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  1. All, I've decided to stop visiting this site for a good few years. My position is set. Aside from earn more and add to it there is nothing more that I can actively do. I understand the direction of travel. I can do no more. Continuing to beat myself over the head with multiple daily visits here is counter-productive. I thank fortune to have stumbled upon tos and subsequently this site. I thank everybody's input. It's been part of my life for a decade. Obvious thanks (which over the impersonal medium of t'internet is almost insulting given what I have learned) to DB. If you're still around toward the middle of the next cycle, and if I revisit here, then I look forward to your input again. If not, know that you've changed my brain in ways nobody else could that I would have otherwise come across in life. Pretend I met you, slapped you on the back and bought you a pint. #legend Take care of yourselves. Sincerely. N
  2. There's not a lot of hiding from that graph. Let's hope we pick companies that survive the next couple of years.
  3. I must remember this. I'm now pretty much fully allocated from my small private pension transfer to my SIPP. It was fun doing it! Must.......resist......logging........on..........
  4. Hopefully space is so big that we're naturally constrained to fucking up just the one solar system.
  5. Absolutely. My boys will be mid-teens. Ripe for influence beyond me.
  6. Just for clarity, you mean with your hand, right?
  7. Dunno what you mean. Looks fine to me...
  9. ......what size are their shirts, where can I get one, and for how much? My offer is -£12 for a partly-worn polo.
  10. Thanks. Just looked at regional house prices in 1982. There are a few differences but nothing near the distortions of today. A detached house is pretty much £50-60k wherever. I'm striving not to cling to it, but the prospect is salivating my oral cavity.
  11. I don't mind saying that if I could settle my family in 4-6 years time for cash in a house that I don't have to move from until I get carted out in a box, I'd openly cry. A lot.
  12. It's kinda weird that the carnage can be watched live! More enthralling than I'm a Celebrity Love Enders on Ice!
  13. May WTI futures are falling like stone. Now at a price of -$9.18. It's going down a dollar a minute. Literally.