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  1. Just picked this up on farcebook. Christ, a bloody crimewave from a few pikies. Need to be taken out and shot
  2. Hey, i used to teach this shit I’ll have you know.
  3. No but give it time and the bollox will emerge. Just remember that whatever they say, it’s all made up bollox.
  4. This ^^^^ gender is a sociological term, related to biological sex but not determined by it. Read my two posts above for further explanation.
  5. But as it’s socially constructed, you can have as many as you wish. It’s meaningless bollox. Sex: male/female, that is all. The end. Anything else is made up bollox. We really shouldn’t be wasting our time discussing it.
  6. Sex, biological sex. Whether you have male or female bit. Agree, it’s one or the other (well apart from a handful of cases where it all goes a bit Pete Tong biologically. gender though is socially constructed , so the roles afforded to each sex are those made up by a particular society. For example, we believe that women are carers and men are breadwinners. Women do house stuff, cooking, cleaning etc, whilst men do heavier stuff like fiddling with cars, making stuff, breaking stuff in sheds. What decides these particular roles is determined by society and thus from an early age, y
  7. Sex is biological, chromosomes and all that. Gender is a social construct, i.e. society determines certain roles, norms, behaviours etc on each sex. I guess then that there can indeed be numerous genders, it depends on the norms and traits that society bestows. There can only be two sexes though.
  8. Who is paying for his treatment on the largesse of sap British taxpayers?
  9. Have they had the vaccine? Might have such side effects.
  10. When the say “asians” I’m guessing they mean those from the far east, not the hill billies from India and the like.
  11. It certainly seems, at present, like a one way street. Your employer can (they think) force you to have a vaccine. Love to see the after effects when some are debilitated or even killed by said vaccine. Employers would be sued be each and every one. oh, and what’s happened to human rights? Don’t we have them now?
  12. Do as i say, not as i do. Now fuck off pleb.
  13. Heard today that my mate’s uncle has become very ill with covid. His family have been told that even if he recovers, he will more than likely end up in a home as his lungs are so badly scarred, he will not be able to function at home. he is in his 70s and apparently, otherwise fit and healthy. numerous other people I know, know someone who has had it and made a full recovery. dunno what to make of it/ what I believe tbh.
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