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    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    No concerns for all the BTL's with useless storage heaters then?
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    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    "did i do the right thing? Phone in and let me know what you think" 10 to 1 dislike ratio. Getting torn apart in the comments section. The second caller properly laying into her .
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    Last share you bought?

    I nearly topped up some centrica yesterday as it was my regular investing day but decided to hold off in the end as was fairly happy with the allocation. Topped up some more today though as did quite a few on here by the looks of it
  4. Not strictly property....
  5. https://monevator.com/compare-the-brokers/
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    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    This is painful viewing so have timestamped it at the moment he lets the cat out the bag...."My savings have reduced by 18%".
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    Happy Gesture Day

    £12 for a cadburys chocolate egg? Jokesters. Will be £1 the day after easter
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    Doctors are mainly cunts. or not.

    They're no different to the rest of us. Plus now they are dealing with a system that will break them down eventually and of course the post never stops....
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    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Just skimmed through the act itself http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/25 I only see the 10% (section 9.4) may be part of the petition process but not actually to instigate the petition itself which only has three reasons found in section 1. Essentially either being convicted or another comittee finding them on standards. Am I reading that correctly?
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    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    How are local by-elections instigated? Surely this lot can't stay in their seats until the next general, or can they?
  11. A_P

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Lib Dems to join next?
  12. A_P

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    I was just thinking that myself. An interesting choice of party name given they don't want to be an independent sovereign nation
  13. It was half way down on the main DM website where I saw it, not the thisismoney where it was the lead story On a more serious note as my original post was more in a lightheartedness manner as a single article is hardly getting pump going. However, does the article tie in with DB's timeframe of the miners surging then pulling back? Is this the start? The smart money will need/want an exit. IMO watch this space
  14. Is looking at it against the SP or another index a fallacy? As Major says it's not been a good investment for the last five or six years. With that said if you go back to the beginning of the quilt and your graph its had more days in the sun than not. Perhaps a bit of shortermitus going on? Is gold an investment or a source of capital/wealth preservation? Are you looking for a quick trade of gold to ten bag it? Holding a set amount within a portfolio it will do it's job over time for me.
  15. It's also worth noting bitcoin didn't bag as much as other coins nor did it 20 bag once it was hitting the mail every day, it was closer to 2x-4x depending when you want to go from and the headline position. But from my personal experience it was almost at peak when normies were asking. I'm not saying miners are going to have the same journey (aka this thread), just once it hits somewhere like the DM it's worth taking stock. One thing that could be certain is that you're definitely behind the curve if DM/Thismoney is ones source of buying info. For me I'm happy with the performance to close/significantly reduce my gold miner position shortly. I went for a larger single position than multiple small positions in single miners looking for ten baggers. Have we bounced of the bottom with gold? You might want to look at golds performance as an asset over the years
  16. Indeed. It's a good forewarning though, miners now entered into the sights of the MSM. Buy the rumour sell the news. It served me well. I significantly reduced my crypto holdings when it was plastered all over the DM and subsequently had a colleague who was terrible with money and complete technophobe asking me about it. I'll keep my physical etf as it's part of my constant portfolio allocation but will likely be bowing out of my miners etf shortly. Happy with the return
  17. Sell your gold boys.... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/investing/article-6720139/Should-gold-yellow-metal-wise-addition-investment-pot.html
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    Northern Ireland

    I suppose the price is being dictated by the location with view it'll be knocked down and turned into Airbnb apartments
  20. If you're buying Lifestrategy at AJ Bell, that will start costing you more with your next LISA deposit, you will probably want to move to ETFs. AJ are quite expensive with fund platform fees as they're uncapped. ETFs and shares are capped at £30 per annum from memory. I have no idea on iwebs pricing structure. Funds are no more expensive at II which is good so you have plenty of choice between ETF's and funds! You could easily match lifestrategy quite closely just by buying an All-World ETF such as HMWO or SWDA and a FTSE equivlant and weight accordingly. You would half your OCF/TER too. I recommend JustETF to help you on chosing the ETF's (if you want to go that route) and with balancing. Although Morningstar can be helpful with their x-ray feature to ensure you're not over/underweight in any region. You can make it as easy or complicated as you like depending on how much you want to personlise your portfolio. From an equities perspective an All-World should be sufficent and then it's just a case of adding in a REIT, Gold ETF etc etc. If you do want to be overweight in a region such as the UK add in a UK ETF and weight accordingly. Alternatively you can completely compose your own with individual regional ETFs but then you have to consider the overall trading costs (although brokers regular trading can mitigate) and whether you're smarter than the markets.
  21. i suspect a lot of the "middle class" grew up with no money themselves and they go from getting by to suddenly finding themselves with access to credit and HPI/equity and all of a sudden they feel wealthy. No one to pass any advice or guidance down and they're the adults so they know best. Have you spoken to your parents or adults around you about simple things in regards to personal finance? Few understand inflation. They don't want to create generational wealth and will hold onto all their money until they're dead rather than passing money down sooner so family can leverage it. Then the siblings spend years fighting and squablling over what's left giving most to the lawyers Obviously not all are like this the but the cycle just keeps repeating. This is why plebs will always be plebs! I don't think adding a commodities etf to a diversified portfolio, especially if one is following mordern portfolio theroy is a bad idea at all. If you're looking to trade and profit from it in the short term that's a different matter all together
  22. humblebrag# That's the million dollar question right there. Considering the amount of money you're dealing with and your age the first thing I would consider is fees. You're overpaying (not by much but will add up) going with lifestrategy especially with the home bias. A FTSE all-share index can be picked up for 0.02% and lifestrategy has something like 25% UK weighting. A FTSE All-World fund will start from 0.15%. Considering you're dumping in 60k once a year you could annually rebalance your own portfolio. If you haven't already check out Lars Kroijer's videos/book on whether you want to go passive What I would consider is expanding your portfolio to include other asset classes. REITs/Property, PM's (phyiscal for SHTF and ETfs ease), commodities, HYP, collectibles etc. Yes more often or not time in the market wins out over cost averaging, however, the latter helps smooth out the ride. Personally I spread out/rebalance quarterly also allows me to buy more if there is a drop. How will you cope being in 100% equities should there be a 50% fall? Live your life a little too if you're not already
  23. Seems like you're fairly well positioned if you believe we're heading as this thread hypothesises. With that said given your age you probably want to consider what your long term aims are and work backwards. Consider that most in this thread are a bunch of old gits (no offence ), subsequently have different goals. imo it'll be worth trying to understand the different asset classes and what impact they will have on a portfolio. Also i recommend working through Lars kroijer's Building Your Own Financial Planning Spreadsheet video series on youtube to get a grasp on how asset allocations can impact a portfolio long term. From there you will then know what to implement.