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  1. Funny enough I know a guy from Sri Lanka who married his cousin and 1 of his 2 children has serious health problems.. where did you get the statistics? If they are true that is truly worrying.. An opinion could be that religion is a mental illness.. Magic space wizards 🧙‍♂️come in many forms with over 4000 religious beliefs.. Only through brain washing at a young age is it possible to continue this nonsense..
  2. Corrupt politician of the day Philip Hammond
  3. Crime rose to new record highs with 5.6 million offences recorded. Stabbings 41,884 Rape increased 21% Sexual assaults increased 18% Homoside increased 14% Robbery increased 22% Police numbers cut by over 20’000 since 2010 not exactly smashing it like the Tories keep telling us..
  4. not if you buy in cash from a shop..
  5. Me too pal.. house 400k, my wages even with 100k deposit will not get me a 300k mortgage on my salary.. The housing market is broken, but it’s no accident..
  6. Unfortunately it’s only the Tories running the show.. Remeber a Labour MP tabled.. “Making rental accommodation fit for human inhabitation” Conservatives have talked it out 3 times I believe before pretending to care and voting for it.. That shows what they think of renters.. Not voting to make rental property fit for human inhabitation is about as low as it gets.. Basically it shows the way they really view the poor in society.. ie: Don’t deserve a safe affordable home!
  7. Corruption of the day ex defence MP John Reid.. old but gold
  8. He is a complete cunt.. if only hell existed most of the Tories would be engulfed in flames..
  9. That’s the problem.. shame they could not have got Bernie.. although I doubt he would get any of his equality policies through..
  10. I think allot of rent prices are tied into the mortgages the greedy scumlords took out.. there are some properties mortgage free but allot of people still have to achieve a minimum rent to cover their costs.. The rents went up with the prices as they followed the repayment costs.. I hope we see 5% interest rates.. wait and see how much houses are worth then! About 30% less is my guess If you can’t borrow £400’000 you can’t pay £400’000.. so the price would have to reduce if the owner wanted to sell..
  11. To me it seems like every financial crisis we have had has revolved around property greed.. Huge sums of money are thrown into the property scam, making millions of people’s lives miserable, just so some can profit from their misery. The privatisation of housing is responsible for the biggest black hole in our finances, spending billions of £’s paying private companies/landlords when the housing could be state owned and maintained more cheaply..
  12. Interesting radio phone in today on universal credits, you get one payment, you decided how you spend it.. lady rung in.. 2 kids £1200 a month rent from a scumlord.. with unviersal credit she no longer gets. £1200 rent working tax credit (not that she worked) child benefit She gets 1 payment of £1400 tax free for all her needs.. it’s not separated and housing is paid at £800 as part of the £1400 payment.. she is paying the £1200 rent so only has £200 to feed, cloth, water, gas, electric.. no suprise she uses food banks and charities for cloths.. mad what is coming when universal credit is rolled out.. although the rent cap part will effect city centre renters the worst.. and of course landlords might get a few empty months without tenants.. unless they are replaced with 20 Eastern European’s sharing as immigration continues unhindered..
  13. We can’t go on as we are.. money has to come from somewhere! So someone has to pay more! From what I see at the moment public services are as low as they can go, council budgets are 49% down.. with 1 council bankrupt and 3 near bankrupt.. (all Tory run councils, probably went on salaries) benefits claimants are using foodbanks in higher numbers with universal credit roleout, so they are tapped out.. Sell more NHS? Raise fuel duty? Beer, fags.. raise taxes? raise national insurance? Go after the asset rich? tax pensions? I’m sure I’ve missed loads of taxes they could raise stealthy.. But the sums don’t add up, someone has to pay for THIS MESS! THEY CREATED! I did not create it, the government and banks did.. yet my taxes will have to go up to pay for it..
  14. This is a huge part of immigration £7.50 an hour is not future if your a British born citizen.. YOU CANT LIVE ON IT! unless you class an HMO as a future But entire villages have been completely renovated in Romania from working tax credits and minimum wage..
  15. I came across this website, it has some facinating information about alleged dodgy deals done by our MP’s this link is the Jeremy Hunt link it includes timeless classics like: I sold U.K. blood supplies to Mitt Romney on the cheap I received £32’000 from a private health firm i want to make this the MP corruption thread.. let’s get lists of dirt on them all in one place.. Full list of MP’s with links to private healthcare firms.. 70% of all new contracts went to private companies..