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  1. Furlough extended to September! What a fucking joke. All those made redundant based upon the previous end of furlough must be pissed off.
  2. The BBC loved him and they are a great judge of character... if you like complete and utter cunts.
  3. This is one of the cunts books. Fuck knows why he thought it would be a good idea to show a wee lads weener and balls hanging out. That would not have been the photographer or designers fault - cunt face was a total control freak.
  4. I worked alongside an award-winning journalist, (expose of slave labour in the early naughties Arab building boom). He was also an award winning cunt - like the majority of journalists! The prize cunt then went on to work as the head press officer for the Qatar World Cup. Hyyyyyppppooocccrrriiiittteee!
  5. Kids will love having that in the garden...
  6. https://whenisthepubopen.co.uk Everyone loves a countdown timer!
  7. Great Ormond Street begging bowl advert - all the Doctors, Nurses, kids and parents... the whole lot were white.
  8. I wonder if fee paying schools will run with this mandate.
  9. Despite it not being the law, most headteachers will go along with this bollocks.
  10. If there was a Perspex screen then she doesn’t need to wear a mask - spread this far and wide. Staff do not need to wear masks when behind a screen, or in areas away from the public.
  11. They’re coming thick and fast tonight...
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