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  1. The stupidity of that is self-evident so I won't bother to waste electrons saying any more. Assuming it's a sticker; showers are humid areas and it might unfortunately peel off.
  2. Oh when I read that I assumed she was an ex-porn star who had bad experience and packed it in. Having seen her face though I realise I must have been wrong.
  3. I'm not far from Bisley. You'd think there was air gunning there wouldn't you But there isn't. Was there last weekend everything closed or not operating. Outdoor firearms ranges still live after a fashion.
  4. I would like a Sig Sauer air rifle but you can only shoot on your own land and I haven't got any.
  5. You don't need most people to be that bad you only need some people to be that bad. You know, a bit like now already is. If we're abolishing 99% of laws then I hereby claim my divine right to choose which ones. Did I mention I had a gun? Bow down before me.
  6. I used to get them when I binned the cable TV and didn't think it was worth it for the free channels. I tried to think of creative ways to do things with them but in the end the only answer is just chuck them with all the other paper spam comes through the door. I mean it's not like they even come from a real person it's just their computer churning them out.
  7. Does this mean it's legal to send letters with ambiguous yet deliberately scary messages? Would have guessed it was something they could do you for, hate speech or something like that. I can think of several worthy recipients. "Warning: untreated syphilis can be life-threatening."
  8. We will reclaim our country and things will be different. I saw a prediction of the UK being broken into four distinct entities by end of 2021. Fingers crossed.
  9. Depends what you mean by responding. Using it as cover, justification, excuse, to achieve an unrelated objective. Doesn't really fit the definition of the word responding.
  10. How do you get 2 whales in a mini? Down the M4 and across the Severn Bridge! Boom Boom! Except you can't any more.
  11. Quite agree but in this case the virus/parasite challenge is not determining the new behaviour. Instead it is dictated by some clown puppets under orders from unknown globalist sources.
  12. What happens if unsecured load shifts during flight: (scary video - plane crashes)
  13. Smart move not having it in the loft as the thermal imaging planes can see that more easily.
  14. Wow so there's a legal requirement to make such a declaration. Just kidding. But the bastards have an entire policy section detailing how long it's valid for etc.
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