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  1. Damn! I was hoping to avoid being called up for the next world war by being obese and lazy. It looks like I need a new plan.
  2. Wheeler

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Or as it is now known “woman sized” to merge in the normalisation of female obesity thread.
  3. Wheeler

    Universal Tax Credits

    Can’t you claim for them even if they don’t live with you ? I thought one of the problems with child tax credits was that an immigrant parent could claim for children (possibly hypothetical ones!) that still lived in their original country. You might not be able to if your ex is claiming though.
  4. Main advantage is for VAT free silver but the price for gold is also competitive. For example looking at a single 2018 QE2 sovereign: coininvest £228 + postage ATS Bullion £236 + postage (or collect for free if you are in London) Royal Mint £238 postage free The free postage would be quite valuable if you are ordering sovereigns by the kg !
  5. Mine arrived yesterday too so that’s my Christmas presents sorted.
  6. Wheeler

    No net loss

    I think it means for every acre of Oldham green belt that they “sell” to their mates, they buy an acre of Siberian tundra to offset it.
  7. Wheeler

    The Big Short Thread

    I just sold my JDSU this year, or at least the two companies that it split into. My biggest percentage loss on any shares I've owned!
  8. Wheeler

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    I live in West YORKSHIRE but was born in the West Riding of YORKSHIRE! (Same town though - but not lived here all my life).
  9. The Cybil Shepherd lens. Edit: assuming you meant smear the lens with Vaseline and not put it on the actress’s face.
  10. Wheeler

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    In that case they should carry on with the confirmation process as that’s political and she can make a proper complaint with the appropriate authorities , presumably the police force covering the place of the alleged assault .
  11. Wheeler

    Brown has aged

    That’s some achievement considering the recent contenders, though I suppose none of the others did both.
  12. Wheeler

    Trump's progress

    I think the whole legal and political system in the US is complicated. You have state level attorney generals and federal level ones, US attorneys that can prosecute only in a single state plus others who can act in any, Special Counsels with mixtures of investigative powers and prosecuting powers, grand juries that don’t seem to give verdicts but are part of a pre-trial investigation process, etc. Might have to rewatch Perry Mason.
  13. Wheeler

    Trump's progress

    I think he’s a black hat. Too much previous involvement with the HRC/Obama administration. He might have had a change of heart and be working for the good guys but I don’t think so. I think he’s been given just enough rope during the Mueller investigation.
  14. Wheeler

    Trump's progress

    I’m pretty sure the photo of Sessions behind Obama is a photoshopped meme. He was appointed AG by President Trump wasn’t he so wouldn’t have been there with Obama?
  15. Jesus will be turning in his grave.