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  1. After a quick skim through the article I'd have to say ... Yes!
  2. Wheeler

    If only.

    That’s because their pants have been on fire so much over the last four years.
  3. Stop paying MPs wages and expenses from 29th March until we leave the EU. Let them waste their own time and money and not ours.
  4. The crossing was closed a couple of years back following this accident. https://goo.gl/maps/tahkpAQMk3R2 Edit: I see @man o' the year has beaten me too it.
  5. It’s clearly bollocks because it doesn’t allow for all of the genders. In fact I’m going to use this in my defence if ever I’m on trial based on DNA evidence: ”But mi’lud that DNA is from a man and I am quite clearly a trans woman, regard my earrings. I want it thrown out as it is denying my choice; please award me some damages”.
  6. Can we organise a whip round for the air fare to Gambia for Treason May? One way would be sufficient. Then we could merge in the Grannies thread and who knows, she might be a bit more mellow afterwards and actually do something nice for the British people in return.
  7. Is it true that if you ask a Canadian woman to marry you, she will be too polite to say no?
  8. Or you could listen to something by John Cage or Karlheinz Stockhausen.
  9. Wheeler


    A few years back I was on a sports summer school in Holland. At the end of the morning training session I went to the normal changing rooms but they were packed so I found another set further down the corridor that were empty. The shower room was just an open room the same size as the changing room, with a dozen or so wall mounted jets and no cubicles or curtains. I was busy soaping up when the door opened and 2 women walked in chatting away in Dutch. The first thought that went through my mind was I'd gone into the women's changing room and showers but they didn't say anything so I carried on showering. Later as I left the changing rooms, I did check the sign on the door and it was a men's changing room!
  10. Is that Dennis Taylor in some sort of orange order outfit?
  11. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m hoping this is her fucking off rather than making us laugh.
  12. Nice one Stokie. Is it possible to straighten it out or would that devalue it?
  13. In the Sunday Post quiz today: What was Tony Blair’s Walt Disney character nickname? I said Pinochio obviously, but it turns out the correct answer was Bambi for some reason.
  14. And some will find that their parents were talked into equity release and there is little to inherit.