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  1. Never. Happening. People get all upset about foreign aid. They see taxpayer money being wasted on foreign people who deserve it less than people in UK. Not surprising. It's not about that it's about soft power. When you give a country aid you get control over them. You get to tell them change that policy we don't like or no more money for you. Our government of whatever flavour will never give that up. Forget it.
  2. Tried loads of coffees and always come back to Costco own brand Kirkland. A can 1.3kg costs 7 or 8 quid I can't remember. Tastes wonderful.
  3. Sorry Sir Pedant, I blame my phone's AutoCorrupt function.
  4. Google send me surveys about all sorts of things and quite often it's "You watched this YouTube video - how appropriate would you consider if we suggested the following?" It's never anything I would want to see.
  5. There's always a contra-rotating thingy in secret new technology. I used to love the BIG RAT in Joe 90 and the throbbing sixties music.
  6. OK here's one for dosbods pedants who think they know English grammar, but don't. Which is it more correct to say - the yolk of an egg ARE white, or the yolk of an egg IS white? Actually its yellow
  7. EyeTheSpy Twitter account been pulled
  8. It's a difficult one. If you verify your identity before voting then you are vulnerable to having your voting slip read as already discussed. If you don't verify your identity then anyone can vote as many times as they like, making it all a bit pointless. Surely the maths game theory wonks can come up with a solution that gives eligible voters one valid voting opportunity.
  9. Yes, I'm old enough to remember those. It was better. My friend wants to know more about this especially if you have video
  10. Maybe it is the machine translation but I read this as a lot of rubbish. "I dindu nuffink to nobody I am just a humble nonentity nothing to see here move along."
  11. It's utterly pointless to slag off Jeremy or any of the other candidates. The next and subsequent governments - whoever they are - will all be forced to take exactly similar policies directed by the elites. In particular a huge initiative for infrastructure improvements financed by cheap or free loans by the B of E. For details see the Durhamborn deflationary crash thread. Surely that's serious enough that the electoral process now needs to be halted until this showstopping problem can be resolved?
  12. Funn3r

    I cannot lie

    I don't find lying particularly valuable so I don't do it. It's not a stance taken because of ethics. I think being known as a straight arrow is quite handy as well. Supposing I had actually to make threats they wouldn't think "I wonder if it's a bluff"
  13. I think that's normal for new MPs though. There's no induction and onboarding course like when you get a job in a large company, you just get dumped into a decaying old building with incomprehensible traditions and you are expected to get on with it.
  14. I think all top business and politics people are like that to some extent. I think in Donald's case he has great planners and great support teams and what you're really seeing is him being the public face of an overall really slick operation.
  15. I think some Palestinians have had pretty rotten luck getting duffed up or shot by Israeli Military. That one sentence is probably enough for me to qualify as an anti-semite...