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  1. I was lucky to have two children one of each gender so I could truthfully with a straight face answer the "Daddy am I your favourite?" question with yes you're my favourite little girl/boy. Always seemed to satisfy them.
  2. That's to assume she was outside the US. I agree that if she was outside then she would only risk going there if there was a solid deal for when she was inevitably grabbed at the airport. But if so, why buy and live in the expensive mansion in New Hampshire? Maybe she really thought she could lie low but somehow they found her. Maybe the "mansion" story is just a lie to cover how she really got there. Wonder what they are going to do with her now? Obviously no point putting her in their supermaxest toppest impregnably safe and secure holding centre because we all know you won't last five minutes what with the dodgy CCTV and the guards sneaking off for a smoke all the time.
  3. I can only manage 50% of the richer, older But I live in hope
  4. Definitely. It is up there with the Rees-Mogg lounging on the front bench level of infinitely repeatable embarrassment photos.
  5. Why Trump? Not saying they're wrong but just don't see why. Surely could equally be one of the Clintons or many other people.
  6. DOJ lady Audrey sounded pretty choked up when describing the alleged child sex crimes
  7. I haven't changed my mind since
  8. Very strange that she is in the SDNY though as I think someone already said.
  9. Gone/banned/cancelled whatever is the correct twitterm. I got a message saying I could only see it if I signed up to Twitter (as if.)
  10. I've actually done this! Took rental car to petrol station and just parked like I always do next to petrol pump with no attempt to make sure the filler cap was on the side next to the pump. Then I went in to the shop, as you have to do in America, to tell them which pump number and pre-pay a max amount on your card. Came out to do the actual filling up and noticed too late that American pumps are not like here where the pipe is long enough to reach both sides of the car, and it was the wrong side. Realised that if I drove the car to another pump then it would no longer be pre-paid also someone else might then take "my" pump and fill up on my credit card. Went back in to grovel to the cashier who actually came back out and stood in my space while I drove around until the pump pipe reached the cap. It was actually even more complicated than that but bottom line I certainly feel for the lady in the video.
  11. A guy is driving at night through some lonely woods. Suddenly a bright light descends above his car and all his electrics go off. As is well known this means you are about to be abducted by aliens, and so he is. After being unconscious for a while he wakes up aboard the alien ship. There is someone else in the room and he says where am I? Turns out exactly same thing happened to her, she was abducted as well, just woke up, neither of them has any idea what's going on. A group of grey aliens with big eyes enter the room and says Greetings Earthlings. We wish to learn more about the human reproductive process and we have selected you as test subjects. Please produce a baby human. "You can't do that to us!" object the humans but the aliens make it clear that they better get on with it or else face being dematerialised. In fact the woman is pretty hot, and she's thinking hmm he's not bad either. They think what the hell it could be fun. "You and me baby we ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel." A lot of sweaty activity occurs and when everything calms down the aliens re-enter the room. "Now show us the baby human." Of course the abductees try to reason with the aliens and explain about the 9-month gestation period and all that. The aliens are not impressed and shout "YOU LIE, EARTH SCUM." "If that was truly the case that 9 months are required, why were you in such a hurry at the end?"
  12. Whatever it was, it made you say something you didn't Nintendo
  13. I hope you're not trying to work this conversation round to us paying you reparations for Bosworth Field. The answer is still NO.
  14. Had to search, never heard of that film but looks good. The ones I knew were ex-POW, OK some of the time but then they would suddenly flip, quite often when they would see an asian-looking person or something as simple as some rice. Never saw them become violent but they were clearly capable of being aggressive and of course got guns.