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  1. The least you could have done was spray, ‘sucker’ onto the brick, or signed it... swampsy 😂
  2. Looks more like Harry Enfield, or that fucker Gordon Brown!
  3. This headteacher has an agenda. the So-Called BBC give her a platform: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6827443/BBC-blasted-headteachers-claim-clean-toilets-austerity-despite-pay-rise.html BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-47482587
  4. Brilliant! It’s like watching Alf Stewart decking some little brat in Home & Away. Edit: Just needs someone to add, ‘take that you flaming galah!’.
  5. I’m not having that - they had no need to highlight her in that way. Absolute little turds. No excuse - they are scum.
  6. I agree, but the fucking Guardian need to be ripped a new asshole for associating that poor girls death with white supremacy. And that is what they are doing! ...the gunman’s camera showed weapons and ammunition displaying white-supremacist symbols, including the name of a Swedish child killed in a lorry attack in 2017
  7. I have it bookmarked on YouTube - unique piece of music :-)
  8. It’s worth delving into - on Forces TV as I type. Not something that can be held against the wicker man as it’s a TV series.
  9. That’s what I usually feel, but the Equalizer seems to transcend the years that have past between. Edit: The intro also has lots of menacing white men - so today.
  10. Haven’t seen, ‘The Equalizer’ since the Eighties. Currently on Forces TV - it’s stood the test of time well. And that intro...
  11. Who designed that logo! Backward arrow :-(