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  1. Getting very Downfall like, i'm looking forward to the video of the Eurocrats in their Brussels bunker pushing Euro bank notes around as they desperately try to find any way to keep the common currency alive.
  2. You mean borrowing from the market at 8% vs UK Government at less than 1%? A scary amount of Hinkley Point C was debt interest.
  3. Completely agree, the media response to the release of the 500,000 figure was off the charts, i don't think any politician would have been brave (or stupid) enough not to have gone into full lockdown. Any rational analysis about "other deaths" from loss of jobs and lack of healthcare as you highlight was completely swamped by "the virus is going to kill us all" hysteria, he really shouldn't have publicly released something so incendiary without being at least minimally peer reviewed IMO.
  4. You want to compete in the 21st century its got to be automated and/or maximum productivity. UK trying to compete wage wise will get creamed. There is a big advantage to starting from scratch, you get brand new modern facilities and no pesky long term pensions etc. Its how Germany/Japan recovered from WW2 whilst UK was stuck with uncompetitive British Leyland and British Shipbuilders through the 1960-80's.
  5. Australia's last recession was around 30 years ago, thanks to China's resource demand they skipped 2008, the problem with that is malinvestment doesn't get purged and builds up in the system until it risks collapsing the entire thing. They have taken "you can't lose on bricks and mortar" to a whole new level and make the UK look like amateurs on the subject.
  6. Ouch, confirmation tide is going out and naked swimmers getting exposed?
  7. Watch the premium, physical is incredibly expensive at the minute.
  8. No guns so far, Gentlemans rule to stop things escalating too much. That doesn't mean that you cant do some real damage with bats and stones, some of which are starting to resemble WW1 trench melee weapons with nails etc.
  9. Didn't happen in 2008 did it? Pound properly went down the toilet then and banker fatalities were "minimal". Your anger is clouding your judgement, the UK will be fine in 3-4 years (as every other recession) and life will continue as normal for the vast majority of people. You can accept reality or continue to live in the matrix, wondering why things are not happening like you thought they would, and thinking its actually reality that is wrong.
  10. Many years ago, i got a taxi back to my parents house after a night out. After suggesting a reduction for paying with loose change, the taxi driver replied "you live on this street and you are negotiating a discount??!!" He did give me one.
  11. I laughed, then thought you might be right in an unexpected way. Quick maffs time: Sale price (£800) - Hot tub cost (£700) - Financing (2%/£16) = £84 profit Sale price (£800) - Hot tub cost (£700) = £100 profit Since the robbing bastards hide the cost of the 6 months interest free in the normal purchase price, you pay for it if you get financed or not! They make more money if you pay with cash! I wonder how many other retailers have this little scam going?
  12. Hot tub website so busy they have had to put a traffic limiter on it, not the first time i've heard about wild hot tub demand so i'm going to take an educated guess that most of the UK's furlough money is not being spent on essentials! Made in China obviously.... Thankfully its a Swedish bank that's doing the 0% financing, another countries problem when it all goes bang and the redundancies hit later this year.
  13. Rolls will be fine in the long run, they have too much cutting edge tech in the right areas for the government to let them go without a fight. Its getting that tech into a marketable product that has historically been the UK's weak spot.