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  1. Correct. But as DB mentioned once a share goes ex-div the share prices reduces to the value of the dividend. So there is really no benefit trying to get in and out just to get the div.
  2. There is no title. The start date is the day before or after the ex-div date. You will then be entitled to the next div payout if you hold those shares up to the ex-div date.
  3. Because it doesn't pay as well as doing the university circuit whilst trying to offload one's system to the students?
  4. This chap popped into my feed a month or so ago. He's selling his own trading training/mentoring program. Used to work for the Vampire Squid iirc. Having watched a few of his videos I didn't really get a great impression
  5. A_P

    Feckin over the young (again)

    Just searched and the first link that came up and another said this So I'm not in the least surprised at the offer being withdrawn. Having said that I'm sure there are brokers who can probably help in situations like these though.
  6. A_P

    Feckin over the young (again)

    No why would you think I would be commuting 300 miles for six months? I'm just saying I wouldn't expect a bank to lend me six figures when moving 300 miles without them doing a bit more digging. Like I said would raise an eyebrow especially as a FTB'er Well what's the minimum work time required to apply for a mortgage? I was under the impression banks didn't give out mortgages to new starters especially FTB'ers?
  7. A_P

    Feckin over the young (again)

    As someone who is planning on doing the same I was under the assumption it would be expected to have work secured for at least 6 months in the area, well at least commutable. Surely it would raise a few eyebrows in the underwriting department applying for a FTB'er mortgage in a different part of the country?
  8. A_P

    Flights to New York

    Just expect to be crammed in and pay for everything so get well fed before hand and take an empty bottle of water .
  9. A_P

    Flights to New York

    Via Iceland can be cheap as well. Use google flights (https://www.google.com/flights/) to get an idea of dates and departure locations. I used to be able get very cheap flights out of dublin connecting in PHL before flying onto wherever. Then direct back to LHR using AA's open jaw/multi-trip booking system. Was great for clocking up tier points and milage. When I've checked recently seems like doing that isn't as cheap these days. With Norwegian one can get a direct to the US for less than £300 now if willing to go with carry-on only.
  10. A_P

    Xbox for dummies

    It's been a while since I xboxed but this is how was before. Xbox live for each account A game disc for each console Two consoles did work on our router without a problem. There was a workaround with the games, which i have no idea if still valid so look it up for confirmation. Essentially a profile that buys a digital game can play it anywhere it is signed in. Any profile can play a game, which is signed in on the console that is owned by the purchasing profile. So by using one profile you buy it on the main console then with the profile that has purchased the game you log in to the other console and they play it on that console. But please check if that is still valid. Also digital games can cost more than the physical. One used to be able to use a vpn and buy them in other regions for discounts. No idea if that is still possible, probably not.
  11. The whole reason of me using the term circa was it's very dependent on what station you go from. I am well versed in the figures though and wasn't pulling it out of the air as we've considered moving up the mainline. That will explain the crazy amount then. For us it's better to go for the annual and put a claim in every time the train is late, we get quite a bit back for that
  12. Crazy isn't it. A lifetime of indoctrination, peer pressure and FOMO and they'll happily sign on the dotted line. I am wondering if the article is actually more of an advert to get people to consider/explore it. Earlier in the year we were getting a lot of advertorials masquerading as articles for new builds. They seemed to have dried up as of late. Are you paying for a season pass? My partner's is £4500, was £4300 the previous year
  13. Supersized mortgages are back: Desperate homebuyers are being offered 'irresponsible' deals worth SIX times their salaries as borrowing soars to record levels Britain's super-sized mortgages revealed Most banks currently have a maximum loan-to-income ratio of between x4 and x4.75 a homeowners salary. However, some mortgage providers are offering as much as SIX times borrowers' salaries: Darlington Building Society x6 Barclays x5.5 Santander x5.5 Sainsbury's x5 Virgin x5 SOURCE: Moneyfacts
  14. Maybe worth having a look at seekingalpha.
  15. Utter madness to be valuing that place at £200k for a two bed terraced. That bathroom will need replacing after a year or two. We took a look at townhouse one time that was approx 3 years old. Every ensuite and the bathroom where in need of changing.
  16. A_P

    SIPP Advice

    I understand their current platform fees are favourable for smaller pots but less so on larger sums. So will be interesting to see how their offering compares. Something to consider though is if you go with vanguard you will be limited to their funds, which might be restrictive if you come across other opportunities. I do hold two of their funds with a different broker.
  17. No sign. Spy can say all he likes about MMR but being near the Hampshire Surrey border there are enough on the conveyor belt cashing in their London riches or using a parents deposit that a property will eventually sell.
  18. Nope I'm further up the mainline. Transactions have slowed to a snail pace but houses will eventually go through. Big demographic change over the last twelve months very noticeable. I can only surmise londeners cashing in
  19. A_P

    What movie are are you watching

    It's probably a combination as I'm sure the new digital cameras plus the post production processing have an impact. I watched master and commander the other week and didn't get the same feeling.
  20. A_P

    Black Friday deals

    Now we're into Cyber Weekend. Followed by Cyber Monday. Then onto Manic Monday. It never ends
  21. A_P

    What movie are are you watching

    I watched this last weekend, first new movie I've seen in a long time. It's pretty good apart from one thing, which is a problem for all new content. It's just too clean. I really don't like the production style of modern content.
  22. A_P

    Last share you bought?

    Another purchase of CNA for me . That triggered a little sooner than I had hoped. Thankfully the previous trade only cost me £1
  23. I've not read the book but heard it being mentioned a few times. Is it not geared around a way of thinking and behaving versus a get rich quick scheme? I can certainly relate to the poor dad as having a father who even though has had a decent renumeration package at least since the mid 90's never had/s any money . There's no changing his behaviour, even now as someone nearing his 60's he is still a lost cause.
  24. I've received an invite but for some reason they have only developed an apple app so far. Android not coming for a few months I believe