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  1. Noallegiance

    What's going to collapse next...

    You've not been keeping abreast of the recent news. All stag parties to Europe after March 29th will be killed. Twice.
  2. That'll make the front page.... not.
  3. If your road map is as reliable as you state, then there should be no need for concern. It doesn't matter that PMs drop significantly when followed by a vast bull run. If you trust it that much then just sit on it, surely? Is the concern with selling into the dip and then getting back in before the run?
  4. Anyone in the mainstream want to highlight the irony of the FCA overseeing Debt-Pushers International at the same time as being aware that half of adults are financially illiterate due to sub age 11 maths capabilities? Anyone? No? Thought not.
  5. I find comfort in these posts and the similarity to people like Maloney and Schiff. DB hasn't asked for a penny, isn't selling a service of any kind, and is the definition of consistent. Whoever he is. I'd never hold you to anything DB, but you give me hope in a crazy world. And I'm nowhere near clever enough to even begin to do 90% of what you instinctively know.
  6. Noallegiance

    The BOMAD Mortgage

    .......... No........ Seriously.......
  7. I've heard this. It sounds too fair. The only people let off will be those in charge. Everyone else will be told to suck it up. Said approach has a successful track record.
  8. " Brexit turmoil continues" FFS.
  9. This seems a bit of a confused response. Capitalism recognises the need for failire of poorly run businesses. So a failure of business isn't a failure of capitalism. It's the balance of the equation that capitalism and other systems within our universe need. Hence, government intervention circumvented the inherent capitalist fail-safe waaaaaay prior to 2008 because they had already previously intervened by assisting the financial sector in becoming the largest industry in the West.
  10. Noallegiance

    What's going to collapse next...

  11. Tonight, Matthew, Michael Krieger is Durhamborn...
  12. Happy weekend everyone!
  13. What a great post. On so many levels.
  14. DOW Futures nosedive over 400 points. China PMI contracted at 49.7 in December from 50.2 in November. Good start!
  15. Imagine selling PMs at a higher target and then watching as it lifts up and away. The uber cautious will consider just holding. Although, depending on what you want to do with it, a 40-50% reduction in PM value will look fine against 60%+ asset falls. In such circumstances the fiat value would be irrelevant for PM holders. Nominally down but in real terms it's chicken dinner.