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  1. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/mum-puts-free-school-meals-19640056 Hmm, its almost as if putting effort in reveals that you can indeed feed your family without government intervention, other than from thier usual bennies. (Not to let off the thieving bastard company behind the £30 parcels)
  2. Judging by how many "Beauticians" there are out there these days I suspect they will ne snapped up at that price, for when Covid prevents them spending our hard earned cash. Not Mysoginistic as it seems many confused Non binary folk that are born with a Cock, use Beauticians these days.
  3. I feel for him. Cant beat (homebrew) Elderberry Wine. Sadly all the commercially made stuff i've tried has been appalling.
  4. I'd be happy just being to sit in another family members living room. Fuck going abroad.
  5. Went to Sleaford once. It was enough.
  6. I dont remember anything about him/her other than the name and avatar. I dont even recall what my username was on ToS. But sod that, it's The Bolton Fury!!!!!
  7. Another downside to weating these masks is that i've realised my breath smells worse than a Dogs arse at times.
  8. Yes, i hear the party area is the Page Hall Estate. I left Sheffield almost 20 years ago. It was great fun back then. Seems to be full of warring newcomers now. Plus they bulldozed half the decent city centre boozers to put tower blocks up.
  9. Thanks for replying. I have no reason that i know of to not wear a mask, but i feel anxiety when wearing one. I feel suffocated, which is daft, as i can quite happily wear a proper, face hugging mask with filters for DIY, yet a loose piece of rag that is not air tight in the slightest leads to the anxiety.
  10. Serious question if i may, and if you don't wish to answer it, i shall mind my own business, but how does you wearing a mask make you anxious due to the above incident?
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