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  1. Too busy talking about remoaning and drinking tea
  2. Bit 1984 in the way in which he is using language to shape thinking and the narrative. Hope you told him to fuck off.
  3. Were you talking to my builder today too?
  4. Every time I see the title of this thread I get all paranoid, thinking you are all talking about me.
  5. I’ve been busy this week, so out of the loop. Is anyone seriously celebrating this?
  6. No one is wishing for it but look around you at what is happening.
  7. It’s all linked pinny. We are at war. Have you not noticed?
  8. No one wants it but when foreign nationals are blowing up children at pop concerts, then I’m not sure there is any other logical outcome.
  9. You may change your mind with the upcoming civil war.
  10. From the article Stephen Evans, chief executive of the National Secular Society told the Independentit was 'wholly inappropriate' for the Home Office to use 'theological justifications for refusing asylum applications'. but logically, it is appropriate as the asylum seeker was using his conversion to Christianity as the basis for his claim. Stephen would have been better arguing that religion should play no part in decision making in a civilised society
  11. Can I bring my six shooters to go with my sheriffs badge?
  12. car has been destroyed by a fire at an enclosure at a safari park this afternoon. The vehicle was caught on camera ablaze at West Midlands Safari Park at around 12.20pm today near the lion habitat. A spokesman for the park confirmed all animals, guests and staff were unharmed and the blaze was extinguished an hour later by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Fire Service.