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  1. In which case you are stuck in Zion Madonna.
  2. Shame, just like David Schnieder and Coogan i love thier comedy but when it comes to politics, want to tell them to go fuck themselves.
  3. Thats the bastard breed that appear stoned at mine at present.
  4. How to make Euroaural Song contest better. (better does not mean good) 1) All nations must sing in thier national tongue. 2) Get rid of the semis. The brilliance of it is seeing it all "live" on the night. 3) Bonus points for Busty Women, S&M themes, goat milking on stage. 4) No more Frankentina Bratwurst
  5. Feel similar to how i do after watching Question Time. Tired, disappointed and underwhelmed.
  6. Cant wait for next years in Sweden. Ha ha ha, that didn't age well. Look on his face was priceless.
  7. Ooooh, Iceland just lost my vote. Not that i really voted anyway.
  8. Bloody French. Speaking French. Gotta admire them.
  9. If the public votes follow a similar theme i propose we start a war.
  10. Has an oil field just been discovered in Macedonia or something?
  11. Which tone deaf nation gave us 2 points?
  12. This voting is retarded. Bring on Brexit.
  13. Does Swedens entry come on and snog her anytime soon? Voice is wavering.