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    Admiral Pepe reacted to 201p in Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist   
    Oh golly, I feel it's like the Waterworld scene where they find a scrap of paper, with pictures of the old world before the world was covered in water.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to gibbon in Wordpress - WTF is this?   
    I built my own when I needed one, but I was quite impressed with Grav however it's more a flat file CMS than pure static site generator.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to spunko in Crest Nicholson issues profit warning as house sales in London slow   
    I viewed a Crest showhome about 5 years ago, kid you not the wardrobe doors were hanging off their hinges and there were already damp marks. I didn't buy into the "all new houses are shit" idea until I went there.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to azzuri82 in Premium bonds   
    I put £50k in last month for the first time and this month won £100 - well above expectations!
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to shindigger in Bonuses   
    £75 mill bonus for building houses with a 9 foot wide living room.
    You fucking piece of corporate welfare sucking shit.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Libspero in Bonuses   
    I don't have a problem with anyone being paid any amount if they are genuinely worth it to the organisation.
    His embaressment and reluctance to answer the question is a bit unfortunate..  he should be proud.  Unless he feels he isn't really worth it..  in which case shareholders and members of the boardroom should be telling him to piss off and sling his hook.  
    I suspect there are plenty who could do his job for a fraction of that figure.  He should justify what value he is really adding for the organisation.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to DTMark in Wordpress - WTF is this?   
    What coding are you planning to learn - front-end JS/CSS, back-end .NET/PHP, database..
    You will pick up some experience of all of these by working with Wordpress but then the whole idea of that is to abstract the tech away from you.
    If you're planning front-end and framework, something like a tutorial about Bootstrap would be good, and the reference pages for that are really clearly laid out with examples.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to DTMark in Wordpress - WTF is this?   
    It's probably true to say that we have lost a certain amount of opportunity - in the early days of e-com people would pay to get someone to build a site for them - I built one of the very first UK car tuning/parts sites with online ordering. Now start-ups may turn to off-the-shelf software instead. The industry was always going to go that way.
    But then that's rather pragmatic for that business. Gets it off the ground at miminal cost. They can always invest more when the concept is proven.
    We tend to deal with "second gen" customers. The client in this thread has saved thousands by "doing it themselves". Unfortunately I suspect that at some point the plugins need removing and the one WP site in two languages will need to be two WP sites because what WP is doing with multi-language isn't quite working for SEO.
    The 80/20 rule - getting the 80% of what you're after is cheap. It's the 20% that costs. That's where we make our money. It's probably why the "outsource to India" thing never really impacted us and why we don't deal with the open source free stuff.
    I've been re-evaluating this recently, wondering if "the space we occupy" is something that we should change and mentally balancing the shitfest of building and supporting things like Wordpress (which then further implies Linux and mySQL) versus the revenue and amounts people are likely to pay and I think we should probably remain doing what we're doing.
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    Admiral Pepe got a reaction from sarahbell in Wordpress - WTF is this?   
    But then most people working on wordpress probably dont really fall into the developer catorgory. From what I gather the majority of agencies/web site builders these days are just installing themes and the using the visual composer with a bit of custom code where needed
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to DTMark in Wordpress - WTF is this?
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to The Masked Tulip in Wordpress - WTF is this?   
    There are SEO plugins on Wordpress that automate much of it.
    There used to be - probably still is - both a google and yahoo page you can also go to, fill in a form and it generates a code to add to your website so that google and yahoo know about it.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to sarahbell in Wordpress - WTF is this?   
    Build a strategy across social media that brings together your website. 
    Facebook page to cross promote, twitter etc. 
    You can make a lot of stuff easier with things like tweetdeck etc Facebook now has scheduling built in so you can set a months worth of stuff up in advance.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Hopeful in Operation Nookie 60   
    Not one
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Van Lady in 68 days to christmas   
    I can predict that my Xmas day will be like last year. No cards sent and only a few received, no decorations, no tv and no presents although I do give my son, daughter and my nephews two kids cash.
    Christmas to me is just a consumerism date on the calendar and I don’t feel any need to join in because it means nothing to me. I will enjoy a nice meal with my grown up kids at home, walk with dogs and a relaxing day though.
    I prefer celebrating the winter solstice and daylight hours starting to increase.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Great Guy in 68 days to christmas   
    Why don't we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by not buying Chinese plastic tat? In this day and age if you don't have something it's probably because you don't want it.
