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  1. But they can and do, for now at least until 2019. Thats 3 years since the ban was proposed and I've still not seen clearly what will be included in that. Has it even been published? We recently viewed a one bedroom apartment and the agents wanted £499 inc vat for onboarding and another £132 in advance for check-out. They weren't clear in the wording/who pays it but there was potentially another £79 for tenants liability insurance. They' weren't willing budge whatsoever so we never persued it further as we didn't need to move. The propertly did quickly go though so some poor sap(s) paid it.
  2. A_P

    Pension charges Klaxon flashing red.

    Well I did mean funds in general rather than specifically mutuals. Apologies for lack of clarification. I do have some index funds as buy and holds. With one broker the on-going costs are zero as a flat fee platform, subsequently I prefer them slightly over ETFs. The one's I've bought are based in the UK versus Ireland (better compensation) and no spread or trading to deal with. I'm not against ETF's, I have a couple already.
  3. What is included in the fees? Is it just the initial on-boarding or is contract renewal part of that? My EA doubled the renewal this year to £100+VAT which really doesn't offer much protection for the tennent no matter how they try and spin it. Seems to me the EA's have started to replace the income by trying to increase rents too. Now whether that's possible or not I have no idea. But those fees have been esclating and are pretty much pure profit for them so will be a big kick to their bottom line.
  4. A_P

    Pension charges Klaxon flashing red.

    Thing to note with HL and AJ is they are uncapped on mutual funds iirc. So does pay to choose funds/etf's wisely. Ill be starting a new LISA with AJ or HL (undecided yet) in April and will be sticking to ETF's and shares
  5. iShares Physical Gold ETC (GBP) SGLN and iShares Gold Producers UCITS ETF USD (Acc) (GBP) SPGP doing their job for me. Up 7% and 12% respectively. Can't say the same for my other equities though
  6. A_P

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Oh the irony. You can debate, insult and challenge it all you want I don't really care. It's not a religion to me. Personally I don't think much will change either way it goes. I'm merely pointing out to others you're not interested in a reasoned conversation. As I said before you've posted several times regarding the £ and brexit. Your link and post today was no different no matter how you try and position it. Likewise when presented to a debate or with information reference living abroad you're not interested. I notice you never responded to Austin either eh Bottom line is you're a troll in regards to brexit. I've said before how you like to drop nuggets and do a runner. By the way there is real money and conequences on the line all the time and a large part why we find we are in the position we are. Funn3y that
  7. A_P

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I won't be drawn into a debate with you as you have proven you're a troll in regards to brexit and unwilling to change a position because of your vested interests. You've mentioned several times about £ and brexit over the course of the threads. So jog on
  8. A_P

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I'm not worried. I just find it funny that someone is buying the $ today on the news. Personally I think it's good to get oneself in a position so you're not heavily UK centric. I was tempted to bring some dollars home but I'm going to wait to the 30th to see what happens
  9. A_P

    Bye bye Treason May?

    You've had all year and you decide to buy $ and you choose today of all days? For what purpose anyway? Surely you're not blaming brexit on the £ losing its value?
  10. It's not just shrinkflation it's qualityflation too. None of the products of yesteryear taste the same. I know not english but I used to love Reese's buttercup. They're inedible now.
  11. Correct. But as DB mentioned once a share goes ex-div the share prices reduces to the value of the dividend. So there is really no benefit trying to get in and out just to get the div.
  12. There is no title. The start date is the day before or after the ex-div date. You will then be entitled to the next div payout if you hold those shares up to the ex-div date.
  13. Because it doesn't pay as well as doing the university circuit whilst trying to offload one's system to the students?
  14. This chap popped into my feed a month or so ago. He's selling his own trading training/mentoring program. Used to work for the Vampire Squid iirc. Having watched a few of his videos I didn't really get a great impression
  15. A_P

    Feckin over the young (again)

    Just searched and the first link that came up and another said this So I'm not in the least surprised at the offer being withdrawn. Having said that I'm sure there are brokers who can probably help in situations like these though.