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  1. OurDayWillCome

    Man smashes up new hotel with digger because 'he hadn't been paid'

    Don’t blame him. I stepped in at the last minute to get a big company out of the shit - worked my weekend for no extra money. Took me 90 days and lots of legwork to get paid. Account departments seem to get off on holding back payment for as long as possible - it’s like a power game for them.
  2. OurDayWillCome

    Islamification of Europe

    Chip, chip, chip... waste time, cost taxpayers money... https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/walsall/streetly/2019/01/22/muslim-man-loses-high-court-battle-over-burial-rules/
  3. OurDayWillCome

    Hoax hate

    @JFK I hope they go after this complete bellend: https://www.rt.com/usa/449368-disney-producer-threatens-maga-kids/ This is the good side of Twatter:
  4. OurDayWillCome

    Hoax hate

    Yes, that poor Native American, who went off to a foreign land to go and kill the yellow man.
  5. OurDayWillCome

    Freelander of Peace

    I got rear-ended by a guy in a sporty Merc. He had to climb out the window. God that sounds dodgy! :-)
  6. OurDayWillCome

    Freelander of Peace

    Doesn’t take much to jam the front doors. A low speed impact can do it.
  7. OurDayWillCome

    Freelander of Peace

    Compression of the car from a front impact tends to jam the front doors.
  8. OurDayWillCome

    Allah loo roll

    Hold up you lot. Have you not considered that due to years of inbreeding this poor chap probably has bulging crossed-eyes and to him it does look like ‘Allah’ in Arabic. You lot are being tardist - the poor turd, I mean tard.
  9. OurDayWillCome

    Hoax hate

    Trump should get involved - hunt down the abusers and jail the bastards. Force the fake news outlets to publish grovelling apologies.
  10. OurDayWillCome

    The Oz / Australia is fucked thread

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6605607/Man-arrested-murder-Israeli-student-21.html Tanned man or ‘tanned’ man?
  11. OurDayWillCome

    American Police

    warning: nsfw / distressing Absolute disgrace! Yes there could have been a gun behind his back, but the cop had his finger on a rapid fire assault rifle and was pointing it at close range. Trigger happy.
  12. OurDayWillCome

    Freelander of Peace

    Just some pissed up 97 year old! Freeloader of Peace
  13. OurDayWillCome

    I don’t want an Asian doctor

    Not all gingers are racist :-)
  14. OurDayWillCome

    I don’t want an Asian doctor

    And gingerist!
  15. OurDayWillCome

    I don’t want an Asian doctor