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  1. @Errol AND all the folks here who are into GOLD! Watched this last night, yeah, I know, I know, I know its... OFF TOPIC! BUT! ...Britain's Biggest Armed Robbery, Brinks Mat Gold Heist is well worth a watch! Especially when that amount of gold was removed from the market ... Gold ROCKETED! I can remember this Heist of the century very well as it happened down the road from where i was doing my engineering apprenticeship... ENJOY!
  2. Thanks DB, thats what i thought, i mean look what folks got for buying an annuity back in 1989/ 90 when IR's were 15%! BTW, just being nosy ...(you can tell me to pi** off ;-)...what sort of pharma work do ya do that pays 48K ? as i thought you were an engine builder? 48K good moolah, you look at the work that i used to do, 7 years training CNC + manual high precision machining, 35 YEARS in the game... even today the guys in this trade would be lucky to get £26K PA, in SE UK of the compays i worked at F1 CAN NOT even find subcontractors to do their work because it is so complex! When i was there i would remember guys coming for interviews, and when the manager showed them the parts they made, the job hunter would turn bright RED!
  3. YEP £ up over 160 points (1.2167) since Mondays low 1.2017, was thinking about opening an acc with cmc as you can bet with them @ 50p a point on currencies, so on £ ... chuck in £200 into the acc ...that gives me 400 points to set me stop loss @ 1.617 ...AND either go for BUST or £ goes UP, up...up and just keep rolling the contract over until 2027 HA-ha! Just managed to CASH my pension in, which was NO easy feat with the company i had it with, my pension pot was valued at £4K more going back a few weeks - however as markets dived in the last few days, i got less, however imagine the POOR buggers who will have to cash in when markets are dire, pensions really are pot luck for most... Anyway...taking part as a fixed monthly income, plus with part-time work (scavenging scrap metal thats me below ;- ) this will keep me just under the annual tax threshold! ...when i turn 67 will get the GOV pension if there is anything left I will also have a smallesh lump sum left from the fixed monthly income pot, this i intend to buy an annuity,as per this thread IR should be in double figures in 10...12 years, if that is the case would annuity rates be a LOT higher than they are now, and more to the point if IR were 10% would annuity rates be close to that? I asked this question: "if IR were 10% would annuity rates be close to that?" the FA that i was dealing with a few weeks back AND he did NOT have a clue! ...Did i ever mention on this thread that i didn't like FA's! @DurhamBornOr anyone here, can YOU answer the above question, THANKS!
  4. AGREE! Listening to LBC radio on Monday evening the £/$ hits its lowest point since brexit 1.2017...and the financial tart that comes on from the FT was going on about the RECORD amount of SHORTS on £ sterling... I'd say the BELL has RUNG for the bottom for the... 'ol £! I'd like to take a LONG punt on £, however don't have me spread betting acc anymore so looked on HL for something along these lines... Can someone here who knows about this ETFS below explain, as looking at the 1 year chart its gone ONLY one way! ETFS Foreign Exchange Ltd Long GBP Short USD (GBP)
  5. Or better still bring a LARGE duffle bag with ya, and FREE-LOAD all the grub they put on to take home! seriously ...any you guys been to a FTSE 100 company AGM, ? If the results are bad, they'll put on a great spread to keep the share-holders happy...AND the moaning to a minimum! I used to know one guy in London, who bought 1share in FTSE 100 companies that he knew gave great food & drinks at their AGM's and he'd make sure most of thier AGM's were in London - this was in the days of buying paper-certs he had a great deal with the broker to buy 1 share! ...he used to tell me the LOOK on the person at the register section when they saw he had 1 share he made a bee-line for the FREE GRUB!
  6. CP, i been watching Fresnillio of late, cos i'm a TIGHT-WAD...hoping it will get to around its year low of 5.70 before buying... however looking at the chart it could break that and go down all the way to £1.20 NO? ...who knows maybe mystic meg? I remember very well when it was around this price in 2008 when i had my old finspread acc, (spread-betting) i only wanted to bet £1 p/point BUT ...didn't pull the frigging trigger, ONLY to watch it ROCKET to over £20 quid lol!
