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  1. I think it’s worth thinking about credit as an organism. In a similar way to how the body deals with blood loss by cutting the supply to the extremities to protect the core, credit deflation starts in the less important parts of the economy (as the central bank/government sees it). So I think we will see it in business lending and consumer credit first. The BoE will do what it can to avoid it in housing because that’s what governments don’t want (HPC that is). I think it will still hit housing but you just know they will pull out all the stops to minimise it.
  2. I’d start with a ban on advertising. Follow the same model used for tobacco and alcohol. It won’t solve the problem of gambling addiction but at least it would reduce the amount of irritating former footballers/sports people in adverts! Ban crisp advertising too; there’s an obesity crisis don’t you know.
  3. A bank holiday only for brexiteers. Remainers have to work (which might be a new concept to some of them).
  4. He could just renounce his knighthood and become plain Mr.
  5. Over 75 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Under 75 - Julian Assange
  6. My smartphone runs on electricity. Does your phone run on coal still?
  7. Third option: A homeless person won’t know what a £50 note looks like. I’ll burn a fiver and save myself £45.
  8. They should pick the one who lives closest to the HoC to minimise the environmental impact of flying between London and their constituency every week.
  9. Presumably promising free sausage rolls if they vote for you is fine as long as you don’t intend to honour the promise.
  10. Not in the forthcoming GE as they aren’t standing in my area but I have at the past two locals. Their candidate got 4x the number of votes that the LibDem one did! I don’t know what their policies are but they are YORKSHIRE.
  11. Wheeler

    Young people

    I want to vote for my past. That way I’ll know what I’m getting.
  12. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  13. Thanks. I would never have guessed. I get confused when a lead actress in a TV series changes her hairstyle between episodes as I no longer recognise her and start to question why they've replaced her with someone else.
  14. Sorry even with that photo I couldn't name the actor, character or film.