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  1. Twice someone has said that to me in two days and Im not the one that needs to be told that 😂 Seemsto me you're happy to accept what he says because it aligns with your own views. Perhaps even holding belief in the possibility that one man can change the system. I'm just interested why people seem to like him or even in some cases shed a tear. Yet it mainly boils down to "think of children" type rubbish he says rather than what he does. Funny that. Or it goes back to the red Vs blue etc So besides a few votes, saying the right stuff what has the man actually achieved in business, public service or leadership that would lead you to believe he will do as he says. Consider that all before him say one thing and do another, which leads us back to your quote "look what they do not what they say" Really my whole point for this is should he find himself in the hot seat can we expect the scare stories to come to fruition? Personally I'm of the opinion no, but to expect a short and sweet buy opportunity that we continually see throughout the years.
  2. So the attraction is his voting record? Interesting. Easy to vote the other way when you know which way the majority will go I suppose. Let's see how that record goes if he finds himself in the hot seat. I just find the whole allure a bit strange and genuinely interested why people like him or any other pol for that matter. Although I do get the attraction with some of them eg JRM. I don't think I need to do anymore than I'm doing. The MSM and the political pantomime isn't for me anymore. I only watched Qt on Thursday because Isobel was on 😁.
  3. Also to add your height won't really make much difference on a sportsbike imo. But is worth noting sportsbikes are inherently uncomfortable by their very nature. If you're not a speedfreak and have no intention to go onthe track I would probably avoid. The supernaked category is very popular because you get a bit more comfort with an upright riding position and the speed if you would like it. Go get your full license and then take a few bikes out for a ride. Won't take you long to get a feel of which is more your style, although you could end up with multiple bikes in the garage
  4. Yes dealerships have a demo bikes but may not have the particular model your after for test rides for whatever reason. Back when when I was buying a 600cc sportsbike my local Honda wouldn't let me take one out, although Suzuki and Yamaha did. Can't recall the reason, perhaps it was my age at the time. R3 is a stepping stone bike for the kids and that's why it's half the price of the scrambler which is a premium bike. As mentioned earlier in the thread I would go for a larger capacity engine rather than these restricted bikes. You'll grow tired of the lack power and the smaller capacity sports bikes need to be revved like hell. Would be fun for a short blast but would soon grow tired of it.
  5. May you explain why you do? I'm not really up to speed on his achievements. But I understand he's been an MP for thirty odd years. He's certainly not a great orator, makes himself an easy target for jibes and struggles to raise a half decent comeback during PMQ's. From what little I've seen of him so I do find it quite astonishing he is where he is so fair play to him. But then you only have to look at his colleagues performance on QT to see the bar isn't raised very high. Should he find himself in the hotseat it will be interesting to see what happens. Do we get the economic catastrophe that is predicted, re-nationalization of the infrastructure or more of the same....
  6. Surprised you can get SGLN on there already. I probably wouldn't spend £1 unless trades were £100+
  7. A_P

    Full steam ahead

    At what rate? I think this is the key thing as they like to advertise a very low APR that few will ever get. I mentioned in the other thread my bank are advertising up to £50k at a competitive rate. I'm sure after the credit check it's a different story though.
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    Full steam ahead

    What was the main gist of the photo?
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    Question Time

    I ended up watching last night as Oakshott was on. Considering the plants and the fact audience must be weighed towards remain it was fantastic to hear the crowd cheer on a no deal especially in Derby. How she could say with a straight face FOM has been fantastic....Looking at her profile she's been in public service since 2007.....
  10. I understand this is what you've done, although perhaps you've missed out on some asset classes if you're going with HB's or a flavour of? My point wasn't aimed at you but as a general consensus. It's a big world out there and most are happy to stick with the 8% of the UK. Just as another note, why would one portfolio mix be okay one year and then another it's not? So kind of what I'm saying is there really should be no need to change the mix significantly later in life. As the chart shows an asset can have a bad year(s) and equally can have a very good year(s). Don't fret just keep doing what one is doing. Seems to me it's just general advice "de-risk" but actually in doing so one is creating risk in other places just to remove a bit of volitility. Specifically to your porfolio though and going back to HB. I think with the lengths of your backtesting, the thoroughness of you preperations and research you probably have a decent size pot. Especially if 25% of equities you're using different institutions and spreading across multiple ETF's. So perhaps a different thought process required. Have you changed your investment strategy recently and if so why? Perhaps a poor choice of word/phrase. I certainly didn't mean you were offering personal advice just that it's the prevailing thought I read everywhere. I'm in agreement with MrXXX's latest post and echo his statement regarding kicking discussion points. I'm fairly new to investing and both like to challenge myself and others with their views. The answer was there. But I guess to expand, all of the above and any others one can think of such as financial instituion. My point being that even the financially savvy (look in some of the forums around here) a lot of the people are still very much primiarly located within a small sphere. I wasn't alluding to you personally as it's very much clear from your posts (which I very much enjoy) you have gone to extrodinary lengths.
  11. A_P

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Now they just consume headlines within their echo chamber delivered directly and continuously on their devices
  12. We can agree to disagree. But I meant no disprect to your choice of allocations. You're free to go with whatever flavor you like I would disagree with Harley's or the proverbial advice of moving into higher allocations of gilts especially in the form of bond funds/etfs. Personally i would find a portfolio balance that suits individual risk/reward split across the asset classes and the world equally weighted. Stick to it throughout and re-balance as necessary. Really the fear for people comes from being under-prepared and having all their eggs in one for very few baskets. Job, house, cash, pension all in the same location. So usually when one goes pop they all do.
  13. My bank keep sending me card and loan offers. 0% for 18 months on the credit card and 3.3% on a loan of up to £50k. Now If I knew they would give me close to that on a loan I would take it in heartbeat instead of going for a mortgage. But alas not being a homeowner I doubt they would consider it.
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    New Website

    The way it's going with google though I would suspect (although no expert) that for most small businesses avoiding WP will be wise. Go for a non-database driven static website, which is mobile focussed but responsive.