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  1. One percent

    The next EU

    It’s halal. No thank you.
  2. One percent

    The next EU

    In part. This is interesting from the article More than half of those - 36 - were international new arrivals - effectively more than one extra school class. so, not Europeans then, or they would have said. My guess is no EU Africans or what not. This article though is about the pressure on schools places so it impacts people directly and the get a bit exercised. I bet though that they think these people are there for the work (what work I haven’t a clue as Thatcher put paid to that in the 80s). They will not have joined the dots that this is bennie seeking.
  3. Will they be doing it in a carbon neutral way?
  4. Joe Biden Has 85 at Big Iowa Rally — Trump Has 100,000 Sign Up — Line Starts 42 Hours Early, Outdoor Jumbo Screens Ordered
  5. I’ve not actually looked that closely. What cringeworthy stuff has he indelibly carved into his body?
  6. One percent

    The next EU

    Im not sure the general public are that clued up. They know that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark but haven’t joined the dots. They wouldn’t as the MSM don’t explain to them that all of the EU (and Africa and the ME for that matter) are entitled to benefits in the uk. They would be in the streets with pitchforks if they really knew the depth of it.
  7. Hey, I’ve got a wall full of those and the large letters that read out ‘bath’ ‘bed’ ‘home’ etc so people don’t forget where they are
  8. Or someone in the crowd was having a laugh with the remote control
  9. Ok, own up, how has not been to claim their prize yet?
  10. My money is on the mental health one
  11. Is the right answer. My home town has always flooded on occasion. It continues to flood on occasion. I don’t think it floods now anymore than it used to
  12. It’s difficult. My view is that in tourist type spots, there are two markets. One for the locals which are the sensible properties. Probably not much of a view but within walking distance of one. Solid neighbourhood with soundly built property. The other is the incomer market. Stupidly priced because you are paying for a view. I wouldn’t live in one of these as your neighbours will be stuck up prigs with no sense of the local community. Also you have to choose very carefully as something might happen to spoil your view,+Whitby+YO21+3JJ/@54.4923432,-0.6437343,3a,75y,35.51h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sFzgWA3_wSAVq6j9kuPUbjA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x487f19db512ba389:0xc6b828e96b55e4e8
  13. That’s gone up a third of a million in two years. Kite flying in the extreme