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  1. Has anyone been doing any shorting today? Im interested in giving it a go but i haven't got a clue where to start. Just some basic info on platforms e.t.c will do thanks 😉
  2. Yes i just read the same, im not surprised they have cut it because everyone else is tightening up.
  3. And so it begins
  4. Well as of today i am furloughed, i knew it was coming and i expect the company will continue to furlough people as this really starts to bite like alot of companies will. I have had a few friends who have been furloughed or their company has let them go because they haven't been there for very long aswell as a number of friends with small companies who are struggling because of the mess that the goverments help scheme is in. I think that with the warnings being put out there about further falls in the market what has already happened is likely to be a precursor of what is to come, the market pulled back because of the interventions of governments around the world which is to be expected but i feel it was not enough and it will be a painful switch to the new economic model that we will have to adapt to. Governments can print all they want but its going to take time for the new companies to appear and for the infrastructure projects to get off the drawing board.
  5. A hard lesson learnt then! Back on track, what does everyone think of the oil storage situation? Reports suggest we are likely to fill the global storage tanks.
  6. Probably not but my point still stands, if you can't afford it or its going to stretch your paycheck too much then you don't have it. The problem is as time goes by peoples version of poor changes as we get used to having more "stuff" and we start to convince ourselves that living standards only ever go one way. There were plenty of similar people during the 1930s, this is just a reminder that you shouldn't take out a load of debt just because you can.
  7. Maybe they should have thought about that before they bought the F150. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to spend it, if they had put some aside like people used to then things might be different for them. But thats old fashioned right?
  8. Well i had a meeting yesterday about being furloughed, some of my colleagues have been today but i am hoping my skill set will keep me in if only for a few more weeks. Just out of interest @Durhamborn what sort of gains do you expect in oil over the next 5 years? Interesting read
  9. It has certainly come about in a way that i dont think anyone thought it would and it is without a doubt a tragedy. I just hope that the number of deaths remain as low as possible and the coming years dont give way to any form of conflict that may see a further loss of life.
  10. The last few years has been like building a large jigsaw puzzle and its only now we are getting near the end that the picture is beginning to show. Once again DB thankyou for your input, it has been outstanding!
  11. Not that i was alive at the time but from talking to people of my parents generation this sounds like the end of the 70's and into the 80's. Scares me to think how much wealth could be destroyed if you are holding the wrong assets.
  12. In a simpler form isn't this what quantative easing is? Just printing money that hasn't been earnt and buying up goverment or company debt. Obvious downside of QE is currency devaluation and the accompanying inflation.
  13. Well i made the jump back into holding some shares today, not the low that they were last friday but RDSB were down from their mid week high so i held out for the end of day and got them for £14.08. Starting to feel like i have more of a idea of whats happening than a few weeks ago so i will keep my gold/silver but i think now is the time to start diverting the ISA fund into stocks when the ladders are hit. Thanks again to every for there input, i can see that its bringing some clarity to the situation for alot of people.
  14. I dont think i need to point out the bounce shell has had over the last week but i do feel like its not going to last in the short term. It looks like all companies will be in for a bumpy ride regardless of who they are.