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  1. Every penny from the beginning of time could have been poured into that black hole and it would still be underfunded.
  2. Fucking state on those two. Massive baps struggling to escape and lurch staring off into space with his brain cell struggling to compute when he can next bend one in the shaven haven. Fucking state on this cuntry.
  3. I had an incredibly low opinion of most sheeple before all this but now I give up. They literally don’t have the brains they were born with. The global elite have won.
  4. This story needs its own thread.
  5. I’m not sure the fine wimmins of WI are ready for you to be loosed among them.
  6. I hope you fill the plastic bottles with piss first.
  7. Get thee a nice place in Herefordshire. Work from home. Loads of thirsty inbred slappers. Just don’t marry one. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/88532821#/
  8. Was always, and continues to be, the best decision I have ever made.
  9. Someone in my very close family - company never done so well. All staff invited to do as much furlough as they want.
  10. What I find most interesting is how it’s not hidden and people seem to have so many stories. It’s human nature to have the snout in the trough but I feel the last 12 months is something VERY different.
  11. Shamone

    E10 Petrol

    They are all scams. I’ve mentioned many times before my workplace cash for ash experience. Wood chip burning. Every door open even on coldest day of the year to try and get rid of the heat. Workers in shorts and T shirt. It’s all a scam. Productive farmland with massive oil based chemical inputs to grow canola for biofuel. It’s utter bollox and as usual is in plain sight.
  12. I think that there could be a lot of sense in that. I would love to know the actual cost of this bollox. It’s only one person’s experience but since this started I have been shocked by the amount of tax payers money being given to companies that have never done better.
  13. It will go thus: 1. You don’t pay the public sector pension/non-job tax. 2. The Beast identifies you as a threat. 3. You go to jail. 4. You get anally intruded.* * MAY not happen.
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