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  1. The article linked to above says that she was born in America AFTER her father stopped being a diplomat. Why was he still there then if his purpose for being there was as a diplomat. something fishy...
  2. Ta. Learn something new everyday. I bet 99 percent of people are of the view that I was though.
  3. One percent

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    It's an invasion of Europe isn't it... As you said upthread, it will not be realised until too late.
  4. I thought that you had to prove you were a citizen prior to issue - the documents that you need to send off for a passport and the weight it carries for checks - to prove you have the right to work for example, you show your passport to a prospective employer. Are the two not intrinsically linked?
  5. One percent

    Countdown to Brexit

    Let ‘em, it’s called democracy. What bit of having a vote to see what the country wanted do they not understand?
  6. She burnt it. How is she going to prove she ever had one?
  7. Three near me, one has just shut. There is only really one that is now busy but for years, the three restaurants and one skanky takeaway have all kept in business
  8. One percent

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    Weird. Who came to power in the late 80s? Not after the 29th march, no.
  9. Er no. What am I meant to be spotting? A bloke fell off though.