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  1. Funn3r

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    A silence falls amongst the hard gambling and hard whiskey drinking customers as a Sherriff strides through the bat wing doors into the saloon and holds up a Wanted Man poster. "Now listen up cowboys, there's a Bounty here for anyone who can tell me where to find Paper Jake, cause we needs us a hanging." The word Bounty gets their attention and eager questions come from the saloon's sleazy clientele. "How's we a gonna recognise this yere no-good low down varmint Sherriff?" Sherriff replies "Well now this mean sumbitch is lower than a rattlesnake's belly and he's called Paper Jake cause he wears a paper hat, a paper jacket, a paper shirt, paper britches and paper boots. Sure does have real lead in his murderin gun though. Oh yeah, and a paper bandanna." This rather outlandish description prompts a further question from the cowboys - "What's Paper Jake wanted for Sherriff?" Sherriff replies "Rustling."
  2. Funn3r

    luxuary items

    That's weird I also have tinnitus but noise cancelling are fine. Although I only use them in already noisy environments like flights. I just put up with it as I heard there's nothing they can do, but any tips welcome.
  3. Funn3r

    luxuary items

    A masonic drill is so useful 👍
  4. Funn3r

    luxuary items

    Tesco fake bacon
  5. Funn3r

    luxuary items

    "He would say that, wouldn't he"
  6. Funn3r

    luxuary items

    Which is most cancerous, bacon or smoking? Clue: it isn't smoking 😱
  7. Funn3r

    luxuary items

    Ugh how do people eat this stuff. In Morrisons the other day they had an aisle-end devoted to "Veganuary" and it seemed very popular. Not a vegan myself but quite close to it and I certainly wouldn't eat slaughterhouse floor sweepings.
  8. Funn3r

    Settled Status

    No I think PatronizingGit nailed it. Suppose you came here 37 years ago, never had benefits, started a company, did a lot for the UK. Describes a friend of mine in fact. How is some bod from the immigration service supposed to decide that you're OK to stay? It wouldn't work in practice you couldn't have squads of border force checking everyone out individually.
  9. Funn3r

    Settled Status

    I think it's plain wrong that taxpayers have to pay for government bureaucracy. Renewed my passport a while ago - 80 quid. It's not I like I *want* a passport but you can't not have one really, even if you don't travel. Why did they imagine they could get away with charging people £65? Before you go yeh but they're immigrants remember they could have been paying taxes for decades and they are also taxpayers. Government, and especially this government, really pisses me off.
  10. Not only him I think there is a nucleus of politicians who genuinely terrify TPTB and have to be put down at all costs. Trump being the obvious example.
  11. Funn3r

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    What do you get both on snooker tables and also in men's trousers? Yes of course, pockets!
  12. Funn3r


    I remember that. They had a sort of chant which went something like "Queenio Co-Co who's got the ball? I haven't got it. It isn't in my pocket"
  13. Funn3r

    Tommy Robinson thread

    So what's the real story here? Tommy Robinson saying school being terrorised by Muslim gangs, but news story says it's other way round wihh Syrian refugees being duffed up by white kids.
  14. Funn3r

    PayPal Instant bank transfers

    Using PayPal at all = big mistake Might have made sense ten years ago but not today
  15. Funn3r

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I've got a Vulva and very pleased with it. I've used it daily for the last ten years so it's got quite a bit of wear and tear. A bit dirty and greasy as well and to be honest the interior smells a bit. Beautiful car though 175k miles and still going strong.