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  1. Is it wrong that I'm happy about this? Genuine question. To me, this is a two-fold boon for me. Things like this are signs the craziness is nearing the end, and the more people diving into this means that the end result will be even worse for them and better for me in terms of getting a house at potential bargain basement prices. Lay on McDuff!
  2. So we're approaching 2008 levels without a recognised '2008 happening'. Cushty Rodders.
  3. Feel for you and everyone else in the same kind of situation.
  4. Per month. Luckily the wife works so we can cover all the bills.
  5. Well it's taking it's sweet friggin time. Depressing is spot on.
  6. Got it in one. My take home = rent + £100. And I have a qualification I use for work!
  7. I am down south. My eldest had lived in five places in the first six years of his life and is settled at his new school. Shan't be asking him to move again unless we're served. It is a small one! Three bed bungalow for five of us. Cheapest family home in the area without living in Shitsville but it's a great location and garden. Gonna need more space in less than four years when the eldest approaches secondary school age and gets bored sharing with his younger brother. Things are gonna get crowded.
  8. At current rental levels, assuming an age of mid 70's, £462k! Which is horrific enough without interest and maintenance.
  9. Kinda like having kids. We waited until it was comfortable for us to do so. Right now I'm am acutely uncomfortable with being forced to borrow £400k for a family home. There so much more pressure than just the high digits, too. I'd be forced into doing types of work I don't want to do for hours I don't want to do with peopIe I don't want to in companies I don't give a shit about with amidst zero time to do what I want to do. All for a house I knew I overpaid for, trying to shell out £600k+ before I die. Not good for the psyche. I rent. I feel free. When I get the same feeling with the prospect of buying, that will be the time.
  10. I toy with this as I'm in my thirties with a young family. I just can't bring myself to be voluntarily under crushing debt when I know the truths of things. On the plus side, I would never make the same decision my brother has ever made about anything. They always turn out shit. And he could be buying a house this year! A good sign!
  11. Is a move higher in PMs just linked to weakening fiat? Or is there finally a recognition of demand for the real (not paper traded) stuff coming?
  12. My initial and uneducated response is as follows: Ahem..... Are these cunts fucking nuts? So when nobody has any cash left and everyone's on e-money, a relentless march insues into ever-decreasing negative interest rates resulting in even more worthless-than-fiat e-money accelerating alongside the need to earn earn earn so we can spend spend spend then borrow borrow borrow... What can we replace this failed money system with, chaps? Ooh, ooh I know this one! An even more fucktarded idea which is really more of the same but on hyper-steroids and we'll put 'e' infront of it so it sounds all modern and hip-hop-happening! Yep. Sounds like a credible plan. #publish
  13. Goodness me! the So-Called BBC are letting a cat out of a bag: Still don't blame it on government and central bank policy, though. Just joining the socialist call to blame it on the rich.