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  1. Funn3r


    0xdeadbeef we're going to do the is-quorn-tasty thread again.
  2. Be careful if you do! When I did it the return ferry mysteriously broke down or we could not get on because maritime regulations, or "something." Needed to spend money locally for a night in Hotel Mamunia. As it turned out quite enjoyable but still, watch out.
  3. BLACKFACE so wrong, I am triggered. (Where do I get compo?)
  4. Dragging things further off-topic, sorry, but I really fancy a trip to Ceuta - any good?
  5. Funn3r


    They laughed when I said I wanted to leave IT and become a stand-up comedian, but I did it anyway. They're not laughing now.
  6. Funn3r


    A 32-bit word is everywhere in IT and for convenience they are commonly expressed as 8 hexadecimal characters. Our normal decimal means of counting uses characters 0 to 9, but hexadecimal extends this a bit to use 0 to 9 and additionally A B C D E F. The prefix 0x........ indicates it's a hexadecimal value. It's a nerdy thing to make up words using only letters A to F.
  7. I think the Swiss-democracy guy has said a lot in the past about the specifics of the Swiss border, maybe he can weigh in on this as I don't know. The North Africa border you're joking surely, try getting the Algeciras-Tangier ferry and see it's spectacular security bureaucracy.
  8. Funn3r


    I've been in some In-n-Out Burgers, very disappointing, not even close to a UK high-street McDonalds. Although as vegestralian I suppose I am not ideally qualified to pontificate on burger bars. OK, if the film/hospital poster was shopped then fair enough that's weird but I find it hard to see the importance of an extra paper cup on the table maybe it was not cleaned up from the previous occupant. Similarly she took her reading specs off for a posed photo; most people naturally would I think because vanity.
  9. Funn3r


    Serves you right for not being an IT nerd like us normul peaple.
  10. Funn3r


    Great thread title
  11. Funn3r


    I read in Viz that you can make a handy clepsydra out of an old oil drum and several gallons of elephant piss. I believe that would impress your visitors far more than a bunch of rusty cogs in a wooden box.
  12. To be fair "threat" isn't the right word, you couldn't realistically blame EU for wanting a hard border between EU and non-EU. Imagine the USA saying fuck it, the Mexico border is too much work we'll just put signs up.
  13. Funn3r


    Friend who had breast cancer is super proud of the tattoo she got during treatment. Some dots so they can re-align the radiation machine properly every session.
  14. Funn3r


    I think "they" know they can't cover this one up completely, as they would like to. So they are going for plan B which is to emphasise the filthy orgies and blow jobs in the bathroom and so on. All perfectly legal and realistically is Joe Sixpack even going to care, he will probably feel envious in fact. If the MSM play their part properly then all the alleged baby-raping and torturing can be conveniently overlooked.
  15. Funn3r


    FTFY You won't fool the l33t dosbods autists that easily!