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  1. That’s absolute gold, thank you very much. Hadn’t delved into the site properly as I’m on not on my laptop at the minute so wasn’t sure. I’d probably subscribe right now for that feature alone if it isn’t freely available, especially as I’ve still not decided on my ISA for this year or the person I’m planning for so it could inform that choice.
  2. Cheers I’m guessing it’s wishful thinking for that site to have a list of ETFs available for investment in this country (i.e. have a KID). I assume so as it differs from platform to platform.
  3. Not sure why I put ‘eventually’ there. I’ll be stock picking for them now. They’ll be investing on an ongoing basis, which is where the question of how someone uneducated would do that in a relation without getting reamed.
  4. Thanks for starting this thread @Clueless Imbecile. Great first two posts to keep it relation focussed but also outline some of the principles. Also thanks to @reformed nice guy for getting it moving. As I said in the other thread, I need to set up a plan for someone and will be stock picking eventually but need to explore how they’ll invest their wages plus divis on an ongoing basis. ETFs would be one good option that I’d be more comfortable with currently but obviously the EU have scuppered that a bit. I need to do lots more research on this so will hopefully contribute better soon.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts - it sounds like a thread could be useful then as I’m sure there are perhaps others lurking who would find it beneficial. Worst case nobody posts so nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m happy to do it but would need to do a fair bit more research first as I’m a novice on funds and don’t want to just ask for advice. Feel free to start it if you’d like to see it sooner. Thanks DB - my approach would be very similar to that of your daughters I.e. stock picking now at those kind of levels, reinvesting divis and not really investing in funds. So I’m doing very similar for someone else now but it’s the reinvesting part that I need to figure out as I won’t be able to advise on that and they don’t have the knowledge. As you say, it’s the EU ETF rules that have scuppered it - i would know exactly which ones of those to go for. Perhaps a good action for me now would be try to get a definitive list of ETFs that are available. Then there’s the question of when to sell but you can’t do everything can you.
  6. I was hoping to have a discussion on reflation funds, and a passive approach to investing in the next cycle. I would like to set someone up with a bit of a plan but won’t be able to manage it for them like I would in an ideal world. Does anyone think this would merit another thread or shall I stick some ideas in here for feedback when I’ve done some research? Any help will be really valuable to me.
  7. I’ve only ever owned UK stocks and North American miners. What’s the crack with dividends for foreign stocks? Do we get them on K+S, for example? Stupid question I know but only just diversifying.
  8. Well, I had to visit the hospital today to get some symptoms checked out. Mentioned I had a slight cough and that certainly put them on high alert. I have now been tested for the virus - results within 24 hours. I’ve got all sorts up with me at the minute but seriously don’t think I have it. I hope I have though in a way and that this is all it is for me. No idea what it’s like in ICU and A&E but the hospital is like a proper ghost town everywhere else. They’ve totally cleared the decks.
  9. I fully endorse this request and have tried to politely suggest similar. Of course it drifts a little because the subject is so broad but that can still be focussed.
  10. Not what you asked for but this seems like a useful new tool that I’ll have a play around with...
  11. I know that Highways England with DfT and Defra have done studies into Shell GTL with a view to solving the Air Quality problem. They did trials around the North West where it gets piped in but they ended with the belief that it’s AQ benefits are overstated. Of course they could be wrong but there are no plans for it currently.
  12. My god that is such a good quote. I would have done a lot of things very differently if I’d had that imprinted on my brain from an early age.
  13. I was thinking of buying at the bottom (which would have been luck really) but didn’t have the conviction. Gas seems has benefited from the oil slump.
  14. Good article here on leveraged gold ETFs and Fridays trading...