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  1. eight

    I guess it must be warming up in the Algarve

    Nothing cold about them. Here they are leaving church, 12th May 2007; what would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday and just nine days after she disappeared.
  2. eight

    I guess it must be warming up in the Algarve

    I'm not sure how much detective work £150K actually gets you but I'd guess not much.
  3. eight

    Protecting from the insanity

    I went to see Jack Dee, before he was famous, at Keele Students Union. He came on stage and said "Any students in here?". There was a half hearted murmur of acknowledgement. "Well, fuck off", was his follow up. Interesting strategy.
  4. eight

    The football thread

    Yeah, I'll second that. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Same here with the Ignis. Mid fifties just driving normally with no thought to economy. There is a hybrid version but we didn't think it was worth the extra.
  6. I thought hybrid cars charged themselves.
  7. eight

    MaccyD healthier than that sarnie

    Seems like too much nutrition for the limited mass of food involved.
  8. eight

    West Croydon bus crash

    Yes, hideously contrived "situations" to boot. Presumably Roundhouse did OK out of it, what with the steam engines going for the better part of two grand. Tell me something I don't know.
  9. eight

    West Croydon bus crash

    I wish! Always wanted the Lego train, never got one. It still hurts.
  10. eight

    West Croydon bus crash

    "OO", although I've put that behind me now. It survived a whole Crystal Palace v Sunderland game too.
  11. eight

    West Croydon bus crash

    I once bought a model train from Norwood Junction model shop.
  12. eight

    I have seen the future

    Reminds me of the bit in Money where he is expecting a payout "half way to six figures". When he gets it, it's three figures.....