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  1. Mean streets of Darlo. I tie a rope around my waist and Mrs. Eight feeds it out from the front door.
  2. Funnily enough I just went for a walk and it's like ten degrees or something.
  3. So long as you know that I get off on it, and will be masturbating furiously.
  4. I wonder if this is why Farage nominated Blair for vaccine tzar? Ultimate poison chalice - literally killing granny!
  5. Oh christ, I am drinking so much tea. Six, seven, eight, nine of my Tony Blair's mug mug full, every day.
  6. I just went out for a walk to cheer myself up; came back even angrier. Epic fail At least I can still laugh at myself.
  7. If I remember correctly an attempt was made to reach out to @Theboltonfury when this forum was in its infancy.
  8. Tanzania famously don't do coronavirus. Presumably need reeducating.
  9. Israel just recorded their record daily cases despite having the most advanced vaccination program in the world.
  10. Now that I would like to see. No, I really would.
  11. It was stuff about we have to wait and see how effective the vaccine is; if it does anything at all, basically.
  12. I didn't watch his press conference, obviously, but apparently Hancock was all over the place regarding effectiveness of the "vaccine".
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