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  1. We used to have army recruitment come into our school and try to tempt us to be mechanics or cannon fodder. They never wanted us to be officers and gentlemen so I guess that happened at a different school... Can't remember if I told this story but one time they threw a grenade on the floor next to me and simultaneously fired a blank round from a pistol under the table. I VERY nearly shat.
  2. Why do we even need street names any more. Why can't everywhere just have some sort of satnav grid co-ordinate.
  3. I've been buying wherever possible from China for years now. Why should I pay 4 quid in Boots for a pair of China-made nail clippers when I can buy the same item direct from China for a dollar. Although the recent introduction of having to pay VAT will put quite a damper on that.
  4. I know an iHouse geek who has taken it to enormous lengths and the other day posted a photo showing his oven being offline for a software update. I think even he saw the funny side of that. He's a decent bloke though just kind of on the spectrum, well-off, and likes to play with toys. The automatic lights are a godsend to someone like me a dirty renter in a small flat ground floor flat, in more or less a forest. With all the trees it's quite dark indoors even in daytime and I've got loads of lights dotted around the place. There's no way I could drill holes and run wires so wifi switches
  5. I've been to every airport in the world at least ten times lad. But I'm wondering, where exactly is XYY?
  6. That's a plan then - buy the same picture for above your bed at home then you will feel nice cosy and domestic wherever you go.
  7. Is that the one after a nuclear winter that was on BBC, yes it had massive impact on me too. I was going through a very unhappy depressed period and it really struck home. Not watched it since but suspect it was too dark to have been just stuck on TV.
  8. Oh I don't mind that actually it's the best bit. Huge comfy beds, fluffy carpet, lovely shower, somebody else to clean it.
  9. Let's not forget obligatory evening dinner with the same local colleagues you've just about managed to keep your temper with all day already. I try not to do taxis by the way as I don't like them due to being ripped off or obnoxious drivers. I always try to get the metro or local airport bus. Depends where you go I suppose but generally easy to do for non-shitholes. You do actually get to see and interact with at least a little bit of the real country.
  10. Totally agree but whose setup? In no particular order Dems so they could blame the dreadful white supremacists Trump supporters who need a damn good sorting out and guns taken away Trump to justify sending in the special ops, blending with the protestors, to grab the laptops Dems but they were trolled into doing it by 5D Trumpmaster to justify later influx of 30K troops for fake inauguration Dems to justify the later influx of 30K troops because they planned to do something with them after inauguration, or just for protection because they are paranoid k
  11. Funn3r


    A Carl Fimble thread, with title "Gas", had to brace myself before clicking
  12. So sweet that you are still bothered about one-upmanship pet. Frequent world travellers such as myself now have two or even three-upmanship.
  13. It's just to keep the momentum going. Every time people start to say hang on hasn't this been going for long enough now, why aren't we done yet, well then there's a "new" threat, the Brazilian Variant, the South African Variant, the Kent Variant, the Romanian Variant. It's like toothpaste - when people are sick of buying it because their teeth have failed to be whiter and more sexy as promised... along comes New Formula!
  14. I went to Salt Lake City once for work and to get from my hotel to the conference centre I had to walk through a little park. I was walking back to hotel and a woman engaged me in conversation as she saw I was carrying some toys I had bought to take back for the kids. (Memo to self, don't do that as it glaringly marks you out as a tourist.) Turns out there is a big Mormon church in the park which I had walked past and not noticed. She said why not come in, you don't have to be religious we just do tours as it's an interesting building. I had bugger all to do so said OK. While I was in t
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