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  1. Not sure if someone posted the latest from True Contrarian from 28th May? Good stuff! https://truecontrarian-sjk.blogspot.com/
  2. I've just asked Gold if we can have more days like today, please. That's my technical analysis contribution.
  3. Go on then, who's laddering in on Helca Mining? Killing me so far We haven't even entered a crash yet and I'm being arse raped by all my shares. So far down over 20% overall. Now, either this is a good thing to buy more? But it's hard to buy and catch a falling knife...or be a genius?
  4. If we are about to see the USD turn down soon and PM's / miners start to trend up, as I buy in GBP I'm guessing with the fall of the USD then we here in the UK won't see much of a rise? Or is my guessing all wrong?
  5. Same as chocolate bars. All under the guise of tackling obesity?! Nowadays they are smaller but obesity is a bigger problem. Cunts.
  6. David Hunter‏ @DaveHcontrarian Apr 23 I continue to believe the USD rally should top out soon near 98. Then we will likely see a big dollar selloff in coming months that sends USD to 85-86. Gold & the miners are nearing the end of their corrections with big rallies ahead. Gold to $1550, GDX to $40 & GDXJ to $70 David Hunter‏ @DaveHcontrarian 7h7 hours ago Despite the many calls for a rollover, I expect equity markets to continue to rally. Semis,industrials,rails & FAANG should continue to lead & miners will soon join them. USD rally nearing its end & poised for big decline. T-bond & gold corrections ending & nice rallies ahead.
  7. Bet your wife thinks you're a twat now? Left you for Ed Sheeran
  8. Well that's a buy on CNA (Centrica) then. 120.15 Hasn't been that low for 20 years
  9. How to play this DB? Not Centrica surely? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/01/13/centrica-blows-wind-power-487m-disposal/
  10. Didn't DB say last week PM's and miners would probably go down into May? Looks like this is happening? Even worse in GBP.
  11. See this is your problem. You think we all murder women and children. Trust me, the only people I've 'murdered' and seen 'murdered' have been pointing a weapon and shooting in our direction. So call it what you like. You clearly have issues fella. And thanks for paying tax, it goes towards more military equipment. I'm done wasting my breath. You believe what you like, you have your opinion and a right to voice it.
  12. Ah! Now it starts to make sense. It really must be hard being an inadequate male growing up in a garrison town? Show me on the doll where the soldier punched you.
  13. As someone who spent 20 years in the Army (infantry), this one statement pisses me off. And Sancho, thank you for your contribution. My own life was saved by very brave medics in Iraq. One of them was also injured coming to get me out of a bad situation.
  14. Guys just to be clear. GDXJ and GDX on Hargreaves Lansdown (via their app) is available to buy without any restrictions as of late last year. No need to call them or go to their website anymore. I've been buying with no issues since they lifted whatever restrictions they had in place.
  15. Yes you can now buy GDXJ and GDX on HL. I have them both but not in an ISA. Can't see why you wouldn't be able. Give it a go.