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  1. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Beware, the Twatterati.

    How dare you, that was waterboarding don't you know.
  2. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Beware, the Twatterati.

    Not seen this mentioned on here yet. This story worries me deeply. I hate Bully's. That goes without saying. Twitter appears to be full of them. bullying&src=typeahead_click The story worries me because it seems to have been blown out of all proportion. This shit goes on day in day out in schools all over the country. That is of course, no excuse for it happening anywhere. And it seems to have taken Virtue Signalling to a whole new level. Why is this lad worthy of the stupendous amounts being donated on crowd funding? And when did it become acceptable to publish peoples addresses online? Soubds like his whole family are scumbags, but maybe little brother or sister aren't. A vigilante brick or worse through the window is indescriminate. Is this not bullying? Its alreasy being dealt with by the Police, yet snowflakes are so enraged they are emailing the school demanding action is taken. Just, what the fuck?????
  3. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Acid Rain - a success story

    Ill bite seen as nobody else has yet. Do tell us what Big Oil are doing with all the surplus lead?
  4. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    question time

    Nah, i have to wipe my botty.
  5. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    London is a different country.
  6. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Ionic Wind..

    I raise your Red onion to a Chickpea slow cooker curry. Im not so much wiping my arse as smearing shit around it at present. TMI?
  7. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Oh dear, Gazza sexually assaulting a woman on a train

    Engerland Engerland Engerland!
  8. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Speak to a Bobby and ye shall find the horrific truth about how stretched they are. Also, tool up.
  9. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Randy Wrinklies

    Perhaps he too didnt have a fucking clue what the Blue Go button is.
  10. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    One of many reasons not to read this pile of shite rag. "WEDLOCKED UP Brit mum leaves her 4 kids behind to marry US lag with ‘hatred’ tattooed on forehead after hooking up on prisoner penpal website Mum of three Becci Brennan, 29, fell for ex-gang member Travis Thompson after he described himself as 'passionate, optimistic and loving'"
  11. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Children in need

    I have no problem with Children in Need. I do however, object to the pointless Pudsey branded shite, aka land fill. Are you going to wear that T-shirt again? Are you to wear those silly headbands again? How does a Virtue Signaller get thier head around that?
  12. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    They've all probably done a few laps around the block already.
  13. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Pathological demand avoidance

    I would never asume such a thing, for i know the truth :-)
  14. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    On a different note, Pof really is dire these days. No, i mean really dire!!
  15. Sucralose Ray Leonard

    Pathological demand avoidance

    Surely we would have no Muslim kids with ADHD were that the case.