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  1. Where I work we have lots of builders, carpenters etc from all over the world! Only thing is hardly any of them are skilled labour! They turn up on day 1 as labourers, shifting wood, metal, rubbish.. etc after a year their using a hammer,, after 2 years their a carpenter.. We have degraded our own young and imported needed so called “skilled labour” But so called skilled Labour is basically an apprenticeship.. People actually must think the whole of Europe is full of qualified builders.. Truth is if they all go back home after 10 years of learning on the job they might be right! And we have taught hardly any of our own!
  2. I hope so, assuming interest rates go up I would feel I’ve got in at the right time.. Its to live in would you believe! It’s £350 per month cheaper than my rent. Even if it goes down in price I Hope getting the cheap interest rates will offset any saving I would have made waiting for prices to drop.. Its a lottery, I’m 100% certain house prices can’t remain at 17x wages where I live! So any interest rate rise would be apocalyptic in Surrey where I live..
  3. Before JOB went mad on Brexit! Remain voters are missing the reality of our failing economic model.. low paid, low skilled, low tax, high benefit cost migration is destroying the country.. It’s cheap slaves for big business propped up with £32 billion working tax credits, child benefits and £27 billion housing benefits.. You replace a £1.5 million automatic car wash with 7 blokes with sponges.. A JCB with 10 blokes with shovels, an automated multi million pound farm equipment with 30 blokes with baskets.. You are not making us richer, you are making us poorer., Your stifling investment, your replacing 1 engineer fixing a car wash on £30k a year, 1 driver in a JCB on £35k a year, 1 machine operator on £28k a year.. With 47 blokes on minimum wage, benefits, using infrastructure and services who will need pensions and elderly care that they will never contribute towards! All so the rich can have their cheap Labour and spend £100 on buckets, sponges, shovels and baskets.. Avoiding investing in millions of £’s of equipment and factories.. The establishment want to stop Brexit for themselves, not for the good of the country.. Look at our debt that keeps rising, living standards that keep falling..
  4. Question: will we see 15% interest rates in the U.K. again when this bubble pops? Im looking at a 10 year fixed mortgage @2.9% still cheaper than paying rent.. but I don’t know if I’m being smart or stupid?
  5. The word on the street is they are protecting the global reserve currency from become debunked by the yuan.. what im interested in is if this will drag the ECB and BOE into rate rises? Is there a link between FED rises and other central banks?
  6. FED rate rise still coming 18th/19th dec? BOE 20th Dec? There is much more going on in the Economy than Brexit, you can see that across the world..
  7. I gave up on M&S reduced items.. Used to get fillet steak for £1.50 now it’s a war zone.. again it seems to be all foreign people, I’m not being racist just stating what I am experiencing.. Its a real fight.. There was one guy who used to put all the reduced stuff in his basket and take it to the bloke to reduce for final reduction.. They stopped that so now you que behind the reduction man, he has walked away in the past due to the pressure.. asking people to give him space.. Its nothing like I’ve ever experienced. Everyday is like Black Friday in the yellow sticker isle..
  8. macca

    Fixer Upper!

    Another twats holiday let whilst the locals are all stuck with mum and dad.. or worst renting
  9. That’s how they ended up with combustible cladding on Grenfell.. it was something like 25k more for the fire retardant cladding. Some bean counter could see acost saving.. short term gains are the reason for impending economic collapse.. like buy to leach that rapes the tenant until they retire and all end up on benefits with £1000 a week nursing home costs and not a pot to piss in, bankrupting the country.. Privatising all our services to greedy parasites makes our economy unsustainable..
  10. Well Russia and China think gold and silver is going up.. they are buying tons of it..
  11. 🙈 £58 million in cuts to public services so let’s spend £78 million on a shopping centre when retailers are in major financial difficulty and house/retail unit prices look like they are peaking.. who runs these councils Stevie Wonder? 😎 My guess like everything there will be many brown envelopes floating about, let’s not pretend it’s anything other than total corruption! Welsh government sold land cheap.. Site at Lisvane, Cardiff, was sold £1.8m..! value for housing was at least £39m..! But it’s okay they said sorry.. 😡 prison would be a better apology.. its not possible to “accidentally” sell £39 million land for £1.8m..
  12. I’m thinking of selling my premium bonds to buy gold and silver? I read so many people throwing out crazy numbers for gold and silver future prices.. I’ve missed so many bubbles, housing bubble mainly.. need to take a risk.. if it all goes wrong I will buy a parrot 🦜 and get a wooden leg 🦵 become a pirate 🏴‍☠️ Is everything becoming more expensive or paper money becoming worth less?
  13. macca

    Grr Traffic

    Got stuck on the M3 one night for 1 hour at 2am in the morning as it was down to 1 lane.. I think it will be like Paris where you get a car every other day, car sharing etc.. But all they had to do was close the boarders and automate factories and we would not need most of the people, The increase in population is people providing services for people providing services.. like a never ending chain of pointless jobs.. Jobs that only exist because the population continues to grow!
  14. macca

    Grr Traffic

    How do these politicians suggest we continue to expand our population! We are full! Mall this for money, how much worse can they make our lives for money! smaller houses, more time commuting, worse quality food, more crime, polluted air.. How can anyone vote remain when it’s plain as the nose on my face this is heading in the wrong direction! Millions more migrants will not make things better!