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    Premium bonds

    Additionally I think they have a place from a tax standpoint and are a decent place to stash £50-£100k if one has that kind of spare cash lying about. I am wondering if NS&I will suffer a bit now the cash accounts are up to 1.5% and had suspected was the main driver for the article.
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    Burritos Anyone?

    It was more of a rehotircal question . Yes totally agree, I certainly won't be going near this and the free buritos is hardly going to swing it for most especially given their limited locations.
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    Burritos Anyone?

    Chilango launches another mini retail bond: How a second helping of Burrito Bonds offers a tasty 8% return Wonder why these guys aren't going to a bank? Can't see burritos getting too much love from the british consumer, those lardy tortillas aren't good for the waist . Never heard of Chilango but the burrito chain near me is always dead.
  4. Admiral Pepe

    Premium bonds NS & I getting pumped by the DM. Comments are interesting but must be taken with a grain of salt.
  5. My employer pension will only allow transfers out once employment has ceased, however will happily allow transfers at any time. Thankfully the fees aren't terrible at 1%
  6. What's the best way for parents nearing retirement/elderly age to manage this then? My mum, who is single, owns her house outright, unfortunately is the type that would not deal with anything until it's too late. I can see at some point in the future she will get caught out and end up losing the house to pay for care.
  7. No need to sell when you need to drawdown just switch to income units. Have you tried to sell OEIC's? on a good day it can take a while to through. Good luck during a crash. Go look on reddit/ukpersonalfinance this last week and see people asking about VG Global All Cap. No one is selling shit if the big kahuna strikes. It will be mechanical throughout. Even the actives/institutions are utilising algos and bots. Have a plan and stick to it. Seems like we're similar in the way we're positioning. I'm not concerened about the indexes, in fact I just see it as I'll be buying at a discount and vice versa benefitting in the shorter term with the defensives.
  8. I think in the UK you will have to go with ETFS Physical or ishares equivalent. Alternatively will have to be individual shares
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    DOW down over 3%

    Did you also go with the Debenhams trade in the end or stay away?
  10. I will watch tonight. Thanks for the link. I've watched the video below 3 times and gets better with every watch. There is something funky going on with this video since CNN cried about it. Doesn't show up fully on my youtube app since. The image is blanked out
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    Ways to earn extra money

    So overnight I've been working through Codeadcemy's Java syllabus. I've had an idea for a website that could potentially generate some passive beer money through adsense/afflitate with amazon. Would never get crazy traffic, however I could certainly link it with my current job too get a bit of additional exposure. I don't think that would be too far out of my realm with a bit of learning/trail and error etc. As far as work place apps for getting real world work experiance, I have had thought of a project(s), which is converting a spreadsheet we use for calculating prices. Although this isn't straightforward caluclations/formulas, ultimately this is really easy in excel. Is this the kind of thing to develop a program/mobile app for? eg option to put some inputs in and it provides you with the outputs. Or would someone think you're crazy for wasting your time doing that?
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    Hammonds attack on the Self Employed

    From what I read earlier in the week it looked like potentially they are going to lower the annual contribution limit. I don't think that will effect the young too much these days and was likely being abused/used by the already rich. Having said that it is another kick in the teeth to savers and isn't giving us young'uns really much incentive to go on an climb the career ladders!
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    Unfortunately I don't have the mindset to trade. I'm more suited to buying and holding. I did see a few opportunties earlier in the year and just couldn't pull the trigger. Congrats on the performance, I recall reading didn't you have a fairly large allocation to crypto in your portfolio?
  14. The point in the post was more aimed at highlighting that the Fed is it's own entity and not beholden to the president or congress, not many actually know this, how the Fed is made up or it's full history. Which is well worth understanding. DT is a master tactician in my opinion, which we can agree to disagree on. At the end of the day he did get voted in against all the odds and can consistantly play everybody, especially the liberals like a fiddle. Therefore will say and do whatever he needs to. Now I'm with @Democorruptcy on when it comes to believing politicians, with that said, I do enjoy DT's trolling and he did win me a lot of money. Lets keep the policitcal/trump attacks for elsewhere on the forum though, there's plenty of topics for that.
  15. The dems have him now. No need for two years of russia. There's a trump tweet for everything But makes my point really, no way to know what he says is what he means. Nonetheless, the fed is its own entity I don't think he can put much pressure on them no matter the appearances.
  16. Admiral Pepe

    Ways to earn extra money

    I already have the CMS admin aspect open to me now. I could probably shoe-horn a small app or two once I have some programming skills. So where to start to learn programming?
  17. Admiral Pepe

    Ways to earn extra money

    My only profesional experiance is the administration of CMS's with minor code edits as and when required. I know my way around computers, can fix, build etc so not a complete numpty. But happy to get my teeth into it now on the side/evenings/even while I work (easy to skive) so at least have something I can build on and blag myself into a job. Kind of hit the ground running so to speak Thanks for the tip on Java and Allstate. I didn't think they would be running apprenticeships for programming, suspected they either wanted uni grads or people that have experiance/already built something.
  18. I think it's difficult to know if Trump is attacking the Fed geninuely or not. He's a master tactician and if the markets are going to correct/crash he needs someone else to blame. Look what he was saying back in 2011.
  19. Admiral Pepe

    Ways to earn extra money

    @JoeDavola as our resident programmer, can you give any recommendations/tips as a potential career change into programming? Which language/field to perhaps focus on? As you say NI is awash with jobs and we intend to move over there as you know. Kind of getting a bit tired of what I do and could do with bit of a change. Not too bothered about starting at the bottom and sucking eggs for a bit. I do have a tiny bit of a experiance with html and css but not enough to get a job. Would get found out pretty quickly Obviously would prefer not to have to throw money at pointless schooling. Is something like codeacdemy (or other online courses) good enough to get you through the door to at least start? Or can you recommend a quicker/less expensive route than the british university system?
  20. The commodities portion is in bullion. The equities is in the miners
  21. Admiral Pepe

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    You need a bang maid
  22. Only looks like the one fund. They will probably update the NAV price tomorrow. Total costs are 1.03% so a lot better than GDX and GDXJ from what I remember.
  23. Admiral Pepe

    F35 grounded

    tbf the harrier had fairly strict weight limit/restrictions for VTOL itself if I recall rightly. Not surprising really given the weight of some of the ordinance
  24. Admiral Pepe

    F35 grounded

    But then thinking about it, I can't see how that would generate any lift, only drag. Who the hell knows. It's downright ugly though
  25. Admiral Pepe

    F35 grounded

    Without looking into it just from the footage looked like it was the vertical fan cover, which probably doubles up as a flap