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  1. I don't often remember to take them, but when I do it's loads of Vit D3, some K2, a general multivitamin, and a non-fishy omega 3 supplement. I also make sure to add lots of pink salt and "no-salt" to my food as my low-carb diet means I drink a lot of fluid and piss a lot of sodium and potassium away.
  2. Sorry, I'm really not qualified to offer a useful opinion on DB's derivatives book. OTC options are a totally different animal to the Exchange Traded Options I trade, and I assume they're mostly credit derivatives of various kinds, which I know next to nothing about.
  3. I've booked some nice profits too. I'm still expecting gold and GDX to go higher before they turn, but I can't be certain of that, so I've actually sold all the gold miners in my ISA, and sold the first tranche of some GDX options I bought earlier this year. 20 September 27 calls which I paid $10.50 a contract for, and sold for $209 a contract.. almost a 20 bagger. I've got 3 more tranches in GDX at higher strike prices and longer expirations, but the sale of the first tranche has covered the cost of all these, plus my long SPY, DIA, and SLV options. Overall, my ISA is up 20%.. half in cash, half in silver miners, utilities, transports and tobacco. My speculative options account is somewhat smaller, but up 150% with my initial stake returned to cash, and the rest in out-of-the-money options hoping for the melt-up. So thank you DB.. I owe you at least a pint by now.
  4. Even worse, imputed rents are included too, so those who bought before the boom and own their home outright are treated as if they're paying the market rent for it, and this imagined rent is added to GDP.
  5. £20 a month on the Three SIM only plan. Unlimited everything. Bandwidth varies from 8-60 Mbits/s depending where I am, and whether I have the phone by the window or elsewhere in the boat. Even at the low end it streams HD 60fps perfectly well. I regularly use around 500GB a month, mostly streaming HD YouTube videos for many hours a day, as well as keeping a permanent backup of my computer, tablet and phone in the cloud. Until VR improves in a few years and we're all streaming 100fps 360 degree 3D 16k HDR video, I have no need for a better connection. The only downside is that when they're fixing a local tower the internet goes down, or at least goes extremely slowly via 3g, but I treat that as a nudge to get away from the screen for a while. It's always back a few hours later.
  6. I notice under "Security" he has three numbers... Scotland Yard, South Ken ( police station?), and the Home Office.
  7. That would be quite neat. The other advantage of a purely electric drive is you can have an outboard "pod" type motor, which means no need for a hole in the boat for a propellor shaft, no bilge pumps or stern gland greasing. Add an aluminium hull to avoid rust, rather then steel, and you could build a really simple, dry, low maintenance boat that goes on forever. Depending on usage though, it's useful to have extra drive power from a proper engine. In the system I linked to, the maximum power output via electric drive is lower than the diesel engine. Generally fine for the canals, but if I needed to run on rivers and tidal waters, I'd want that extra in reserve. And then there's the redundancy. You ideally want at least two ways of doing anything on a boat, drive, power generation, heating, etc, in case something breaks down.
  8. I've been looking into hybrid systems for my next boat. I don't know about ships, but for smaller live-aboard narrowboats and wide-beam canal boats, the hybrid system can make sense. There's basically a big electric motor slotted into the drive chain, which can drive the boat instead of the engine, or act as a dynamo creating electricity when the engine is running. As well as offering silent electric drive, diesel engines apparently prefer a reasonably high load to work against, so the overall efficiency of system improves. You can run the engine for the first hour of a cruise, and then turn it off and cruise 2 hours on the electricity generated in the first hour. 1/3 of the engine hours, and roughly 1/2 the fuel that running the engine for the full 3 hours would have used. And there's the added bonus of being able to generate and store a lot of power for washing machines, electrical appliances, even electric showers. Seriously luxurious for a boat. And if you're trying to be frugal, in summer a decent solar system would generate enough power to move the boat every couple of weeks and avoid running the engine at all.
