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  1. Data is irrelevant, the only thing these junkie stock markets are interested in is when there going to get there next fix of QE heroin. Good news is good news, Bad news is even better!
  2. The US already has the largest declared reserves, if they tried doing a 200% increase like Russia they would have to buy up most of the worlds production for several years. Not going to happen in short.
  3. The BOE's 2018 Q4 credit conditions survey had some interesting findings, in a nutshell risky lending is down and defaults are up across the board. It sounds like you can still get credit easily, but only if you have some collateral for the banks to take if you fail to pay. The days of paying off debt with more debt are (finally) coming to an end, which ties in nicely with people up s*** creek needing debt help!
  4. There are no words....
  5. I will try on Monday out of interest, i suspect they have different tiers of investor so if it goes wrong they can say they have done due dilligence. I had to fill out a trading experience form a while back and ive not have any problems buying anything i wanted.
  6. Completely agree with both, whilst I missed out on about £10k of profit at this moment in time, I really don't regret selling and limiting my risk. Its getting very dangerous out there with the reduction in liquidity, in particular anyone reliant on banks for trading cash is going to have a very bad wake up call one day soon. It will be either massive reduction in the amount they can borrow, large increases in interest rate, or both. If you cant trade its game over.
  7. Sibanye (Stillwater) has a load of Platinum/Palladium in the US, Harmony doesn't in a nutshell.
  8. Hochschild has been grinding out a Cup and handle pattern since July 18, its completion would match up uncannily with what you have just suggested might happen!
  9. Majorpain

    House Prices Indices

    Truly astonishing figures, assuming new build transactions continued for the next year at the current pace (so 228) and there is still a backlog of new homes to be sold (3,000 in 2017?) there would be 13 years of supply at current demand/supply levels. Completely mad, and that assumes that the developers completely halt building.
  10. The amount of construction companies reporting trouble is quite worrying, if the UK can continue to grow GDP Y/Y I will be seriously impressed. Since its debt fuelled consumer spending that's the main driver at the minute that is still a possibility and im not going to try to predict when that's going to stop!
  11. Savings rate fell below 5% for the first time since the 50's after brexit, I suspect that's whats currently keeping things moving GDP wise. It is not sustainable or desirable in the long run, and the longer it continues the worse the damage will eventually be.
  12. All of which have fuelled populism around the developed world, the central bank madness kept the show on the road for another decade but the long term damage is looking to be severe. Asset prices are (of course) currently directly linked to both the willingness & ability of buyers to get credit, but what the central banks are missing (because they have no impact on inflation or GDP) is that reserves of both companies and consumers are being completely hollowed out. Everything is being sacrificed on the alter of current consumption and sod tomorrow! So the pyramid is being inverted, as time goes by the debt at the top is being supported by a narrower and narrower base. I think it was something like 50% of Americans couldn't deal with an unexpected $500 bill? And that's the richest country on earth?
  13. Yeah, your getting hysterical! Things might get bad, but the economy should still function, the lights will still be on and food will still be in the supermarkets. Capitalism is actually a pretty resilient system, even with enemy Bombers paying a visit every now and again. If things get as bad as the doom mongers say they would, what you really need is a gun and ammo. Physical Gold in 1945 Germany was pretty worthless, farmers were swapping it for food as people were that desperate, it was not a favourable exchange rate! Maloney might have forgotten to mention that..... Investing in companies with low debt and reasonably reliable cashflow is my plan, if that fails i will likely have bigger problems.
  14. Majorpain

    How Britain's £239billion buy-to-let bubble burst

    Less students + more town center high quality accomodation = BTL student farmers having a problem. I think your right, a lot of people are seeing the writing on the wall, as ever the first ones out will be ok but the later ones will be screwed as prices drop. Anecdotally local to me there is still a lot of demand for rented housing, but its more professionals who cant afford to buy these days. They want a nice flat to themselves and not a HMO bedsit.
  15. Thats Apple's Q/Q revenue for Q4 last year, the trade war might be causing Chinese to boycot US products in favour of Chinese, but im seeing around 30% drops in China revenue with a couple of big companies now. Not good news needless to say.