    We should celebrate Christmas in true dosbods style by posting here on Christmas Day telling everyone how normal a day it is for you and how little you've spent.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Van Lady in 5g and Bristol University suicides   
    Thank you for sharing that and I hope doing so has been cathartic for you.
    I agree that isolation and feeling isolated is difficult. IMO it’s one of the major human experiences to deal with along with loss and fear.
    After unexpectedly becoming a single parent to a 4 & 5 year old I became very isolated due to living in a rural village, lack of spare money and of course the 24/7 responsibility of bringing my kids up. I did get family help with the kids but my family excluded me as much as possible by taking my kids on holiday and arranging day trips without me. I was perfectly capable of walking, going to beach, doing crafts etc with my kids but my family didn’t think that was good enough. I’ve no idea why they were so cruel. I felt unable to stand up to them because I was reliant on them to look after my kids, pick them up from school etc when I was at work so I kept my mouth shut.
    There were many times in those days while at work or at home alone when I wished I would die but I never attempted to end my life. Truthfully I was too scared in case I messed it up and couldn’t do that to my kids anyway. It’s a terrible feeling when one’s thoughts and life experiences feel so bad that death seems preferable. Kids are grown up now and I no longer have family interference in my life and life is more peaceful and calmer.
    My understanding is that suicides are increasing, particularly in males who have always been more likely to suicide. 
    If suicide is increasing it doesn’t surprise me because IMO living standards and life satisfaction in the uk are hurtling downwards at a rapid pace for people of all ages and life circumstances.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Horrified Onlooker in 5g and Bristol University suicides   
    I tried to inject air into my veins in year 3 of Uni. Living with friends, I had never been lonelier and couldn’t share what I was thinking. The feeling when I woke up was dreadful. Failure to top yourself is the ultimate in failure! It took 2 years to work through it. 
    Never underestimate the effect of isolation. 
    I have never shared this before now, despite having served with some relatively special parts of the military with screening processes in place.
    BTW 1g didn’t exist then!
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Libspero in Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist   
    This thread is too depressing..   we need better examples of horribly offensive things to ban

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    Admiral Pepe reacted to Shatner's Bassoon in Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.   
    Some interesting Centrica news. British Gas finally able to compete with the smaller energy firms after years of hemorrhagging customers:
    Partly this will be a result of the smaller companies running unsustainable business models and being exposed to volatility in wholesale prices. That said, I work for the company and can say that the focus on costs for the past 3 years has been utterly relentless. Admirable of course (if I hadn't been so personally affected ).
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to gibbon in 5g and Bristol University suicides   
    My theory regarding Bristol uni is that it's for years been where the Tim Nice But Dim's end up and a lot of not particularly bright but rigorous Hermione types. A lot of them will have gone to private school and had £200k spunked on their education from nursery, their parents and teachers constantly ramming into them that they are the best and they would have been marked for Oxbridge, a lot of expectations. They either get straight A's (this is what their parents pay for after all) but fail the Oxbridge exams as they are harder to buy or simply get one or two Bs and don't even get an interview.
    They then end up at Bristol which isn't even in the same league.  However have a lot of their chums will have made it to the elite unis and they'll then get to watch every minute of their mates lives via social media living the life they thought they would have been living, what everyone told them they'd be living, what they were expected to be living. Putting that sort of pressure on an 18 year wonder a lot of the poor souls crack.
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    Admiral Pepe got a reaction from Thombleached in 5g and Bristol University suicides   
    Interesting paper. I've not really got the brain capcity to take it all in but this website which is linked reminds me of that character from Better Call Saul. I think before we start worrying about the radiowaves and VI's most people could just do with putting down their phones and their deleting their social media accounts.
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    Admiral Pepe got a reaction from onlyme in 12 years to save the earth   
    Doubt the video will get watched but here if anyone is interested. Corbett Report and his propaganda watch series dissect the latest.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to JackieO in Trump's progress   
    Don't loose that slip!
    He's been stopped by the Dems and Rinos so far but if he wins big in the mid terms he will build the wall.
    As for the situation now another caravan of people this time from Honduras I think are on a march to the US border.
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to MrPin in A fine bunch   
    What a fine bunch we are. There is a lot of talent and wit on here. This is not your everyday forum is it?
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    Admiral Pepe reacted to null; in Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist   
    Cool!!! - I'm a SJW!
    I havn't bought walkers crisps in months, we now get Aldis own brand crisps.