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  1. I've posted this before, but it's always made me wonder. From Rebekah Brooks' testimony to the Leveson inquiry. My bolds. https://www.theguardian.com/media/blog/2012/may/11/leveson-inquiry-rebekah-brooks-live
  2. I'm more of a notwork person.
  3. I think privatised water companies should be obliged to provide water even if it means shipping it in from China at shareholders expense.
  4. You, sir, are a man of great taste.
  5. Is he channelling Richard Pryor in Superman II?
  6. Do you think Britain should leave the EU? A. No. B. No.
  7. Go one better still and become a hacktivist.
  8. Last time I flew, a load of weird eurasians caused havoc by insisting on sitting together and then playing the no speaky eenglish while having the situation explained to them. In the end the actual seatees caved in order to avoid a "scene". The alpha arsehole then went on to use his phone right through takeoff.
  9. I bought the most expensive thing on the menu last time I was in McDonald's and it was shit, frankly. Also all those "premium" burgers that they do just seem to fall apart as you're trying to eat them - the layers all just slide off each other.
  10. eight

    Eurovision 2019

    Well, I didn't think it was. Googling "does Adele sing out of tune" suggests that I'm not the first to ask the question. Plus apparently there was one such incident where she actually did, by mistake, sign out of tune. Which my cynical mind has me wondering if that was done on purpose, to flood the results for anybody doing the same search that I did....
  11. Fear not. Climate change will lead to warmer, wetter summers for the UK. The So-Called BBC told me so.
  12. eight

    Eurovision 2019

    I'm going to pull rank on both of you(!) and insist that she's off key. But my main irritation with her, as I've mentioned here before, is that all her songs are about things that happened seemingly decades ago. I reckon she's just rehashing rejected Carly Simon material from the 80's.