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  1. not sure this exactly counts...just looked and it's not just a black band but hey ho
  2. Read an article/ interview the other day on Hieroglyphic Being. Whilst I haven't listened to a lot of his stuff, he's an interesting character and iirc reading a review of one of his records, someone mentioned it's difficult to 'beat match' as the tempo continually shifts. Apologies in advance to dosbods for source. And even though I don't I agree with his statement at all, I do see how he arrived at it in a way, from his frame of reference. I look at myself as being part of a global human culture: black folks create stuff, Asians make the technology and white folks put the dollars
  3. One of the reasons I'm out off of buying Italian olive oil. The article does give some advice regarding avoiding fakes etc but guess would be a bit much just to say best stick with different country of origin.
  4. Probably not usual dosbod fare but Radiohead, or more specifically Thom Yorke always struck a cord with me so to speak. Seems quite pertinent song and vid for these times IMO (Sorry doesn't seem to embed) https://youtu.be/M8ybWaIvmaM
  5. yeah that's a fair point I'm not sure. Since it's only been out for a short while guess we won't know for a while either. Does sound like it's meant to be more a seasonal thing that's here to stay...to whatever degree it was initially. Not a scientist and haven't really gone into depth trying to understand either so I'll just stick my hands up and say I know FA
  6. Just had a quick look. Yeah seems crazy. All I'm going to say is don't let the illusion of power hold onto you. I used to find the whole satanic thing a bit odd. Was living in a city years ago where apparently it was widely practiced wtf. All anecdotal (stuff in the local newspapers etc too ie cats sacrificed/ hanging from trees). But remember one guy I knew quite well telling me about it... He had worked with a 'case' in the past (social worker sort). It seemed so outlandish at the time although no reason to disbelieve him. Basically some troubled kid had been involve
  7. I've been doing the wim Hoff cold showers. Now daily, really think it is good for the immune system in general. Kind of priming if that is the right term. The breathing stuff I found harder to get into a pattern of. But think it's equally powerful and maybe somehow meditative. And the praying stuff been doing for a few years... Kind of coming more from an agnostic angle but definitely seems to have done me good. This whole talk of the devil coming for Christians, I don't really know what to make of tbh. How would they know what your thinking or believing if it's only you etc
  8. I agree with that too now. Was going to reply earlier feeling a bit down about it all but guess you need to look at the positives. I can't think of anything worse stuck indoors everyday. Of course if you live in the sticks or with land aplenty it's different but for the younger city dwellers doesn't seem healthy or good. Just looking at the news the noose seems to be getting tighter and tighter. I think going forward I'm going to just keep a FU attitude. Do the best you can, try to be nice to people etc. I personally wish I had a partner for a change too so maybe this will be a
  9. Well hopefully that's all it is. Seems dubious at best imo the rush through of vaccines. Hopefully though your right and will make the infection less severe....oh and of course the pharma, shareholders and lobbyists get one last hurrah. Still not massively enthused about the thought of taking some experimental vaccine myself just to keep up appearances though. Some more knowledgeable posters on here have said from the beginning that the vaccine may likely have only a short lived duration of effectiveness. So are we all happy now getting vaccines every 6 months/ yearly if
  10. pretty sure I have a few allergies that I may not have been aware of previously.
  11. Since I'm still in the workplace I can see people being ground down. People are paying lip service mainly to the rules and that's it. Weird times. I mentioned before but a young guy maybe 18 or so, said the other day he hasn't followed anything since the start and does what he wants - his words were that 2020 was the worst year ever and if he didn't put a positive spin on in - remaining with his gf through thick and thin, and seeing his mates as ever he would have topped himself. Think the wheels coming off...I don't know what this is all about but it is what it is. I'm honestly thi
  12. Not sure what that means then. Are we just living in lala land a la clown world for the foreseeable? Like other posters have stated, some may cause more hassle than its worth if they actually try to say enforce fines and such. They also keep adding in to these news snippets that the fines were later dropped. Seems it's more a propaganda war... One that surely is running out of steam(?)
  13. In Scottie land I thought I read it was now 5 miles (legally?). Of course bozo didn't break the rules even if he broke them. But the rules could be more clearly explained. So not technically illegal 🤔 From the beeb, Dame Cressida quoted She also said Prime Minister Boris Johnson's cycle in east London at the weekend was "not against the law", but added the "stay local" rules on exercise for England could be made more clear
  14. Dogtania


    Haven't really followed along but seems pretty obvious with such big players involved that it's being manipulated. Not sure if their just sucking what they can out, or really it's the future. My instinct says it's the former but like @Wight FlightI don't know a lot about. just think surely there will be other ones that are better. Haven't got any but isn't Monero the one where it genuinely is secure etc.... Would think thats more likely to have a future if anything.
  15. Agree, but we've been collectively shooting ourselves in the foot using, now it's almost monopolistic. Used to get all sort of promotions etc but not so much now, now that they've shored up the whole online shopping thing. They do seem to look after customers. Had to get a refund for a damaged item today. No problem, couldn't return but they said I could "keep or donate". It's a perishable (seal was not fully intact and some leak had occurred). So not exactly something I'd use or donate. Writing this with Alexa dot on the background but it is an old one someone was thr
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