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  1. Even if it gets choppy it’s a heck of a run on the Goldies and I think I will hold my few for dear life. just a thought do you reckon New Gold is doing well a lot less because of the fundamentals and more just because it just pops up early when civilians google gold miners?
  2. Interesting discussing cup and handle and the $1500 level target.
  3. Just thought we shouldn’t call it tinfoil. Dosbodder Island Castle must be coated in Silver Paper.
  4. Magic we have to coat the castle in tinfoil? It could be like Love Island. only contrarian.
  5. Size but not amounts in the ground...
  6. Hat tip Sancho Panza - think Fractional Reserve Banking means the idea of banks lending against saved money doesn't happen any more.
  7. I’ve 2 cans of Guinness in the fridge for if Gold hits 1250. Watching now...
  8. Sales down and so far only 0.7% electric cars so far in the UK.
  9. From ZeroHedge- I know- but disinflation and Japanification.
  10. Gold is priced is dollars so if the dollar gets stronger and goes up versus the basket of other main currencies, you can’t buy so much gold per dollar. So the gold price goes down. Amazing watching things play out. DB you’ve been a marvel and it’s so interesting to watch. Re Centrica I don’t think it’s a short term play. And I do think more and more electrification is on the way... DYOR etc but it really boils down to if you’re looking to flip it short term or hold for a longer term. I’m with DB on the cycle I am seeing things change everywhere.
  11. interesting angle- less Japanese babies=more inflation? if that’s the case, the West as well better get ready for Inflation...
  12. Golden cross forming in S&P 500... And what have these lads found out I wonder?
  13. DYOR etc and interesting to wonder what might happen out there from now til then DB. In the meantime if the FAANGs lead things into a meltup til then Scottish Mortgage Trust has good exposure. Just checking it out now.
  14. Looking into how to be sure if it’s a turn...These candlesticks seem to really help indicate turns and interesting here how Clive Maund buys and sells.