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  1. One percent


    Stokie hasn’t got a 350z
  2. Although I think he was being a bit to harsh A nightclub owner who questioned why a 'plain and fat' woman would have her drink spiked could lose his liquor licence. Neil Scott, the owner of Perth club Rapture was widely criticised for belittling 19-year-old Shantel Smith after she reported her drink was spiked at his venue earlier this month. Mr Scott, 66, said Ms Smith 'wasn't particularly attractive' and questioned why anyone would want to spike her. Catriona Macleod, director of one of Perth's leading liquor licensing law firms -Cullen Macleo - has now called for the removal of his licence.
  3. One percent


    I’ll just avoid you if I see you on the road.
  4. One percent


    No! Put the bloody thing in the boot, the footwell, anywhere but on the back shelf.
  5. Just reading the comments on the mail. Calling her a manipulative gaslighter. I think they could be correct. She really doesn’t want the best for Harry. He is a vehicle for her to get where she wants to be. Problem is, I don’t really think she is sure where that is, other than the centre of the limelight. LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. One percent


    Never ever wear a hat whilst driving and never keep your hat on your parcel shelf. People will think you are an appalling driver. They will more than likely be correct.
  7. Nutter. End of. I was listening to Steve Allen on the radio earlier. No one cares and just wishes they would go away
  8. My daughter who is just recently out of uni equates their behaviour to school kids in the playground.
  9. One percent


    No one has mentioned this
  10. No and that’s the problem. As I see it, the only way we can do it is through revolution. I’m being serious. It takes organisation and a mass of bodies. I’m convinced that’s why they have essentially got rid of trade unions. They were the obvious way of mounting insurrection.
  11. Another loon. Can you file that in the round bin for me intern. They really do think they can do what they like. Soz. But it will only be one or two. As long as the bennie tap isn’t turned off, Wayne and Wayneetta couldn’t give a shit. Bread and circuses. Invented by the romans.
  12. Problem is, do you vote for the donkey with the red rosette or the blue one. They know this and how safe their seat is. We, the people, need to shake it up somehow.
  13. Yes I think I was being harsh but listening to my daughter who is immersed in this stuff and then spending significant time in the HoP, I realised that it really isn’t about representative democracy, or even democracy under any guise. Ah. That’s the thing. Action not words is what we need.
  14. sorry but your naivety is touching. They are too arrogant to think the plebs who vote for them matter. Yeah, I think there were stock answers but there was also a mindset that said “this is how it is”. She just knew what the line was.