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  1. eight

    Fuckin' Weather

    Bit of a shocker last night; came out of slaving away in front of a three hundred degree oven, had to scrape the inside of the car windscreen before I could set off home.
  2. eight

    Fuckin' Weather

    Temperature never broached +1 here today.
  3. eight


    Everything goes back to 2007 and the Blair/Brown handover. It's like the Under The Sea Dance in Back To The Future.
  4. eight


    Never heard of her, but Lisa Rogers was another one in the same mould.
  5. Three school working day weeks.
  6. eight


    She used to have an irregular guest slot with Mark and Lard. I always got the impression she's very intelligent; capable of being bloke funny, which is an entirely different kettle of fish to woman funny.
  7. I would imagine you are no stranger to hoe spittle.
  8. eight


    Staggered to discover quite by accident the other day that Liz Kershaw is still on the payroll.
  9. eight


    This is just a big list of names. https://forums.richieallen.co.uk/archive/index.php?thread-1183.html
  10. The software itself also seems to be getting shittier. For some reason now on my phone I can no longer use the time slider or play/pause controls while in full screen play. The totally inaccurate and unwanted recommendations seem to go without saying.
  11. Can't you at least allow him to cuddle a massive branded plastic cup?
  12. I am under a bit of a cloud at work for saying that a particularly screechy Scouse waitresss "sounds like the Hillsborough disaster".
  13. Is that somewhere between Stoke on Trend and Burton on Trend?