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  1. That's the thing uber as much as I want to hate it is actually great cars a few minutes away see where they are on the app the price no exchange of money, but whilst I'm a sociable person and can happily talk shit with someone for hours i think driverless cars would be amazing No small talk and peaceful just get it takes me to where I want to go whilst again I want to hate it I actually think I would use it more
  2. Read a thing about Audi testing car share scheme video seems to show the rough idea driverless cabs will be huge if it works if you only need a car a few times a week
  3. DoINeedOne

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    The future looks bright
  4. Waitrose is to change the name of its Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll because feminist campaigners said it was sexist.
  5. went down abit more Stagecoach Group Plc LONDON: SGC.L (GBp) 144.70p11.50 (7.36%)
  6. DoINeedOne

    Car insurance

    Rather than starting a new thread I just add it here Just got a renewal quote for a 10-year-old pickup truck that never really gets used much as I work from home my insurance was £350 ish But moved in with a partner to save money saving around £1000 a month but being a shit area within south London the renewal is £1058 even checking a few comparison websites best so far is £970 that's with 9 years no claims, So postcode plays a huge role when i switch to my mums address 10 minutes down the road but not on a council estate it drops to £420 Problem is it needs a new clutch too that's going be around £500, The joy of owning a car
  7. DoINeedOne


    Just starting reading this book first chapter has me hooked
  8. DoINeedOne

    Crowdfunding Seedrs

    I have a Monzo card great little app to it as well, didn't Revolut also start allowing you to buy crypto via them Its interesting a few of the companies on here seem like they don't have much to offer but some do, either way maybe it be something i will look into in the future
  9. DoINeedOne

    Crowdfunding Seedrs

    Been browsing around this site for a few days and wondered if anyone has invested in this kinda thing before or considering it I thought this one was quite interesting apparently been laying some roads near Durham wonder if @DurhamBorn has seen these In 2013, E-Car Club raised £100,000 from 63 investors on Crowdcube, with a valuation of £500,000. Investors put in an average of £1,500, with the largest investment £15,000, and were reported to receive a return on their investment of three to four times. A significantly larger success story was Camden Town Brewery, which raised £2.75 million in April 2015 thanks to 2,173 Crowdcube investors and was acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev in December the same year for a rumoured £85 million. However, the promising stats and tales of successful deals shouldn’t cloud the fact that, as ever, investment in early-stage companies carries a significant degree of risk. Failures include soap company Bubble & Balm, one of the first companies to raise money via crowdfunding in the UK, which raised a total of £75,000 on Crowdcube in exchange for 15 per cent equity but went bust in 2013 as the first high-profile crowdfunding casualty. More recently, claims management business Rebus folded in 2016 after raising over £800,000, again on Crowdcube. The company was accused of ‘misleading investors’ with its pitch, as investors were reportedly not told that the company had previously hired restructuring experts due to struggles with cash flow.
  10. DoINeedOne

    Premium bonds

    last time i worked out my returns its was just under 1.9%
  11. Royal Mail Plc LONDON: RMG.L (GBp) 323.57p14.83 (4.38%) Royal mail how low can it go, actually never thought about royal mail until mentioned in this thread but watching how much its dropped its amazing to watch
  12. About phone companies, I pay for sim only £13 but I have a friend who is with Vodafone and has a monthly sim with upgrade crap always getting a new phone for him and his partner kids iPads have sims too spending £200-£230 roughly a month with Vodafone I nearly choked on my beer, also he said it as if it was normal Not the reason I'm buying Vodafone by the way just a weird conversation i had
  13. Vodafone has reached another buy point for me down 3.5% today
  14. DoINeedOne

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    People that overthink everything and don't make a decision actually fuck that, just people, in general,
  15. Managed to get a small amount of RM shares at 340p will buy more if it drops certain percentages