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  1. My neighbour reopened his cafe today, he only planned on popping in to open up and see the staff - ended up working all day as it was very busy.
  2. Maybe the headline should have been: Virtually all the patients in our ward died in a four day period.
  3. Unbelievable! 48 bed ward. Average stay of 8 days without complications, 16 if you are put on a ventilator. The mortality rate of Covid admissions is 25% - jeez!
  4. Don’t be a knob, she clearly states, ‘on my worst day’. Per shift is meaningless as that would be more than one day and she is not saying that as she specifically states, ‘on my worst day’. Do you really think a ward with 48 beds would have six people dying per day for a consecutive number of days, especially when the process of dying is well known to be prolonged - jeez, you must be a journalist too!
  5. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/health/coronavirus-covid19/2020/07/04/anxiety-exhaustion-and-six-deaths-a-shift-dudley-hospital-staff-on-fighting-coronavirus-on-the-front-line/ Headline: Anxiety, exhaustion and six deaths a shift. Start of story: In the C5 respiratory ward, which became known as the “coronavirus ward”, nurses were seeing six patients die each shift. Much further down: "We have got 48 beds. I think on my worst day, I would say there was about five or six deaths.” The journalist has made a big thing of this, ‘six patients’ dying every day on one ward. In reality the nurse is quoted as saying the worst day saw five or six patients die.
  6. The Umbrella corporation ran an advert on the fishermen of Guilin, who trained the birds to catch fish for them. What they failed to show is that the birds necks are tied to prevent them eating the fish. They probably get to eat 1% of their catch as reward. Bankers would love to keep 99% of our toil, and with all the money printing they probably do!
  7. Get someone hooked on opium and they will believe anything.
  8. Exactly. The Chinese have never had any territorial interest in anything outside what they consider, ‘historically’ theirs. Economic shenanigans are completely separate.
  9. The only thing this story is missing is the anti-China rhetoric. How about: The evil Chinese are suspected to have released an elephant bio-weapon. The resulting abundance of Ivory is highly likely to be carved into massive dildos, dildos that will be used to systematically bum-fuck the great people of Hong Kong.
  10. I found an aerial photo of my area from 1928 - amazing detail. Fascinating to see the old building that used to be there before my house was built. I purchased the high res version off them for about £15.
  11. Where I live was covered in grand houses built by industrialists. Some still stand, but most were torn down. The area is now a mix of old and new - the old walls and impressive trees are still standing. Makes for an interesting place to walk around on a Summers evening.