  7. GOLD ROCKETING, UP $36 today, is EVERY one on this thread holding GOLD coming in their panties with joy lol!
  8. I asked to speak with a senior manager at L&G however was just fobbed off, their is NO info about protection on their site, again was given BS they are restructuring the site thats why no info, yet all the other pension sites i checked had indeed protection info on their sites... At the end of the day, I'd rather go with what the FSCS has told me and that is if L&G get into trouble the FSCS can NOT help me. Also why hasn't the FA come back to me with an answer about this issue?
  9. @spygirl @dgul thanks, gotcha i understand now, told ya i can be a bit tick at times!
  10. @DurhamBorn Ya post made me write something right now, however to go into details would take several pages! Hands UP I'm in me mid-fifties, and I've paid into a personal pension for 35 years, over the last 6 weeks been trying to get my head around this pension malarkey, complex is an understatement, anyway...finally I get there and decide what i want (similar to your post DB), as my pot has grown to just a little over £100K, the provider allows FREE advice from their financial adviser, long story short... ...talking to this FA was a joke, i mean the questions he asked were like YOU had NO idea about managing money, i mean it was just a waste of time AND... If i took this FA C**T's advice ...he would have taken a piss taking RIP-OFF £3,000 commission, AND I could possibly LOOSE my entire pension pot, WHY...? This FA C**T recommend a scheme from Legal & General Pensions Ltd, so I did my HOME-WORK, and guess WHAT? Check this out folks: Since 21/04/2016 Legal & General Pensions Ltd ...YOU will have NO protection, I even called the FSCS and they confirmed this, even they were shocked! When i emailed the FA C**T about the above...for some odd reason he has NOT replied! Now ya all know why I HATE financial advisers 99.9% are a bunch of f**king pricks!
  11. spy I really don't understand this post, have ya have a few shots of whiskey this morning in ya coffee? ...OR is this just Scarborough specific? OR maybe me being a bit THICK If those current houses are priced today @ say 200K ...and in several years collapse to £80K there be plenty of buyers! MOST of the buyers will be from this thread! lol! BTW, SLA down today ...we may get a chance to snap some up on the cheap!
  12. Ain't been on here as real busy, anyway some very nice interesting posts regarding oil from @Cattle Prod I've just logged into my HL acc, and f**k my old boots...portfolio UP 10% AND this is with a buy order i left on their to get more CNA if they hit 79p ...well CNA are now 69p! ha-ha! STILL i'm UP 10% cos of the PM's BIG THANKS go out to: @DurhamBorn The question is do i sell those pm's that have run...? Emm I sold my IBTL a couple of weeks ago thinking they hit resistance, and here we are today and they have GONE UP even MORE lol! So...I think i'll do an Errol, and hope for multi-bagging, cos at the end of the day I'm like most on here and building a portfolio to spit out income for long term... BTW, did tescos last night AND NO YRS scavengers there, spoke with one of the staff, and he informed me that they are doing the final reductions at anytime, could be, 6pm,7pm, 8pm, 9pm, so i got nothing....oh bugger that's pissed on my fireworks, but hey oh the staff must be getting pissed off with all the fighting between the EE trash that goes there! EDIT: Here's a PDF of that interesting article Paradigm Shifts by Ray Dalio that DB mentioned a few posts back...
  13. Yep surprised an OLD TIGHT-WAD like me when i had to buy an extra 4 spark plugs! Check this link out, great instruction on how to replace the rear 4 spark plugs!
  14. Thats insane, what car do ya have ...rolls royce? I've just done my Honda JAZZ service, renewed the spark-plugs (8) / oil + filter (quality replacements - sent to me door total £42) OR i'm i missing something...& this what dealships charge ? ? Well what do i know, maybe i'm out of the times... as i drove the same MK1 Golf C for 21 years until a year or so ago, serviced it myself (its garaged now appreciating in value every year its now my: GOLF ETF ) EDIT: Oh ...SORRY for being OFF TOPIC again!
  15. NO need to apologise ...well not to me anyway as I have THICK-SKIN! Ya have to if you saw where i go for my REDUCTIONS...its like a freaking WAR-ZONE I kid you not! I'll disclose the town once i move hopefully by the autumn... Harley I like ya input in this thread... anyways it shows you the calibre of person you are for the apology - just like the majority on here kind-hearted with no bitching & squabbling, that's what makes this thread so GREAT!