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  1. The bill is still going between Commons and Lords so subject to change but yes the details have been published. It’s basically what it says on the tin. Agents cannot charge fees to tenants. The exception will be a couple of ‘default fees’ which are permissible, namely for replacement of a lost key and a charge for late payment of rent. The bill will also cap deposits at five weeks rent. The details are still being ironed out but the direction of travel is in favour of the tenant with some loopholes having been closed when it went back to the Lords last week.
  2. Just another gift of a buying opportunity for me regardless, if I had any spare cash that is.
  3. Lavalas

    House Prices Indices

    Ok thanks
  4. Lavalas

    House Prices Indices

    I skipped Nationwide last week because I was feeling how ridiculous it is pay any attention to such a vested interest, plus it was up a bit. Anyway, there are no rules here and I’m pleased to report that Halifax weighed in today with a -1.4% m/m, -1.1% q/q and +0.3% y/y
  5. These clowns have got themselves knee deep in the property bubble AND the higher education bubble. They’re still chucking them up too... Some of them 25+ floors
  6. Yeah FTSE 250 I think... Try UTG:LSE or UTG:LN Oooops I now see you’ve found it already. Safe as houses init. 😀 Will have a think if there are any more.
  7. The Unite Group plc (UTG) is the largest one I know. Haven’t looked at their accounts but chart looks predictably toppy.
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    Grr Traffic

    Yes! Most of the left turn feeder lanes at traffic lights round where I live are useless now because all the ridiculously oversized cars in the main lane mean it’s impossible to get down them. Really gets on my nerves. Bring on the recession when all the keys get handed back for something more sensible.
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    House Prices Indices

    Last week the usually sobering Land Reg providing some potential cheers with 0% m/m. Today though, Rightmove clocks in with a -1.7% monthly fall and a sweet -0.2% annual fall. First since 2011. Yeah I know it’s just asking prices so essentially a measure of seller sentiment and estate agent bullishness but surely they must also resemble in some form the price buyers are willing to pay, and surely that will be reflected more so as the market turns. I think it’s also non seasonally adjusted and a much neater dataset than some of the others. Whatever, today I like the right move index. Regional highlights include a whopping -2.4% m/m in Yorkshire and Humber. Not sure how meaningful that is over such a large and diverse area but will take it gladly. Also London Zones 1 to 5 now all negative year on year. Just waiting for Zone 6 to turn from 3.1%.
  10. Don’t beat yourselves up guys. You did good due diligence on Tahoe and rightly swerved it for a while. That kind of rigour will save you more than you lose in unexpected takeovers.
  11. Lavalas

    House Prices Indices

    It’s pleasing that the LSL index paints a bit more of a sobering picture in North West and Yorkshire as they’re the ‘up north’ areas that you constantly hear the southern Landlords are heading for in search of yield. Although looking at the Midlands maybe there’s a ripple on the way?
  12. I want to buy some Alexco Resources as a rubber band stock and they were down 13% today. Quarterly results out on Wednesday so going to wait and see what happens. Definite potential to go lower on the expected news but that might be what the market is baking in. I suppose if you truely believe it’s a rubber band then you’ll be confident that the potential gains outweigh small early dips. Tricky init.
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    Remembrance Zealots

    Bored of hearing about it to be honest. Hopefully nobody will be along to tell me what I should/shouldn’t be doing/feeling as a result.
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    House Prices Indices

    The Forex Factory calendar is useful for seeing when the latest ones will be released along with the forecasts a few days before... Latest one was the RICS survey. Big fan of reading the whining estate agent comments...
  15. Or should that be indexes Well here’s a thread to discuss the latest House Price Indices. Nationwide, Acadata, Land Reg, Halifax, RICS, whatever. Even Savills mad predictions if you like. What’s going on nationally, what’s the trend and why, false dawns, possible jubilation, depressing rises, all that shit. National, local, anececdotal. Detailed chat useful for reference in the main thread. I’ll update if I remember and it’s not too depressing. Please do the same if you can be arsed.