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  1. Maybe there’s something else missing in a person’s life, which at this stage is making them no longer care about things they previously enjoyed...
  2. They’re using Casualty to promote the SJW libtard agenda these days, so it’s still relevant in that respect.
  3. Token bad guy for the audience to boo and hiss at. Subliminal groupthink programming for the viewers at home.
  4. I’m quite happy with women wanting to be naked.
  5. Stuffed

    Stop It Please

    The first reply to a new thread often quotes the entirety of the original post. Why????!! Just type your response, it's obvious what you’re replying to!
  6. I love true survival stories. Funny how so many of them are about mountain climbing. I’m sensing a recurring theme...
  7. Stuffed

    Pet peeves

    Along the ground... with spikes.
  8. And those are probably the same people that can’t tell the time either... sheesh... and to think the movie Idiocracy is set 500 years in the future!
  9. Is that Diane Abbott’s maths calculation?
  10. Sign up for strawberry picking jobs.
  11. And yet no doubt they will also all be united in how offended they will need to feel at everything he says.
  12. Take her for a trip around cardboard city and the food banks. Pause for thought... Might end up cheaper for you in the long run.