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  1. Prob some deeper issue. Better than having a kid and living together after the love has gone cold. Anyway, I'll stop derailing- in my defense it sounded like you needed a distraction from Covid after his moaning 😉
  2. She can leave him and he'll still be a good provider. That's the beauty of divorce if you are in her shoes, gets the kid she wants, the house she wants and can have him pay for half.
  3. In true dosbods style- he will do once his wife leaves him and he has to give away half of that hard earned cash. In that scenario he'll wish he worked less and had less cash to give away 😅
  4. I don't understand why there isn't an uproar. Student going away for the first time are vulnerable. Having to be locked in with a bunch of strangers in your tiny room could seriously lead to a lot of suicides. Why when the gov is fearful of covid did they allow this to happen. (Of course we know it was so the unis could take their money and ensure that the accommodation gets paid for).
  5. I'm trying to get my head around TIPs. Bond prices get hit as inflation goes up so would TIPs be a better bet if you are trying to capitalise on a stronger dollar as inflation rises. TIP price would be linked to inflation and you'd get both its imncreased price and the benefit of the stronger dollar if that happens. I'm still trying to figure it out so may have completely missed the point. Someone more informed got an opinion?
  6. I'm hoping for the same. This is what's great about this thread, it has helped people make big decisions on their future, take control of their finances, and not rely on the system which usually goes against the masses.
  7. I was with them so i could get the employer contribution- wasn't happy but thought it was worth it(also thought i would transfer out once i leave). Last straw was when i was buying oilies and they were selling. I have just transferred and it was simple- started a SIPP with HL and they had a form (was meant to be done on their site but it wouldn't accept). All they need is your nest account num, name of the provider and their add. They then request the transfer and Nest get on with selling the funds to get the money over. Really not difficult. HL reckons 10 days but nest reckon about 20. Hopefu
  8. Added to this is that the monetary policy from the central banks makes it near impossible to predict what will happen in the short term. They have prevented recessions for so long that if it happens it will be big. They will do all they csn to ensure it doesn't happen on their watch. I think there will be a lot of money printing over the next year so the BK won't happen til at least the end of 2021. It will then depend how quick they are with fiscal policy- if they can ramp that up and get economic activity going quick enough, there might not be a BK. But as per the thoughts of this thre
  9. @BurntBread I started reading 'the intelligent investor' by Ben Graham. Interesting that he speaks about investments over different periods of time. Thanks for sharing- good find. What he writes this about the 1964-1970 period sounds like what we are expecting over the next decade. What Has Happened Since 1964 The major change since 1964 has been the rise in interest rates on first-grade bonds to record high levels, although there has since been a considerable recovery from the lowest prices of 1970. The obtainable return on good corporate issues is now about 7½% and even mo
  10. Been thinking more about this. Are we witnessing another late 90s/ early 2000s where tech stocks are considered unstoppable. There is so much confidence in them from the lay person. I work at an SME developing new tech. I'm sure all my colleagues think Tesla would be a good buy. They would prob buy if they knew how to buy stocks, and this is what's driving Tesla gains. Could hit a 95% loss in the FAANG stocks like tech stocks in 2002 and destroy people's pensions.
  11. Some of them can be great. A mechanic eho the family have used for 20 years is 72 and continues 2 days a week, mainly for old peopke so they don't get screwed by garages. He has a few customers in care homes and was saying sone of them look great with the activities they get up to. Said if his wife died, he'd move in. Such a positive bloke. Sorry for your loss- hope you are holding up ok.
  12. And then you prob have to take away the management fees and it's much worse
  13. They have pretty much gone for the biggest companies and hope the good times will continue. It's typical city mentality- continue with what's worked before and noone will get upset. If things go bad, you can say it wasn't your fault as you were doing what everyone else was doing and noone could have expected anything different. It ends in tears here for millions of people who put their faith into them expexting financial gurus to put their pension to good work.
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