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  1. Can you rep this one - I’m trying to get into that extra special place for people on +5k ...I heard Spunko gives you a free watch with hidden extras!
  2. There will be less cars on the road from tomorrow. Workers have been going in until the end of the financial year, getting everything ready for company shutdowns. My wife has been worked to the bone for the past week and her company announced today that she will be furloughed at the end of the day with no 20% top up. The bosses of her company are in the top 100 rich list.
  3. Anyone else popping to the shops and using the excuse of buying a loaf as an excuse to keep the wine stocked up to the max? Check it on a Sunday, all roads seem just as busy as usual during the week.
  4. Got bored today so I took my daughter out for a non-essential drive. Just before setting off I told her we were going to play, ‘spot the zombies’. She scoffed and told me we were only in lockdown due to a virus and not a zombie apocalypse. Soon changed her tune after I drove past a couple of supermarkets and she saw scores of the fuckers milling around outside.
  5. This! Every car-crash puts serious strain on the NHS. They are already juggling printing out #StayAtHome placards, arranging group photos with the #StayAtHome placards and posting/commenting on the replies to the #StayAtHome placards.
  6. But, but, the So-Called BBC had someone on yesterday telling us how we are 60,000 people short to help pick stuff that doesn’t actually need picking until Autumn.
  7. Are the Welsh manning the barricades today? I hope they are keeping a safe distance from each other - enough room to let a car through should do.
  8. Whenever I visit Hong Kong they remind me of the Scottish.
  9. When I’m at work, rushed off my feet, I always find the time to gather up my super-busy colleagues, get them to print out some shite, pop outside and stage a nice group photo.
  10. Not the same one then, sounds a very similar setup. They are not that far apart though - ours is a bit further up the river
  11. I want to get a selfie in-front of that - looks awesome. Just drove there and saw @Kilham 😂
  12. That sounds just like the school my daughter is going to. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same school!
  13. We have one of the best state secondary schools on our doorstep, it’s for girls only - if you don’t coach the kids for the exam from an early age you don’t stand a chance :-(