  9. The classic response to sophistry is the socratic method. Ask questions. Ask them to clarify words and definitions. Hopefully walk them into a corner where the flaws in their argument are too apparent to ignore.
  10. You'll be able to access the most obscure stocks on Interactive Brokers, I'm sure. They seem to cover pretty much everything tradable.. it's just a shame they don't to ISAs, so like you I'm hoping Interactive Investor gives access to some of the Canadian stocks, mostly miners, I'm interested in. I've not opened an account with them yet though. No unhedged shorts at this stage, though if I do OK on the way up in any melt-up I'll be looking for some on the way down. I'll mostly stick to indices and ETFs I expect, in my spread betting account, ideally scaling into positions slowly on bounces and shifting stop-losses if the market moves in my direction, so breakeven or a small loss on my first entry is the worst outcome. Hopefully I'll end up with a few nice sized positions to ride down in a bust, but I'm not counting on anything. I could just as easily be washed out for a few small loses.
  11. If there's an unspecified number of black or white hats ;- 1. the rear person says the colour of the hat in front. 2. the next person now knows his own hat colour, and announces it in one accent if it's the same as the one in front of him, or another accent if not. The next person now knows the colour of his hat, and this continues down the line. Scouse and Yorkshire would make good contrasting accents.
  12. MvR


    DNS ad blockers are starting to take off. AdGuard DNS has been around for a while. You just set your DNS servers to theirs, and it acts like a sink hole, "losing" all the ads in the page loading process. No dowloads or plugins to install. It's Russian though, so you'd have to be happy sending all your browsing history to Russia. There's also Pi-Hole, an none-Russian one that does a similar thing I think. It uses a Raspberry PI somewhere in the process, connected to your home router. Doesn't help White Flight's problem, but it might be interesting to see what gets through on his site.
  13. Interactive Investor ( ? No, but I'm thinking of using them for this years ISA allowance to give me access to the Canadian markets and some PM/uranium miners I fancy. They don't do options as far as I can see, but i may be mis-understanding your question. I do my options selling through Interactive Brokers because of their low cost, great platform and Mark-To-Market accounting reports which are useful since mechanical options trading seems to fit HMRC's "Badges of Trade" rules, in that it is non-speculative, involves hedging rather than taking a view on market direction, and positions are mechanically rolled and managed to set rules. For my personal situation this works well for me tax wise, and counts as one of my self-employed "trades". I use TastyWorks for speculative options trades, buying options as directional bets, and accounted for under CGT rules. I actually prefer the platform for ease of use, but the account and reports are in dollars, which is pain if there are hundreds of complex, rolling, multi-legged, hedged trades to account for, but manageable for simpler, less frequent, in/out transactions. I'm also with IG for my other ISA, and very small spread-betting account I make occasional long/short scalps in. As for being short... you know that's a complex question for an options trader running multiple accounts and strategies lol.. but basically not really. My IB options selling account would benefit from a short term downward correction in gold and stocks, but my speculative account wants them to rise longer term. Overall, I'm basically long miners but looking to take profits on most of those as gold reach the 1500 area to free up some cash. I've a very small amount positioned in low-probability long options to win bigly if DB and his mentor's targets play out, but not lose much if they don't, ( including GDX/GDXJ even if I've sold the miners in my ISA ), and I'm practising small scalping shorts on SPY, gold etc. in my spread-betting account, hoping to sharpen my top-picking skills ready for the big down-turn when it happens. Alongside all that I've been playing in IG's demo CFD account, placing balance long and short positions on basics like gold(long), stocks(long), oil(short), the dollar(short ) etc. Not surprisingly I'm making out like a bandit in the demo account... up 80% in a month... it's so much easier when it's not real money! lol EDIT: PS.. I know you watch the builders, but have you checked out the brick makers too? Firms like Forterra, Ibstock Brick and Michelmersh? As suppliers masses of building projects, they bound to be in play over the next few years, long or short.
  14. May US new home sales down 7.8%, as opposed to up 1.9% as predicted. Consumer confidence lower than expected too..