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  1. Sure has, $4.9 billion / 30 million UK workers = $163 per head and thats just today!
  2. He didnt cost the taxpayer 1 penny. The Labour party who were cheered on by the Tory party did when they decided to bail out this failed business.
  3. Banned

    Ben Stokes - Not guilty

    Of fuck off the CCTV speaks for itself, he had too much too drink and managed to find like minded bellends up for a ruck.
  4. Tony Benn is a wealthy born to rule career politician needing something to do. Look at his son, the apple doesnt fall from the tree.
  5. Give Farage his due he was in it for the greater good and mos certainly not for the money. about the only one i can think of though.
  6. Prices in places like Manchester are going ballistic at present. Same for pretty much any part of the country you'd want to live. The bubble is everywhere though granted its worse in Southern England. As for would the govt do all it can to prop up the housing market, well the last 8 years of this Tory lot speaks volumes, so long as Hammond and May are in power itll not change these 2 traitorous Keynesian pieces of shite are as far from free marketeers as you can get. Corbyn with his Land Value Tax is more of a capitalist.
  7. Banned

    Trump's progress

    That was fantastic, we really could do with someone like that tearing into our career politicians. Fact the Clintons and the Blairs got on so well is of no surprise.
  8. Banned

    Ben Stokes - Not guilty

    Thing is when i was in my teens/20s going out drinking it was just beer, now they drink all this Sambuca, drinks on fire and all sorts of crap that you dont realise the effect until 1 hour later. Sad that British culture involves going out drinking until you drop, we do seem to be worse at it than anywhere else in the western world.
  9. Banned

    Ben Stokes - Not guilty

    From what ive seen of the CCTV, looked like he was being a mouthy a dick as he cant handle his drink, bumped into some weedy looking idiots who also couldnt handle their drink and they had a but of fisty cuffs. To me they just looked like the kind of bellends who think they're hard after a few drinks and get mouthy there are hundreds of thousands of this ilk all across the nation every weekend. Hence one of the reasons i've rarely gone out drinking in UK towns and cities for a couple of decades.
  10. Here the mortgage calculator at the bottom shows it to be £890 a month then obviously add monthly service charges, and thats if interest rates are kept at rock bottom rates.
  11. I think a change of leadership could see the govt removing some props but its just wishful thinking ... and with a change to a Labour govt fuck knows what'll happen, they could burst the bubble overnight or they could go all out to help people with deposits and stupid fucks who borrowed too much and expect the govt to bail them out directly to stop them being evicted. But in a way now the govt are on the hook for so much of the Help To Sell debt you could argue that theyll do all they can to keep the plates spinning. Agree that that 50k flat being advertised at 190k is madness. Especially when theyve put the kitchen in the lounge and havent bothered putting a bathtub in.
  12. Not the same as 2007, as back then no one knew the extent the worlds central banks would go to, to prop up the debt bubble ... and they thought the Tory govt would go to the extremes it has since 2010 to make sure price only ever go up. It really is just fucken nuts when all people want to do is buy a house with 25 years work.
  13. Banned

    Ben Stokes - Not guilty

    But he has a right to trial by jury if the sentence is potentially longer than 6 months. CPS should have just charged him with a lesser offence so this could be the case. You'd need to be an idiot to refuse this than go up in front of the kangaroo court that is the magistrates.
  14. Banned

    Ben Stokes - Not guilty

    SO a bunch of drunks have a fight with each other, all as bad as each other ... vast sums spent on a 2 week court case and investigation when no one was really hurt. And he's inevitably found not guilty, as was the man who he fought. What a waste of taxpayers money.
  15. Banned

    Westmister car of peace

    Theyve been having these COBRA meetings for a long time, and these things keep happening. Christ we're governed by impotent fucks.