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  1. Lavalas

    Gold (and PM) in all its forms

    Gold at 17 month low, just dipped below $1200. All indicators seem to be pointing to a reversal but don’t know what will kick start it in the midst of this trade war.
  2. Anyone any experience of HL not listing a share you’d like to buy? Do they add stuff on request/over the phone or is it tough? Looking at a few small cap bits and bobs but they’re all available on ii (however I don’t have an account).
  3. Lavalas

    The Big Short Thread

    I read similar too. Also the fact that when Netflix was younger it got programmes on the cheap but now there has been mass adoption the market rate has increased substantially.
  4. Oh yeah, I agree it’s totally worth highlighting and I’d be keen to hear what other people’s thoughts are. I’ll watch the interview later today.
  5. I’ve followed David Brady for a long while. I like him, he’s clever and clearly very successful but he is really ‘just’ a commodities trader (and I use the word ‘just’ for want of a much better word). He could be right about helicopter money etc obviously but I don’t think it’s the macro side of things that he puts most of his efforts into. Just my opinion.
  6. I don’t own Sandstorm but I am considering it. Cerro Moro mine is in production, they’re easily on target to meet the top end of their (upgraded) targets and producing a lot of cash profit when the spot price is as it is. Them’s just the facts though, don’t be listening to me.
  7. Quite striking isn’t it. I posted this article a few weeks ago...
  8. Wondered if that reduction in Vanguard mining stocks might move the market at all but I suppose they’ll have been quietly getting rid before releasing the news. Anyway, looks like the holdings are/were Agnico, Newmont, B2Gold, Franco-Nevada, Barrick, Randgold, Rio Tinto, Endeavour, Kinross and IAMGOLD so not much to trouble anyone there I wouldn’t think in the short or long term.
  9. I read that the fund now called Vanguard Global Capital Cycles fund has reduced its allocation of mining stocks from 80% to just 25%. Seems like quite an ironic name change and a good contrarian indicator.
  10. I had an account with £50 in. It was the minimum opening balance but I’d changed my plans and so it was just sitting there. I put it on Infratrata. So good news is that I’m up by 122%, my bigger success to date percentage wise. Sadly though it’s only £115 (after fees). Thanks for the tip though. I considered putting more on at 0.45... maybe in 6 months I’ll regret not putting more on at 0.70
  11. 100% on Wesdome? Pretty good portfolio management if so
  12. I saw the New Gold result this morning and considered whether I should bail at a (smaller) loss first thing today. Ended up deciding to keep the faith in the bigger picture. Didn’t anticipate a 17% drop though. Be interested to hear others thoughts on them now.
  13. LSE closes at 16:30 so maybe?
  14. On the subject of PMs, stock picking and insider buying - here's a link to a good interview with @economicalpha on his strategy. I've posted a link to this guys Twitter in the past. He's great for info and insights into the industry. I wasn't following him for the Kirkland Lake stuff in the interview but he put me onto Wesdome. Some quotes (but the whole thing is well worth a read)...
  15. Strongly agree!!! With regard to First Majestic, this is all I’ve got but I don’t know how true it is...