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  1. From the article In no simple terms, I have been charged more than if my name was Jack Jones or David Smith. “In what world do they think that’s acceptable? It’s racism, pure and simple. er, no. Insurance companies price for risk
  2. I have no doubt that the establishment are doing this, programming people to do unpalatable things. Not sure though that the victims were all crisis actors
  3. Orthe rest of us so that they don’t come over as being racist.
  4. Don’t see the point of that as anyone who stumbles on us gets to join,no questions asked.
  5. Have they done an ethnic breakdown of the data. Just asking
  6. Yep. And now they are suddenly bombarding me with emails about their latest offers.
  7. I followed a link from somewhere. It might have been voat but tbh, I’m not sure. Anyhow it went into incredible detail of the live video, pulling it all apart with fake nonsense. I was not convinced. The worrying thing is that Q seems to be suggesting that it’s false flag.
  8. Nope. And they did not respond to emails. I had to do a charge back through my bank.
  9. Better to compare and contrast to the grooming gangs. Feel sorry for this poor sap tbh.
  10. Way too modest. If you hadn’t done this, then it would not exist. We were thrashing around on tos with no home and no future. You gathered us up and created this little safe space. Respect and thank you 👍
  11. Last time I ordered something on line from your recommendation, I had to get my bank involved as the bastard too my money and buggered off.
  12. Hotel chocolate is superb. And British. 👍
  13. I used to like pie. His sketch when trump won was superb. However, he has done it to death. Bored now.
  14. Steve Allen on lbc is good and the only presenter that I can bear to listen to. Does not do politics, as camp as Christmas and very, very funny. Shame he is on from 4 to 7 in the morning.
  15. You are getting confused with triffids.
  16. Bit thin on what he was actually troughing on.
  17. Well until the vacuous idiots in parliament are affected, I would guess not.
  18. Thank you 👍 i guess the thing is, even if you didn’t, it would not matter as everyone has a right to their own opinion. Especially here on dosbods. 👍👍
  19. Ah, inspector morse. Was that rude what you just said?