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  1. MvR

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    Exactly.. for obvious biological reasons, sex is something men compete for. Another man around is a massive turn off. Hence the popularity of lesbian porn.. interaction, without some other bloke involved!
  2. MvR

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    That's not the case with me or 95% of the men I know. In my experience most men don't talk graphically about their sexual exploits or thoughts with their mates. "Too much information" comes to mind. I think it's far more common amongst women though, based on what my female friends tell me. My thoughts are often highly pornographic, but I keep them to myself, as I think most men do.
  3. MvR

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    I guess I'm very visual, including full moving images. Sometimes I invent things, often software / UI based, by just imagining someone using a currently non-existent tool or bit of software to do something. I can then study the imagined image to mentally note down the details - what the interface looks like, how it works etc., resulting in a "memory" of sorts as if it was an existing tool I was very familiar with. I can "see" what could be just as easily as I can remember what I've already seen in real life, and the memory of the imagined thing stays with me if it's something interesting.
  4. Gold or silver Britannias or gold Sovereigns are legal tender so not liable for CGT, which is a big advantage over bars or foreign gold coins. Bullionbypost is a decent UK supplier. You normally have to pay VAT on Silver, but you can buy it VAT free from a dealer in Europe. Coininvest is a popular German supplier on these boards but there are others. So tax isn't really a problem. it's more about safe storage and being able to access them, and sell them, in an emergency. Physical metals are really about having something in case of a SHTF scenario. Since they're universally recognised, could also act as barter goods in a real crisis. They're not necessarily an inflation hedge.. they can go down too, but that's part of the risk of investing. To hedge against inflation, there are plenty of stock ideas on the main thread Durhamborn started. The ISA allowance is £20k per year, so buying shares in a self select ISA will avoid any tax lability. I use as my ISA provider, but if you prefer funds, Hargreaves Lansdown seems to be the one people go for.
  5. MvR


    Seems like a bit of a cheat to me. The answer to S1 - ( 1-1+1-1+1....etc ) being 1/2 can't be an accurate answer since we never get to "infinity". So averaging the 1 or 0 results sees more like a probabilistic answer that bears no relation to reality. It's like saying the average human has one ovary and and one testicle, and then extrapolating from that.
  6. MvR

    Yemen war

    My guess is it will get a lot bloodier unless the Iranians can be persuaded to stop backing the Houthi rebels who control the port city of Al Hudaydah, and the capital Sanaa. KSA doesn't want an Iranian ally on it's southern border, and Yemen's strategic position at the mouth of the Red Sea, with it's access to the Suez canal, means the Saudis, and the US, are determined to regain control. Otherwise it would be too easy for Iran to blockade the Red Sea if they get a permanent foothold. Saudi money and forces paying for US and British weapons will keep up the pressure. Hopefully it's not a war our troops will get dragged into, but we may see US air support, if they aren't in their already. The US has an airbase in Yemen, which it abandoned after the coup in 2014, but that could be re-activated after the Houthis are finally beaten. This would be well positioned to cover the mouth of the Red Sea and Somalia across the water.
  7. MvR

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    Originally from Lancashire ( as most good things are ), now nomadic / NFA but currently in Hertfordshire.
  8. MvR

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Fancy a hip-hop musical? This is Shiro's Story, a fantastic multi-part short film by a talented up and coming director, Rapman. Gritty, emotional London gang story. Partly spoken, partly rapped, it's incredibly powerful. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  9. MvR

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    I'm very happy with my 2006 Ford Focus diesel... bought 6 months ago with 130k on the clock, running beautifully. My previous car, an old Nissan Almera, seemed good at the time, but turned out to be a turkey with knackered, rusted brake mechanisms and well as other faults. Not being mechanically minded, I didn't notice at the time. Thankfully I was put on to a top bloke - mechanic / RAC chap / small garage owner who finds good older cars for people. Came highly recommended from two trusted sources, so although I paid slightly over the odds for it, he ensured it had been properly maintained and, fixed some issues and included MOT etc in the price. Very happy with it, and good peace of mind.
  10. MvR

    Judge Kavanagh

    Yup.. some interesting stuff there.. This one's a corker, highlighting inconsistencies and oddities regarding Foster's alleged suicide :- And then their's this one.. It seems to be Kavanaugh's personal thoughts on Foster's motivation, if it were indeed suicide.. ( see link for handwritten version, which isn't signed, but does look like his handwriting ) I think I know why Trump wants him on the Supreme Court now. I think we can safely say he's not a fan of the Clintons. No wonder they're so desperate to block him at all costs!
  11. MvR

    jury service

    Some people are ineligible.. Aren't you a prison officer of some sort? governors, chaplains and other officers of, and members of independent monitoring boards for prisons, juvenile justice or attendance centres, remand or young offenders centres the warden or a member of the staff of a bail hostel probation officers and anyone appointed to assist them prisoner custody officers All the above can't be called up. Other intelligible professions listed here :- Other than that, you can ask to have it postponed with good reason, but ultimately it's a civic duty.
  12. MvR

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Much like the story of Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock, chair of the House of Commons Intelligence and Security Committee, who hired a young Russian woman to be his research assistant. ( and had an "affair" with her apparently, despite her being around 40 years younger than him ). She was later expelled for spying, and he defended her saying he had no reason to suspect she had done anything untoward...
  13. MvR

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Ah... sorry, yes.. it seems very quiet on that front..I have no idea.
  14. MvR

    Judge Kavanagh

    Wow... "In the light of recently uncovered information".. "alleged witnesses". No wonder Feinstein was stood there with a face like a slapped arse. And now Ford's lawyers, 2 Senators, Avenatti and the two other accusers could be in the firing line too. It looks like Grassley isn't going to let this go, and after the disgraceful spectacle over the last few weeks, good for him. This isn't about Kavanaugh's nomination any more. He looks set to be confirmed. This is about sending a very clear message to anyone thinking of making a fabricated #metoo allegation, or encouraging / assisting someone else to to so for political purposes, that it is not a risk-free strategy.
  15. MvR

    Judge Kavanagh

    Mandy's take on Feinstein after viewing the FBI report. Great stuff as usual.