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  1. eight

    A good news story. The boys in the cave.

    Good point. I've currently been dealing with the mother and father of all fuck ups by them. I'm quite certain they've broken the law.
  2. eight

    Frozen Sweetcorn

    Just back from Farmfoods. They have loads of sweetcorn but there is a product recall for various Asianesque chicken and prawn dishes for the same reason - listeria.
  3. Good post, but I wouldn't have used the word protocols in it - you risk triggering @Carl Fimble
  4. eight

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    I take it she meant this was a negative thing? Because obviously in any other circle disruption is currently something of a buzzword and seen as a positive force. Like if my job was disrupted out of existence, for instance.
  5. eight

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    Not to mention films like Saw, Hostel, Centipede etc. I'm not really one for censorship but it's hard to argue there's even a passing nod to artistic merit in these things.
  6. eight

    Trump's progress

    He's out of the same mould as the Milibands of this World; carpet hair and a kind of hint of the east about him.
  7. eight

    Jordan Peterson

    Yes, if there's anything, it's going to be something like that. Some kind of universally present constant.
  8. eight

    Trump's progress

    I must admit that I don't really follow the corruption stuff - it's a bit too dry and political for me, although I appreciate the significance. It's just that the fact the arrests/prosecutions are taking place on Trump's watch - surely if he was as corrupt as is being portrayed he would have found some way to bury the whole lot, rather than have it brought further out into the open which is what appears to have happened.
  9. eight

    Jordan Peterson

    I just think it's impossible for there to be nothing. Even the concept of "nothing" is something. Like, can you have a vacuum without an atmosphere? Or the other way around? So if you accept that there's got to be something, it might as well be this as anything else. I can find existence by turns both awe-inspiring and utterly mundane. I find people to be the most miraculous things. It saddens me when people give god credit for their works, or prostrate themselves in worship - it diminishes them, for me. I think the human race should give itself more credit, for both the good and bad, maybe credit isn't the right word, they should take ownership of their collective actions though, and stop trying to palm everything off onto some supernatural being.
  10. eight

    Dogs dogs everywhere, with thick as fuck owners

    There were still thousands of horses working on the railways until the 1950's.
  11. eight

    Trump's progress

    I just assumed it was because he (and Putin) are somewhat anti-islamic and the entire rest of the World is pro-islamic.
  12. eight

    Jordan Peterson

    It's fun to discuss it but bear in mind that I came into this saying that the meaning of life is that there is no meaning. I think it's folly or, being generous, idle distraction to seek any. As for religion, I won't even describe myself as an atheist as that, too, is a religious term. What is the name for somebody who doesn't believe in Bigfoot, for instance? To me the idea of a creator god who we should all worship or else is just about the most laughable thing that anybody could ever suggest.
  13. eight

    Jordan Peterson

    Anybody ever come across these conspiracy theorists that claim that the Queen's coronation was illegitimate?
  14. eight

    Jordan Peterson

    I didn't really understand that. Not that I need to. Discussing religion is for me like discussing global warming, or the need for elected mayors. I start from the zero position and therefore am not really bothered arguing about the nuances. Might as well be trying to "disprove" astrology.
  15. eight

    Jordan Peterson

    I'll say this for god; for an omnipotent being he sure is reliant on man to spread his message and do his deeds.