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  1. From Zerohedge: Should she resign, here's the FT's list of the most likely candidate to replace May: Jeremy Hunt, foreign secretary Sajid Javid, home secretary Boris Johnson, former foreign secretary Michael Gove, environment secretary Dominic Raab, former Brexit secretary Amber Rudd, work and pensions secretary Matt Hancock, health secretary But among these, most expect Johnson to emerge as the frontrunner in the battle to replace May. And, as the Spectator writes in a recent column, the only thing that can stop Johnson is himself.
  2. Congratulations you must be the last person left in UK who cares in the slightest which clown they have nominally "leading" them
  3. Let's do my usual wild conspiratorial guess. The special attention to Huawei is nothing new. A few years ago there was a GCHQ-huawei collaborative centre set up, ostensibly so that UK could certify Huawei security. What if in fact it was a UK attempt to develop a tame Chinese manufacturer to install UK-only back doors? Given that it's pretty much certain now that UK was driving the spying on the -Trump campaign perhaps this is retaliation by the US and Huawei backed the wrong horse.
  4. I read that tweet and thought it was ambiguous. BK should have predicted that it would be contentious and worded it more clearly. If they had expressed a message amounting to "We're open for milkshakes so you can show the right wing scum what you think of them" then that totally crossed the line and BK deserve every negative comment. To me though it read more like "the police asked us to stop selling milkshakes in case some nutter chucked one at somebody. They can fuck right off we'll sell what we like"
  5. When I was a young kid watching voyage to the bottom of the sea, or the original star trek, they always had a computer (spinning tape reels and flashing lights) on board. Whenever the crew and the ship got into a bit of a difficulty and there looked like no way out this time (until after the advert break) I just used to be seriously puzzled and wonder "why don't they ask the computer what to do?"
  6. What actually is Social Media? Does dosbods count as Social Media? I feel bad now for disinforming stokie the other day that an asteroid was on target to hit the earth
  7. Your wife is in similar position as my friend then, probably having ILR, depending on exactly when she arrived in UK. As everyone knows the original plan was March 29th at 23:00 — any EU showing up at immigration at 23:01 would no longer be allowed in automatically as an EU citizen and would have to stand in line with the passengers just off the flight from Pakistan. That would then depend on her ability successfully to claim ILR, taking into account being able or not to fulfil the requirements of the the various rule changes since 2006. Not saying she'd be denied entry but you'd really want your wife in that situation? Yes remainer, although haven't done any bedwetting recently. Although one of the final straws in my divorce was when I drunkenly sleep-walked (again) and pissed in the wardrobe, not my best time.
  8. One of the crew is EU person, lived in UK for donkeys decades but still foreign passport. Didn't want situation at Gatwick where we could all get back in except her. You say wouldn't have had any issues but her lawyers couldn't tell her for sure so we didn't chance it. OK I know it has changed a bit since then with Home Office registration scheme.
  9. We did cancel (or rather not book when we would have) a trip solely for the reason that we would have been out of UK on March 29th and the uncertainty of getting back in a couple of days later. Strictly speaking this couldn't be blamed on brexit per se, rather on the political confusion leading to us not knowing what the score would be. Having said that I would be very reluctant to travel anywhere with Thomas Cook, either package or flight, so they didn't lose my business.
  10. Dosbods champagne meetup
  11. Never heard of her. Her letter not easy to read with its rambling style and accusations with nothing to back them up (anti semitic etc.) Got to the bit where she praises Tony Blair to the skies and just stopped reading.
  12. Richer Sounds used to advertise proudly that they were specialist hi fi merchants and didn't sully themselves selling TVs or similar gear. Then the number of "audiophiles" wanting to buy oxygen-plated pre-amp cables must have dried up and Richer quietly dropped the slogan and began flogging any kind of electronic tat. Wish I had kept one of their old leaflets so I could take the piss.
  13. The endless Gatwick drones MSM thing was about new laws banning drones I thought. When all the crossbow stories started appearing I thought here we go. Crossbows are nasty, over enthusiastic family member bought one which was quite a monster. Hadn't considered where they could shoot it so I arranged a tutorial session with a professional at a local archery club. They let us shoot it once, then after that we had to use their less powerful ones. They said ours was designed for USA deer hunters and would have ruined their targets.
  14. How dare you suggest our independent free press would just make things up as fake news based on Internet legends. Every word they print is true and you're a nasty minded person for saying that. Just a sec it's time for my hypno-helmet