as below What is happening? Repsol SA recently announced details of a Stock Dividend to Shareholders as at close of business on 16 December 2020 with a cash option, giving you the right to receive additional Shares or a cash payment. As a holder of Repsol SA Shares in your Hargreaves Lansdown Stocks & Shares ISA you have been issued with one Right for each Share held at the qualifying time and now have Rights. What are my choices? You now have 2 options to consider relating to the Rights and these are explained below in
  8. In a few weeks it will disappear and the amount of Repsol shares you own will increase, so take note of how many you have currently
  9. Sit back a watch Ripple fight with the SEC, I hold XRP and am happy to sit and watch As for Bitcoin i hold none but good luck to those that do
  10. The only coal-focused exchange-traded fund is closing at 12 years old, another sign of investors’ desire to withdraw from the industry. The VanEck Vectors Coal ETF, which went public in January 2008 under the ticker KOL, stopped trading this month and will return investors’ money on Dec. 22. It had about $35 million in assets. At its height in 2011, the ETF had $908 million, said Ed Lopez, head of ETF Product at VanEck Associates. The move comes as other investment companies withdraw from funding coal businesses. In January, BlackRock said the firm’s actively managed funds would no
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