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  1. British Steel goes bump as the government could not give it a loan due to competition laws. Labour want it to be nationalised (how does that rub with being in Europe?). Could the loan have been made if we had left Europe? No doubt it will be spun as all ‘Brexit’s’ fault!
  2. 5g for rural villages - I don’t fancy a microwave oven on the lamppost outside my bedroom window.
  3. Channel 4 will be all over this. Ticks all the boxes! Visually impaired voice-over artists are fucked.
  4. Flight misidentification warning is slightly worrying as so much long haul goes over Iran - false flag downing?
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    ...XYY won’t be happy, his epic rant has been top spot for the past month.
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    I like my avatar at the top of off topic
  7. We need the Army to step in and takeover - politicians and the police are an absolute disgrace.
  8. A few more sucker investors a couple of weeks ago when the Fosun story came out.