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  1. I dont understand why people would pay so much money and risk the lives of thier family, to escape mainland Europe to come to a country with so many starving children of its own, according to a Footballer. Thats the light bulb moment that the left fail to comprehend.
  2. Lets hope so. Has to happen sooner or later. How long until we have another? Is this perhaps the real reason behind further lockdowns across Europe, to "protect" us from the upcoming Culture War?
  3. Its so much nicer, so much nicer, its so much nicer in Niiiiiice!
  4. Indeed. I only visit Lidl and B&M once a week and maybe screwfix every month. Am I meant to have the app? If so, get fucked. I'll get Iceland to deliver.
  5. He's good in Sing. Sahara was panned by critics. I thought it was a great film.
  6. Just been listening to LBC. Had some Muppet on from Portsmouth (i think) saying that if Trump wins, he will not listen to the media ever again. He said he's made his mind up from hearing the media and that he thinks Trump is a bad man. They had a few Americans guests on and I had to agree with one when she said "Why do Brits get so passionate about a ruler of another country?" I have to agree with her.
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