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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from crashmonitor in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    Is that a BTL boomer grabbing all the balloons so that he can rent them out to priced out balloon lovers?
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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from One percent in Wind Turbines are killing the Fish   
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to DocH in Wind Turbines are killing the Fish   
    "Wind Turbines are killing the Fish"
    Well, this kind, obviously:

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    OurDayWillCome reacted to One percent in Wind Turbines are killing the Fish   
    We will pursue our “green and eco” policies, no matter the cost. Idiots. 
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Van Lady in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    I would say most posters on this forum who have a house either mortgaged or mortgage free are in favour of house prices dropping substantially. 
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Stunley Andwin in #trollingtheguardian   
    Crikey. A couple of DOSBODS faves here.

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    Wouldn't even touch the sides. 
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    I park near Harrogate Grammar School most days. Can barely move for kids being dropped off by their parents in their 4x4s. If I was to compare my carbon footprint at 15 (no electronic devices, walked or cycled everywhere, no Nandos or McDs, no foreign hols) with the average kid today the difference would be immense. And yet apparently I am looking to them for hope as I have somehow failed them.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Malthus in Greta   
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Fischer in London Bridge Shooting   
    Perhaps steaknife-holder would have been more appropriate.
    Had to watch that vomit inducing video again to get all that bullshitters jargon off it. They really are a pair of odious ,smug, self-satisfied creeps.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Fischer in London Bridge Shooting   
    They are currently making a theoretically informed and values led evaluation of how the stakeholder engaged with them in the learning space.
     Going forward this will allow them to authentically capture and shape the informed engagement process and adjust the sights of measurement for pre and post evaluation methods with more methodological rigour.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Horrified Onlooker in Seven helicopters   
    I assume that it’s Greta’s entourage heading to Madrid....
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to JFK in #trollingtheguardian   
    Absolute genius, Sargon did a video on this which I spotted before I found this thread - so fucking typical of the tolerant left to shut down anything resembling some form of pisstaking comment.
    It's because the parody resembles the actual reality. That's the fucking point.
    It's just bypassed them hasn't it.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to dgul in Climate Change   
    We need more consumption to keep GDP going up.
    All their solutions involve more consumption of lovely green tech to make everything good.
    [not to say I don't believe in climate change -- just not as it is presented and not with the proposed solutions]
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Fischer in #trollingtheguardian   
    Couldn't resist this tap in.

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    OurDayWillCome got a reaction from Fischer in #trollingtheguardian   
    This is great fun!
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to billfunk in London Bridge Shooting   
    There are many muslims who don't visit mosques and don't go in for all the bullshit. They are called women. If the mosques and the men were removed these women would revert to being civilised members of society within one generation. It is a similar case with Afro-Caribbeans - the problem lies with the men.
    The solution is stop this inane freedom of religion nonsense. Religion should be wound down in the way the Church of England has been. Exemptions should be made for smaller, co-operative religions like Sikhism and Bhuddism (which is a belief system not a religion). Above all else, and as a matter of extreme urgency, 95% of mosques need to be closed and their followers returned to muslim countries. The 5% of mosques that are capable of functioning like the C of E can remain open for the enlightened, self-reformed, muslims (many of these people will be the doctors and engineers we hear so much about).
    With religions it is always better the devil you know, rather than the devil you have imported from thousands of miles away. And religion is always the best solution to the problems caused by religion, so wind them down gradually and peaceably. The behaviour of the Europeans on this issue has been exemplary, reducing religion just as they reduced their birth rate in the face of over population. Shame on the establishment for re-importing Europe's solved problems. Traitors.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to JoeDavola in Next year’s Pirelli calendar.   
    Great calendar if you're trying to give up wanking in 2020.
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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Melchett in #trollingtheguardian   
    Sadly the Grauniad doesn’t think it’s funny and neither does Twatter and is suspending accounts.
    Tells you all you need to know. 

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    OurDayWillCome reacted to Libspero in Greta