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  1. Has he told the fishermen that they can’t travel into UK waters yet?
  2. @goldbug9999 Thanks for posting that. I've finally got round to watching it. I thought it was pretty convincing though I do have a slight disagreement with one of his points, where he argues that gold will lose value because more is being mined. I'd argue that the marginal cost would rise because it would be harder to find good quality deposits and that this would mean an increase in the price of gold. Taking this into account I would see that the value of gold would still rise against against other assets (with the exception of Bitcoin!). On a slight tangent, since the beginning of April
  3. I'm just about level on Royal Mail. It's a shame they are not paying a juicy dividend though. I took some profits from Harmony in May this year as I was too heavily invested in South Africa. They are up 45% in the 6 months since. However I did buy Coeur at the beginning of June with the profits and they are up 152% since then so swings and roundabouts! If only it always worked like that.
  4. I've just had a quick look at a selection of my stocks to see what's happened to them since 6th April 2020 (I have a spreadsheet based on the tax year). This is the increase or decrease on the share price quoted and not how much I've gained or lost. Currency effects have reduced the gain for the USD denominated stocks as GBP has strengthened relative to the USD. I did take some profits from Sibanye at the end of February but I'm pretty much letting all of my winners run and only plan on trimming them when I need to rebalance, probably in December. If we do get a parabolic melt up th
  5. I find the following site quite useful for dividend information for the main FTSE listed companies: https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/dividend-cuts.py?market=alldividends&sort=resumed&order=0 There are a surprising number of re-instated dividends in the list, though none in the shares I own.
  6. I would imagine he's talking about BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Cameco. The following link lists the traded companies I believe. It is very slow to open so give it a minute or two (copied and pasted to save some time) https://www.miningfeeds.com/uranium-mining-report-all-countries URANIUM MINING COMPANIES LISTED IN ALL COUNTRIES Category/Country Filter Gold Silver Copper Uranium Diamonds
  7. Wolfstreet posted an interesting article on bankruptcies in US oil and gas this week: https://wolfstreet.com/2020/10/14/great-american-oil-gas-massacre-bankruptcies-hit-new-milestone-now-bigger-companies-let-go/ The amount of secured and unsecured debts, such as loans and bonds, listed in bankruptcy filings in the third quarter by US oil and gas companies, at $34 billion, pushed the total oil-and-gas bankruptcy debt for 2020 to $89 billion, according to data compiled by law firm Haynes and Boone. And this nine-month total already surpassed the full-year total of oil-bust year
  8. So an obese person would be better off putting on weight and getting into morbidly obese than losing weight and dropping to overweight? Who did the study, Homer Simpson?
  9. Good post @Cattle Prod. Thinking about this, what about Africa? The Chinese have been moving in there over the past few years. I don't know much about the oil situation there apart from the fact that Nigeria has some. East coast oil would be more useful for the Chinese though. Is there much available closer to home for them in Indonesia? I'm not sure what you mean by "oil in dollars would be $104 an ounce". Are you talking about fluid ounces and how many of those to a barrel?
  10. Remind me, how well did Kamala Harris do in the presidential nomination race? I've had a look at wiki p but that seems to skip over it and says she only withdrew because of lack of funding, due to evil Trump! Didn't she poll under 5% during the campaign? Edit: Actually it looks like she never even got as far as getting to the primaries having finished 2nd last amongst the major contenders to drop out, with 849 votes in total (out of about 36m cast in total).
  11. Perhaps they should just change the mascot to a clan chief and keep the name. Are there equivalents to Scottish clans in Cornwall? Or they could use a fire chief:
  12. That might provoke more Italian migrants like we had in the mid 1st century. What did they ever do for us?
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