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  1. Perhaps they should just change the mascot to a clan chief and keep the name. Are there equivalents to Scottish clans in Cornwall? Or they could use a fire chief:
  2. That might provoke more Italian migrants like we had in the mid 1st century. What did they ever do for us?
  3. The rules are very clear: You can't go to the restaurant with your friends If you arrive there and a friend is already there then you have to go home You can go and have a meal with a stranger If you get too friendly with them during the meal you either have to leave or have an argument
  4. I think we should stop speaking english, at least in public. Changing our official language to welsh would have so many benefits: It would save on having the bilingual signs in Wales It would annoy the welsh nationalists to have all the english speaking their language It would annoy the SNP It would reduce the desire for others to come here Of course we could still have people in other regions of the UK use their own language - cornish in the SW for example. It would be good to have gaelic in Scotland so Sturgeon would have to learn it and we wouldn't understand what she said.
  5. Tell her it’s your anniversary too so what is she doing about it?
  6. That's because the teachers are spending all their time in the pub - I watched "Teachers" so am an expert.
  7. For info: INFA did a reverse 100 to 1 split last night so if you are like me and have a spreadsheet of stocks linked to the latest price, don't think your holding has gone up 100x!
  8. I think like all things it is the interaction between supply and demand. You're correct in that a substantial demand for silver is industrial but on the other side of the scales is the fact that most silver production is as a byproduct from other industrial metals such as zinc and copper. So as those mines stop producing the supply of silver can fall faster than the demand for it. Couple this with the currently small market for investment silver and it doesn't need much of the bond or main equity market money to head into silver for the price to shoot up. If the move towards green energy picks up then this would boost the industrial demand substantially just as the supply was falling leading to the hoped for (by me at least) leap in the silver price.
  9. I keep my own spreadsheets as well. I do think it was worthwhile you pointing it out though.
  10. They are just following the HMRC rules for calculating gains on partial disposal of assets. Obviously not an issue in an ISA or SIPP as they are exempt for capital gains purposes. For interest(!): https://www.gov.uk/tax-sell-shares/same-company So when you sell the 2000 shares they are assumed to have the average cost (260p each giving £5200) and the profit on them is thus £800. The remaining 3000 shares still have a cost of £7800, a value of £9000 and a potential profit of £1200.
  11. Could you spend the 14 days quarantine period in Spain before you come back?
  12. That's about 8 weeks of shop visits for me; I only plan on going to the supermarket once a fortnight and no other shops in between. A single use mask should last me a couple of months, if I turn it inside out. I'll still be going on my daily walks, social visits etc. but maskless.
  13. I'm going with this style of "face covering".
  14. Surely holy water would be safe by definition, unless you are a vampire.
  15. So what she's saying is: Women like looking after children and would prefer to do that if they had the choice. Women are servile and prefer to work at jobs where they can please people. Men do the important work that needs funding if the economy is to recover.