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  1. I took some profit on silver in mid August so not at the moment but if there is a dip I will be looking to get in on the Tuesday! Bitcoin used to be similar but on a Friday, havent checked for a while but I would apply the same plan.
  2. Much better! Thanks Spunko
  3. I like it, only thing is its not as easy to see the unread posts (no blue line) but I will soon get used to that.
  4. Cheers, yes I remember the carbon filtering and making mash! Used to have buckets full sitting in the spare room, I used to find it much easier to make that wine (no air locks needed) and no bad hangover (I can't do tannins). I used to buy flavours too and add them to bottles, the rum ones (dark and white) were very good and that is what is making me think of taking this up again. Tried to make amaretto once but it was too much faffing, the rums were pour and drink.
  5. Fair play, I'm not selling yet as think there is still some way to go based on how the fangs and housing market have done over the last 10 years. I can see more goverent props being rolled out in the near future. Extending the eviction ban by four weeks feels like they are buying time to me... I have top sliced once but thats all until the next leg up for me.
  6. Does anyone use a smart still or air still to make spirits? https://www.brewgenie.co.uk/smart-still Used to do this years ago and have been thinking about getting back into it or if things have moved on from these stills in the last 5-7 years
  7. 217,000 on my last car (Audi A6) and I part ex'd it because I didnt want to change the starter motor on my drive in January! Currently have a 2006 fiesta petrol on 136k and a Seat Leon 2.0 diesel on 75k hoping to get both of them to 200k+ before even considering a new one. There is something rewarding about maintaining a car to these miles when everyone else has a new pcp one every couple of years. The Leon is only £20 a year to tax so that may stick around for a long time
  8. What do you feed with? I have chicken manure but thinking of getting some blood and bone mix or is that too much?
  9. Cheers @feed and @Bobthebuilder that is some compost heap! I dont grow plants as such (garden is lawn) so I am thinking a compost heap and topping up with new compost. Another question after watching that video, pulled up my turnips today too and they had white fly (i think) maggots in them so they have been binned, will the soil be OK to put in a compost bin?
  10. So I've just emptied my first batch of potatoes (grown in buckets similar to SP) and I now have no idea what to do with the compost, im going to have a similar thing with my other veg. Should I get a composer and stick it all in until next year or is it too full of roots to be worth doing anything with? I am googling but wonder what the hive mind thinks.
  11. Could it be the flare stack? Thought I saw it lit on Thursday.
  12. Second the YouTube recommendation, pretty much my first check for any car issues. I need to fix the reverse lights on a 2006 fiesta and there are plenty of videos on where to start.
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