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  1. This! That’s why I set mine to extended stereo - at least the rear speakers get used.
  2. I run the TV and Xbox through an AV receiver. Use Cambridge Audio Subwoofer and Boston Acoustics surround speakers. Never bother with the surround sound setting - always have the AV receiver set to extended stereo.
  3. Got it! Your name is Glen :-) Pillow Sheets Glen - okay, a transsexual Glen. It’s all in the avatar!
  4. I’m trying to think of one with pillow in it to go with your avatar.
  5. Not heard from behind a council estate bus shelter: Shaney’s on!
  6. I’ve gone all ‘other guys’ but just can’t bring myself to quote TLC lyrics.
  7. And we see your true colours shining through, your true colours...
  8. I suppose she did say it would be nice to see the place rebuilt. Al’s Kebab just did a bit of clearance work beforehand.
  9. That will be Laurence Roderick Fluffy Cuffs Llewelyn-Bowen. 😂
  10. My projects take at least five years and only reach 90% completion. I live in fear of Nick Knowles knocking on my door with his band of botchers!