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  1. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-7264955/Tesco-hikes-price-1-000-items-just-two-weeks.html "Tesco Hikes the Price of 1,000 Items in Just Two Weeks"
  2. True, my boss is your age. Bought early but after the misses got numerous pay rises and their place went up nearly twice as much, they moved to a bigger new build and took on a lot more debt. People in their mid 40s got screwed on two fronts. Either through not buying, or getting complacent with ever increasing house prices and using it as a "wealth" generator. I wouldn't be surprised if their place goes down 50% over the next few years. 20% because it's a new build and a further 30% with 10% a year. My other boss did the same. Loads of extra debt despite the initial place going up to stupid levels. Honestly believes he can sell up in a few years a d pocket 300k. Country is really bonkers
  3. I hope you are right Spy, these guys have effectively forced me and hundreds of thousands others below 40 pay their IO mortgages as they pretend to be business people. They really make my blood boil.
  4. I dont get how parents dont care about their kids health. Kids drink them everyday, possibly more than once. Surely that's the main job of a parent... ensure they are healthy and can grow to an adult.
  5. Totally agree. When I say I'm making myself a better person, I mean for myself. Need to enjoy life as much as possible-we're not here for long. Need her name for your collection? Are you working yourself through the alphabet? Great target!
  6. I think it's a great question. The tech is aimed at automating the analysis of data, if you aren't developing the code to perform the analysis, there is risk that the whole thing can get automated as AI and GPU tech develops
  7. I know a couple of people who aren't great coders but use programs like SQL and R as it makes it easy to handle data and perform tasks. Udemy has introductory courses for a few quid (never pay full price, login with incognito mode to get the discount)
  8. This is why UK manufacturing will move further behind.
  9. I was in Berlin with my then German girlfriend. We approached a crossing where a police car had blocked off the road due to a protest or something on the next block. My then girlfriend and about 4 other Germans stood patiently at the red man. Me in disbelieve looked at the policeman and we smiled at each other. Follow the rules even when unnecessary.
  10. Haha, that is insane!!! How have the bastards got away with it?!
  11. Thanks for the reply. Everytime they have printed money it has previously led to price inflation. I would be shocked if it was different this time. As you point out, they have manipulated figures to ensure it tells their story that QE has led to a perfectly performing economy. Remove important things that have a huge impact on spending like housing from the inflation figures means the stupid policies can continue. Even rents contribute to GDP so they can continue to talk about how they are in control. End effect is that it's all worst for the real economy and there will be a hit that will be much bigger than if the numbers were real and issues earlier addressed. As per this thread, if we get high inflation and rates, then the high housing costs are going to cripple.
  12. What do you think will lead to a rise in velocity? Taking my workplace as a very small sample (only 7 of us). Older guys with houses used their gains to move into bigger houses and hence more on the mortgage, young guys aren't on bad money but just about break even due to high rents (south east). Mid level guy has just bought a house with his misses that costs 10 times his earnings. They created loads of money and made credit cheap but this has just been swallowed up by housing costs across the board.
  13. They are certainly to blame too, but the initial increase has to be because of Blair and brown. Bastard Blair family has many btl properties. Only in Britain could s politician get away with such selfish behaviour
  14. This is what I point out to mates that are strong Corbyn supporters. I'm like, housing is the most important thing to me and he wants to extend htb. McDonald has spoken about how crap it is so who knows what they would do. Corbyns only saving grace with housing us that his supporters are mainly young people so hed be an idiot and out of a job if he continued with the current fiscal policies supporting HPI.
  15. Good advice. I just focus on making myself a better person.often I think people put their relationship above everything. Sold a lie from Hollywood that love is the pinnacle target for life. I now strive for as much happiness as possible and wont rely on anyone else to get it.