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  1. Other than my regular Chippy, I will not be eating out or taking away, for the foreseeable future. I didn't visit the likes of Nandos before Covid. Not because of their food quality, but everyone I ever heard raving about the place was a cunt. Why would I wish to dine with cunts? This country is doomed. We no longer have a common culture to gel us together in order to "do the right thing". Sad to see.
  2. Amazing how little coverage this has had. Granted, the Mentos and Coke competition in Lebanon took centre stage yesterday, but I'm very surprised about this. Or am I?
  3. Call me strange but I've never bought footwear other than a pair of wellies, without having tried them on first. I regret buying the Wellies too for they are too big, even with socks on.
  4. They will pick on the obvious "safe" politicans, aka white. The original run would have had a field day with Diane and her abacus but that's never going to happen. I'll go for: Millibands, Hillary, Gay French leader, Frau Merkin and Corbyn from the left vs Thatcher (she has to be in it), Bozza, Trump, Gove, Rees-Mogg. The Royals will all be game. As for sports stars, Harry Kane already sounds like a puppet so he should be easy to do. Struggling for anymore.
  5. So it would seem to be due to government ineptitude, incompetence.... What is their tory party called?
  6. In other news, Lammy has reported Amazon for selling shoes in N....r Brown.
  7. If Israel are responsible then they've just started WW3. Maybe I've had enough for one night.
  8. A lot seem to live in rather nice apartments.