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  1. RNS out today, 75% increase in revenues for Q3
  2. Right there with you! This month is do or die and im leaning more to the die...
  3. This is key I think, if Robinhood are inbound then I agree it's probably best to wait for their offering. Revolut do say that trades are instant so slightly better than freetrade et al. I'm always looking for ways to reduce cost's but best to have it sanity checked so thanks!
  4. Have just seen that Revolut are offering 100 free trades per month for metal customers. Its £12.99 a month for the metal account so there is a cost but you get a metal card to boot (all the range these days so I'm told). It also limits the amount per trade to $1000 per trade but you can place multiple identical trades (2 x $1000 trades on HZM for instance) Does anyone have experience with Revolut? I am tempted by this but dont know a lot about the company so looking for opinions on here. I dont think these trades can be done within an ISA wrapper which is a problem unless used as a sort of beer fund trading account maybe? Thoughts from the hive?
  5. Yeah I've had a punt on this. Not enough to top slice but I think this has legs and am happy to hold for 5-10 years.
  6. Just seen this thread KDNC as another lithium miner (has been a dog for me but may be worth a punt now) They also have joint ventures with other lithium miners which may be good for diversification
  7. Sorry misread your post HZM is the only one. Just wanted to make sure I had the right one on my watchlist. I have KDNC as well and they have dealings with other lithium miners. Not advice, dyor ect.
  8. Horizonte is available on hl or am I missing something? It isnt available on the regular saver is that what you mean?
  9. For a bit of fruit, strawberries and blackberrys grow like weeds just keep the birds ect off them.
  10. I would get off, lock in the 30% and move on. Too much talk of a recession for me to be backing marketing firms
  11. Also stopping QT 2 months early "Underscoring its decision to ease policy across the board, the Fed also said it would stop shrinking its $3.6 trillion in bond holdings starting Aug. 1, two months ahead of schedule."
  12. I have the Smith & Williamson Global Gold & Resources fund and am probably going to sell this instead of the miners (no dealing charge) as a way to hedge any drops from here. Not as good as selling the miners but I wouldn't want to miss out on another leg up, at least if that happens I could buy the fund back free of charge or put he money into BP/CNA/BT/RDS which are all on my radar
  13. Great start to the morning! Cheers @DurhamBorn and all other contributors!
  14. Just a quick post to thank all those who have put up what they are drip feeding in to. I am doing the same and its good to know others are doing the same. Also it makes looking at the losses on some of the stocks easier to take and to stay on this ride for the long haul. My biggest losses are VOD and SXX but the goldies have been good for me (thanks DB). CNA and BT are next on my list. Cheers 🍻
  15. Yeah fees are a bit high but the cashback (and then 20% tax relief when put back into the pension) more than covers this reduces the higher fee when compared to others. I plan to transfer in every year (or every 2 years as a minimum) so the HL fees are covered so long as the cashback keeps being offered.