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  1. Wheeler


    Just a bit of advice: don’t propose to the one in the wooden box; they rarely say yes.
  2. Mine does have 24 nipples but I’m not sure if it is male or female.
  3. Would you rohloff afterwards?
  4. What a tease! I want to see what groupset she is using.
  5. I’m on Amstel too. Just about to start the second.
  6. I’m supposed to be out TT training after tea but I’ve opened a nice cold can of lager so I might give it a miss this week.
  7. Went out for a ride earlier. A pleasant 24C on the canal towpath under the trees. A rather unpleasant 31C on the long steep climbs. Fortunately the house is nice and cool (17C downstairs). Might have to put a fleece on.
  8. I regularly cycle after midnight but it is difficult to build up the tan that way.
  9. #BlameBoris I’m trying to decide whether to go out for a cycle ride this afternoon or wait until evening.
  10. They need to fit airlock style doors so they can offload violently disruptive passengers without needing to land. Is it possible to flush someone out via the toilet?
  11. Treason May - why is she still Prime Minister ? - was useless in all the jobs she has had. I wouldn’t have her in my administration even as the office cleaner. Her best achievement? Dancing! You’re fired! — The Donald * * Possibly
  12. Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!
  13. I'm a bit of a traditionalist so I hoard gold, silver, jewels, crowns and skulls of fallen heroes. I do worry about dwarves breaking in to my lair though.
  14. Where’s he going to find £500 though?