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  1. Some info on TIPS.
  2. Thorn

    Brexit-Deal or No deal?

    Visited the border in Ireland today. No sign of checkpoints returning. No diggers. No deal.
  3. Sterling devaluation after Brexit might make it shoot up like after the referendum in June 2016.
  4. China just bought some more gold.!/a-little-tick-on-the-chart-has-gold-bugs-buzzing-20190206
  5. And he'll never get to that job interview on his bike if he is only Spinning
  6. Thorn

    Brexit-Deal or No deal?

    I agree the DUP are in the driving seat as their votes hold TM hostage in Parliament. But... the majority of people living in NIreland voted Remain, TM’s deal including her Backstop suggestion were warmly welcomed by businesses, the Ulster Farmers Union and others, and since her Deal was vetoed by the DUP these people feel they have been “Shafted”. Politically the Good Friday Agreement is in place to prevent a return to the Civil War- Troubles over here. Valued by a lot of people here as a political necessity and not to be thrown out by Brexit.
  7. Yes they are - just not via the app or site so if you want some of them you just have to call so one of their brokers can record themselves reading out the KID info to you (which seems to focus a lot on the currency fluctuation risk).
  8. I agree. Was just in Tesco checking out their 31cm pizza base trays for the pizza machine- £3.... whilst mulling how on how the pm miners will fare if gold hits 1340. might then be time to sell half of them and maybe buy them back again if gold drops to 1260.
  9. GCG19.CMX gold futures just hit 1301
  10. These funds investing in Infrastructure are part of VT Gravis Infrastructure fund. Might be worth a look for anybody thinking of reflation assets and roads, bridges, solar. Sector% GCP Infrastructure Investment Ord9.90 Renewables Infrastructure Grp9.67 Bluefield Solar Income Fund7.71 MedicX Ord6.83 NextEnergy Solar Ord
  11. Thorn

    What's going to collapse next...

    Once their funding problems came to light it was baked in.
  12. I don’t think it’s confused at all. Winners win. Losers fail. isn’t that capitalism?
  13. Not sure any more. Low wage workers’ taxes going to pay for the failed bankers mistakes doesn’t feel like winners winning and losers losing. Feels like well-connected failures winning I think.
  14. But they were bailed out by the taxpayer. Us. they did fail and the government protected them from failure. Isn’t capitalism supposed to let failures fail so only winners win?
  15. Very good this, thank you Lavalas. So a drone flying over some land to be prospected actually does work because of these ground-facing sensors. That means some of the junior miners who talk this up when they have done it might be on to something. The other article points out the time delay of 10 yrs or more from discovery to viability and thats for only 10% of those mines found to contain stuff though so even with the right gear and info from a drone the company still has a mountain to climb to get it out there.