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  1. I seem to recall the Georgia guidestones advocate 0.5 billion as a reasonable population. The current population is absurd. I wouldn't be surprised if we haven't already fucked the planet. Look at the state of the world. I'm mid -forties and have seen a massive change for the worse. We are terrible for the planet .
  2. Simon


    I went to Brynmill primary. Still have a mate in Rhyddings Park Road
  3. Simon


    If you not far from Sketty we might have met in the far distant past. Uplands boy myself, did you go to Bishop Gore?
  4. Simon

    Far fewer cars in the future

    I grew up with a strong work ethic. My parents didnt earn a lot but we had everything we needed. Did a paper round at 13 so always earned my own money. Was lucky in that I could live at home for small keep and save some money. I have had a dozen or so jobs in my life, never earned more than 18k basic but tremendous resposibility for that pay and jacked it in some years ago. Haven't earned more than 15k basic since. I remember about 20 years ago a work colleague telling me that the harder you work, the less your colleagues and the company think of you. She was SO right. You just end up taking up the slack for wasters. I too consider the social contract to be completely broken. My wife and I live very frugally and chose not to have children due overpopulation and the personal $$ cost. I see it as a way to get used to what's coming. I run my own very small microbusiness and never wish to pay income tax again. My wife has just gone to 3 days a week in her job and is hoping to find a business idea of her own. I'm trying to train my brain to not worry too much about things. I believe a collapse is coming whether I like it or not. The whole global system is such a mess. 8 billion people and rising. I go out of my way to talk to people and they are either total zombies or pessimistic. Or completely lost the plot like all of my older relatives because they cannot cope with the reality that they helped to create.
  5. The accommodation is part of the pay. The farmers buy the shit caravans and put them on their land. They don't clear min wage, otherwise I would do it. I have shovelled shit plenty.
  6. I live in rural Herefordshire and used to visit many farms as part of a previous job. Some of these places have to be seen to be believed. They are like shanty towns - rubbish strewn everywhere (and this is noticeable on a typical farm which is always messy as fuck with shit everywhere), satellite dishes, chairs, pup tents - think Glastonbury on leaving day. I've visited them all - strawberries, asparagus, potatoes. And I can tell you for a FACT that none of them has ANY interest in employing local workers. NONE. In fact I'm pretty much semi-retired now and a bit of picking would suit me. I HAVE ZERO CHANCE of doing that, and I know some of the farmers. I don't buy any of their foul produce and hope it rots in the field if they can't get any slaves. Like someone mentioned above, what other businesses get subsidised like this? They should be allowed to go to the wall. I wish I'd taken some photos now - I particularly enjoyed visiting one where the Poles (? - who the fuck knows) had spray painted 'The CRYPT' on one of their 3rd world shacks.
  7. Simon

    Is the traditional British village show a dying breed?

    That's a shame. Surprised there is ANY money being spent on it. I can remember being told off by the parkie (remember them?) many times in Cwmdonkin. Also some awful memories of a few months work for the council in the Guildhall late 90's. What a bunch of tools, and that was 20 years ago. Can't imagine the monkeys they employ now - though I suspect it's their relatives as it is around here.
  8. Simon

    Is the traditional British village show a dying breed?

    Ha ha I remember the sacred cricket pitch! And being in some right states at the Heineken Festival! Haven't been in there since about 2003 but doesn't surprise me it's being let go. The botanical gardens was always nice though, hope they haven't fucked that up too much.
  9. Simon

    Is the traditional British village show a dying breed?

    Which park was that, out of interest? Grew up in Swansea, very close to Cwmdonkin park.
  10. Simon

    Goldfish on my lawn....

    I would have stuck the fish up me ass before I spoke to my neighbours.
  11. Simon

    S.A.D season

    Probably not a coincidence but started using my lightbox again for the first time this morning. Have been holding off but the mornings are getting considerably darker and cooler.
  12. Simon

    Kebab shops - Drugs and child abuse?

    Great thread - I live in a small rural town and there seem to be lots of shops that NEVER have any customers. I think I've only seen 1 customer in the kebab shop in 5 years. I know an indian "restaurant" in a nearby town was recently done for illegals. Also a pub in a nearby village was taken over a decade or so ago. Name changed from "The Village Inn" to "The Village Raj" (I kid you not) and a "restraurant" opened upstairs. Ate there once with 2 workmates - we were the only customers on a Friday night. Barmen downstairs spoke no English. Didn't last long mind. I'm tempted to take some sneaky photos of the shops here.
  13. Simon

    Plastic Pumpkins..

    Mine have stopped growing now and starting to darken. Not massive but only use pots.