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  1. Yes I agree. Albeit they might also be reveling in the chance to play out a few jackboot fantasies.
  2. TBH I would just allow it to let rip. The self inflicted consequences of trying to contain it seem just as bad, to me.
  3. What does "on lockdown" even mean? Soldiers with guns patrolling the perimeter?
  4. The thing that actually worries me most about this is that Western governments have been itching for an authoritarian power grab for ages now and will probably move on any pretext. The Italian reaction was certainly.... interesting.
  5. eight

    Fuckin' Weather

    Snowflakes. Tharsends of 'em.
  6. Hard to believe a city with the global standing of Beijing can get locked down with barely anybody in the west seemingly knowing or caring.
  7. Named after the sound you involuntarily make after tasting it.
  8. I missed that! I had to stop reading that thread as it was giving me those funny tummy feelings.
  9. People say that but the gate receipts for a Premier League game must be in the seven figures. Clubs won't want to give that up lightly.
  10. eight

    Fuckin' Weather

    The weather here over the past week has been significantly worse than during the recent named "storms".
  11. Rachel was also a bit joo-ish? (big nose - gone from surgery before the series started, but referenced in flashbacks.)
  12. Peaches come from a can. They were put there by a man.