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  1. I've had my fill of all this shite now. I see no point in trying to add anything to society. I'm in it for me and mine from now on. Fuck it. Fuck it all.
  2. The part where they drive around London is quite sad. 30yrs have flown by.
  3. I'm defo turning into a nasty white person.
  4. Shall we go halves? Shared custody. You can spend Mon, Wed and Sat pretending to be Apollo whilst i spent the rest of the week pretending to be Herbert Jefferson Jnr. We can then swap roles the following week. I don't have it in me to play Starbuck.
  5. Tin of gold spray paint all over and a bit of black with the bristles. Neh bother lad. I do really want one now. :-(
  6. You utter bastard! If i end up buying that after a few more beers tonight I'm blaming you. That is the best thing I've ever seen for sale on ebay. Regards baseball caps, i absolutely hate them on grown men. However, i couldn't give a fuck about anyone else's opinion so neither should you chaps. Wear with pride. I'll be the one coughing under my breathe, wearing a Battlestar Galactica Helmet, er I mean a Trilby.
  7. I dont give a flying fuck about anyone that has emigrated or chosen to work (thus live) abroad. By the very definition, they are no longer here, so why should thier voices be heard? They are no longer paying taxes here or contributing to British society. On the flipside, anyone that has emigrated here and vecome a British citizen SHOULD be allowed a say. To repeat what others have said tonight, let it all fucking burn!
  8. The Abacus appeared to be fast asleep just a moment ago. Miscounting sheep clearly
  9. The issue with Halal, is that an increasingly loud minority gets to dictate the food that we eat. If we all had to kill what we ate, we would be 99% vegetarian or even Vegan.
  10. Why am i sat watching this shite, on my weekend?
  11. Barry Shearman. What a plonker. Your own constituents think your an idiot.