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  1. Once drove through Liverpool during the Derek Hatton/crowd bin strike. Sweet Jesus.
  2. Just twiddling this afternoon and found myself looking at Global X Funds and checking out our friend SIL. Down a lot recently now it seems... haven't found it yet available in SIPP in HL site. Anybody any ideas for alternatives? Leonardratso I'm heading over to check out what's available on that Smith and Williamson site...
  3. From anecdotes from across the pond I think the absolute main issue that elected Trump was whether Americans were pro- or anti- abortion, but it’s never mentioned as a major US election issue by the media here. Same as previous Republican presidential elections. Leonardratso thanks for the tip on the Smith & Williamson fund. Really interesting.
  4. Battered but solid divi players and pms, check, Harley and leonardratso. Lovely and going nice and green on there today. Today I have attached the BS detector to my tinfoil hat more firmly after reading the Guardian RICS story saying house prices were falling just because of Brexit...and realised it wasn’t for the VUKE and CIND and VUSA I wouldn’t be down 3%. So ditching them finally out of my SIPP and happily watching the miners and defensives with some in reserve to BTFD. feels a bit like a war film and we’re being told to “wait for it... wait for it...” ...good man Sergeant DB. And General Panza.
  5. DB what are you seeing with the Russell 2000 chart these days...?
  6. Smells like a planted story I think.
  7. Ah it’s yourself. Loads of good stuff. Number One is that if Durhamborn marries his lady we are all going to come along for the do.
  8. Wonder what they have planned when they release stories like this...interesting change of tack from the MSM.
  9. Interesting for sure. I am convinced life is all about your attitude to responsibility. love it, myself.
  10. Thorn

    What is the point in this? [test]

    Brilliant idea Spunko. Could we please look at Fibonacci Stock patterns and how to read them..? Maybe a wee bit at a time?
  11. Aye once bitten. Speaking to middle class friends these days though I feel like an oddball because they just stare and have absolutely no reply when you ask them how does a 20-something earn, rent and save enough these days for a house deposit. And pay their student debt. And move when their landlord wants. They know all about how house prices are doing in their area. Nice up at the top of their Ponzis. The young slaves at the bottom of the Ponzi don't come into it. They will.
  12. It’s more obscure. I need the Jacks= I need a Number One. A Munroe sounds heavier.
  13. I agree about the name. Where I come from, the Jacks means a toilet.
  14. Talking about factory plant and Pension Pot... anybody following Tilray, the marijuana people?