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  1. Thats just some mentally ill remoaniac having a rant via email.
  2. I still read it now and then ... Cant you get planning permission do/fund the work yourself, then sell one and live in one ... i think the current building Oligopoly will be broken up in the near future and the floor will be opened to small builders ... as the profits are obscene and not what would happen in a capitalist nation .... plus if insane prices carry on a Corbyn govt is a certainty, which will see prices crash .... thus a possible business for the coming decade! Beats working for someone. Or on the other hand if you think there is to be a crash get planning permission and Sell to rent which is daft imho and certain folk on TOS lost a fortune on. Im still waiting for a small decline of say 20% ... which will still mean prices are higher than the 2014 prices as shown in that link which look like a bargain. (even though they're overpriced) The places i pay a passing interest to are ones such this in the North which id give them 220k for. (i know its shit but a good area) Or ones like this in the south, which id give them 220k being as it needs work. or this one id bite the bullet at 235k Will need a small mortgage that could be paid off easily.
  3. It started dying when TCON and several others labelled people who pointed out prices were rising as trolls and getting any form of debate stopped ... my topic about Help2Buy sending prices insane in a matter of weeks which got me labelled as an EA then a landlord leading to a ban highlights this. But it died as a source of info when it banned Durham Born, a polite soul for merely discussing the economy ... in the economy forum! Even the guy who wrote a pdf about Section 24 (forget his name) doesnt post, despite being a cock he was xtremely informative when he wanted to be. But welcome... most on here are boomers counting their HPI anyway, if i remember rightly reading your posts you bought a place to live after getting fucked off waiting ... you see a burst in 2019?
  4. Here is a list in the DT ... cant be long now for some. 1. Debenhams 2. Arcadia 3. Mothercare 4. French Connection 5. Monsoon 6. New Look 7. Foot Asylum 8. Harvey’s 9. Tapi / Carpetright 10. Paperchase
  5. Yes its pretty shit in many parts, but still an improvement on living in London.
  6. At a guess the current owners bought the debt of the company with borrowed money ... then have been borrowing as much as they can to take out the company ever since.
  7. As Trump is showing is pretty much impossible to make genuine change so its an irrelevance. Just a pointless soap opera so the MSM can sell advertising space.
  8. Seems to work ok in America they dont have a Prime Minister and President such as in France .... look at the shambles the govts made in the last 70 years under her monarchy and she's done fuck all about it. Scrap the Lords, and just have Parliament making the laws. Less people governing us the better. edit scrap local councils and just have it all centrally planned, itd make lower level corruption much harder.
  9. Look at it though even when its legit its a fucken joke. Some old bag who probably pisses herself sticking a sword on a mans shoulder then he's a Sir or Cunt or whatever title they're given. Really is a case of the Emperors new clothes. Past time to scrap the monarchy and these awards.
  10. John Redwood said thanks for his honour but im still voting against you .. clearly intended as a bribe though. Anyone using these Norman honours becomes a cunt in my world, thats what i thought of Bobby Robson when he accepted his. Read Tandi Newton got one for services to Film ... how can you be awarded an honour by the state for doing a job ... if someone saves a life or does something that risks their own existence or makes a sacrifice that is extreme i can understand it being recognised ... but people doing their job which (in her case) will be part time hours for vast sums of money shouldnt be getting awards. ABout the only deserving people are those men who saved the kids from the cave in Thailand... but there efforts get watered down when sharing the limelight with Twiggy who became a Dame due to having genes that make her attractive enough to be a model.
  11. School on a Sunday is child abuse in itself.
  12. Man dad uses it im not a fan ... They use beef dripping in my local chippy and i think theyve crap chips .. best chippy i go to uses rapeseed oil.
  13. Im all for doing my arteries in but with the good shit like kebabs, pizzas(home made thanks to Durham Born) and burgers .. you treat your body like a fucken brothel putting that shit in it. If you havent tried a 5 Guys Burger you want to asap ... like the crack cocaine of the burger world, youll be knocking fuck out of old ladies to pinch their pension to buy more as they cost a fortune ... dont think they use lard for the chips though.
  14. TO be fair Lard is fucken horrid and ruins the taste of food ...imho.
  15. Its how Tyson Fury lost all that weight. I have that spreadable Lurpak on my toast about an inch thick, seems i need to replace it with the real stuff as its half vegetable oil