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  1. Ps.. I still hope prices crash.. I May have bought a home, but I have kids, I have cousins who all need a home.. not to be used as cash cows for greed.. no one should be denied a home..
  2. I move in next Friday.. I could not face giving anymore of my hard earned money to my landlord.. my landlords who have 4 houses and no job! In their 50’s.. been retired since their 40’s.. living off other people’s hard work..
  3. Because importing people always makes a country better.. population expansion by its very nature is not good, more people, more cars, more pollution, more time spent traveling/queuing equals less life! crumbling infrastructure and worse living conditions.. we need a revolution.. this system will create population expansion to oblivion.. we don’t have enough resources to sustain the greed..
  4. Cross rail another £3 billion over budget and 2 years late.. because they forgot about the points and stations.. How much do they pay these people.. 🙈 I’m going to my boss, based on intelligence levels U.K. plc.. I should be earning £8 million a year basic..
  5. Same May that reduced front line police by over 20'000 and back of house by about 30'000 but says its not effected the safety on our streets.. She is a cunt.. i would have her cleaning the deep fat fryers in mcdonalds but she would probably fuck that up..
  6. If there is a general election and remain MP’s in constituencies that voted leave get wiped out! All bets are off! Im not sure how smart voters are? If there was a general election would they vote on Brexit or stick to party politics? Would the new party formed of mps that have defected get an mp elected?
  7. Why do we not need anymore schools.. 😂 its a worry how often they do that.. where I live we struggle to get our kids a place in school.. they are all oversubscribed, we got non of our top 5 school choices.. ended up with some rubbish school miles away.. had to wait for the shuffle to slide into one a bit closer.. but still not what we wanted.. my daughter is at church every other Sunday now just so we can get her into a decent school.. we are atheists.. 😂
  8. Yep i remember those.. Those pesky German women causing problems..
  9. “What happens to generation rent!” When they retire with tiny pensions and can no longer afford to pay their MASSIVE rent, never mind their food, gas, electric, water, council tax! The landlord will have had their houses paid for, but through the labour of their tenant.. Who pays/or doesn’t pay for the tenant to live thrive and survive? What if they need a nursing home? How do we fund that? They don’t have a house to sell? Can the tax payer afford to fund 100’000s/millions of poor tenants?
  10. What i found funny when i visited is the entire place is built on reclaimed land and low level land.. All about 1 meter above sea level Anyone who made all their money from burning oil must see the irony of what could happen if scientist are right.. I give it 50 years before its under water..
  11. Did anyone note Keiser Report claiming new printed US debt will be leveraged against gold! This is because the debt ceiling has been reached again.. Gold standard?
  12. Well 70 % of our insects have died due to pesticides spayed all over our fruit and veg.. There was also a piece on correlation between insect population and areas where farming pesticides are sprayed. Without insects pollination cant take place, with pesticides then chemicals enter into food, soil, water table.. Population increase increases pressure on farming and around and around we go until we start seeing food shortages.. As fertile land on the earth decreases every year and population rises that will not be long.
  13. well thanks to steroids and antibiotics we now have supersized chickens that cant walk,,, similar problems with most live stock higher the population, quicker they knock the food out and the worse the toxins we ingest.. That's before we even start talking about micro plastics in the water we drink, including bottled spring water according to some studies I read.. Which can sit in the gut as cant be digested. Ive said it many times, for humans to survive the greed has to stop and the population has to fall.. naturally of course not by mass hangings but with education.. We don't need more people to run the country.. we can automate all the pointless jobs fruit picking, trains, car washes, bankers.. etc As for stupid jobs like deliveroo and uber eats.. how can people be so lazy they cant get themselves to Mcdonalds.. These people doing these service jobs have to be claiming in work benefits.. You cant pay London rent prices delivering Mcdonalds? No wonder we are getting fatter and deeper in debt..
  14. I've got Siemens shares, They are very expensive but are hugely diversified across many sectors, they pay good divi's Trains Hospital 3D body scanners Turbines/wind/hydro dam in fact Siemens are the worlds largest producer of energy saving technologies, power generation, transmission and medical diagnosis tech, They work in building automation also and have a place called the crystal opposite the millennium dome where they show off their green technology
  15. Does anyone have a current view on Crypto currency? For me it seems something that will go too the moon or go to being worth absolutely nothing.. Of course it does fit the establishments objective to remove paper money and move us to digital currency.. I see cash points are depleting by the day..