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  1. But where will we get all those doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs from, then?
  2. We had little pickaninnies when I was a kid
  3. I worked in a chicken factory once where a guy went female. There was a big meeting about it where basically they were looking to sack someone if they said anything. You can imagine how it went down with the idiots there. It didn’t help that he/she basically looked like a man in his 50s with long hair and tits. The bitter, vile, harpies working there went nuts about the toilet situation, I think they ended up providing a separate cubicle. Very odd situation.
  4. Because they have been manipulated since birth, from their psy-ops mind control education, propaganda MSM and soul- deadening social media, topped off with pushed self- loathing pushed by the transgender and feminist global elite movements. If they knew how truly fucked they were, I doubt now they would have the will to riot.
  5. I like that simile. My crappy cassette player could never get the hyperload games to work. Would always crash after the 3 minute wait as well.
  6. Every time Stokie gets called that, an angel gets his (brown) wings.
  7. They didn’t pull the ladder up, they set fire to it and then pissed over the people below like Maxwell was alleged to have done to his workers. They’ll get theirs, pissing and shitting themselves in their decrepitude. Fuck them all. Cunts all.
  8. State on this fucking cuntry and the cunts it opens its doors to.
  9. And that is the most precious thing you can own.
  10. Agreed. And what happened to one parliament not being able to lock in changes for a future one? 2030 ffs. If this is being stated plainly the elite KNOW what it coming. As for the poor DB retirees, my heart bleeds. Assume the position and take the anal intrusion the private sector has taken for decades.
  11. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17751843.shop-centre-criminal-behaviour-claims-takes-shape/ Don’t worry, we have one too!
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