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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Roger_Mellie in 2000 Hondurans   
    The picture of the people queueing for work in that picture, it's odd. 
    Why are they all so clean, healthy and rich looking? They don't look like people living in tents in unsanitary conditions. If conditions are so unsanitary where are they washing their clothes?
    Are we the only people on Earth that see this for the absolute bollocks it is?
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Chewing Grass in 2000 Hondurans   
    If I was president I would start by locking up those who incite illegal migration under the pretence of 'fake' asylum claims and would start with Michelle Brané.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Bedrag Justesen in 2000 Hondurans   
    Quite disgusting that MSM and DEMS gave these thousands of poor people from across Central America and beyond false hope of a new life in the United States.
    Encouraging them to make the journey of hundreds or even thousands of miles for no purpose other than hoping to use their plight as leverage against Trump on the run up to mid-term elections.
    Now they served their purpose they are abandoned. 
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Fischer in 2000 Hondurans   
    "Michelle Brané, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice program at the Women’s Refugee Commission, said it was “absurd” how few people the US is allowing in."
    The arrogance. They could let no-one in if they want to. It's up to them.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to spygirl in 2000 Hondurans   
    Once migrants learn that the waiting time can be months, and that the threshold for being granted asylum is high and will probably include a period in detention, many soon decide to stay in Mexico or return home.
    Which means they were not seeking asylum then
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to eight in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Quite, you're describing the EU project.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to A_P in Bye bye Treason May?   
    I won't be drawn into a debate with you as you have proven you're a troll in regards to brexit and unwilling to change a position because of your vested interests. You've mentioned several times about £ and brexit over the course of the threads. So jog on
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Option5 in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Mrs May is being advised by civil servants, we should really be targeting those lying, self serving bastards, not just her.
    Repeat after me:
    Yes minister was not a parody,
    Yes minister was not a parody
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Band in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Oh be quiet its not  a death threat
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to billfunk in Bye bye Treason May?   
    It's not a threat, you drama queen, it's a joke.
    I don't even know who you are or where you live. You are SpongeBob SquarePants, an anonymous avatar on an internet forum. Your fake opprobrium is pathetic.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to billfunk in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Take your money, fuck off to the south of France and die, you diabolical cunt.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to billfunk in Bye bye Treason May?   
    No. I remember engaging you in counter debate and you scuttling off when I asked you if you could understand why a tradesman who had had his standard of life fall for 15 years might be against the EU. You wouldn't acknowledge it even after 3 times of asking. You just kept dissembling and diffracting the debate. Anything but acknowledge the other side's argument. 
    You are the typical selfish boomer remainer architype. Your whole world view is narrowly focused on your own personal wealth to the detriment of anyone standing in your way.
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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from Great Guy in Christmas traditions   
    The Christmas tradition in Damascus is to mortar bomb the annual switching on of the Christmas tree lights. Those pesky Russians may have put a stop to that this year by driving out the cuddly peace loving freedom fighters.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to One percent in £375 pcm per car EXTRA   
    Now here’s a radical thought. Why not just cut congestion by reducing the number of people?  
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Hopeful in Bye bye Treason May?   
    I would like to see how Brexiteers and Remainers break down by profession
    I'd place a bet that a greater % among Remainers are public sector (or quasi public sector such as University staff, scientists) and so are on state handouts, than are among Brexiteers.
    Those remainers are fundamentally frightened by the end of the gravy train, although they argue to Remain for other more highly esoteric reasons.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to snaga in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Funny (ok not funny) how the court rules so quickly on something expected to take months ...
    UK can cancel Brexit, says EU court
    All going to plan?
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad   
    Anyone else suspecting an accidental death from choking/other dodgy sexual practices? As this is supposedly so widespread now.
    Seems a bit too obvious for a Tinder date (if that's what he was) to kill someone on purpose, I mean, you're not exactly likely to get away with it.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Errol in Bye bye Treason May?   
    She's brought it upon herself. She should have walked away from negotiations and left the EU on WTO terms.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to wherebee in This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad   
    fair enough, as he's charged and not convicted.  My beef with name releases is that it seems very one sided in the UK.  The whiter your skin, the earlier the media prints your name.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to shindigger in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Spot on.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to spunko in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    He's also brought in PJW and Milo to the UKIP fold. They might not mean much to people on here of the older demographic (!) but it's a big plus for young folk. 
    Farage was divisive within UKIP also. He despised AMW, backed Bolton and didn't see Carswell for the snake he so clearly was. He refused to even go on programmes with Marine Le Pen on,  despite her offering her hand many times. Now she's way ahead of Macron in the polls and odds on likely going to be the next French president. 
    Someone needs to unite the right-wing contingent in this country/continent and I don't think him or Banks can do it. He has too many enemies, rightly or wrongly. 
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to spunko in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    I like Nigel, but it was utterly selfish and reckless of him to walk away from Ukip a week before the biggest Brexit stitch up of all is voted on. He could have stood down this Wednesday.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Alonso Quijano in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    The murdered MP was without doubt used as part of Project Fear, unexpected and a terrible thing to happen but timely for the anti-Brexit campaign. Never bought the right wing loon narrative. False flag is stretching it, but who knows what they would do when the stakes are so high for them.
    That said, isn't part of the problem we've had over the last 20 years, while stuff has been done to us, that we have not been able to air views that are not PC or are uncomfortable?
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to wherebee in This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad   
    Track this for the offender.  
    Odds on it is a native NZ druggie, established sex offender, or a recent immigrant from an enriching culture.  Maori/Islander gangs are not a threat unless you are involved in their trade.  
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Dave Bloke in The ‘StarCircle’