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  1. John Hannah was in it. Was the blonde a brit too? I assume as there were quite a few aussies in it that it was filmed in their neck of the woods
  2. January to June 2019 US Mid Cap Growth 25.27% US Small Cap Growth 24.00% US Large Cap Growth 22.36% US Mid Cap 21.78% Precious Metals 21.19% US Small Cap 19.46% REIT 19.23% US Stock Market 18.62% US Large Cap 18.47% US Mid Cap Value 18.13% US Small Cap Value 15.57% European Stocks 15.40% US Large Cap Value 14.89% Long-Term Corporate Bonds 13.96% Intl Developed ex-US Market 13.76% Global ex-US Stock Market 13.21% International ex-US Small Cap 12.11% Emerging Markets 12.05% Corporate Bonds 11.92% Commodities 11.63% US Micro Cap 11.07% High Yield Corporate Bonds 10.73% Long Term Treasury 10.57% Pacific Stocks 9.89% Gold 9.86% International ex-US Value 9.44% 10-year Treasury 6.65% Total US Bond Market 6.06% TIPS 5.98% Long-Term Tax-Exempt 5.76% Intermediate Term Treasury 5.21% Global Bonds (Unhedged) 4.96% Global Bonds (USD Hedged) 4.87% Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt 4.71% Short-Term Investment Grade 4.09% Short Term Treasury 2.60% Inflation 1.93% Short-Term Tax-Exempt 1.47% Cash 1.20%
  3. A_P

    No go Cairo

    Perhaps would rather deploy the aircraft and crew elsewhere on a more profitable route and using an excuse
  4. Or are you just lucky with timing? Looks like every asset class is having a bumper year. Is it worth the hard work or best to forget about it...or even die ? https://www.businessinsider.com/forgetful-investors-performed-best-2014-9?r=US&IR=T
  5. yep was a bit annoying with the change in pricing considering I had only been with them just under a year at the time. But still they remain competitive for now at least for my portfolio size (low six figures) and holdings. Good of them to give you £200 trading credits but then i suppose you wont even use them, it was bit of an empty gesture. Can't really fault Aj at the moment, they completed my LISA transfer in no time at all. Decent web interface. I half expect them to change their pricing structure shortly
  6. Yet when I used to do my shopping in waitrose I would see an endless supply of lottery addicts (both scratchcards and main lotto's).
  7. I use II. I suspect VG's sipp charges when they get round to launching it will be similar to their ISA fees so probably not suitable for larger portfolios. I agree on the LISA. I can't see any more investment platforms going with it. I recently transferred mine to AJ Bell (using ETFs) and we're putting the other halfs towards our house purchase. So happy to see how it plays out. Wouldn't be surprised if they stop contributions at some point
  8. I doubt there's much in it but from the VG website the the all-cap has slightly outperformed LS this year and last. Although not really much in it and likely multiple reasons for their divergence. Also All-Cap will be a little more volatile with the increased currency play. Personally I find LS100 is too heavy on the UK for my liking considering my other holdings. I have 10% in the HSBC FTSE All Share, 15% in the UK in funds is plenty. The All-Cap is the closest thing to a single fund total market by weighting so suits me. Good thing though is they and others have plenty of well priced funds for personal taste
  9. Great post I started my investment journey last summer and am now almost fully invested bar a big (for me) cash position i was holding for a house purchase. Like you I now know what of kind of investor I am and that is a passive one. Although I'm still fighting with myself within that from going for a single fund (VG Global All-Cap) and tinkering my own allocations where I have a little bias. Doesn't help one of my platform gives me trading credits so almost feel i have to use them, ha. Passive I'm up circa 15%, Gold and global property are ripping ahead but pretty much every asset class is up. I'm even up 10% with the FTSE All Share, which is funny given the below. HYP/individual Shares wise i'm down 5% thanks to VOD and CNA. I regret not using some stop losses and just binning them off. Do have some decent performers in RSAB, SLA and JDW but nothing outstanding. In hindsight do wish I had just stuck with the passive side. So much easier to manage .
  10. How is your trading going overall since you started?
  11. Ill just add on the NHS pay/pension Pension is now 68 so most will barely see it after working themselves to death. Taking promotions/moving up a band for the short term one will likely end up barely better off considering the extra baggage unless you manage to secure the new band 7-11 months from your inc date. Because the pay bands crossover for the most part you'll essentially just move up one pay point. The new NHS pay rise agreed last year mugged off a good proportion of the employees, but barely no one actually knows this as they can't do the sums. Moving to a new trust they should match your pay point. In my experience (dealing on my wife's behalf ) you have to fight tooth and nail for it. You can see why women on the whole are paid less because they would usually just accept the offer as dealing with HR is really quite an experience.
  12. A_P

    Help with Car Purchase

    Similarly to you we went for a Suzuki swift in the end with 10000 miles on the clock. Bought for £6k cash.
  13. If you can be good at it as well, I can see endless supply of work and can charge a hefty premium. I understand over here in NI at the moment it's a long wait for getting any work done