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  1. Mentioned this before here, had a friend who bought a nice townhouse but used to comment on how he goes to work everyday gets home about 6-7pm has dinner puts the kids to bed then does the washing up only to overlook neighbours who are on benefits have same home as him, better car, ordering takeaways most nights "why do i bother" is exactly what he thinks and i think most people are starting to feel this way When i lived on a new build estate like you didn't take long to notice Personally i would never buy on a new build and because most are also BTL so your neighbours are changing every other year, unlike when i was a kid knew everyone on the street because they live there for so long
  2. Collecting stuff is a pain in the ass but so is missing deliveries or waiting in all day and I work from home but hate when I can’t even leave for some lunch or to take the dog for a walk Click and collect is generally free and you get to collect whilst popping out but then there’s parking which is a pain in the ass, but I do think these industrial type shopping areas are the future high street free parking, collect your item grab a coffee and leave But also these lockers too, Amazon has them at a lot locations and I think shell petrol stations and Royal Mail have been testing a few areas with lockers for parcels where people can pick them up on them way back from work etc... having these at train stations too may be a good shout get of the train collect you shit and go home One other thing whilst just a thought postage costs, Card Factory and personalised cards items which they seem to do, Maybe a option would be to collect form the store for free the likes of Moonpig etc... don’t have that option and postage only seems to get more expensive Again just random thoughts
  3. I bought some Card Factory at 1.16 should waited till the end of the day lol Reading comments from apparent investors in card factory in different areas online about the company seemed mostly negative from random accounts maybe shorting the stock, frustrated long time holders except here that why I like it here different views without slagging each other off A few themes nobody buys cards or sends cards no more Well all the older generation of my family do because they don’t know how to use the internet properly even still sending cash in birthday cards lol Youngsters don’t buy cards Not so much cards well personalised cards they seem to but the two teenage girls in my family seem to have a need to buy a helium balloon for every friends birthday same with most of them actually to a point where I think the school are banning them, boys don’t so much did we ever but along with those silly balloons are gift bags, wrapping paper for the overprice shit they bought there friends They don’t just sell cards It seems to be mostly women but my partner has been to and helped organise baby showers, hen nights, birthdays for all ages not expensive nights maybe at a friends, BBQ or local pub but they seem again to buy loads party crap from these type of stores Ballons, banners, cards, gift bags mostly crap that goes in the bin at the end of the night DYOR and above was not my research lol just some thoughts on what I see people saying on others websites but to me looking though accounts etc... I thought the selling was a huge over reaction compared to other retailers So I bought my first ladder only a small ladder but will probably buy more and we shall see in a year or so if them dividends hold up and the price recovers
  4. No thought as i have not even started ladders with oil yet but just sharing from a magazine
  5. Still holding Wesdome full amount, Silvercrest 1 ladder bought Sold the rest for profits Wesdome has been a great hold
  6. 2019 has been a good year for precious metals, with gains for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Gold has seen an increase in value of 13.59% per ounce since the start of the year, rising from $1,282.90 to the current price of $1,484.66 per ounce. from Bullion by post Nice return
  7. Interesting link I won't beat myself up about it Same with online advertising what i do for work your eduction or tuition fee like most things is testing and getting your hands dirty and losing money now and again Another interesting link with some different views
  8. Company seemed like everything was progressing, but the last few RNS released have confused a lot of people with the wording used in some and now seems everyone is arguing what it means Love the idea of ads in games, but directors selling shares, then said they won't meet targets revenue wise, then there was a sell off then released another RNS saying a ad agency will be working with them spend of UP TO 10 million a year no mention of who and that UP TO has a few people wondering, then another RNS after hours on Friday about if i remember the wording used in previous RNS releases I sold at a loss, lesson learned for me i allowed myself to get to exciting about the idea of this company and a few issues i had i didn't respond too, will keep an eye on this company in the future when they have some revenue, i sold at 8p with around £2000 loss But learned a lesson on this one develop and stick to some rules Hope it continues to go up for any holders here, Monday should be interesting
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    Always felt like a odd one out really as i don't tend to follow the crowd, social media doesn't help in which im not on except twitter which i just follow people I'm interested in (not any on friends there) they to busy ranting about pointless shit on Facebook A similar topic was posted a while back Interesting thing is there is probably a few people here that want to do the same things or hobbies, even working together i know there's a few developers here, I work in online advertising and i'm sure there's lots of side projects hobbies that could come from people here
  10. Investors in a £2.5bn UK property fund have been blocked from withdrawing cash after “unusually high and sustained outflows.” M&G Investments (MNG.L) said on Wednesday afternoon it was halting withdrawals from its UK-focused Property Portfolio Fund with immediate affect. The company said that “unusually high and sustained outflows” combined with “continued Brexit-related political uncertainty and ongoing structural shifts in the UK retail sector” have made it “difficult” to sell buildings it is invested fast enough to meet redemptions.
  11. Was on the train in London last night and saw this in the paper
  12. National Grid has opened offshore holding companies in Hong Kong and Luxembourg, while SSE has incorporated in Switzerland. The two energy firms say they have moved ownership of their UK operations overseas to protect themselves from Labour's nationalisation plans.
  13. Was a feature in the Investors Chronicle about a energy revolution thought i would share as mentions a few companies spoke about here
  14. WHSmiths from the little i have read about it is focusing more on airport stores and has bought a couple of retailers who have a large presence in USA airports