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  1. Im just about to move to a machine shop that does mostly oil and gas but F1 aswell, any tips on the F1 stuff 😂
  2. You were saying DB. I hope at some point the government gets involved and stops this sort of behavior.
  3. So will physical gold/silver catch up with mining shares when the bull slows or do you think there will be a gap for a few years to come? How do you buy Harmony shares, ive been searching around and im getting the impression its an international stock which i have no knowledge of buying.
  4. To be honest i never knew at the time that you had to purge them, if i come across them again i will definately have a second go at cooking them. We should start eating more of them, theyre an invasive species and a pain.
  5. You always make me smile DB 😂 I hope your river is clean, i had a go at cooking these once, got them out of a local pond and they were bloody aweful 😝. Tasted bitter like grass but the flesh is nice, they definately need a good flush, fiesty little bastards aswell. Check out some of the swedish recipes, its a popular dish up that way 👍
  6. Great explanation, thankyou. I would really like to increase my silver holding but i have no desire to pay VAT, ive got some gold but silver is attractive because its cheaper and i feel its undervalued. Im thinking a good few tubes of coins is the way forward 👍
  7. I was using Equiniti, Kind of fell into using them through the job i had at the time.
  8. Slightly of the current topic but im after a new share dealer as ive had enough of the current one. Im not a frequent dealer so cheap and cheerful should be enough. Any suggestions?
  9. It cant come soon enough, call me selfish but i will rejoice at the chance of seeing house prices being smashed to oblivion.
  10. Any particular coin or did you go for the low priced stuff. I forgot that leaving the EU will effect the VAT.
  11. Interesting, so what is shell up to these days with electricity, are they building wind/solar farms?
  12. Ive managed to squirrel away some silver for the rainy day that should soon be upon us but does anyone know of any solid silver miners that would be a good buy when things wobble?