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  1. I've had doctors recommend me drugs that are well known to be fatal for my condition on known four separate occasions. Geniuses they are not. Theres a huge tide building in this country that would sweep a genuinely nationalist party to power. Shame we don't have one.
  2. Now stained glass I do know about as a buy and sell architectural salvage for a living. The short answer is, it costs a bloody fortune!
  3. In the long-term we're all dead. In the medium term we're all fucked. In the short term no one gives a fuck
  4. Firstly doctors aren't necessarily intelligent, it's remembering things rather than innovating in 99% of roles. The government literally plucks a figure out of the air as to how many doctors can be trained. Why not let the market take care of it? Theres now thousands of Brits going to central Europe to train as doctors and dentists as they can't get a place here. Nothing wrong with their competence. It's also far cheaper to train there than here. Why not outsource the training instead of allowing the BMA it's monopoly?
  5. I'm primarily thinking of Gazprom Lukoil Novatek Rosneft Norilsk Nickel Rostelecom Rushydro I think the perception of Russia as high risk is primarily due to the media noise. The economic fundamentals of their economy are superb, especially compared to western basket cases.
  6. It's definitely the government
  7. This is what the "experts" fail to state due to their hatred of Trump. The US has a trade deficit with every member of the G7, they all have bigger tariffs against the US than vice versa. That's now going to end and they're squealing.
  8. The NHS is always the virtue signallers best figleaf. Why do we need to import nurses and doctors? Because the government limits how many doctors are allowed to be trained here (UK is capitalist allegedly) and they have slashed the number of nursing training slots.
  9. Setting resembling freedom of speech would have been nice. Along with not moderating the shit out of anything that moved. Speaks volumes for a person's view of humanity that they are so willing to silence someone.
  10. Question for DB and SP: Have either of you looked at Russian stocks? Lots of miners, telecoms and power producers there and the average yield is 6% Any thoughts?
  11. Well isn't that just the perfect indictment of that fucking cesspit?
  12. That assumes the mods know what TNB means Nobody complains about being challenged for "racist" behaviour. Silencing someone is far more sinister than anything that comes out of someone's mouth. People were banned for advocating an end to immigration so it definitely isn't just Islam that was out of bounds. As we see throughout the internet, it is generally those on the right being censored by those on the left. HPC was no different.
  13. Relax, the mods on here are like oddball from Kelly's heroes, all about the positive energy.
  14. Spot on. Far better to blame isms and phobias rather than confront reality.