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  1. No surprise a pretext for attacking 8chan. Good luck with that as I think 4/8 chans are experts in fending off this kind of thing for decades. Not sure about Gab and the others though -I expect dosbods is on that list too or will be.
  2. "Fairly unusual" but let's not forget Gomorra S2 where that bloke had a trans "girlfriend" now that was strange
  3. Cheers @DTMark I really like Gomorra and had not heard of Suburra that sounds right up my street, er alley, whatever, will definitely watch.
  4. I live in a pineapple under the sea you know.
  5. Have a look at the Corruption perceptions index Shows corruption in different countries, top score 1 is Denmark (least corrupt) but Italy is well down at 53 , even Botswana and Rwanda less corrupt
  6. I'm in America as well this week, asked for a beer and they brought a pint of radioactive green stuff. Told them to take it back and bring me a non-carcinogenic one but apparently it arrives already green from the distributor and that's all they had. Drank it and no ill effects so far. As popuplights says, everyone is Irish as fuck today.
  7. Tory voters get gin and Empire Tonic served up by a drinks wallah. Labour voters get half of mild.
  8. I use a Mercadona bag to send subtle status signals to the other shoppers. "Look I'm not just another scruffy cunt I can afford a trip to Spain now and then."
  9. Wouldn't have thought a good idea to use your tax return as a platform for your political views! The HMRC minwage input clerk might have different political views and knows how to screw you over in some way.
  10. Really don't understand American "party registration" Why can't they just register to vote like UK people do Then go along to vote
  11. I got my mate in CSI to zoom in and we've got his account number. Just ordered some pizza.
  12. Britt smearing herself all over the wall while singing sexy song fwooaaar. It was a body double apparently though.
  13. Couldn't read much of that unless I subscribed. Not saying it's not got substance, but Browder hates Putin and would spin anything to try and make Russia look bad.
  14. Bill Browder Totally believeable then.
  15. Funn3r


    : Tell me more about your feelings for dosbots real people