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  1. Tell Yanks their state should leave the USA, they look at you funny.
  2. I had a pound coin with the edge inscription misspelt. Something about standing on the shoulders of giants. I was convinced it was worth millions but no. I wrote to the royal mint customer service thing and they said oh yes happens all the time we really need to get those old machines upgraded. So I reckon best to just ignore all the daft stories about Paddington Bear 50p and such.
  3. I had normal eyesight back when Ford Orions roamed the earth. Good point though rather ironic I probably couldn't see the wires now.
  4. Usenet seems purely to be a pirate downloads thing now. There are loads of specialist providers whose selling point is long retention period due to their intergalactically huge disk farms. Yes, forums in those days would only ever have the last few days traffic on them. You posted something and it lived only as long as there was disk space on the server then got overwrote. People liked it that way as you didn't get bitten on the arse by something stupid you posted in the past. There was outcry when Deja News (now taken over by Google) announced they were going to archive all traffic.
  5. Surely you jest? They are fantastic when you want to de ice your screen but absolutely horrible the rest of the time. I had a Ford Orion and it was awful having to drive while looking through the curly wires embedded in the glass.
  6. I loved usenet years ago, some great forums both for work and personal. Just a films and warez repository now I believe.
  7. Funn3r

    Windows 7 Support

    We only last year moved off of NT4 and original early 2000s hardware.
  8. Lots round here, two-lane road meets roundabout and no white lines on roundabout. What's the driving etiquette? Are you supposed to pretend the lanes still exist and keep to them? Or is it just a single lane until you get to the exit. I treat them as the latter but people get funny about it.
  9. Mais naturellement monsieur. I used to live on the flightpath for Blackbushe where the majority of aircraft are small ones. It was just after 9/11 so everyone was paranoid and I suddenly started caring about the planes flying very low over my house. Sometimes I would get one really really low and I thought that can't be legal. Don't get me wrong I like planes and not one of these people moans about the noise or whatever. I complained to the CAA and they said if you can read the registration number with naked eye it's below the prescribed 500 foot altitude. So next time a low one came over I remembered it's number and reported it to the CAA. All they did was say ah yes this belongs to such a person at such address go do a private prosecution. I assumed it was like police where they nicked people breaking the rules. So I just had to live with it.
  10. Probationary member! You're not a full member until you're old enough to rant incomprehensibly about the good old days
  11. The official way to wake up a Google Home assistant is to say "Hey Google" Cocaine Poodle works just as well 🐩
  12. The Roman baths in Bath were a temple dedicated to Sulis Minerva. Wondered if my trip to see them would be spooky but no, quite enjoyed it.
  13. Funn3r


    John McCaffee names person who killed Epstein
  14. That's no owl... Looks more like a reptilian overlord to me.
  15. I had a BUPA medical check once: they do a simple, medium, and advanced and I had the medium which was supposed to cost 350 but I got company to pay for it. Waste of time, weighed me and lectured about drinking too much etc. Finger up bum. The good thing was blood test with comprehensive report in detail, although they just sent the raw results nobody to help figure out what it all meant but no problem with help from google. For a simple ongoing health monitor I like my Xaomi v2 smart scale. You weigh yourself and it sends all sorts of other info to your phone such as body fat level, visceral fat level, hydration, bone density, other stuff. No idea how absolutely accurate but measurements are very consistent and it notices if I change my diet for a few days.