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  1. Dunno about TA but there are definitely fundamental reasons why NGD ended up so low in the first place and could possibly end up back there. I think ignoring that across the PM minor space would be pretty foolish, macro bull or not.
  2. I was really hoping this silver rally would hold off for a couple more weeks until I’d allocated some more to the miners... and that’s after waiting a year for it haha to start!!! Ho hum, it’s nice to see.
  3. I just use the iPhone podcast app and it has a ‘Download only on WiFi’ setting so you can subscribe but not use data. It also has a ‘Download Episodes’ Y/N setting so subscribing means that new episodes show up but don’t download unless you say so for each one. Useful if you’re low on storage.
  4. I’m currently +158% on Wesdome and happy to hold. If only I hadn’t lost a dump load of that on other crap trades. Although I’ve sure learnt a lot more from those than Wesdome. First lessson : don’t make other crap trades
  5. From South Yorkshire and ‘10 while 2’ is totally normal to me. Remember going to University and people from the south and the north east both finding it funny.
  6. Actually had an offer rejected on a house last week. Went to best and final and came second. First time I’ve ever offered. Big ish deposit and a ten year fix was the plan. If it were just me then I’d wait (and I’m secretly hoping nothing else comes up for a while) but our lass can’t wait and to be honest I’d don’t want to wait any longer either. I figure sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and hope that forewarned is forearmed. Inflation eating away at the debt whilst inflation investments work to pay it off at or soon after the first fix ends. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. No worries - to be aware also that the US Exchange is closed tomorrow afternoon and all day Thursday for Independence Day.
  8. Canadian exchanges closed today for Canada day. See where it goes tomorrow...
  9. They were lucky you were up so late to answer their question.
  10. I assume you’re going to knock this neighbour out for opening your post. I’d be livid.
  11. Big plus is that they appear to have every metals explorer under the sun available. Really seems like any company that’s even thought about sticking a drill in the ground is on there. Happy to check anything you would like. The platform and app do the job just fine too. Only minus for me is costs which changed shortly after I’d deposited. It’s £9.99 a month but you get £7.99 (the cost of one US/UK trade) back as trading fees credit, which lasts up to 90 days. So all good if you’re trading a bit but my ‘portfolio’ just isn’t of that size really. I need to take some profits in HL and work those within that ISA. Had a look and SLVP haven’t supplied a KID so can’t view any details on NAV or description.
  12. That’s encouraging, cheers. Perhaps a way for @sancho panza to buy Rio2 then, if they want to...
  13. Oh dear, yeah doesn’t look like Rio2 is available on HL. I’ve rang up and asked them what the process is for making a specific stock available in the past but didn’t follow it through. I don’t think the process is particularly quick though. Personally I was intending to buy through Interactive Investor as that is who my ISA allowance is with this year. I opted to them because they have every two bit exploreco on the Vancouver/Toronto exchange available and I flirted with investing in some before deciding it’s mostly not for me. Really regretting it now and wish I’d stuck with HL. I’ll be going back next financial year.
  14. She sounds wise! It’s a useful reminder that I should restrain from encouraging her to invest in miners. I can stomach potential losses but that’s on the back of my own labour, not hers. Vod first, I reckon. You’re very welcome! All chipping in with what we can is how I see it. I’ve got some spare money for another miner this Friday. Undecided on who it will be so it’s useful to read your thoughts. It will probably be a rubber band stock but Friday is a long way away with the rate things are going. It’s never a straight line though so must not chase. I have no Endeavour yet so that’s a prime candidate but might put that one off until end of July when I’ll have more spare. A gold play this time maybe. B2G a contender. Same with RIO2. I’ve liked the look of Adriatic for a while.
  15. HL seem to have upped their game with regards to the miners. Checked Dundee, Teranga and GORO for you as a sample and they’re all there. GDXJ seems to be easily available now too. Happy to check others. Likewise I’m going to try and get our lass to open an ISA this week. She’s very careful with money though so miners might be a step too far to start with. Some reflation stocks could be a first step. It would be a lot easier to explain Vodafone than a South African mining company haha. Need to find a low cost ISA for her because she’d be dripping feeding in from her wages. Freeshare would be perfect if they had GDXJ.