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    Hoax hate

    St Augustine answered this question 1600 years ago. The answer is disordered love (i.e. values). We all have values and ideals, and we can't help but hold those values in some sort of hierarchy, with some higher than others. When the wrong values are raised to the top of the hierarchy, our judgement, decisions and behaviours become skewed. In this case, the ideal of opposing Trump, or possibly the promotion of his own self-interest ( or both ), has been elevated above the value of upholding the truth. To understand anybody's behaviour, you just need to understand their hierarchy of values, which in turn can be understood by studying their behaviour. We can apply the same principle to ourselves too. edited: for clarity.
  2. MvR

    Hoax hate

    Jussie Smollett indicted on felony charge for filing a false hate crime report.
  3. Purple Bricks down 26% this morning.. ouch.
  4. Apparently.. She has also been given the right to appeal, which appears to mean the revocation of citizenship isn't "arbitrary" and complies with international law. There's still the question of the child, who hasn't committed any such acts.
  5. MvR

    Stop and search

    I wonder if we should have different prisons for different types of crimes, partly to prevent cross-contamination of different criminal tendencies, and partly so rehabilitation efforts could be more efficiently and effectively focused. The rehabilitation of drug addicts who steal to feed their habit would be very different to the rehabilitation of sex offenders or violent gang members or jihadi extremists. I'd also have some sort of staged system, whereby the prisoners progress through different levels depending on their stage of rehabilitation, and can be demoted back to an earlier stage if they break the rules at their current stage. Each stage comes with increased privileges and opportunities, and prisoners don't mix with those in other stages. So violent prisoners for example may keep finding themselves back in the most austere, solitary confinement if they continue to assault people. Since the prisons would specialise in particular types of crime, the stages could be designed most appropriately for that crime. The idea would be to force prisoners to modify their behaviour if they want to finally progress to the later stages and eventually freedom, whilst providing the necessary means, education, and incentive to do so.
  6. MvR

    Hoax hate

    BOOM! The first lawsuit... Washington Post sued for $250 million. They're not messing about!
  7. I just put in a test order below market price to buy it in my IG ISA account and the order was accepted without problems. It sounds like an issue with Lloyds.
  8. From what I understand, that's more due to the current Iranian regime and the values it espouses, rather than Shia Islam itself. Theologically, Shia Islam is closer to, or at least less conflicted with, modern Judeo-Christian values then Sunni Islam, due to it's interpretive tradition of the Koran, rather than the more fundamentalist Sunni tradition of taking the Koran literally and modelling themselves on the Sunnah ( Mohammad's life ) as the ideal way of living. A western equivalent would be like comparing modern interpretive theological Christian thought with more fundamentalist types like the Southern Baptists / Creationists.
  9. MvR

    The Big Barry Bonanza Boycott the Bastards Thread

    Fun fact. If you have two guests over and make them coffee, one with sugar and one without, and then forget which one has the sugar in it.. you can tell the difference by sniffing them. You can't smell the sugar as such, but the one with sugar will smell slightly more like a wet dog than the other.
  10. MvR

    Favourite sporting moments

    British Grand Prix 1987. Mansell and Piquet in field leading Williams. Mansell stops for tires around the halfway point, while Piquet stays out to run the race on a single set of tires. I can't remember the timings, but basically the second half of the race is Mansell on full charge to make up the time lost on the pit stop. He slowly catches up, lap by lap. At some points it looks like he's not catching up fast enough. At other times it looks like he'll could just make it. Probably the most exiting F1 race ever for British GP fans, during what for many was the golden age of Grand Prix racing. The turbo button made overtaking possible, but increase fuel usage. Fuel gauges weren't that accurate. Would Mansell make it? Would he run out of fuel? Would an engine blow? I wish there were a replay of the whole race somewhere online.
  11. Some thoughts.... given that :- 1. Saudi money, preachers and ideology are behind most(?) of the radicalisation. 2. Radicalised muslims want to live under Sharia Law, which is the basis of Saudi Arabian law. 3. The people best placed to de-radicalise muslims are other muslims, since they share the same religion and fundamental values. 4. We cannot remove British citizenship from someone who is not eligible for citizenship of another country since it would leave them stateless. 5. Many of the weapons and military hardware we sold to the Saudis require constant maintenance and support which only we have the skills and technical capabilities to provide. One option might be to make continued provision of such support conditional on the Saudis making those British citizens who are committed to radical islamic jihad eligible for Saudi citizenship. We would then have the option to revoke British citizenship without breeching international law by making them stateless. All the better if the major arms manufacturing nations could come to an agreement to enforce similar rules. Of course there are lots of other factors to consider, but it's a thought at least. 
  12. MvR

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    The best sausages I've ever tasted by far are from Groom's Farm Shop / Butcher in Ivinghoe, near Leighton Buzzard. When cooked under a hot grill they come out perfect, moist and crumbly when you cut into them, and seasoned to perfection with not a preservative in sight.. The home made scotch eggs are equally sublime, as are the rest of their meats, and all the meat comes from their own farm. Any kind of supermarket meats are entirely tasteless in comparison. Highly recommended if you're even vaguely in the area. ( only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings though ).
  13. MvR

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    According to Subverse, it was a GLI-F4 Tear Gas grenade, not the type claimed by RT. Still a pretty powerful weapon mind..
  14. MvR

    Favourite Youtube Videos