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  1. Funn3r

    The great crash sweepstake

    Already happening. Spanish Government went to banks like Sabadell and said remember how we bailed you out, and now you've had years to recover yourself, well now we'd like to tax you more. Sabadell not happy. 2 fingers to Spanish Government. "We'll avoid your tax increase by acquiring banks outside Spain. In fact we found a great one in UK called TSB. What could possibly go wrong nya nya!"
  2. Funn3r

    The bodyguard

    This really happened in the mid 80s except it was a bloke tricked his pregnant wife into taking the bomb on the plane. She definitely was a victim.
  3. Funn3r

    UKIP release interim manifesto

    Being English I would rather like one with MEGA. Long past time to break up the UK.
  4. Funn3r

    Princes of Yen

    Good, but slow, and non-stop whiny music.
  5. Funn3r

    Which loo for you?

    There was only one toilet so it was a mystery how it worked before their new law.
  6. Funn3r

    Which loo for you?

    Went to toilet in US, saw this
  7. Funn3r

    Online Privacy - Apple

    I've found that it prioritises shortest journey time and if a longer detour is quicker then it chooses that. It also has an element of randomness - if it detects traffic ahead then it sends you on a detour, but if it chose the same detour for everyone then it would just cause a different traffic problem.
  8. Funn3r

    Trump's progress

    I do hope DECLAS proves dossier and therefore Salisbury Novichok was utter bollocks.
  9. Funn3r

    How to make democracy work

    Immigrants don't get a vote ever unless they acquire citizenship. My Spanish friend lived in UK 30+ years can't vote. So don't understand your only 6 year barrier. If said immigrants do become fully British then dangerous to say all British are equal but some are more equal than others. One vote per 1000 income tax. Rich people get more votes. Think we tried that in 18th century are we really going back there? Voting age goes up from 18 to 21. Is there a reason for that? Being a paid killer for HMG shouldn't get you a pass on that. All elected officials to publish tax details. This is a killary pet project she really wants it. If she's for anything I'm against it just on general principle.
  10. Funn3r

    Trans mass shooting

    We have a couple of customer projects so large that they are effectively permanent parts of the company. I was in the bar with their senior people and after a few drinks they were chortling about wasn't it a strange mystery that for years they had never interviewed a black or asian applicant who was suitably qualified. Your trans person probably had a belly full of that too so having a go, even if skills not up to job was true on that occasion.
  11. Funn3r

    Trump's progress

    I don't believe we should be asking "Saudi or Mossad?" it's my feeling that the two countries work very closely together despite being theoretical enemies. Even if only because they both terrified of Iran.
  12. Funn3r

    Trump's progress

    Trump from 2016 he was down on Lindsey Graham even back then.
  13. Funn3r

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Funny pedos never look like pedos do they
  14. Funn3r

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I have got one or two obvious names in mind. Please let them be rounded up and sent to gitmo.
  15. Funn3r

    Marine Le Pen sent for reprogramming

    She only said that because the Voices told her to