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  1. Well I can see how Italy could bail itself out quite easily if gold prices climb.. Debt what debt..
  2. macca

    Breaking bad basement

    Worth £150’000 of anyone’s money.. These Disney land prices can’t be sustainable, especially when people find out concrete and bricks are quite cheap to buy..
  3. Well I see on the Keiser report the other day that US government are almost saying they want to go into Iran and Venezuela for the resources.. Fake weapons of mass distruction are no longer required! They just say they are invading now with no fear of reprisal such is the western populations conditioned to not ask questions. Blair should be in prison with Bush! If you kill people for no reason, invade for no reason! There was never a threat, they knew it! It was all about the money.. always is..
  4. macca

    I’ve bought a home..

    Been on since April.. next door sold for £415 in the summer..
  5. macca

    I’ve bought a home..

    Already planning that, getting prices for materials.. Will do most of the work myself, woodwork, electrical, plumbing, plastering and painting.. I have done all these things before in my job and working weekends for builders for extra money..
  6. Leverage a loan against your car.. failure to repay the loan, they take your car!
  7. “Help to save” has arrived funded by Tax payers.. The economy is PROP tastic.. So not Richard Branson 🤔
  8. macca

    I’ve bought a home..

    I’m buying in SW London.. one of the most overpriced areas.. So it had been on since April but already reduced to “offers 375’000 or OVER” Good old estate agent speak there for no offers.. So I offered £365’000 and she said yes.. Think there may be a sense of Brexit jitters amongst the sheeple.. Clearly the original asking of £425’000 was too much, if she had reduced her price earlier she may have sold for more, as next door went for £415’000 in the summer.. Greed does not always pay.. When you are buying a house as a home that’s all you want..👍🏻
  9. A mix of both is good but without the corruption.. Did you see the big pharma investigation? Big pharma was paying back handers, They paid people large payments to make speeches at events.. just like our politicians do.. The speeches were just cover for the payments to the individual to lobby them into pushing through addictive opioid drugs.. I have often wondered who would pay Bozo £50k to make a speech.. I’m guessing this sort of thing could be common to our politicians..
  10. So My other half’s grandad has passed away and we finally have a deposit big enough to buy.. Once it’s cleared probate.. The house we bid on was put up for sale in April @ 425’000 for a 3 bed.. Next door sold in the summer for £415’000 we just had an offer accepted @ 365’000 we are very lucky and after renting it’s going to be a relief to save £350 a month and have somewhere that I can call home.. (not an investment) if it goes down I don’t care.. Good news for anyone else looking in outer London is it seems rubbish at the moment if your selling.. one property we looked at had 2 agreed sales fall through.. but still the owner refused to accept offers.. Lots for sale.. not much that you would want to live in.. mainly old people passing on from this world.. I’m going for a 10 year fixed and will just pay the same as I pay now on my rent! So £350 overpayment.. this should knock years off the mortgage over the term.. That’s the plan.. just hope my decision is the right one..
  11. Not when the losers keep getting free money from the central banks.. They privatise the profits then socialise the losses, when they inevitably collapse having asset stripped the business and Squirrelled the money to Monaco..
  12. We are running a wealfare state and it’s fooked.. £32 billion working tax credits £27 billion housing benefits It’s not the side of socialism Iike.. I have never agreed with people having kids for free housing and benefits.. But I do agree with affordable housing. I also think state run essential services are a must.. With most of our sold off infrastructure going to tax dodgers it’s not reinvesting in society as the money drips out of the system and the people are made poorer by higher prices.. The privatisation of rented housing is to my mind the biggest drain on the state! And a massive disaster waiting to happen.. As everyone who is spending their wages on rented accommodation will need benefits when they retire as the landlord took all their money! They will have to go on benefits, having bought 3 houses in rent but never owned one!
  13. Are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland socialist? Every year win the award of the best places in the world to live! NHS socialist experiment, social housing, a safe affordable place to live.. Again I’m not a fan of everything they do, poor Sweden has massive amounts of rape now from all the immigration they have had, but the socialist government don’t like talking about it as it’s against their woolly views.. CONservatives privatised water firms, 10 of them now have billions in debt and pay no UK tax as they are registered in tax havens.. water has gone up 40% above inflation since privatisation mainly to pay shareholders and ceo salaries..
  14. No my point was look what they do not what they say! Conservatives make loads of speeches about helping the poor and stopping corruption.. but then you see how they voted on things like, wars, housing fit for human inhabitation.. You realise they are lying.. I’m no Corbyn fanatic but the more the rich spend time, effort and money attacking him for absolute nonsense, the more I think they are scared of his equality anti banking racket stance. They never publicise his speeches.. ”you can’t make peace by bombing people” Hence he is always talking to leaders of terrorist groups.. Not selling them weapons like Tories do.. "For a generation, instead of finance serving industry, politicians have served finance. We've seen where that ends: the productive economy, our public services and people's lives being held hostage by a small number of too-big-to-fail banks and casino financial institutions," he said. He has said more I agree with than any other politician.. Hence I would rather vote for him than the CON’s who are totally corrupt and destroying our country for profit to private companies..
  15. You need to look at his voting record.. voted against all wars, including Blair’s war He stands for improved living standards for all, not exploitation of the middle and lower classes for profit. I do worry about his humanitarian stance on open door immigration, but I have heard him say that immigration does drive down wages and put pressure on services in a interview, so clearly he is not completely out of touch on the reality of what further immigration could do.. lets face it Tories talk tough on issues of population increase, but like previous elites they are hooked on cheap labour like a bunch of crack whores.. and sod the consequences to the people.. Tories don’t care about the planet, pro fracking, pro nuclear, pro airport expansion.. More Tories are landlords, own land, other property and are funded by those with large amounts of assets.. So again it’s fuck the poor until they starve or freeze.. Tories voted down/talked out making rental accommodation fit for human inhabitation 3 times I think.. Tories banned councils from building social housing, created PFI , created help to sell, increased U.K. debt by over £1 trillion whilst slashing police by 20’000 officers and 30’000 back of house staff, they privatised the water companies to offshore tax havens, give NHS contracts to tax dodgers.. Immigration has not gone down, well only the Brexit slow down due to some uncertainty for new arrivals.. You need to look past the spin and just look at the facts..