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  1. Not someone i know but a friend of a friend in the town, died two days ago from “punmonia. (Sp?) a fit, active 54 year old. Came on incredibly quickly apparently
  2. That’s nice. Where is it?
  3. I think he resembles a monkey. It doesn’t bode well.
  4. I know people who are of the view “give way to sail” and themn play chicken. I would mow the twats down tbh.
  5. Just tell them that because you are paying, that you will be turning up. Don't blink.
  6. In English? What’s an IET diary?
  7. Has this got something to do with Fawlty towers?
  8. Not here, it’s been cancelled.
  9. Ah, you have been to goth week too.
  10. A very good point pinny. Guess you can only have a meeting of more that two if it is state sanctioned and approved. Christ.
  11. And oh yes. Farcebook is lit up. There really isn’t any hope for the future of humanity is there. It’s all going to end up as a cross between 1984, animal farm and mad max with no one challenging it. See my just posted post. i like it as it enables me to chart how far we have fallen as a society.