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  1. Ok Viceroy- mulling you think that over the last few months there has just been a head and shoulders bottom in the DOW and it could actually take off, despite all the noise?
  2. 100% agree. Same here. And God bless wee GDX it climbed up higher than previous resistance at 20.1 Hopefully now she’ll lead them all upwards like she’s a guide for them...It’s like all of a sudden a lovely sea of green. DB you’re a marvel.
  3. OK... so not enough volume... another day or 2 of this though and we should bust through 20.1
  4. Watching GDX approach 20. I'm going to say it will hit it today.
  5. Ahhh. So you can literally just get some the day before , hold for a day or two, til ex-div, sell again, and then receive the next divi even though you don’t own it at that stage? (sound of a big hard penny trying very hard to drop here)
  6. That’s great- been embarrassed to ask for ages because I understand the ex-dividend date alright. But it’s the bit before that I can’t figure out. Whats the title of the Start date before then, the date you have to hold the shares from in order to qualify for the dividend?
  7. Very pleased with only being down about 1% since thread started... learned a lot so thanks again to all. Here is a stupid question so apologies - but could somebody advise me- I can’t figure out which date means what for dividends. Say you hold shares in Centrica. What are the technical names of the dates you need to own them from and until to qualify for that next divi? *apologies again just really can’t find it anywhere in civilian language!
  8. DOW up again as rates signal up again... and with Fed still tightening, as predicted by MArmstrong. But here... meanwhile over at the pm miners...things looking up...
  9. So... if there’s a sell off and it spreads...Will Mr and Mrs Vanilla ETF- holders switch to gold?
  10. Thorn

    Subway (food) closures

    RE Subway IIRC they do not care if another local franchisee wants to set up within sight of your place, unlike say, Texaco would have done.
  11. Their bowels. Their Tenants. and their Cruises.
  12. Thorn

    UK housing transactions down 15% yoy

    Really good and really interesting angle. Thanks onlyme.
  13. GDX pointing up towards 20.
  14. Infection spreading... Google parent Alphabet’s stock becomes 2nd FANG to produce ‘death cross’ and Netflix is next -
  15. Strange times for the Philips Curve -it gets a mention as not being so relevant any more in this article.