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  1. All the doctors and surgeons I know refuse to allow their kids to have the flu vaccine. I’m sure the BMA will come up with some kind of vaccine waiver for them.
  2. The CF-105 Arrow designer turned 106 on Tuesday... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_C._Floyd I bet he only thought he would make it to 105!
  3. RAF Cosford have a TSR-2, and a Vulcan, Lightning, and loads more things to drool over! And it’s free to visit! Dosbods heaven.
  4. And with more people dying during the slow crawl into Winter, an increase of hospital deaths with Covid is to be expected. I see nothing in the current hospital death stats to suggest it’s anything more than background noise.
  5. My wife has been made redundant and I am looking at a 90% drop in income by the time this financial year is over. Hopefully my income will recover in April.
  6. Isn’t that a bit excessive? My TV is in the same room as the speakers.
  7. Plasterboard should be going up soon in the new extension. Need to run the speaker cables in. Never to be accessed again! Anybody know of good quality cables on a budget?
  8. Houses going on the market for insane prices in my area and going under offer in days. Everyone I talk to has been, or know someone who has been, made redundant. Clown World!
  9. Until they realise they are talking to someone who also thinks it’s bollocks - then they let you know what they really think. That’s when you bundle them into a car - never to be seen again. Just another Covid statistic ;-)
  10. Just be thankful Diane Abbott didn’t get tasked with numbering the different levels. It’s already confusing.
  11. Thankfully we have gone from local lockdown into Tier 2 lockdown. Under local lockdown I was not allowed to enter my parents garden (and then sneak into my parents house). The curtain twitching ex-policemen and self appointed Covid wanker who lives opposite them would have spotted and reported me. Under Tier 2, I can now legally see my parents in their back garden - this enables me to sneak into their house :-)
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