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  1. Ouch, but really I'm not surprised. I can't remember the last time I heard someone buying a package holiday
  2. Just pop in loads of sugar, salt and oil if you want that curry house experience
  3. I agree. I dated someone whose family were relatively well-off. If I was round for dinner, it was always M&S ready meals. I was shocked that they never seemed to cook something from scratch. The couple of dishes I had were nothing special.
  4. This is the harsh reality- this push for high house prices are screwing with relationships even before they properly get started. Not only does the lack of security affect the chances of starting a family, but it's difficult to develop the relationship when you are still living with parents. Living in an HMO is nearly as bad. No hanging out just the two of you. Unwelcomed added pressure.
  5. I thought this was interesting from SRSRocco https://srsroccoreport.com/precious-metals-are-setting-up-for-a-major-rally-while-the-broader-markets-are-primed-for-a-crash/ Comparison of Dow Jones and NASDAQ with 200 day moving average vs gold and silver prices. Uses these as an argument to sat that there may not be much of a price drop in PMs when we get a downturn.
  6. I think historically 5% drop has been needed to stimulate the economy. So we will drop, but it could not have much of an effect. Wages will increase if they print for infrastructure projects etc. But at the same time, if a recession has hit and it hits the overpriced housing, there is less leverage in the system. People are also less likely to overstretch themselves and the whole thing leads to more house price reductions. Sentiment is everything. I hope it pans out like this, but it's just an opinion. Could well go like the past ten years and people think houses are the only place to store their wealth.
  7. I really can't see any other way out if we get a recession. They can't print and give to the banks to inflate house prices and stocks further causing less money in the real economy and they can't lower interest rates. Well done on predicting this years ago. Be interesting to to how it pans out
  8. I'm in the south east and hang out with mates in London a lot. I'm lucky enough to rent a flat by myself in Kent (refuse to take on mass debt for a shoebox), but I know a lot of people in their 30s who are well-trained, good education and good jobs who share in London. It's bloody bonkers.
  9. I haven't heard a politician state how they will solve the housing crisis. Just ban IO BTL and mention this fucker. State that he was loaned more than 10 times what he could have as a resi mortgage and bang, you have at least done something to help. This could be their plan... Student living for life 😡
  10. That's something I didn't consider. If they ban IO mortgages, those with them could be forced onto SVR. Another incentive to sell!
  11. Similar in terms of people thinking they would get rich speculating. This though had government involved so rather than people speculating, they were encouraged to do so. Buying shares in a company that would trade in South America. Problem was that Spain owned all the ports and would only allow one ship a year. But they used different methods to keep the stock price high-everuone saw their mates make money so got involved... Just like today's btl.
  12. There's a great YouTube set of 4/5 10min episodes on the south Sea bubble. Facinating. Really makes you think the dosbodder approach of not trusting those in power and going against the crowd embracing a corrupt system will pay off.
  13. Might be rubbish as I haven't properly researched it, but I read somewhere that there is an increased suicide risk if you live near/work near pylons