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  1. I hope he doesn’t drop that Scythe!
  2. Just got back from China, fuck this coffee shit - they have, ‘tea expert’ shops. Coffee is for testosterone deficient cabaret cunts.
  3. He won’t travel down to Tipton for a pie, probably thinks I’m going to ambum him!
  4. http://www.madorourkes.com/phone/index.html Bostin Steak an Kidney pie from here.
  5. I was very angry with the government, not homeowners. One of the posters, who enjoyed trolling us for wanting a crash, turned out to be a really nice chap. When I brought my auction property he gave me lots of advice and even helped me find a very cheap, but good, solicitor.
  6. Seems to be the past couple of years that my area has gone bonkers. We do have a large Sikh population who need the big houses, but the amount of money they are chucking around is unreal. Most of them are into BTL - in a big way!
  7. Housing market has gone crazy near me. People are happy to pay £400,000 for a property, then tear it down, or strip it back to just the walls before embarking on a major re-build and I’m assuming most are getting stung with paying VAT too. This isn’t a one off, it’s every other house - they are only on the market for up to a month. Crazy!
  8. Got my house in November 2008 - it was a phenomenal crash, but it only lasted a month or two. Luckily all the STR crew (and me) were sitting on a pile of cash to pay off the auction property in 28 days. Also did well from the Gold price surge - HPC was great back in the day :-)
  9. I assume she likes to take a frying pan - sideways? Probably, by the looks of it.
  10. In October, the German government gave Condor a £380 million euro bridging loan when Thomas Cook went bump.
  11. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/cruel-brothers-starved-horses-death-21268360 Just got to be pikey scum.
  12. Also looks like a stereotypical Nazi.