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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from The XYY Man in Tommy Robinson thread   
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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from The XYY Man in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Zombie scum!
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to ccc in Tommy Robinson thread   
    6 Muslim men attacking one white bloke now equals "men fighting".
    Goebbels would be impressed.
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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from The XYY Man in Welcome!   
    ...XYY won’t be happy, his epic rant has been top spot for the past month.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to DTMark in 5G - Thoughts?   
    No, 5G everywhere. The transmitters don't need to "go that deep" (so near to you).
    On the science - this topic is a little like climate change in that there are many vested interests.
    In many decades, we may be looking at an expose of the cover up relating to the damage done by mobile/wireless networks generally and especially using devices held next to the head.
    Or, actually, there's "nothing to see here". There is no issue. Mirror opposites and I have no idea which is right.
    When I was looking at a project to equip this village with a fibre network but with wireless as an alternative, with transmitters and repeaters in the village, I found most didn't care too much but a few were highly vocal about the potential danger with wireless. But they weren't asking for a Faraday cage around the village to block out all the wireless frequencies including their television signal.
    It's right that we should operate on the basis of "test and prove it first" before a widespread roll-out. If there is genuine scientific concern. Not just because of suspicions and hearsay. Much the same was probably said about the roll out of electricity.
    Genuinely: I have no idea who is right and who is wrong.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to DTMark in 5G - Thoughts?   
    It is. It's confusing when mixing "cable" referring to the "cable" network (Virgin) and the wiring to the home. Both involve cables, or wires. I was attempting to answer "why isn't 4G fast enough" referring to our wired networks as they are now:
    You can send a signal over the air - 4G, 5G - or you can send it down wire (BT phone lines, Virgin cable network).
    The bottleneck with wire is the capacity the wire can carry. Virgin's "cable" network is the performant one because the "cable" - the wire - is shorter and fatter. The capability of phone lines (BT) to send signals at speed only works over a few hundred metres at best. Even then it's still slow (look to the future). But more than that, there is no upgrade, no "fix" for this. It's a limitation of "wire". Eventually, you'd get to the point of having to install powered "nodes" at the top of literally every telegraph pole in the country. That won't happen.
    The bottleneck with wireless (4G, 5G) is the amount of bandwidth at the transmitter - which is a factor of the frequency range in use - so not the speed to any one person, but the aggregate speed delivered to all the users at the same time.
    That, and the physical distance - for example 4G can send a signal at speed much further than a phone line can (we're talking  kilometres here). 5G the same, only better.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to whocares in Tommy Robinson thread   
    They do look a bit zombie-like!
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to XswampyX in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Off our streets!
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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from Wight Flight in Welcome!   
    ...XYY won’t be happy, his epic rant has been top spot for the past month.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Wight Flight in Welcome!   
    Just so long as you are happy now...
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Wight Flight in Welcome!   
    Ok. You win.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to MrPin in Has someone started a war without telling me?   
    Yes, Trump will continue the tradition of virtually all Presidents since WW2, with a made up conflict, despite how different he may seem.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Shaneyson in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I think we are past that stage. Everything I have done to support TR I have used my real name, including writing to him in prison. It's time to be counted.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Horrified Onlooker in Tommy Robinson thread   
    You post here, your name is already on a list. It’s up to you to decide how far up the list you’re prepared to be. Being at the bottom of the list doesn’t guarantee safety, it just guarantees that the rest of us won’t be there to help when they come for you...
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to mooncat69 in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Fuck, that's frightening. Civil war is inevitable, isn't it? Or surrender.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to billfunk in Tommy Robinson thread   
    At this stage is it very clear that the police are the armed wing of the Cult of Political Correctness. Any pretense that they are here to maintain law and order or to uphold the laws of the country is a sham.
    All this will inevitably escalate. People will get seriousely hurt whilst the police do nothing (Rotherham anyone?). Citizens will form vigilante groups. Theocratic fascists will form counter-vigilante groups. Vigilantes will become armed militias. etc etc. until...
    Civil War
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Long time lurking in Tommy Robinson thread   
    With the videos now on line,it`s plain to see GMP were complicit in the actions of those causing the trouble 
    I`m starting to think Tr will be an MEP 
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to MrPin in Down under saved?   
    The image of "the left" (and I don't like to use the description) has changed immensely in the last 40 years or so. Used to be about being fair to ordinary working people. Now it's all about CO2, and Lesbians
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to TheBlueCat in Down under saved?   
    It's part of an ongoing theme whereby the left very aggressively uses attempted shaming as a way to persuade people to back them. The end result is that people who don't back them keep quiet or pretend they do in order to avoid being shouted at and generally abused.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Harley in Eurovision 2019   
    Apparently The Netherlands won.  Other than that, the same old.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to unregistered_guest in Tommy Robinson thread   
    All part and parcel. Bringing firearms to assassinate the opposition at a political rally is an essential part of Pakistani culture and any attempts to deny these young boys the opportunity to freely express themselves in this way is obviously a manifestation of islamophobia.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to billfunk in Tommy Robinson thread   
    There is going to be a Civil War
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to blobloblob in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I've actually complained to Twitter about that - open and shut case of "targetted harassment" in my view
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Libspero in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I guess media bias is nothing new..  there has always been left and right wing partisan media.  When they closed ranks on Tommy I presumed it was because they just genuinely didn't like him..  but then seeing them do exactly the same to Carl Benjamin (who is barely controversial really) does make it seem that some people and parties simply get blacklisted from being able to run for office.  And that's really quite sinister/worrying. 
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to satch in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Headline in the DM and a question, who is wearing the masks?
    'Violence breaks out at Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon campaign event as masked supporters clash with crowds shouting 'racist scum', bricks are thrown and police cars are damaged in Oldham'
    Who are the masked supporters and who are the crowds. And people wonder why no one trusts the MSM. Liars to the last one of them.