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  1. Yep. I noticed he posted (as usual) after the jump today. Down we go tomorrow.
  2. My Bitcoin is saving my ass right now!! Time to sell a little and rotate into more PM's?
  3. I swear. Every time that David fucking Hunter tweets about PM's/Miners they go down. A little pump and up he pops to say 'this is it' here we go. Moron.
  4. Sounds like you shot your load too early DB! Classic newbie investment mistake, especially as the cycle turns. Can you get any overtime in your new job? If you need any advice....
  5. Hmmm. So I know quite a few have in the recent past have decided to rotate from PM's into oillies (frying pan into the fire?). But for those Bitcoin folks out there (without derailing from the thread). Is it time to now rotate OUT of Bitcoin after the recent rise TO oil stocks?
  6. I wonder why Daily Mail are not accepting comments on that article?
  7. Not sure what to make of this. Just checked on a couple of bullion dealers in the UK. Seems a silver eagle is currently £32 ish ($41 ish). Do they something we all know already? Links within the article seem legit. https://www.silverdoctors.com/headlines/world-news/breaking-the-us-mint-is-hiking-silver-prices-will-charge-67-for-each-1-ounce-uncirculated-american-silver-eagle-coin-in-just-five-days/
  8. Anyone buying this dip in PM's/miners/physical? Brutal last few days
  9. Anyone hold Intrepid Potash on HL? I know there was a reverse stock split (whatever that means) but it seems my holding has gone to nothing on HL. Anyone?
  10. I bought my Gold and Silver coins via Coininvest, Bullion by post and Atkinsons in 2017. Had a quick look at the Atkinsons website and notice on their front page a buy back scheme (I'm sure they all do this). All I can say is wow. Silver, not so much, but gold? Shit the bed. Not bad at all! Thanks DB. Anyone sold back to the company they bought from yet?
  11. Yep I have a fair whack in BV. I'm still WAY down on reflation shares. Question is, do I sell those/cut my massive losses (CNA, TUI, SCG, GOG, NRR, and lots of others) and just buy even more PM's?
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