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  1. @Wig Free eye test voucher over here waiting for you!
  2. Been a few years since I worked on PCI compliance, however, as bluecat rightly says PCI compliance should ensure a business will not keep written records of your card details. Doesn't mean the individual won't of course iirc if manually typing into a pdq machine you could skip the three digit number not present. End of the day it falls to the merchant/retailer to ensure it's a genuine transaction as they're the ones who will have the money deducted upon a fraudulent claim.
  3. "every three months". Geez I'm not sure how much more of this brexit malarky i can stomach . How long are they going to drag this out?
  4. Yes I could well be, if I entirely meant it, lots of emojis for that purpose
  5. You mean after I said something along the lines or I don't really care ? Funny that . It is odd what in this thread gets people a little worked up, where other places it would be expected. With that said It's been shared in various forms on this thread and others already . I even think from memory I recently posted a screenshot of some PM/Gold positions (but I could be wrong). Really there isn't much to show anyway, it wouldn't go down very well in this thread either, it's rather quite boring in the grand scheme of things. Mainly the dreaded "passive" (insert boogyman gif here) investments, with a small HYP/reflationary stock portfolio. Personally I'm working on a holistic approach to the future. Rather than hoping or pinning myself down to one possibility. I'm moving to a cheaper part of the country (finally move next month), will be buying a place, between 30-50% downpayment (depends onthe house itself). Plan to knock the remainder in under ten years. Investments mainly using mordern portfolio theory and to be well diversified across all asset classes. Fairly quickly after the house is purchased I'm going to be salary sacrificing to minimum wage. Planning on starting a "non-profitable" (all profit into pensions) side business with my partner. Then it's about enjoying life. I plan to take up salmon fishing, smoking/bbq'ing. Spend a month of the year abroad to get my sun. Just going to live life. I can imagine swimming against the CB and political tide for 20 years becomes mentally tiring, won't be for me. This last two years since my wakeup call has been depressing Funny I'm the one taking the heat...I wasn't the one "outing" anyone for the record. Someone posted something interesting so what I did was go investigate.
  6. I don't think it spoils the overall thesis/premise. It's obvious to most on the thread something isn't right out there and that's why we are here. If people are looking for protection there has been some fantastic contriubtions in the thread along with many other musings. Who got on INFA? There have been some great calls on the miners and some not so great as one would expect. A healthy amount of sketpcism is good though.
  7. Completely agree. Just to add I'm not trying to muddy the waters but I do think it's important to discuss. I like to know what makes people tick/post and why they do so I can judge for myself. And as you rightly say he has had a big influence on the thread and I imagine on some people's trades/purchases. I've also seen this thread mentioned in a few other places around the web. Anyone here buy Tbills?
  8. To some extent yes. But when you consistantly call for turns that never materalise or continually move the goalposts/timeframe, it's worth stopping and taking a critical look. At what point does one decide perhaps it's not worth paying so much attention to? Evenutally the call(s) could be right but by then the boy has cried wolf so many times that the correct call has little to no significance anymore. For the people that follow this Hunter chap, how did you find him? Why do you follow him and for how long? Were you invited to recieve his letter? If so how much does it cost?
  9. Thank you, I had a good feeling I would get a response like that. I didn't post the tweet for the specific call (although it was a pretty wild one ), nor as a personal response to conflic with Thorn. It was more to highlight one will see what they want to see and it's easy to cherry pick one the tweets (there are plenty) for any given scenario.
  10. So with ten days to go Looks organic and authentic....the videos even more so
  11. I was merely pointing out the contradiction . There does seem to be a lack of understanding on what makes up an index and the exposure one receives. Not really for me to argue for or against. I just like to try and clear up some of the obvious mis-concpetions. Unfortunately I can't get the data for the FTSE 100 total return that far back. Although no idea why one would only want to be in 3 or 4% of the global market. That would suck buying in at the top of the dot com. But here's a graph for the FTSE all share for the last 15 years or so. Not a bad return if you want a simple way to invest. However, not as good as if one took more of a global and holistic approach.
  12. GDX/J contains only one sector. An index that contains FANGs likely will be much broader and have much less exposure to any one company/sector, unless the market deems it so.
  13. Rather than referring to the premise of the thread or any one particular thing which could be coming, my echoey comment was was more a flippant/light-hearded remakr towards general critical thinking, sharing of articles, challenging one's own beliefs etc. Afterall if you're inferring the above then that would kind of defeat the object of forums, which wasn't my purpose. It is interesting, however, it was that comment of mine that seemed to get peoples attention the most, and appears to have ruffled a few feathers.
  14. No posts specifically in this thread or on TOS. The poster in question has shared the portfolio(s) he is in control of on the forum in other threads. I think the only user I've seen on this forum to do so in such a manner. Like he mentions above it provides substance to what he posts, which I appreciate.