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  1. Spot on, especially the futility part. Think I'm slowly making my peace with the crushing middle-age nihilism. And the FUCKING boring part is SO TRUE. I have virtually nothing to do with old friends with kids any more. There just isn't any common ground.
  2. Simon

    Next PM

    I always thought Gove seemed to speak the best on the radio during the 2016 Brexit campaign.
  3. In my experience HR arseholes are amongst the lowest of the low. Populated usually by harpies that know they can say and do anything with impunity. I had a 6-month battle with them once which I knew I had no chance of winning. Just wanted to cause the maximum hassle and get my full 6 months' sick pay. I would never advise anyone to take on HR (even with union 'support') lightly.
  4. couldn't in all conscience add to the world population - nor risk infecting a poor soul with intelligence amongst fools and dongs
  5. They are beyond vile. I deliberately chose not to bring children (even paid private to have my balls lasered as opposed to the NHS cut and tie at the time for extra protection) into this deeply, deeply sick society. I started to have an entrenched hatred for these people decades ago. I have such a type of friend on bollocksbook today spouting his sjw nonsense. Was tempted to goad him with my intended vote but couldn't be arsed. They would last barely a day if they had to live with the unwashed masses.
  7. I may eventually be able to afford somewhere in winch wen. I do miss cycling on the prom. christ hereford is rough enough, cant imagine swansea city centre these days.fuck me have they sorted st davids shopping centre out yet.christ
  8. Jeez. I have no good memories of that place. Always was a shithole. I remember a similar shithole opening on the kingsway. I don't miss the mother cuntry much.
  9. I see that Swansea has not improved since I last visited. Was that the maccies opposite castle gardens?
  10. Simon

    Fuckin' Weather

    Went to Tenerife in January.Great weather
  11. Went to Cream during my clubbing days around 1996. Never been so frightened in my whole life. Fuck "tha Pooooooooooooochyll"
  12. I also read of a gentleman that fills the freepost envelopes with heavy pieces of metal. I don't advise this, it could probably be construed as sending dangerous mail or something. Shitting in the envelopes is probably also stretching the point.
  13. Always send back the freepost envelopes from dodgy companies such as PPI. If you can be arsed pack them hugely with newspaper for extra postage costs.
  14. Simon


    What's going on with her eyes? Are they playing Pontoon? Her left I says stick and the right eye twist.
  15. I would rather be ill than be in Neef