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  1. Banned

    Ryanair Racist?

    Personally i think the cocksucker who recorded it should be jailed with no trial or grounds of appeal. 2 decades should be a fair sentence. Its an absolute breach of privacy
  2. Banned

    Ryanair Racist?

    This was on the ITV news at tea time. Amazing the outrage at a bit of name calling ...
  3. Banned

    Count down to pupil shags teacher thread

    Edmund Hilary
  4. Banned

    2000 Hondurans

    Time to start shooting these people on site. Only way to stop them . same in Europe.
  5. If theyre doing this to white girls where there is an element of risk ... They must be doing the same to their own kids but are able to put a lid in it. Ffs marrying a first cousin is the norm for this lot.
  6. This is just one gang of friends from Huddersfield, tip of the iceberg even for that small town.
  7. Been on the news that its Asian men... Wonder if they were Japanese.
  8. Banned


    Doesnt even cost millions more like tens of thousands to price out a 2nd generation. His was originally 120Mln, but i believe it was about 1bln the shareholders of this company received from the taxpayer this year.
  9. Banned


    Good luck to him, not his fault the LIBCON govt have decided to send house prices to utterly insane levels with taxpayers money ... notice the Labour party are saying fuck all on this as theyre in on the rigging. Hes an idiot going on TV, should be on a beach somewhere enjoying his taxpayer funded lottery win and kept under the radar ... as Fred the Shred has.
  10. Banned

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    If i has several grand for a holiday and was looking for somewhere fun, interesting and friendly to go to for my holidays France wouldn't even come into the equation. Only purpose i can see for France is they have good roads to get you to Spain on if you've a fear of flying
  11. Perfect reason for a lvt. So much debt/money in mud grass and fields.
  12. Banned

    Question Time

    Who or what is MBS too many abbreviations for me to keep up with.
  13. Banned

    Count down to pupil shags teacher thread We have a winner. Imagine being the lucky kid to bang this. 10 out of 10.
  14. Banned

    Question Time

    Then straight back to Newsnight to see the debate on chopping your knob off and claiming to be a bird? How i wish we lost the WW2 i cant but help feel life would be more normal.
  15. Banned

    1990s music