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  1. Thats just some mentally ill remoaniac having a rant via email.
  2. Here is a list in the DT ... cant be long now for some. 1. Debenhams 2. Arcadia 3. Mothercare 4. French Connection 5. Monsoon 6. New Look 7. Foot Asylum 8. Harvey’s 9. Tapi / Carpetright 10. Paperchase
  3. Yes its pretty shit in many parts, but still an improvement on living in London.
  4. At a guess the current owners bought the debt of the company with borrowed money ... then have been borrowing as much as they can to take out the company ever since.
  5. As Trump is showing is pretty much impossible to make genuine change so its an irrelevance. Just a pointless soap opera so the MSM can sell advertising space.
  6. People can knock the English all they want, but sometimes we are a funny as fuck race ... and that is 10 out of 10.
  7. Vince Cable Treason May The Tory Party.
  8. I think we can safely say the establishment is willing to cover up child rape among their own, the fact that they've covered up industrial scale rape of kids by barely literate Islamic taxi drivers and such like, shows they are more than capable of doing so.
  9. 70 years of left wingers cunts like him and his "educated friends" running the country has led to such a suggestion being seen as strict.
  10. And after the first few sips you end up getting a taste for the ones you dont like.
  11. What you're describing is wine drinkers, drinking other drinks. My mates are fucken peasants, thick as absolute pigs shit the lot of them ... they couldn't muster up a C in their GCSE's between them.... but give them a bottle of wine and everyone of them will describe it as a good red, and give it some other superlative as if they somehow know the fucken difference ... or their dopey birds will describe how they're going to stay in and have a nice bottle of red as opposed to the cheapest bottle they pick up in Mccolls on the way home from Mcdonalds which is the reality. I was in a backpackers in London about 13 years ago, and there was a cocksucker tapping into some girl .... they'd gone out and bought a bottle of Lambrini .... after a few sips the cocksucker said to the girl how its a good wine ... she agreed ... now quite clearly i'm no wine connoisseur but as a 14 year old boy having a sip of the girls Lambrini at the local park sussed out it tastes of rats piss, and isn't even wine. But his comment highlights that no matter what people will always try and come across as sophisticated about drinking what they perceive to be wine. I just shake my head and drink my bottle of Duvel which if you're wondering is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character.
  12. Exactly, you go and tell someone you have a good bottle of Kronenbourg, it was a 7th April 2018 Vintage and theyd call you a cunt, and quite rightly. But people who drink beer and whisky know better than to talk such utter shite.
  13. Has to be Treason May, no human alive has proven themselves to be an absolute useless cunts as often as this stupid cow. About her only trait that isnt fucken useless is to be able to cling to her job and make a complete cunt of herself and the entire country. She even makes the most drunken useless of cunts Juncker look good.
  14. Something we shall never know until they catch whoever done it ... another grand fuck up by the filth.
  15. I never knew that was the case, thought it was try one nation if it fails go to the next ... remember watching some news show and it was those who had failed in France trying to get here. Probably a mix of all in there, telling the libtards in the MSM what they want to hear.