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  1. I've noticed tesla's are not appearing on this thread, if you want a nice car then it needs to be a tesla. I would love an s6 or rs6 but what's the point at the moment if it's just going to bring trouble to my door. A tesla model s looks like a safe alternative that has some performance.
  2. Yes I think there may be some bargins to be had and even more so if the pcp/lease bubble pops around the same time.
  3. Home made chicken parmo with chunky chips and garlic!
  4. I wonder if insurance companies will start upping the premiums on the highest risk cars to the point where it starts to impact sales. It was before my time but isn't that what happened to ford cosworths?
  5. I'm thinking about setting up an account to practice shorting so would be interested to know if anyone has used 212 for this
  6. Thanks, will have a look into this
  7. Yeah I use a regular savings account and put any extra I have in to PB's. I like the idea of a lottery win and hope to build up to a large holding in here, its a bit of fun each month too.
  8. Another month another big fat 0 for me! Stuck another 1k in last month so holdings are now 1200
  9. Looks like WH Smith came in for you this morning SP!
  10. Many thanks @sancho panza I have followed the thread from day one im just a lurker, seen ITV mentioned here and on other sites so thought I would ask the question.
  11. What are the thoughts on ITV becoming a takeover target? Is it just media hype or worth buying a few for the ride up?
  12. Also £200 - since September 2017, never won a prize No prizes this month! Im thinking of putting some more in this month