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  1. No, a much less advanced Router with fanuc controller but the principles are the same.
  2. Completely agree, there is nothing worse than wondering if the machine is going to do something or you are going to have to do it. Especially when your travelleling at 70mph in 2 tons of missile with very little margin of error. I program/run a machine with one of the most reliable hardware availiable in the world at the moment (FANUC), with a hardware failiure rate of around 1 every 65 run years. About once a year it gets the program seriously wrong and damages the bed, but gets it right the second time. Thats not good when you dont get a second time!
  3. They do understand, the two delusions that were most common were I only have to start paying it off when I earn over (then) £20,000 and when I get to 50 it gets wiped. That anyone under £20,000 doesn't exactly live a life of luxury and 50 is a long time in the future when the government could easily change the rules as mentioned on here were completely lost on them at that age. It gets better though, parts of the student loans book are being sold by the government to private companies, so if the rules do change the government isn't going to take the hit!
  4. I did read an interesting comment on an article on China, the economic reports are always more positive than the reality, so if 1/3 house price drops and widespread defaults on bonds are being reported, how bad are things really getting under the hood? Can they print their way out of this one and save the world again without destroying the Yuan?
  5. House price crash is on the way in the near future, the scale of mismanagement over the last 10 years is such that I don't think they are even going to get to 2.75% early next year before the wheels fall off. 5% on $200k average us home is a good chuck of average income, at 6 or 7% its going to cause serious problems at some point. If I was on the committee I would be looking at how little Americans have been pushed to save (why bother when you got 0.25% interest and its inflated away) and exit stage right ASAP.
  6. Its structured so its more of a graduate tax that the majority will never pay off, RPI +3% was outrageous and I got shot of mine ASAP. I was only paying £3K a year however!
  7. Tories are petrified of Poll tax style fallout, they need a big enough excuse to bring in something like that. The fact the welfare state will demand ever more money until it ultimately collapses is lost on a lot of people.
  8. Probably slightly premature, but PM's were never going to stay hated forever. 3 weeks to US Midterms, they will hold it together till thats out the way surely?
  9. Construction is barely positive for 2018, not a sign of a healthy economy, especially since house building is included in that figure! Id put money that the 2019 and 2020 figures are vastly overoptimistic as well.
  10. Indeed, Trump is no fool.
  11. 10% now in New York, might have to treat myself to some more sovereigns if this run continues. Converting PM miner profits into solid metal is my favourite way to earn wealth if you can get the buying/selling timing right!
  12. Fresnillo has hit it out the park so far today, 7.75% daily rise in a £5Bn+ company is not to be sniffed at!
  13. You would, and they did. I seem to remember that someone on here (Barnsey?) mentioned that this week or last week was the start of pre-earnings when companies would be blocked from buying back their shares. Give it a few weeks and we will find out if its the Feb crash again or armageddon!
  14. They wouldnt, im guessing a lot of the money is QE money borrowed from the major banks, It will be sitting in plain view on company balance sheets. Mcdonalds on the link is an example of company which has taken full advantage of the cheap debt on offer.