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    Blockbusters 2019

    Should be better than some gameshow my mum had on the other week when i was round. Dropping coins into some oversize coin pusher.
  2. Now that is funny. I think you'll find I've been one of the most open and detailed on this thread. You know that though don't you. But as your short the housing market.... Although for the record perhaps go back thread one from last year. I was quite open about our plan to relocate to NI, buy a modest home and use a fixed mortgage (although not required). It took a approximately a year from posting that. I've also not hidden the details around obtaining a mortgage (quite happily shared with you ) and how buying could well be the wrong decision, but not something I'm really concerned about. Especially given our ages and financial positions. But yes I'm an over leveraged loon/troll Easier to play me though eh. Rather than actually discuss what was being said eh SP. Good one
  3. Where did I say I know where the markets will be? I'm not that arrogant. In fact I know more times than not I will be wrong and would have more luck throwing a dart at a cough (asset class blanket) cough. Therefore I'm doing what the data suggests I do, which is invest for the long term in a variety of asset classes at allocations that suit my risk tolerances. If you can show me data that illustrates how good your method is I'll happily take a gander
  4. I drove by two petrol stations this morning before 8 and both were 1.259 a litre. Will the prices have gone up since then or are you just being ripped off lol
  5. I'm not trying to be right. I'm trying to be objective. You're taking such a hardline and extreme stance (noted by your previous post to me). I don't disagree a downturn/recession or whatever you want to call is due. Nor that generally it is messed up out there. Why I'm on the forum after all. But then I'm open to the plates being spun and can's kicked down the road for however long. I like to question and probe to keep myself grounded and open to other eventualities. I actually get stuck into the data rather than just read a headline or skim an article. Kudos on the returns for this year (it's been a good year for every asset class thus far). But how about the year before and the year before that etc. Data suggests sitting on the sidelines/bearish camp waiting for the downturn isn't a reasonable tradeoff. In fact it is quite the penalty. Yet you believe otherwise? Your aim is double the money? You could have doubled it already in the meantime. By the time the 50% downturn could happen, how much time and money has gone by? Why be so heavily invested in a single asset class/region that a downturn will even register as more than a time to get more assets cheaply?
  6. That's interesting. By my monitoring (from the beginning of the original thread) that isn't the case. There certainly has been some good timing on some particular calls earlier in the year. But then most don't have that good timing. I would welcome people to post their trading performance. After costs and effort I suspect only a few will have beaten the index. An asset class performance blanket is worth looking at. So is the data around timing the market, when the gains happen etc. "Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections than has been lost in corrections themselves." -Peter Lynch
  7. AJ Bell have a regular investor feature for £1.50 a trade. Just turn it off after each trade. Aj are one of the most competitively priced for a SIPP. I'm thinking of moving mine from II to them next tax year.
  8. Most of the main brokers likely will outside of an ISA account, but then you pay a premium for it. in a GIA account interactive brokers or Degiro would be your best bet.
  9. Now that is ironic. Take a deep breath SP lol. Just have a little think why I didn't post the data (when I quite often do). Your second paragraph illustrates nicely. You're just rabbiting on without actually looking at the data objectively. Not the first time I see that with you
  10. There isn't really much more to explain. There is no right or wrong answer and more than one way to skin a cat. Obviously depends on personal circumstances. I just thought it was interesting really i would perhaps check out the regular savers from some of the brokers or freetrade perhaps (if it meets your needs). Harley has posted some some good stuff on individual share diversification. I myself decided to opt for one of the free lunches in investing and am investing in circa 6000 companies.
  11. They already have CC debt forgiveness in the US. Many don't know about it though. To cut a long story short, basically ignore the debt and the contact letters. After enough time by law the cc companies can no longer chase you and then it falls off your credit report. Student debt though, there is no getting away from that.
  12. I'm assuming they'll survive? or you're assuming an apocalypse? Weighing is defined by the index. So which index are you referring to? Holdings might be 100 or several thousand. Depending on the index Apple might be as high as 4% or 0%. Most won't be running for the hills as they won't even know their money is in there lol.
  13. Somewhat disingenuous. Given the time, the world and all the changes that were going on etc. The stock market returns averaged out certainly weren't that bad. In fact they had a very good ROI. I'm not going to go digging for it, however from memory returns were quite significant by 1933 let alone accounting for total returns over the proceeding years. The average yearly return has been something around 10% (again from memory) trackers will not underperform the market (bar a nominal tracking error). They track the market by their very nature. as the indices change the trackers will so to match. Only a few will be able to outperform the market. The whole point of trackers is investing in the market long term. Total return is key. i suspect any given year(s) could be nasty any asset class or location, but over years it gets averaged out
  14. They are not poorly diversified in their tracker pensions though. Very much on the contrary. People will always have a long grind, it's the nature of the beast. Their house underwritten by the gov will keep a roof over their head in most circumstances. You may want to reconsider the fundamentals. You've taken a bet against the banks (10 year fix for your piece of mind?) but investing in one or two companies at a time. Some what of a contradiction it seems When? How such certainty? Your average 3-4 bed detached in the se is not going to drop 70% lol.
  15. and strikes the weak and feable... Data mainly shows short term pain but long term gain to those who can and do hold on.