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  1. Always been thrifty in that I don’t waste money on big TVs and clothes etc that I don’t need but I’ve always just frittered money away day to day. Lunch at work all the time etc. Drastically improved by getting a Monzo account and just transferring a monthly budget over to it each pay day. It’s good for monitoring spend and aggregating into categories so you can see that.... Jesus wept I’ve spent £74 on crisps ffs. Then i try to reduce the budget each month so you start to think ‘I’ll not buy x because I had y yesterday’. Ok, a real pro would just have these skills already and not need to pay for the smart phone to look at the Monzo account, but I’m trying really hard here. Benefits are a healthier life and more money for holidays or a house.
  2. Thanks for this link. It’s interesting. I know next to nothing about technical analysis so this could be useful when building a picture of when to buy. Do you have an opinion on the validity of those measures and their conclusions?
  3. Thanks, that’s useful info. I hadn’t realised II did regulate trades. The answer for me is just to use FT trading account then transfer into an ISA, so it’s not actually a problem I guess.
  4. Annoys me that you can only pay into one S&S ISA per year. Why is this? The difference between Freetrade (free, ideal as a regular saver) and Interactive Investor (cost per trade but access to very large range of stocks) is huge. I want to use both!
  5. Coincidently just registered for this last night. Seems like a good set up and considering using it to drip feed small amounts in. My ‘portfolio’ is not very diverse so the available stocks is not an issue for me.
  6. They are indeed truely great but also very New York, except John Cale.
  7. It’s got to be that way. So many people don’t have a drive way or garage to facilitate charging. Cables trailing out of terraced house windows across the pavement isn’t going to work. Need charging points everywhere a car will park off road.
  8. That’s very much underway now - see Legal and General’s modular housing factory in Leeds.
  9. To be honest I really think you’re over estimating both how many ‘feathers you’ve ruffled’ and how much you’re ‘taking the heat’. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Which post are you giving kudos for, can’t see one that fits the bill or is it something historic from ToS?
  11. I know what you mean, but this thread has got a pretty clear premise which people can buy into or not. I don’t know if a lack of debate automatically equates to echoey. A lot of the discussion was done in the early days and people just seem to agree now. I guess the danger comes if people become dogmatic about it in the face of evidence to the contrary, or if people get shouted down for having an alternate thesis. Everyone is free to say what they like and start new threads accordingly. Definitely worth keeping an eye on though.
  12. Always thought this was probably the case but resisted asking.
  13. Hope the Mail will be covering the progress of this hunger camp each day. Would be nice to see his slow decline and eventual realisation that he’s a complete moron.
  14. So supply will drop as landlords sell properties and you think demand will increase accordingly... so who is buying the homes from the landlords?
  15. “We have little confidence in Halifax’s index as a reliable indicator of the housing market. Its extreme volatility … undermines its validity,” he added.” Pretty damning. The usual accusation is that bears only pay attention to the drops and label the rest as invalid but this is surely something more (or rather, less!). The only uncritical reporting I’ve seen was from Property118, which tells its own story. (don’t bother clicking the link, it’s really not worth the time/effort) I agree with you. Acadata is the most useful, and the often sobering ONS.