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  1. Nope. They guy im lusting after at the moment is exactly because he is a nice bloke and we appear to have a connection.
  2. Shame you dont have an m&s in Australia, they do a wonderful Bailey knockoff for about a tenner. Much better than the original
  3. Philistine. bean to cup is expresso, not filter. If it is bitter, you have gone seriously wrong somewhere. It should be smooth and almost sweet.
  4. Instant coffee? why? Just why? Have you not read the multiple threads on bean to cup coffee machines?
  5. No morries near me. Im not looking for a milf, more after the blokes. I think i maybe am the milf.
  6. Im guessing it’s the smell he gives off, especially as he is called Musk.
  7. New q drop seems to me to be suggesting that this and other attacks in the last few days are FF. i think.
  8. I know that but terrorism is being done in the name of their religion. I understand that if they are safely within their own country, their reaction will be meh, so what? However, if they are members of the British community, then i feel they have a duty to condemn those who visit death and destruction on us.
  9. No but Cornish/ Norfolk folk haven’t gone all stabby and blowy. Yet. The more sensible ones need to be calling out these terrorist attacks as not in their name/ religion.
  10. Why though do not the reasonable muslims call out the inbreeders and nutters? The way in which there is complete silence from within the “community “ only compounds the effect of hate preachers and stabby, blowy terrorists.