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  1. It's a great skill to have. I had a 5 year relationship that went wrong and at first i was convinced it was me (despite also feeling things weren't right for a long time). I'm sure this was because when things weren't going well, the ex was nagging about stuff i was doing, whereas i had convinced myself she was only doing things because we were in a tricky situation. I think someone on here mentioned that when we were hunter-gathers, men from other tribes could come in, kill all the men and take the women. The women who couldnt move on would either be killed or would leave the tribe. Hence they have evolved to deal with a breakup better than men. Would be great to have that ability.
  2. So basically she's convinced herself she's done nothing wrong. It is amazing that women have a knack for this and many blokes get depressed as they pin everything on themselves. I've had mates split with their partners and take full blame. As an outsider, I could see my mate bent over backwards for us but seems to think he must therefore do more rather than it being her that is ungrateful and demanding.
  3. I think it's actually a skill that needs to be pushed as a positive. I think women tend to do better if they lose their husbands later in life. My aunty was a Macmillan district nurse and said she thought it looked like the men weren't meeting people once their wives passed away. My grandad was an immigrant so had no family here and then lost his wife young. He just got on with things. Great mentality to have and after a couple of decades was in heaven when my mum and aunty moved back closeby and my mum had kids. He used to tell me with a cheeky grin, "I've been married and I've been single and being single is much easier".
  4. It is amazing to see how the policies influence popular opinion. Crazy that they know how to manipulate (virtually) the whole population.
  5. I really believe that most people wouldn't give a crap about people on benefits due to having kids if the system wasn't manipulated against those that are single and work. If there wasn't central bank manipulation, not a speculative economy but a productive one, then people working would be one good wages and be able to afford a nicer place with a better standard of living. Building a lot of social flats mean housing people on benefits wouldn't afford the private market. That way you can choose to go down that route but it wouldn't lead to a better life. What we have now is a joke.
  6. I think part of this is due to how kids are raised. Dad's making out like noone is good enough for their daughters but seeing it as an achievement if their lad gets his end away. It inflates the female ego and makes blokes think they are lycky just to be with someone. Added to the fact that a load of kids have seen their dad's be providers, it starts to define the role of the father as just that.
  7. They are not trying to produce a population who are well educated, productive and can significantly contribute to the economy. You can see this with all the QE that's happened and subsequently reduced the living standards of most people working as the cost for basic needs such as shelter has rapidly increased. It's just about keeping them at the top of the food chain.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Need to look into this as I eat a spoonful nearly every day.
  9. Puerto Rico is a good game. Started playing race for the galaxy which is similar but a lot quicker. Just signed up to boardgameareana and play a mate in Australia. Would reccommend it as you get access to a lot of games for 20 quid.
  10. I found this. I skip the supplements I forget to take them at lunch or I'll struggle to sleep.
  11. Good to hear. As much as i moan about relationships, it's more that i feel most (mainly men) reducd their quality of life for their partner- I've done the same previously and it was only after tge relationship that i thought, "why didn't i focus more on what i wanted?". Finding someone that brings out the best in you is certainly the goal. If one doesn't rush into a relationship in order to not be single, they should have more time to find someone that can contribute significantly. Problem is that most people panic and stay put with someone that kinda works.
  12. A lot of people still think there's a stigma attached to getting divorced. My boss isn't in a happy relationship but says "we don't give up like younger people do". I'm pretty sure they would be happier apart but it's like your folks- totally off the table.
  13. It's their world and they think everyone else is interested. I visited a mate for his birthday. Soon realised that everyone else there were other parents he and his wife had met through their kid's nursery etc. All they did was talk about activity days at local attractions. I wasn't local and don't care about events for kids. I'm usually a chatty bloke but started to feel like the weirdo who sits saying nothing at social events.