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  1. Quite stunning in her day. As for this Sanpaku shit, try yourself in the mirror. It's entirely due to how your head is tilted, or maybe I just have them too. Shit, I've been outed.
  2. You don't pay for Fish and Chips with a cheque do you?
  3. In the last 8 weeks, I've showered far less, barely used deoderent, barely used shampoo (still washed hair when showered) and absolutely nobody has told me I smell. I love social distancing!
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha 😂 No. Its a joke. Look up what a Dirty Sanchez is. This leads back to ToS.
  5. Noticed this recently on various twitter threads on US themes. Was wondering why "Karens" were getting it in the neck.
  6. He sells Buscuit tins to Jaguar dealships. (old rhyme.......)
  7. Drink booze, don't eat. Saves a fortune.
  8. So fines of up to £1000 for folk not quarentining after returning to the country. That's the working and middle class then. The rich won't give a fuck as that is pocket change. Therfore rich spivs to carry on spreading it. Cunts.
  9. Poor sods. Got to wonder if it's due to a previously grounded plane being brought back into service without full testing first. Last weekend of Eid too isn't it?
  10. I thought I'd give that show a crack. Lost interest after 20 mins. They really don't get it.