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  1. I have the Smith & Williamson Global Gold & Resources fund and am probably going to sell this instead of the miners (no dealing charge) as a way to hedge any drops from here. Not as good as selling the miners but I wouldn't want to miss out on another leg up, at least if that happens I could buy the fund back free of charge or put he money into BP/CNA/BT/RDS which are all on my radar
  2. Great start to the morning! Cheers @DurhamBorn and all other contributors!
  3. Just a quick post to thank all those who have put up what they are drip feeding in to. I am doing the same and its good to know others are doing the same. Also it makes looking at the losses on some of the stocks easier to take and to stay on this ride for the long haul. My biggest losses are VOD and SXX but the goldies have been good for me (thanks DB). CNA and BT are next on my list. Cheers 🍻
  4. Yeah fees are a bit high but the cashback (and then 20% tax relief when put back into the pension) more than covers this reduces the higher fee when compared to others. I plan to transfer in every year (or every 2 years as a minimum) so the HL fees are covered so long as the cashback keeps being offered.
  5. My employers won't pay into a SIPP so I pay into the company pension scheme and have just done a partial transfer out of the scheme into a HL SIPP. This way I still get the employer contributions but can reduce fees - I was amazed at the 0.06 FTSE tracker fee should save a good chunk in reduced fees alone. I also waited for the transfer offer form HL to get some cashback as an added bonus - more details in the Pension charges Klaxon flashing red thread
  6. I mentioned this on the @201p's Presidential Cycle thread but there doesn’t seem to be much in the UK for this and what is about is very risky. Could look to get in to some of the Canadian/USA stocks but no guarantee they will venture into the UK.
  7. I have a little bit of the SEK one (picked it over euros), think its time to book some profit. There is also an ETH tracker on HL!
  8. Quick update. my pension transferred to HL yesterday and the cashback is not showing yet so looks promising!
  9. BT and SGC must be in the top 5 or close
  10. Not advice but IMO its better to be in the game than on the sidelines and spreading your risk (crypto, pms ect) that way if (when?) the gov do the next thing to prop the market up your covered either way. As Bob says dont look at it as an investment and it means you wont have a landlord sell up on you again.
  11. Think this has been mentioned on here before but I can see someone making an offer for them soon - maybe a big oil co?
  12. I just received the offer email for this today so thanks , im going to transfer my pension to HL and get rid of the fees I have been paying with Aviva! Currently paying on average about 0.7% fees this should drop to around 0.2/0.3 in HL if ive worked it out correctly and some cashback to boot. One question/something I noticed - the offer says the cashback will be credited to the loyalty account (not the sipp) and no mention of a cheque, Im going to ask for a cheque anyway but this may get knocked back. Will report back when I have transferred.
  13. I added HOC to my regular savings list in March, I hold a few miners (thanks @DurhamBorn) glad to see it added on this thread.
  14. Sibanye have bought Lonmin