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  1. Futures suggesting another drop at the open today...
  2. Peak crazy, anyone?
  3. Anyone else feel like a trip to a cash point?
  5. Why is 7.1 a magic number?
  6. No harm meant. Just a wider general (and probably superfluous!) point.
  7. If ever there was a post to some up the West, this is it. It's OK to be interested in Hitler.
  8. Yes, my normally barely detectable blood pressure rose dramatically throughout the whole article.
  9. Attacking the high house price and lending issues on multiple fronts today: Shock horror - issues with home equity release.
  10. Any concern over the current downward pressure on PMs?
  11. Pfff. Amateur. My 5-year-old has had 5 homes! We don't 'own' though.
  12. But they're leading the crusade against fake news! If it ain't on the Beeb, tain't true I tells ya!