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  1. Thanks @DurhamBorn for the detailed explanation. Really interesting and not something I realised exactly... Guess a lot of it is sentiment but would have thought in the very very long run surely the fundamentals would even things out. Maybe that's not the case really for the volatile miners sector though. Just novel and strange to me but does make bit of sense now. And idea that one can use wider market knowledge or trends to road map which types you would weight to at different points. Actually would have thought sibayne world have been classed as rubber band from my earlier assumptions that it was more to do with what's in the ground etc
  2. Can someone give a quick primer on what differentiates rubber band PM stocks... Are these the companies that are running at a loss if the metal prices remain surpressed whereas less rubbery ones maybe have less in the ground but can withstand long period of prices going down? Ta
  3. I find the whole Woodford fiasco illuminating as I clearly remember his Midas days at Invesco (perpetual ?) And then striking off on his own. He was clearly very talented for the skill set and stock picking in those times but it's like others have said here that he couldn't take those glasses off and change tread. I guess some of the more outlandish picks db alluded to him getting mixed up in would have ticked all the right boxes correctly at one time. Harbinger of things to come? I'm personally seeing some price inflation in the supermarkets but not obvious across the board. Definitely some lidls projects jumped close to 20% and Tesco's keeping tighter stock management as well as no longer ridiculous 90% bargains. Still don't rate their fresh bread though old or not. Elsewhere all I hear is the laments of margins being crushed
  4. Think mining shares are just much more elastic than pm themselves? So a lot more variance and swings (up hopefully!
  5. Hi db sorry for possibly asking the obvious. If the US does experience a marked increase in inflation I take it the price of t bills IE TLT would normally be expected to lower ( and yields go up? )
  6. The rising cost of property, in particular, has outstripped the growth in income, with parents worrying about the housing prospects for their children. Well doh, not all roses prices going up. Something got to give, ok for a while with your suburban semi going to the moon but when the 3 sprogs have to sell the family silver it's not going to last forever
  7. Also love the Queens beasts, I picked up a few a while back along with some generic Brits. Wonder if it's the kind of thing they keep minting IE lose potential rarity perception. What I gathered though could be wrong was is when/ if silver goes into bubble territory then it's the simple brittanias etc that sell well and the collectors coins don't really fetch much premium. But out with that situation I'm thinking they could be good. My personal favourite is an Australian mint ounce bar with a fancy Chinese dragon on one side. They probably aren't anything special but really like the design.
  8. Have loved this thread since the TOS, really gold mine of info and whether right or not it's provided a gold mine of being able to look at things out the box. I'm naturally quite contrarian (maybe just result of slight anti authority stripe!) So welcome discussion that doesn't tread along some perceived status quo. So much today is polarised and echo chamber where I am much happier being somewhere where debate and opposing views is viewed healthy. As dB and others point out from the start a lot is based on the macro trends whilst obviously sticking his neck out to offer his personal take on short term stuff too (as other big posters like @sancho panza do). It's better if people disagree as well I think at least for discussion. Anyway the very simple stuff like consumer facing companies that have had their decades in the sun and the possibility of industry commodities etc rising next have really piqued my interest. At the moment by any account I would say my tiny portfolio is on the risky side (I'm not unfortunately in any position to think about fire soon so hey need to have lots of skin in the game for bit of positive upside EV). I like having bit of physical silver for first time because it's nice and shiny and also pretty damn tangible in these ethereal times. I'm unsure about holding TLT at the moment it's the only thing I've sort of followed blindly into...I understand the reasoning etc but in hindsight just feels like a play that someone with much bigger boots would be suited to. Thought about reducing a few times but often struck with procrastination, also it's in a sipp which seems a far way off. Bit off topic but going by the above on my stance of risky I've also taken a singles position in a (obviously) risky crypto asset (MAID). Not sure how much is based on the annoyance of missing out back in 2009 but I've been drip feeding in plus I've convinced myself I genuine like the company (ethical etc and Scottish). Quite possibly will go to nothing but I won't be kicking myself if multi bag. The actual project is laudable but tbh can't get my head around how it would not become -or allow- a cess pit of degeneracy IE the dark web. Rant and OT over and out
  9. There is a thread maybe a dozen pages back by either dB or others that lists a few silver heavy miners. Honestly don't think anybody here would be able to nominate one over any others. In my very imperfect opinion there a gamble as is so personally I would be looking to take a spread of them ( spray n pray?).
  10. Starbucks and hefty wages? Assume in composite it is 😉
  11. They seem to be aligning themselves with the Lidls basically. I thought recently they also were planning on reducing their range of products and going for more 'own' name stuff. Personally don't rate their bread anywhere near Sainsbury's offerings and maybe even Lidl. Assume the latter using frozen dough already. Less bargains will probably be the result from the yellow sticker stack unfortunately. Though probably good I would say for the share holders long term!?
  12. I'd quite like to try one of those Blackpool hotel deals one day.... It sounds so cheap I'm not sure how legit it is but would be fun experience I think with right frame of mind. I went to the bingo a few years ago and it was great for something different/ novelty. The pints were the cheapest I had seen in a long time and we were helped along by friendly old ladies and colourful MC.
  13. When I was in SA in 2013 food was amazingly cheap, granted the exchange was very favourable and I was made to feel like Mr moneybags. I think a glass of wine was like 8 Rand though could be mistaken, could have been 12 Rand but £1 gave 20 Rand plus at the time. The thing was inflation was quite high at the time and I'm assuming has continued. The standard rate I was told for savings accounts was 7%( or easily found) where we were at 1. Strange how things develop but I've been aware the 20 Rand to £1 has slipped and even though I've not kept check on their inflation I've guessed it has continually got worse from a GBP -R perspective (as in we've had low inflation if that). Possibly planning a trip later in the year for a wedding but don't think it'll be Mr moneybags visiting the colony this time!
  14. Brexit clearly the new "weather" (cold, hot or simply unexpectedly mild) for explaining away such things.