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  1. Ah bollocks, the word is out. Can't believe my Harmony (HMY) and Sibanye (SBGL) are up 29% and 30%! Down in a couple of others Yamana 15% and Eldorado 17% but slowly catching up. https://www.dollarcollapse.com/gold-cool-again/ Who was it on here that tipped Wesdome in June time? Took a little punt and it's nearly doubled up to now. Wish I stuck some more in at the time. Hat tip to whoever it was.
  2. Thanks. I'll check with HL. I know you start your job on Monday. Hope you had it written into your contract your 'right' to take time off to post on Dosbods a few times a day?
  3. I need to know this as well. Anyone?
  4. Thanks for that DB. Picked up a couple of k worth of Royal Mail (RMG) this morning at 353.6. Looking good so far My silver chart on the Bullion Vault app looking good too. Have we turned a corner? Whats you algo saying?
  5. 50 seems the ideal age to retire, if you can. That's what was in my mind when in my 30's. I actually retired at 41, well I say retired like it was a choice, it wasn't. I got blown up in Iraq while working for a Private Military Company. The guy next to me died and my two clients in the back of our armoured Landcruiser were badly injured as was I. After receiving a settlement, I didn't expect that it would bring a whole new set of problems. Keeping hold of it and growing that sum has been a challenge. But I have done so, for now. No debt and plenty of time to do whatever I want is a great place to be at. Would I turn the clock back? No.
  6. 28% now. Let's hope when the miners kick off we see gains like this every day
  7. Can you let us know when your ALGO turns please
  8. The only reason Sibanye and Harmony are doing well is that the Rand is going down the pan right? Yet another emerging market currency weakening against the USD. My biggest holding in miners is Harmony (for some reason I can't remember) and recently bought into Sibanye again!?. Might be a good idea watching the Rand price more than anything else with these 2 miners? Any gold mines in Venezuela, Iran, Turkey??
  9. Barratt just posted record profits. http://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/204201/barratt-developments-delivers-record-profits-as-housing-completions-hit-decade-high-204201.html
  10. I do London and Toronto just to spread the risk.
  11. So when do we back the truck up and buy Silver again? Everything seems to be getting hammered recently, miners, Vod, BT, CNA and the rest of the defensives. Sitting in cash again with just a few k in miners/bullionvault.
  12. A property is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay lender is willing to lend?
  13. Welcome Cattle Prod. A great read and I look forward to your imput. . Everything seems to be getting smashed lately. PM's are dropping like a stone. I've been buying silver on BullionVault the last month or so. Just a kilo here and there. But this last few days have upped it to 3/4 kilos every couple of days. No idea if this is the 'right thing to do'. But hey, with all the news just seems to get worse, what the hell. I sold all my stocks (Vod, CNA, BT, Imperial etc) last week and now just have a small position in around 8 miners. It's all going down!! BUT I have cash ready. I'm new to this game, can you tell??
  14. I've just spoken to an Openreach Engineer (on my road) 10mins ago on the above topic. He was saying they are slowly getting rid of BT logo's / signage etc, apart from that he knows fuck all. Just thought I'd pass the 'inside' info on
  15. Funny enough, I sold mine yesterday along with GSK after both have done well over the last few months. Bought a few miners instead and a few kilos of silver on Bullion Vault. No real idea what the hell I'm doing, but I'm learning. Only dog for me so far is Vodafone having bought at 190. BT for me doing ok after getting a large position back when it was 204. Not really sure what to do with that as it's by far my biggest holding.