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  1. Think I mentioned it after following @economicalpha on Twitter. Very much his tip not mine but pleased I followed it too. My plan was to reassess towards $5 and maybe take some off but at their recent Denver Gold presentation they hinted that there might be even more undiscovered gold at Kiena Deep despite that which they have already found still not being fully priced in yet. There’s a lot of really useful info out there on the miners and I think just like anything, it’s about finding the right people to help inform you and those you should ignore. I’m still learning so I’d rather you know the source than think I’m worth paying much attention too. This thread, for example, is obviously brilliant in that the variety of its contributions gives analysis and maybe a direction but not necessarily a consensus. The likes of, not so much. It’s fanatical stuff with too much noise. Often reminds me of the bitcoin thread on ToS. Lack of measured analysis, way too many ‘to the moon’ type statements. This really leaves them open to pump and dumps where any vaguely decent drill results can be spun into FOMO. I suppose they’re the the dumb money and we need to not be the dumb money. All fun
  2. Already being trialled in Oxford... (I may have read about that in this thread) Article a few days ago about free public transport in Dunkirk...
  3. That is a sweet sweet paragraph. Happy to be along for the ride.
  4. It doesn’t seem like a set portfolio will get put on a plate (not that that is what was expected really). I reckon just keeping asking questions on this board if you’re starting out. Keep reading the Deflation thread, keep absorbing everything. If some of it is too complicated then just trust that it will make sense when you’ve made the other bits fall into place. I knew next to nothing when I started reading this thread on ToS. Now I still know fuck all in the scheme of things... but actually quite a lot compared to most ordinary people. This is a great site with some really helpful knowledgable people. Maybe some sector specific threads would help. Don’t want to distract from the ‘main thread’ too much though. Maybe a thread where people add useful resources and links would help. Maybe a thread where we just look at balance sheets or technical analysis to teach/learn those skills. I don’t bloody know
  5. Bonkers thread on the amount of money Leeds City Council have to spend on putting plannings applications, statutory notices etc in the local paper...
  6. Or maybe steer clear of this until Zinc looks a bit more positive. Down on good news today
  7. And my suggestion would be Tinka Resources, although this is primarily a Zinc resource not PMs. They’re an exploreco based in Peru with a very substantial resource that they’ve just finished drilling for the year (see news report today for more great results). Stock has taken a bit of a hammering due to zinc prices, the trade war and a placement they ran so I’m currently down as a result but still optimistic of a takeover. Any readers would be well advised to do their own research though. As I said, I’m currently down on this one so that might tell you all you need to know.
  8. Purely speaking about Canadian companies... Canadian Insider is quite good. Search for the stock (or create a wachlist) and then expand the News bit to see the latest. All Canadian companies have to file documents with SEDAR... There’s a US equivalent called EDGAR. Will be pleased to hear if Kibuc knows of a whole market website or anything better.
  9. Was investigating L&G on Friday as that’s my option for moving work pension into. Have a choice of about 30 or 40 funds but couldn’t see any that broadly aligned with the gist of this thread. A few with Vodaphone in but always mixed in with other crap. Will have a proper look at some point as not in a rush but it wasn’t inspiring.
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    *Must read article before commenting
  11. Well today has certainly whet my appetite for a PM bull market. I could get used to seeing all that green.
  12. In a rare case of the government trying to facilitate growth in the north they want to build the Port of Liverpool road which would support the Peel Holdings expansion. Problem being the locals don’t want it because it cuts through their park and because the port is so heavily automated they don’t really see the employment benefits. The council basically don’t want anything from the Tories. I’m guessing they’ll all change their tune when the roads are clogged up. Hopefully more to come, as you say.
  13. Same here re overtime, bonus, that type of thing. You could say brave with regards to the miners, reckless might be more apt but I do intend to make things a bit more sensible over time. The exploration and mining companies really fascinate me though so trying my luck despite it all (often quite literally) being a bit Wild West.
  14. God I wish I had more money. It would be a real hard sell telling our lass that I’ve stopped saving for a deposit because I spend a lot of time reading about the economy and want to buy shares in Vodafone. I need to get her on side here. Already need to figure out how to tell her why I’m invested in the likes of Wesdome Gold Mines, a Toronto based exploration and mining company. She just thinks I’m reading about football
  15. I see they’ve brought out a news release to say they’ll be announcing their Q3 Results after close on 24th with a webcast/conference call the next morning to discuss them. Doesn’t bode well but assume this is the new guy now doing the right thing. Crazy that they got away (for a while) with such misleading numbers.