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  1. Nuclear hasn't done so well over the same time, might have to take a look at these in the coming months. A base load of stable on demand energy will always be needed so there will (should?) always be a need for nuclear and gas imo
  2. That is an amazing stat, just shows you how many in the private sector have opted out and like you say have put faith in their home and state pension looking after them. The workforce is going to look a lot different in the not so distant future.
  3. I am sure on the credit deflation thread (may be on ToS) scs/dfs are leading indicators for a recession, the chart would say that a recession isnt on the cards... I think it could be a relief rally (I'm expecting a recession)
  4. No one cares / it's not headline news because it keeps them in the life they have become accustomed too. Keep the plates spinning at all costs!
  5. Probably the hardest poll to date!
  6. Me too, mainly for the gold and bitcoin threads. Everything else on there is just junk, I was amazed at how quick some threads deteriorated to brexit.
  7. This is what I love about this thread, I would never have found this but here it is. All angles covered, all info in one place - choose your horse!
  8. They are hit and miss I find. Middlesbrough is about £15 (roughly) Hartlepool is about £8 (again rough est) We go to hartlepool, it's cheaper and quieter. Middlesbrough one always seems to be busy
  9. I have always seen cinemas as one of those little luxuries people will pay for during a recession so they do ok in a downturn
  10. Thanks for this and the other video, now subscribed. I like the cut of his jib! and agree with MrX worth a watch
  11. Yes, it was my only miner that didnt "rubber band". Will be watching the price closely... Thanks for the heads up
  12. stockton

    Turnover tax

    I agree but it should be like the current ir35 rules ect. Self employed are taxed 20% at source then claim back what they are owed through a tax return. These companies could report their profit margins ect to HMRC and get a rebate imo.
  13.,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/s/smith-and-williamson-global-gold-and-resources-income-inclusive,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/m/merian-gold-and-silver-r-gbp-accumulation,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/j/junior-gold-trust-class-p-accumulation,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/b/blackrock-gold-and-general-class-d1-income These are some I have looked at and used, I went for low charges and wanted to avoid the share dealing charges. Not advice ect...
  14. The EE shop in the metro centre now has a BT section, maybe they wont open any new stores and instead just use the existing stores they have with EE?
  15. bought last week, lets hope they stay low so I can top up next month