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  1. 1. I wasn't convinced he was real, but now you've seen him.... 2. Did you get a selfie? 3. Did you ask him about his surprising choice of sustenance?
  2. No. It's makes you a leech. They're not evil. They just do what they're here to do. The difference is that I have no evidence to suggest that leeches think they're awesome and inspiring business people worth emulating, considering that conditions in which leeches thrive are also handed to them on a plate and they also need to apply almost zero thought.
  3. Interesting thought that people will run to the dollar. Whether or not they do will be a timing thing. Pre-US monetary jack-up? Sure. If EU and US are cutting and QEing at the same time? Kaboom.
  4. Allowance is part of the problem. If gov and CB didn't interfere in the first place we'd have due diligence and market forces as standard. To learn these kinds of lessons people need a financial spanking.
  5. Car sale woes: No mention of maxed out debt and people have no money. This is already shaping up to be a severe downturn, and it allegedly hasn't even started yet.
  6. Come the next set of rates cuts, is the expected vault in stock markets going to negatively affect reflation stocks?
  7. Let me think. I wonder what kind of thing was happening a decade ago that might be similar now... Nope. #Brexit
  8. Should have checked the other Zerohedge:
  9. There's no need to take an interest in how your life and that of your family's is being screwed over when the illusion provided says that you don't need to and you can all be the next big BGT winner. I'm convinced that, at some point, this period of history will be regarded as the most moronic of all-time
  10. I'm halfway through a longer video of his (80 mins) where he goes into more detail, including some of his time in Japan and how politicians and elite citizens there (and he subsequently discovered in every other country side from Germany) understood the danger and solution but didn't/couldn't follow through.
  11. I thought his face showed a little panic. I couldn't work out if it was "Shit I should know this" or "Shit you shouldn't know this".
  12. For anyone interested, this'll boil the ol' haemoglobin:
  13. BBC Business: 19:10 Pension danger list The Pensions Regulator has two danger lists of defined benefit schemes - those are the more sought-after ones where you get a percentage of final salary - its new chief executive said. Charles Counsell told MPs in the Work and Pensions Select Committee that 50 schemes are being monitored for short-term and long-term trouble, according to FT Adviser. They can collapse if assets under-perform or pensioners live longer than expected, or if sponsoring companies go bust.
  14. Anyone care to take a guess as to what the heck the last sentence means?! BBC Business 19:41 Italian gold plan The European Central Bank gave an opinion that could clear the way for Italy to sell its gold reserves. Italy's ruling right-wing League party is looking to show that the Bank of Italy doesn't own the gold it holds in reserve Italy's opposition say its aim is to allow the ruling coalition to sell the gold to fix Italy's public finance problems. In an official opinion published on the ECB's website, the bank said EU treaties do not use the concept of ownership with regard to official gold reserves.
  15. On TOS I messaged you privately long ago to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I've not been brave enough to dive into most of the things your talk about as I'm way out of my depth, but I have done some things that have been aided by your guidance. On behalf of everyone here, lurker or poster, I sincerely hope you have some level of understanding as to the light you shine for the layperson fortunate enough to have made their way to this thread.