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  1. No idea, I was just going on the gov.uk information which said built and registered in March 1955. It did look in immaculate condition though.
  2. Spotted today: A 1955 Morris Traveller waiting at the lights.
  3. At least it gives an indication of the sort of sentence Bercow, Grieves, Benn et al might receive if/when they are convicted of sedition. Spain is now on my boycott list; I just need to find a justification for still going to Majorca.
  4. We have a perfectly usable singular gender neutral pronoun in English that we could use - it.
  5. As it is a wet afternoon with no prospect of going for a ride, I've done a bit of digging on the parliament website to find out what is happening, followed by some speculation as to what it means. The "surrender bill" passed through the Lords on Friday without any amendments so there is no need for it to come back to the Commons and it is waiting for Royal Assent. By convention, at prorogation Black Rod interrupts the House and calls the MPs to go to the Lords. At that point the Lords Commissioners (HMQ's representatives) will give Royal Assent to any bill that has passed all stages in the HoP but not yet had RA. This means that the bill will get Royal Assent today and take effect from midnight. However, the responsibility for implementation of an Act rests with the appropriate government department (presumable the Department for the Exit from the EU) and not with parliament. The relevant government minister could just not tell the PM to ask for an extension. Any court case would have to be against the department and not the PM. The responsibility for holding the PM to account would rest with the department. All parliament could do would be a VoNC - once they are back, and after the Queen's speech.
  6. No that’s the butterflies. They are using the bees to store honey on the far side of the moon, bees being the only insects that can fly in outer space.
  7. There’s still a few days before parliament reopens for the building to accidentally catch fire, like so many schools do at the end of the summer holidays. It could take them a few months to find an alternative venue.
  8. I can’t give you a definitive answer but the local council ticketed cars without tax in the local car park. I think the legal ruling was the car needs to be taxed if it is in a place that the general public has access to. If the parking bay is usable by the public, even if they have to pay to use it, then the car would have to be taxed. I think this would apply to residents parking too.
  9. President Putin should give him Russian citizenship - then the Home Sec can strip him of UK citizenship and deport him to Russia. Do the same for Bercow et al.
  10. I suspect you are right on this but I'll probably just hold through the pullback and add a little bit more during it. I'm awful at timing so I'd probably sell ready for it to pullback, have it go up 50%, change my mind and buy it back for it to only then drop. The fewer trades I make the better it seems.
  11. Thanks for that DB. I didn't get into Alexco until March this year - only up 50% in all! My best gold miner so far has been Harmony with 100% gain since the beginning of April this year. I'm one of those betting heavily on the miners and the PMs. I've split things into two portfolios (thanks to @Harley for the idea) with a base one that just has to let me withdraw £9k a year for the next 11 years - don't care if it runs out after that as the pensions should kick in (unless the world has ended). This is mainly in index linked saving certificates and a broad UK index tracker. The riskier one currently has the following breakdown: IBTL (8%) - looking at selling these when the 30 year yield drops below 1%, maybe 0.5% depending how greedy I get. Cash (8%) - ready to pick up some bargains. Reflation stocks (17%) - still think these might drop in value but have ladders in. Physical PMs (18%) Gold miners (24%) Silver miners (25%) My aim for this portfolio is to be between 0.5x and 4x its current value in 5-8 years - I'm happy to take a loss if things don't pan out. I don't recommend it for anyone else though obviously.
  12. I'd like to revive this thread with the reason why I like contactless cards. I used my contactless debit card in Sainsbury's today at the self service checkout. Later on this afternoon I had a notification from the bank on my smartphone that the merchant had reverted the payment (given me the money back). So I look on the banking app and the payment I made there on Saturday is waiting to be claimed by the merchant and I'll get it back at the end of the week if they don't. I also looked at the one for the week before and that is marked as payment declined - so I've already got that back. All in all the past 4 shops there I've only paid for one (if the waiting one is reverted too). I've got the printed receipts from the tills all showing the authorisation code on so it's not as if I didn't pay at the time. It only seems to be Sainsbury's so I guess they have problems with their self checkout/card purchase/contactless systems. The question is do I try and contact them to let them know or just keep shopping until they fix it?
  13. I did it because it was my best subject at school. There was no real career guidance, and I didn't even think any further ahead than the university course. At the end of three years I'd really lost interest and then drifted through temporary jobs in motor insurance and forestry before starting as a computer programmer. If I remember correctly only a couple of people got firsts and went down the PhD and research route (this was in the early '80s). My brother for some reason went down the same route but only did one year of Chemistry at UMIST before dropping out.
  14. I did Chemistry too but have never made any use of it (not even for home drug production). Instead I ended up working in commercial computing.