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  1. I can’t see FOSUN walking away from this - maybe they want to be seen as the shining knights in a last minute full rescue, (that also secures their total control). They really want to fuck off the aircraft side of the business - but that split up hasn’t happened yet.
  2. FOSUN have ploughed too much money in for them to walk away from this. FOSUN don’t want the aircraft but have some very interesting plans for expansion of the tourist and executive events side of the business - especially in the Asian market. They have been very successful taking a controlling share of the company. They must have something up their sleeve.
  3. OurDayWillCome


    Bloody hell! Andre Agassi had a lucky escape!
  4. OurDayWillCome


    I love the enormous Globe they have in the Sydney ‘shindig’ and that young lady who was interviewed with those big plastic, ‘climate action’ earrings. They all look so smart in their trendy wear once clothes. So proud of them - I do hope they all walked to the demo.
  5. In my sector I have gone from dealing directly with Managing Directors to Marketing Managers. Suddenly the Marketing Manager requires an Assistant Marketing Manager, and then an in-house design team. None of them produce anything and when they do it’s shockingly bad. It now takes me twice as long to get projects to completion and god knows how much money it costs to run their team of time-wasters who actually have a detrimental impact on the one thing they are supposed to be ‘Managing’.
  6. Couldn’t resist changing that for you :-)
  7. Slightly OT... What extra funds would we have pumped in to cover capital expenditure on roads, hospitals, schools, etc, if we had maintained the level of resources per person, pre open-borders? If they included the staggering costs involved it would show migration to be far from the financially ‘positive’ spin they put on it. A large city per year - that’s billions of pounds of infrastructure. None of that money has been spent and now everything is operating way beyond its limits.
  8. Just don’t use Xhamster. No one should have to use Xhamster.
  9. Bloke suffers premature ejaculation. Attempted Rape
  10. BBC News at Five still running with it - no mention the hecklers true motivation. Bunch of wankers!
  11. Him, or his family probably sneaked in with the Kosovan ‘refugees’ - the only people fleeing Kosovo now are Christian victims of genocide.
  12. One of them looks Albanian - I wonder how he came to be in the UK.
  13. The Buddy standoff cemented their need for guns to protect them from the State. It didn’t stop the FBI ambushing the ringleaders, shooting one dead in cold blood and imprisoning the leader. Fortunately the courts sided with the righteous in this instance: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundy_standoff