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  1. Back to a gold standard. Crypto based currency? The central banks don't hold Bitcoin,, But they do have gold.. The oldest money in existence (Unfortunately that dip shit Brown sold half of ours.. Not that i am biased to any political party as they are all criminals in my book, fucking up the planet for profit and greed) Central banks want Control, they don't have control of Bitcoin, but they can get governments to make laws on taxes of crypto and tracking of transactions through exchanges.. They will not allow their power to be taken away without a fight.. and will want som
  2. The idea Bitcoin can topple central banks is fantasy The idea of Bitcoin is that the little people can beat the system,, Now the system, the corrupt are buying Bitcoin.. So Bitcoin has just become a toy for Black rock and JP morgan to inflate and deflate to make a buck.. It cant be a currency of the people as people cant afford it, don't understand it or are not interested in it.. Like i said you will make allot of money.. But adding another 5% to the global Carbon footprint,,, seems a waste of our resources.. Will it fix the control of the central ban
  3. Central banks don't own Bitcoin and that means its a threat.. That means at some point an alternative to fiat will be found in Crypto but it wont be Bitcoin, it will be something they own and control in my opinion Also its limited quantity means price fluctuations are large.. Impossible to peg a loan against something that moves 10% in a day. Anyway you guys are making massive gains so opinions are irreverent.. I always hated the electricity being used to make Crypto.. Just seems something only a human would do,, Destroy the planet to make some mathematical made up mone
  4. I probably watch a bit too much Russia today.. But what happens if we have a currency crash to our private/state pensions.. Do they become a big pile of toilet paper? Or do they convert to some new currency?
  5. Quick question Bitcoin has a finite amount of coins I was on a site today and a guy has lost his keys to his bitcoins.. If you lose your keys, what happens to your bitcoins? And do they exist but die? As a bitcoin without a key is lost? If its lost can it never be traded again?
  6. Tell me about it, where i work health and safety, admin, accounts.. Massive machines moving money about and amazon rain forest size piles of paperwork.. The training courses are designed so we get in trouble if something goes wrong. that's they're biggest fear.. Admin and accounts just seem to move money about between different parts of the business and analyse performance targets and cash flow moving digits around to make it all look good.. when the operational side of the business is a fucking mess with customers being lost all the time as we are too expensive and dont respond to c
  7. With the population rising i wonder what all these people are going to do? Converting office blocks and closing shops.. I already see 10 people outside my mcdonalds waiting to collect food deliveries every day.. I'm guessing topped up with our nearly £100 billion of in work benefits and housing benefits we spend every year, cant see mcdonalds delivery paying the bills in London with rent being £1400 for a house without bills. It seems this economy is very top heavy with made up bullshit jobs and the real jobs continue to evaporate,,Exported to China no doubt..
  8. I work for a company that take Health and safety as the bible I know from experience if i was to leave a Gas valve open by accident and cause an explosion at work, I would be held to account for deaths related to my negligence,, 1 dead person would see me in prison for several years. So why can Boris leave a fucking airport open allowing 21 million people to land (Heathrow) Then 85'000 people die.. And there is no investigation and he keeps his job? Wheres his prison sentence? Am i missing something? There seems to be a 2 tier system in law enforcement where he
  9. i looked the others up, Japan was some bloke on the radio said 150.. Fake news
  10. I bought a Honda repsol Blade in 2007 for £7000.. I sold it 5 years later £5500 Now they are still selling for £5500, 2007 was a 1 year only model though,, should have kept it.. And a new fireblade is about 20k +
  11. Taiwan 7 dead Japan 150 dead Australia 900 dead South Korea 1100 dead UK 82'000 dead We are a fucking island.. We are starting testing at borders this week.. 1 fucking year after the virus started!! I'm just going to keep saying fuck until this government are sacked.. or better arrested.. FUCK
  12. Its been running riot for years Cars for example 2008 VW Polo SE £5995 2020 VW Polo SE £16'995 Okay so it has a screen that cost £20 from China and a £5 blue tooth device.. But its not £11'000 more of car.. Inflation
  13. Tax dodging multi millionaires.. Hamilton has the cheek to quote black lives matter, whilst avoiding millions £s in tax.. Clearly he does not give a fuck..
  14. The banks not moving to Europe is most likely the fear of imprisonment.. 🤣 In good old blighty they can get away with anything.. They are the economy.. we dont have fuck all else..
  15. Richest people i know left school at 16, thick as fuck.. They did all go into building houses though so not surprising.. I was the smart one that got a proper job.. now I'm the poor one.. 🤣 Its a heartwarming tale.. Its like MPs.. Boris was the thick one in his class. (Fact).. So he became prime minister.. 🤣🤣
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