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  1. I sold out my miners and GDXJ early last week fearing a correction. HOWEVER if you look back on David Hunters twitter feed he says there is a melt up on the way and sees GDX and GDXJ moving up along with the melt up. Not sure what to beleive as theres so much conflicting information out there. https://twitter.com/davehcontrarian?lang=en
  2. Ah! So is this why my PM's in BullionVault are going crazy! Platinum has been great as of end of June (thanks DB).
  3. Here's the list of reflation stocks (and weighting) DB posted up a while ago, although Imperial Brands and British American Tobacco are not reflation stocks just cheap at current prices. Bearing in mind some are up a fair bit already(Go Ahead), so who knows how far these ones will drop in a crash. They seem to have been hamered down a fair bit over the years (VOD, CNA etc). But as DB says just ladder in as they fall and you might stab the bottom somewhere. I have all these on the list, although as a newbie I've bought and sold some of them 3 times in the last 18months, not always has it gone right, BUT on occasion it has so overall I'm break even on those stocks, even as many have dropped a fair bit since. The saving grace has been miners which I seemed to have timed very well (all luck) so all in so far I'm up. Maybe in for a correction this week in PM's which might be just consolidation? Depends on the FED in a few days. Could also be a buying opportuntiy if we get a dip? Boris Johnson's speech on Saturday in Manchester about the Northern Powerhouse trainlines and local transport (bus) in Manchester is a good sign for Stagecoach/Go-Ahead so might pick up some more on Monday. 1 IMPERIAL BRANDS 10.6% 2 VODAFONE GROUP 9.9% 3 BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO 7.9% 4 CENTRICA 7.4% 5 CARD FACTORY 7.2% 6 NEWRIVER REIT 7.0% 7 ROYAL MAIL 6.7% 8 STANDARD LIFE ABERDEEN 6.6% 9 GO-AHEAD GROUP 6.5% 10 STAGECOACH GROUP 5.6% 11 BT GROUP 5.6% 12 PLAYTECH 5.1% 13 SSE 4.7% 14 TUI AG 4.3% 15 Cash 3.7% 16 WILLIAM HILL 1.3%
  4. Does this include yourself DB? I genuinely feel sorry for those people if they lose their jobs. BUT if they have over extended themselves in ANY way then its hard to feel TOO sorry. But also a big thanks from me to you and all the regular posters on here. I went in really heavy into the miners/physical/BullionVault, probably more than I should as my reflation stocks wern't reflating (yet). And I'm happy to report as of today I'm WAY up. Thank you.
  5. In the theme of this thread, as a very new user of Twitter what are the best people to follow? So far I have David Hunter, Raoul Pal, Trump. It recommends people when you add, but I don't want to clog my twitter up too much.
  6. Source? If it ain't on Zerohedge it's not happening
  7. Not sure if someone posted the latest from True Contrarian from 28th May? Good stuff! https://truecontrarian-sjk.blogspot.com/
  8. I've just asked Gold if we can have more days like today, please. That's my technical analysis contribution.
  9. Go on then, who's laddering in on Helca Mining? Killing me so far We haven't even entered a crash yet and I'm being arse raped by all my shares. So far down over 20% overall. Now, either this is a good thing to buy more? But it's hard to buy and catch a falling knife...or be a genius?
  10. If we are about to see the USD turn down soon and PM's / miners start to trend up, as I buy in GBP I'm guessing with the fall of the USD then we here in the UK won't see much of a rise? Or is my guessing all wrong?
  11. Same as chocolate bars. All under the guise of tackling obesity?! Nowadays they are smaller but obesity is a bigger problem. Cunts.
  12. David Hunter‏ @DaveHcontrarian Apr 23 I continue to believe the USD rally should top out soon near 98. Then we will likely see a big dollar selloff in coming months that sends USD to 85-86. Gold & the miners are nearing the end of their corrections with big rallies ahead. Gold to $1550, GDX to $40 & GDXJ to $70 David Hunter‏ @DaveHcontrarian 7h7 hours ago Despite the many calls for a rollover, I expect equity markets to continue to rally. Semis,industrials,rails & FAANG should continue to lead & miners will soon join them. USD rally nearing its end & poised for big decline. T-bond & gold corrections ending & nice rallies ahead.
  13. Bet your wife thinks you're a twat now? Left you for Ed Sheeran
  14. Well that's a buy on CNA (Centrica) then. 120.15 Hasn't been that low for 20 years