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  1. That's because you don't like anything or anybody.
  2. Yes, but so long as the punter stumps up £2K deposit or is good for about five payments then any "loss" is purely theoretical. Costs have been covered and anything after that is gravy. I've also long believed the suggestion made here that three year old cars are simply taken out of circulation somehow.
  3. Two weeks ago yesterday I was at Scarborough, after which I posted here that if I wasn't dead in a fortnight then the whole thing was provable bollocks. There were literally no concessions to virus transmission being observed there. Second wave, possible for sure. But only in line with the usual flu/coronavirus seasonality.
  4. Now extrapolate from that what the manufacturing cost of a new car actually is. £2K?
  5. I've had a nagging feeling since this all started that kids are going to be "accommodated" together en masse at some point in the future. For their own safety obviously.
  6. So Ashley and Cheryl Cole were never in love then?
  7. OK, so I have received a new, amended, contract for a reduced number of hours, but am still furloughed for the time being. But it does mean that I remain "employed""
  8. My mantra has always been the complete opposite. In fact that is what "they" would want you to think .
  9. She always reminds me a bit of Jenna Coleman, who is also popular here. Loving this floaty dress and boots combo.
  10. eight

    BLM UK

    I bet Mesut Ozil never blinks.
  11. I'm increasingly feeling like the sole aim of Western governments is to get their populations masked, and that the prevalence or otherwise of any virus is almost completely incidental.