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  1. @DurhamBorn Well i hope ya don't... NOT only will I (i'm sure i speak for MOST of us here) MISS ya updated stocks & deflation/reflation cycle posts... But MOST of all for me, i'll miss your frugal-money-saving-tips-bargain-reduced-section posts! BTW, did the boot sale Sunday for the 1st time this year. anyway for some reason i got up early, after a bacon-butty sandwich (reduced 49p for whole bacon pack lol) , made my way to the boot sale on me push-bike. Had to cut a lot of the overgrown brambles etc with my small but Heavy Duty Hand Cutter Pruners! ...making a 2 quid saving on the entrance fee AND what da ya know when i got inside it was 8:40am and the public were still queuing (they open 9am) as i made my way to the BEST stalls, oh boy did i CLEAN UP!
  2. @DurhamBorn I didn't know that so thanks! I hold both Harmony Gold and Sibanye AND they are doing VERY well so thanks again, now i only have £1K in each and have allocated an extra £1K for both, but this is my dilemma, do i sell soon to takes profits...because as you say we could have a pull-back in gold, then reinvest the total of 2K in each IF? they dive, it ain't easy this game! BTW. I'm NOT asking for advice, its just that you are on the ball with most of ya predictions, I'm now tempted to grab the profits from Harmony Gold and Sibanye soon! However I reckon i'll end up doing the same as i did for Endeavour Silver, it had good profits, and i'm thinking its going to the MOON then it dives i miss out on the profits ...and i buy more AT its lower price Ha-ha LOL! ...any how my total Endeavour holding is only down 3% URA ...oh so looks like a safe bet, in which case i could of put in more, its just a pity we can't trade it! I really do like the chart of it. Looking at the chart below i can imagine YOU bought at EVERY REDUCED yellow sticker support point then sold out when it approached near resistance!
  3. out of all those i'd bet on Diageo - however NOT at is current price... wait for the coming 1929 style CRASH, and buy when it gets to around £9.99!
  4. hey SP, i checked the long term chart of URA, and i like the look of it, sideways flat line... it either goes BUST or maybe rockets to the moon wanted to bung in 300 quid for a speculative punt well checked out HL and... ...the EU no doubt, the sooner we' OUT of that corrupt SH*T EU the better, get ya finger out Boris!
  5. THANKS for the Iceland & Aldi TIP! Glad ya car going well... I bought myself a Honda Jaxx 2005 at BCA, got it for £1560 ...YOU should have seen all the vulture-traders all over it ...though had to pay total with BCA commision £1975, even so this motor is SUPERB, great condition, full service history only 49,000 miles excellent condition & MOT histroy is very good having only failed 1 time. last sunday I drove from SE to SW to look at that REDUCED price house (feck is that a PARADISE area compared to where i live right now) 145 mile round trip, the car drove like a dream! I would NEVER of got a motor like this sold privately, well NOT in my neck of the woods... Just LOVE this that "No Matter What" ?
  6. @DurhamBornGOLD has rocketed up by near on... $40 today! I've just FedEx 'd ya FREE fish&chips!
  7. I'm checking house prices weekly in SE & SW (prices £250/300K) ...let me tell ya they ALL have reductions! (its ONLY the few are far between crème de la crème properties that are sold quick or not reduced) BTW, why are you sticking up for a bank?!
  8. YEAP SP, the very same discussion conversation on LBC radio a few mornings ago, and yet the C**Ts in power say high employment & EVERYTHING is ROSY bit like those PR*CKS Halifax saying BULLSH*TING house prices rose 0.5% on the month in May! THATS ...*WHY* a house i'm interested in thats been on the market for 2 months at: £265K...(no offers) HAS just 5 days ago been REDUCED to £250K ...YES £15k OFF ! ...please explain that you MORONS Halihoax!
  9. NO chance of me EVER moving there! The reason i din't state the ' stunning area of the SW ' cos its genrally an unkonwn area. i reseached this area 2 years ago, and i ain't telling on an open forum!
  10. I do NOT believe the above...there is a house that is just within my budget in a stunning area of the SW its been on the market for 2 months at: £265K Just checked RM it was REDUCED 5 days ago to £250K ! I going to see it next week, and if i like it ...and can get a further £10K reduction, i'll probaly go for it!
  11. Thanks for the info, in which case I'll go to 'Hall 1 REDUCED Section' when i pop over to Blackbushe Car Auctions next Monday... After all wouldn't want to splash-out MEGA cash on a motor ONLY for it to depreciate in value, as soon as i drive off! So YES its a £100 car bargain for me, I'll be joining the bottom feeder bargain hunters there, however those bottom feeder bargain hunters ain't seen nothing ...cos I'm bringing me own YRS Tea FLASK & SANDWICHES!
  12. Halifax said prices rose 0.5% on the month in May, in contrast to predictions of a fall, and April's monthly house price growth was revised up to 1.2% from 1.1%. "The overall message is one of stability," Halifax managing director Russell Galley said. MORE BULLSH*T from Halifax Halihoax !
  13. Cor blimey...GOLD is doing well in the last few days, if this breaks the double top at $1340 and continues up for a few days... Looks like i'll be up to see @DurhamBorn AND pay for his fish&chips! ...boy is that going to be problematic for a TIGHT-WAD like me!
  14. I bought Endeavour Silver & Yamana Gold on 13 May - i mentioned it a few pages back, ...and YEAH! They went DOWN a few days later and you had around a 4 day window of opportunity to get 'em CHEAPER tham me! anyway they are nearly up to what i paid on 13 May. i see my new gold stuck i'm only down 67% on these my best performer is Harmony Gold up 40% THANKS @DurhamBornand when all is said and done my portfolio is only down -14%. so not too bad in the grand scheme of things... BTW, i went to Blackbushe Car Auction yesterday, NEVER been there before...cos fedup in my area trying to buy a 2nd-hand car from scammer-dim-wits! had my eye on 4 hondas and could NOT beleve it, they went well over my buget, however these were VERY good LOW millage cars, i mean one honda 2009 had 11,000 miles it looked BRAND NEW - i even checked out the history online a BRILLANT basically NEW car ...biding started at £3,100 which shocked me...was expecting around 2k...AND final bid £4,200! BUT...some GOOD News! there are 3 auction halls and hall 1 i hadn't even looked in, so took a mosy on over ...well feck-me WHAT a place! cars going for 100 quid! ...i kid you NOT...this was the REDUCED Section, how the feck could I of missed it! this hall was FULL of bottom feeder bargain hunters oh boy did i feel at home here! one car came in, and the auctioner couldn't get a 100 quid starting bid, so he reduced it to 99 indian guy stepped up and asked did he say 99p! the auctioner retored back in a NICE laughable way... what the f**k do you think this palce is the POUND SHOP! one dealer chap who looked like he'd just got out of bed with a wisky bottle inside his shirt bought 6 cars while i stood there in AMAZMENT! he did not pay over £250 for any car! the only down side to these motors is they are HIGH millage, some even at 170,000, but hey-hoo ya take a chance cos most of 'em had good bodywork, and of course the problem for us private buyers is we pay more commsion, anyhow i'm going back next Monday for MORE FUN! I will say this there is NO RECESSION in the used car market thats for sure!
  15. EDIT: Beautiful Tasty ...50% drop. @DurhamBorn AND ALL the contributing folks here...MASSIVE thanks! "Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come" Thread... is 1 year old today!