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  1. Can I just say what a pleasure it is to debate this issue in a reasonable environment. I'm well aware I'm in a minority as a Remain voter on this site, but if the wider population (and our elected representatives) could make the same effort to genuinely understand each other's viewpoint we'd live in a much fairer society in or out of the EU. Particularly in the age of social media we seem to be descending into a world where any attempt at thoughtful debate is immediately drowned out by dog whistle extremism from all sides and we get nowhere.
  2. I'm in the same position. I hope house prices move to historical levels in comparison to wages. However as the father of two young boys I'm terrified by the prospect of a return to the regular large-scale European conflicts we had for several hundred years until WW2, and the associated slaughter of our young men at the whim of the ruling elite. From my perspective, the EU and it's forerunners have achieved unprecedented political stability on this self-destructive continent in spite of the many things that are wrong with the way the EU is run. On that single issue I voted to Remain. I couldn't find a way to fight my way through the ridiculous campaigns of either Remain or Leave to obtain any truth so just voted in a purely selfish way to protect my boys.
  3. You voted leave because you thought it would making housing more affordable? Could you explain the reasoning behind that?
  4. This bit is particularly thought-provoking. At best they stand to lose a chunk of their prior London gains. At worst they risk negative equity if they've tried to become lord of the manor in the Shires. In some locations that suffered the greatest influx it could lead to decades of the top-end of local housing being frozen as the occupants are unable/unwilling to crystallise their losses.
  5. I've never fully understood the difference/relationship between the YEP and the Yorkshire Post.
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    I don't need to sell my soul He's already in me I wanna be ignored I wanna be ignored I don't have to sell my soul
  7. Doubt it's Derby. The Derby Evening Telegraph building is now occupied by a yellow box storage company, with the now dreadful newspaper being written by drones and published in Nottingham.
  8. I guess it depends on the relative gains. If you bought an ETF which rose 3-fold with 0.5% trading costs each end, your gain would be (0.995 * 3) * 0.995 = 2.97 If you bought a bunch of individual miners which rose 4-fold with 10% trading costs each end, your gain would be (0.9 * 4) * 0.9 = 3.24 The key question is whether several individual stocks will collectively outperform an ETF (that probably contains similar stocks). I don't know the answer to that part.
  9. BBC Four is very good, the mainstream channels less so. But if the population demands mindless shite in the main then should the national broadcasters deny them?
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    The Estate Agent share price thread.

    Thanks SP. Unless they've been closing large numbers of branches, I'm not sure what that £237m could be.
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    The Estate Agent share price thread.

    'Unusual expense (income)' £237m What on earth is that?
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    I'm Spartacus.
  13. Could this not mean the money is actually earmarked for infrastructure projects?