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  1. First thing i look for on a companies balance sheet is Turnover, its however a pretty useless figure as it tells you how big a company is and not how good it is IMO. Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity is a good saying. Profit/Cashflow/Cash reserves/Shareholder equity and Dividends are indicators i use that its a well run company, which is generating value for shareholders. If you only focus too much on the Mcap to Turnover ratio you run the risk of buying a big company which is cheap because it has issues, see Carillion!
  2. Market cap is a reasonable calculation of a company's true value, any debt should already be factored into it. Sibanye do have a lot of debt, but they have just had a significant cash injection, so they are in the high risk but not disaster zone. Big boys who your money is safe with IMO, similar to Fresnillo though their massively profitable operations are already factored into the share price so upside will be there but limited. DYOR as always! Not Earning, Small Mcap, no funds to develop mine, shareholders diluted to fund exploration. Last time I invested in something similar within 6 months I was massively regretting it. There are loads of companies like this around so they are far from unique, DYOR!
  3. Completely agree, the market has gone a little bit crazy. The following is very rough, but its does show what a steal some of the PM miners are IMO. 1oz gold -$1181 1oz silver -$14.64 Harmony $800m Mcap 105m oz AU Reserves - $7.6 oz gold Sibanye $1270m Mcap 102m oz AU Reserves - $12.4 oz gold Hochschild $1052 Mcap 351m oz AG Reserves - $2.9 oz Silver Fresnillo $9244 Mcap 2100m oz AG Reserves - $4.4 oz Silver And that's just the main PM each produce, you can add in and other credits for other metals they produce. Fres gets its silver nearly for free FFS!
  4. One of the more (worrying) things about silver is its 50% PM 50% Industrial metal. If industrial consumers are cutting back on buying raw materials it doesnt bode well for the world economy. Copper, lead, tin, aluminium, cobalt, zinc all getting clubbed over the past months. Oil starting to fall as well? Interestingly Steel is doing ok, although China does control that market with its SOE so the "market" price will be what the Communists set it as!
  5. Anyone have a crystal ball handy? This might be where the Dollar rally comes to a screaming halt, right on DB's target!
  6. Gold's time will come when investors wake up and start to panic, with Apple and Amazon still parabolic and heading higher I suspect things will keep going till after Trump gets his midterm victory. A lot of Pensions & Companies valuations these days are based on asset values, backed up by proportionally very little cash/PM's/Equiv. If anything was to happen to asset prices....
  7. On an unrelated note, anyone else notice that the hype around crypto's has mysteriously disappeared?
  8. The problem with borrowing in someone elses currency is you cant print your way out of trouble. If things continue to go south numerous EU banks who lent to Turkey for a bit of extra risk are going to find they got more than they bargained for.
  9. Its the point at which Turkish banks reserves become.... "depleted".
  10. You get interest on IBTL, its 20/30 yr treasury bonds yielding aroud 2% IIRC. You are exposed to bond rates however as well as FX.
  11. Its mad that the EU banks invested in Turkey in the first place, the EU cant bail it out as Erdogan is a complete nutter on a collision course with an economic black hole. The problem is that its only going to get worse as i doubt the "Sultan" is going to ease back on the printing press!
  12. The only rational thing i can think of is he has lost the plot and is trying to get back at the "shorters" who are trying to destroy his company. The tiny problem he now has is that these announcements need to be done through the markets for obvious reasons, not the CEO twitter account. Will it be unsuspended is what i want to know??!!! Edit - Back trading again, i have no interest in Tesla besides watching the fun, however if one of my companies CEO's did that i would be logging into my broker account to sell ASAP!
  13. This is why its dangerous shorting Tesla!
  14. You know what would help? Moar QE to properly distort the market further... Its been 10 years in economic fantasy world, who knows what he actual un-manipulated price of housing and govt bonds will be when things normalise?
  15. Undesirable? That sounds almost like the economy would be healing itself and heading back to normal after years of unrestrained credit growth!!!!!