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    Slow Down Cloggy

    Although the drivers of the non emitting vehicles won’t have to breath in as many emissions, as in car pollution is the worst of the lot.
  2. Absolutely. Life is firmly getting in the way for me right now so updates are appreciated (and that goes to everyone else posting too).
  3. I’ve had flu just once and it was brutal. The nights were awful, being ravaged by a fever and so thankful for the daytime coming back round to get some form of rest. I remember getting up to go to the toilet, fainting and banging my head and ribs on the bath. I also remember numerous times being foolish enough to think I was getting better and could attempt working from home only to get wiped out again that afternoon. Thanks for the reminder. I get the jab free through work and will sort it tomorrow.
  5. Vehicle Excise Duty will go directly to Highways England, which didn’t happen previously. Guess it just went into ‘the pot’ rather than there being a direct link.
  6. Nothing to stop other people starting other threads for their alternate thesis. Might be interesting, might not. Give it a try.
  7. Yellowhammer
  8. I know we’ve spoken about Rio2 before and guess you have access now via ii. Probably a decent entry point here as for some reason the market didn’t like this weeks pre-feasibility study even though it shows a profitable mine at gold $1300. Definitely a buy and hold for 2/3/4/5 years rather than for a melt up and sure it might go lower in a crash but I’m totally happy to have bought at 0.46. Nobody take my word for it though obviously.
  9. There’s Property Log which works on Google Chrome. Made by a chap on ToS and does the same job.
  10. I’m up 135% on Alexco. Not bad this lark is it That’s one where I don’t mind if I end up holding as I think they’re a decent company and they’ll be going into production soonish but I totally agree it’s one that would give up its gains in a crash. Wish I’d had the spare to get in in December time when it was .90.
  11. Thanks Sancho, that can only be good advice. It’s seeing the gains that I hoped for and reading the chat about where next that got me thinking, also spending my day off listening back to Sunday’s Test Match Special and playing about with a compound interest calculator. I always thought I’d stay in (risky) miners for the long term (along with some UK reflation stocks) as that suited my low base - aim high situation but now I’ve made some progress I feel I should diversify more, and I can now see the kind of safer gains that can still be made when you’re more balanced. Problem being I’ve spent the last year learning about PMs, learning what and who to listen to etc, and I enjoy them. I don’t have enough to spray and pay so need to learn other areas better from scratch. I think I could do that though if it was still commodity based. I have a geography / cartography background so find interest in the prospecting side of things. Keeps it a bit romantic too, drilling/digging for a fortune. I know where I want to put a bit on copper (REG.v ) so onto a crash course in Oil, Gas and Potash it is then. Should be easier this time as big oil can’t be as wild as the mining industry. Still going to push my luck on the miners a bit more, mind.
  12. Was just visiting the girlfriends dad this weekend and saw this one on his bookshelf a couple of minutes after reading your post. He’s a resourceful guy.
  13. I’m starting to get to a crossroads about what to do next. I started from a low base (apart from house deposit). I’ve nearly achieved 100% across all the miners and not invested in anything else much apart from starting to trickle very small amounts from wages into reflation divvy payers. I think the miners have some more to run and I’m going to stick a little bit longer but ultimately I need to rebalance. My gains are concentrated in 4 successes and it wouldn’t be the worse thing if PMs ran and I stuck with those whilst building positions from scratch elsewhere, or not the worst if PMs crashed and I took a short term hit as they’re good companies who I want to stick with in some form. Cashing out and sitting whilst they continued to run would be quite bad though. Ideally though I’d cash out and rebalance at a May 19 kind of price. It’s a dilemma we saw coming I suppose but it’s real now. Also... if only I’d risked some of the house deposit as things would be sweeter right now and I’d definitely cash out, but I rightly decided not to even try and convince our lass it would be a good idea. Although turns out she is now addicted to watching Aussie Gold Hunters on Quest Maybe I’m laddering in the idea... Dunno what I’m typing all this for really. Just taking stock. As ever - thanks all
  14. Another easy one is perpetual/beet spinach. Just stick the seeds in the ground or in a planter in spring. Thin out when they’ve grown a bit so they’re evenly spaced. Water when they need it and you can’t over water. Then it just keeps growing. Cut a leaf off and it will have replenished in a few days. Amazing really. It’s tougher than the baby spinach you’ll buy in the supermarket but still good. You can also stagger when you sew it to keep the supply running all summer and into autumn.