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  1. Simon

    Reality is another country

    Kind words, sir! I never wanted kids, I just couldn't justify any more people. I try to promote decency where I can but most people now have been hypnotised by TV and social media. It's a strange world for sure
  2. Simon

    Reality is another country

    the population boom will hit us hard. it aint gonna be pretty when the planet turns on us. I chose never to have kids because there are already so many people.
  3. Simon

    Dodgy Christmas Fetes thread - 2018
  4. Simon

    Email Writing Style

    I have found that the weakest, most deranged and insecure colleagues have found that email gave them the balls to try and exact revenge. It is easy to hide behind. It got to a point at one place I worked that everyone was having to cc emails to a senior manager. Silly cunts.
  5. Simon

    Hollyoaks tackle the far right problem

    how could you ever forget that lesbos kiss with the friel and that ginger piece? I have a boner explosion over that on the regular!
  6. >>public sector >>accountability
  7. Simon

    Who Snus?

    not tempted
  8. Simon

    Retire early

    Some great info in this thread. Got quite into the whole idea of the FIRE thing in 2014. Slowly came to the conclusion that it's more difficult than it can seem. Like others I really want to stay under the tax threshold. With a paid-up mortgage and a younger working spouse (AND NO KIDS - FORGET IT IF YOU HAVE KIDS!) I am now sort of semi-retired. Do some work for a local guy and help my parents out for some pennies. Also house-husband. AM busier now tbh than when I worked full-time but I couldn't take working with retards any more. We live quite cheaply. My parents retired early and have plenty of money but they are pretty miserable. I wanted some life now and not defer it til I could be dead. I figure if I'm already living on less than state pension now then I can probably do it when I'm 68.
  9. Simon

    Too much information

    Had a friend like this at college. He was very skinny but we teased him immensely since he always had a ginormous bulge in his trews. We thought he had socks down there. Then one day we were teasing him and he went right fuck you and dropped his trews and pants. He had a normal size benis but his nad sac was something else. Never seen anything like it. Like a 200 year old man's. Hung like a prize ram. pic related.
  10. It happens all the time. Then they take ages at the till paying in cash. Selfish, entitled retards.
  11. Simon

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    DOSBODS, I salute you. Not even 4chan provides so many laughs
  12. We get ours delivered now. I can only take so many supermarket visits. I suffer retards very badly.
  13. Why do the old retards always block the aisles? They do this in my local co-op. They literally have the trolley perpendicular to the aisle and take up the remaining space with their (usually fat) bodies. They don't even care when you try to get passed. I would kick them out of the way if I could get away with it. They are gormless erections, all.
  14. Simon

    Allied Healthcare starts the avalanche

    saw this myself in a pub recently. Most OAP's I meet really are a fucking awful bunch. An age-targeted flu pandemic would be good (sorry to my parents, but they've had a good innings)
  15. Simon

    Allied Healthcare starts the avalanche

    This is going to be huge in coming years. I run a small micro-business and some of these old folks are sitting around with their houses falling down around them. Most are pretty vile creatures so there will always be a shortage of carers, plus minimum wage increasing. I saw one 'nurse' taking selfies and piss taking with a dribbling idiot in a wheelchair.