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  1. I’m in two minds about the hedging. Obviously signed themselves out of any rally this year and many (me!) saw this as the only salvation but then they’ve done the same for any drop too. Could be good, bad or even Steven. I suppose you could call it sensible and maybe that’s what’s needed. But then you couple it with the AISC... and wheres the potential upside. Harrumph.
  2. Been nice to see New Golds resurgence on good volume. Year end financial results and 2019 guidance out on Thursday.
  3. Just tried on ii via the app. UK Equities > GDXJ. Got as far as Preview Trade and got the ‘Are you Sure’ screen with link to Kidd pdf.
  4. Lavalas

    Robinhood or Freetrade.

    Thanks for that, and apologies for the laziness. Was easier to ask you than google actual AstroTurf. I’ll take a look at this later when I’m bored of work...
  5. Lavalas

    Robinhood or Freetrade.

    What do you mean by astroturfing? Not familiar with the term.
  6. Sibanye always seems so appealing and I do track it but I don’t think it’s currently anymore than a spectator sport for me. It feels like they’re never far away from a health and safety incident or something similar wiping out any gains. The whole PM miners sector feels Wild West enough already without adding that in. Or maybe I have a false perception based on the shortish length of time I’ve followed them. I dunno. +75% gains though. That’s what it’s all about. Well done.
  7. Lavalas

    House Prices Indices

    Thanks to people for providing the acadata ones, I don’t really have a handle on when they come out. Today saw Halifax release their latest made up figures and its... -2.9% m/m. This offsets a pretty hefty raise last month but does leave us with just +0.8% y/y. Basically they’re saying houses cost about the same as a year ago with a slight downtrend. Useful if they were to provide some regional info though.
  8. Lavalas

    congestion charges

    All money has to go towards operating the zones then towards measures to reduce pollution like subsidising businesses to get cleaner vehicles or public transport.
  9. Lavalas

    House Prices Indices

    Nationwide +0.3% m/m +0.1% y/y This tells the story...
  10. I get right irked if the thread ever deviates onto people arguing about Brexit (or arguing about anything) but honestly for me we could just forget deflation and talk about pizza all day.
  11. Credit Deflation and the Reflation Cycle to Come
  12. Meanwhile... Thanks for that link, I will have a read later. This website contains a good knowledge base around the fundamentals of PM investment... Ok some of the articles definitely are more geology than investment but that’s interesting too.
  13. In a strange moment of synchronicity, Henry himself appears to have posted that very chart this morning... Unless... you’re actually Henry Pryor
  14. Thanks for finding that thread. Hadn’t got round to it yet. Foreigners buying student flats in Bradford, Stoke, Leicester... and a holiday park in Ilfracombe. The mind boggles on what kind of due diligence these people didn’t do and I suppose we’re going to see much much more of this.
  15. Interesting little thread here on Property Tribes. Some foreign owners of crap flats in Stoke coming together now it’s going tits up for them... We know this whole market exists but you never here much from them.