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  1. Superb. There are three roads into my town. I’ve argued strongly for gun nests at each approach.
  2. They just need to tell people to stay put and anyone who wants to travel, it’s on a case by case basis.
  3. Well knock me down with a feather. I thought you were some exotic eastern mystic. Disappointed
  4. I would imagine that not many things have actually crossed their minds.
  5. So, how long have you been researching this and how did you do your fieldwork?
  6. There has been a long line of quick fixes. There are none. We have offshored most meaningful work. We often hear a hark back to the golden age of apprenticeship. Yep, it was great, especially for the working class. However, when we let industry die, we also let apprenticeship die. There are relatively few well paid jobs. We need a complete restructuring and a new way of being.
  7. Oh they are. Something up ‘em might focus minds.
  8. This was been discussed on the radio this afternoon. They have not produced a list of essential or nonessential items. fucking amateur hour.
  9. We can send a rescue party. Start digging the tunnel your side of offa’s dike.
  10. First point re the clubman, yes, it was the biggest mini until the new countryman. The loadspace with the rear seats flat is huge. second point, the Subaru, are you a lesbian?
  11. Yes. Saturday night treat. We knew how to live back in the day.
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