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  1. No need when we have unchecked borrowing forever. It's a winning system.
  2. Try and find a Muggle that doesn't believe it's because of a lack of housing.
  3. Please consider this application for the role of Virtual Coffee Maker.
  4. Been following him since roughly 2010 and viewed his backdated stuff. I'd say early more than wrong. For me it's just a reflection that he may make money from equities but he knows the long term truth and positions heavily for it.
  5. Isn't it just. I saw the move this avo and went straight to currencies to check it. Dollar flat, £ recovering, PMs up up up.
  6. Schiff reckons PM stocks are off to the races with this bull just starting. Is he wrong?
  7. If you order online at lunchtime you can request evening delivery! Lunchtime prices for peak time delivery. Bosh.
  8. It's all very well the world measuring PMs in $, but unless there's a real reason for the attitude as a whole toward PMs to do a 180, a weak $ and a strengthening £ doesn't do UK physical holders much good, does it?
  9. Not sure if this is in jest but in my opinion it's actually a fabulous idea. Physically meeting folk on here would do wonders for my psyche. I often wonder if I've ever walked past or talked to people like the ones here. Despite plenty of daily input from so many here, I still feel quite lonely in my uncomplicated position when I wander the world and get the current situation constantly shoved in my face. It's depressing. I'd probably just turn up, introduce myself and then sit in a corner with a pint and a notepad!
  10. Such a liar. It's down to 3 basis points from inversion. Coaching note: read the correct table column.