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  1. PAGING: @Harley @DurhamBorn @Cattle Prod @sancho panza ...AND anyone I've forgotten! Came across this VERY INTERESTING video about "Living Off Grid" and wanted to share with YOU guys, its by a chap that moved from London to woodland in Wales, built his own house for CHEAP...blimey hes even got his own hydroelectric! Check it OUT...You'll LOVE It!
  2. yeah so many dummies falling for this BS, IF it was so BAD as the media CRIMINALS make out, you'd have the odd person dieing in a busy high-street... HEY least one Italian MP is speaking out about all this CV bollox!
  3. FROM: moneyweek "A warning from history about the return of inflation" Frisby mentions a book: Dying of Money he says ONLY 1,000 copies were ever printed and they go for $600 a pop! you can get it of amazon for around $150... BUT ya moolah! AS...I got ya's covered with a YRS FREE copy of course! Grab the PDF here: anyways enjoy the read, i haven't read it yet...i'm sure its @DurhamBorn's cup of tea...CAN'T hang around here got to get cracking on the spare room, gotta rent a room out now that house PRICES are CRASHING! (only way to soften the blow, when ya buy near the TOP!)
  4. @Democorruptcy Yeah I'm fully loaded now with RMG as well, still not to bad as an average price of around £1.90 Reason i bought more i saw Rico Back buy 1/2 million £ worth of shares back in February , even though hes a multimillionaire ...his purchase £537,676.80 is hardly chump-change?! looking at the chart it did a double-bottom at £1.25 recently and looks to be turning a corner, it even ended Friday UP 8.5% to £1.76! @Harley HA- the cunning plan is to remove the fish-pond its so deep down i should be able to convert this ponds cavity depth into a bunker! also just finishing the decorating in the spare room, ready to let it out as a Holiday let, to ...Japanese tourists - how did ya guess?! however ONLY certain types are ALLOWED to stay, namely... must be female ...criteria is they MUST be FOXY! They MUST look similar to the pic below, i bet if this fox turned up at @stokiescum gaff he'd be beside himself!
  5. Boy can you read my mind! In other news as per DB thread: The UK government has announced a £2bn programme of road and rail repairs: won't be long before our SGC rocket! AND whats this? "Coronavirus: UK house prices could take a year *40 YEARS* to recover as mortgage arrears edge higher" This reporter Tom Belger is full of SH*T! Just checked the area where i was looking to buy 18 months ago, this bungalow in Yateley would of gone for £325K (i know this road) ...AND there would of been a queue of SUCKERS! ITS just sold for £275K that's a 50K REDUCTION, I see more of this, as @spygirl says ...let the SE burn! ...meanwhile the village in the Cotswolds where i live, the lady opposite has been trying to sell her house for a year, its just gone STC, SHE HADN'T reduced the price anymore, makes me wonder if folks are more likely to buy in the countryside because of the CV? (AND of course its a LOT CHEAPER!) @Harley love ya new avatar pic, a "Déjà Vu" moment for me escaping that shitHoleTown near heathrow last October on a heli! BTW, our SBRY.L looks like hitting a double bottom on the 1 year chart (£1.79) ? so I'll be buying MORE ... so ya know what that means! "Hargreaves Lansdown lands £4bn of cash inflows from customers during pandemic!" Is that @Democorruptcy piling in? Blimey, HL should give us good folks here BETTER DISCOUNT dealing rates in that case!
  6. Hi, I had exactly what you state back in January, however mine was so BAD it was a struggle to even get out of bed. Managed to get to see my local DR, yep she was sure i had Vertigo , and recommended the Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo exercises via a printed chart. These had a small improvement, HOWEVER , searched on YT and found this video: It SAVED my life, this exercise is a LOT harder, JUST do it, you have nothing to lose, and boy I'm i gland i did them...THANK God/Buddha ...I'm 99,9% fine now, good luck and let us know how you get on.
  7. @DurhamBorn YOU Slacker! But then again i expect you had a good run of 2 months worth of YRS food didn't you say you have 3 or 4 freezers with a pile of bricks holding down the doors cos they were so FULL of YRS grub?! I did waitrose last Thursday, bloody joke worst queue so far in this BS, got a few YRS bargains, but its nought compared to pre-bat-flu days... BTW, saw this video about making pizza in the back garden, many a time when i use to do the taplow boot sale, i saw these large old case-iron pots, bloody well kicking myself for not picking one up, as it would of only cost me a quid, the way i bargain the sellers down maybe even 50p! This is right up ya street same for other folks here interested in TASTY Home/outdoor PIZZA making!
  8. indeed it is, i bought more near the years low back in march, @sancho panza was about to buy more i told him to hold off, cos I was BUYING! SO i think he bought more A FEW DAYS LATER right at the VERY low! anyway I'm only down 9% on my entire holding, question NOW ... do i sell when it blips up to near $2 ?....AND then ONLY to WATCH it ROCKET to $15 + YES, and if these companies need any help with training ...THEN...I'm the man, 35 years man & boy engineering experience, conventional & CNC machining, even grinding my own cutting tool bits on an off-hand-grinder, NOT like the trow-away inserts of today! ...AND the ONLY payment i required is they give me SHARES in the company!
  9. THANKS for the video link...ITS WORKING! I have Dr Judy Mikovits PHD Molecular Biologist/Medical Reseacher's book "Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science" ...and I'm sharing it here for ALL! NO need for payment...its FREE! Download PDF book here: #1 BEST SELLER:
  10. CORRECT, if ya ever get a chance to travel to Phnom Penh, go see the S-21 Prison. The killing machine of S-21 was a secret prison for torturing, interrogating, and depriving those who were accused of illegal activities and accused of being traitors. I visited 20 years ago, and what i saw was sickening, put it this way i could NOT get to sleep that night back at the guest house! MORE KILLING...Another nurse speaks out, WATCH before it gets taken down!
  11. A Rockefeller Foundation paper published back in 2010 predicted a pandemic could be used as an excuse to establish an authoritarian global government with their 'Lock Step' scenario unfolding nearly exactly as we're witnessing with the coronavirus pandemic now. Predicting mass shutdowns across America and the world, that Rockefeller paper, which we've also predicted a scenario eerily similar to 'Event 201', the pandemic simulation staged last October by Johns Hopkins University with the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Johnson & Johnson. PDF Report :
  12. Thanks for falling for our HOAX / SCAM ...AND Mega thanks for your CASH ...You suckers!
  13. Morning ALL! Quiet here this morning where are the NUTTER 5 minute traders? I expect they have run out of coka- sherbets?! @confused etc ...etc,... Shell has indeed dropped to a few pennies of my top-up price £11.69! Though this morning i'm feeling EXTRA stingy and may wait for it to go under a tenner! BTW, I was thinking about getting into home-brew, and remembered the old carry-on from years ago when Sid James and his mate were making it in the shed and it BLEW UP! Been looking for the film for ages and it wasn't a carry-on (similar) film was called: Bless this House - The Movie Bloody EXCELLENT stuff from the 70's...! Here it is, GRAB ya-self some beers and ENJOY!
  14. Yeah....*BUT* CRUDE was UP 12% today to a WHOPPING $17 EDIT! Just saw @Cattle Prod post he beat me to it!
  15. NICE 0NE! Just been on that moneysaving site, bloody boring filling in forms to get cheaper gas&elecy...MORE FUN here on this thread! BTW, Shell down 10% today...maybe be able to top up soon at around... £11.69?