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  1. Trouble is some of these kids will have fuckup parents. Maybe giving the cash to the parents not a good idea but on the other hand if there is fresh healthy food served at some school I don't see a big problem. In fact probably a lot of benefits if semi healthy. But these benefits down the line like better fitness or working minds... Potentially better for the country as a whole whether they turn into soldiers, directories or just better parents no. Only heard second hand briefly the news and maybe I'm wrong and it's better of two evils to let a few suffer to benefit more long term
  2. There's this weird Scottish internet project that's been lumbering on for years. They have very laudable goals but almost come across as too idealistic. I have a small number of their crypto tokens (which seem a bit of a dead horse btw) so have tried to follow along a small bit and occasionally go onto their forum. Mostly over my head with the tech side but a lot of quite philosophical discussion goes on with how the internet could be run. I've got big reservations about what they propose (essentially the question comes up of illegal material namely porn and violence and there is n
  3. Think the vaccine needs to be let through now... Surely so much riding on it. Markets rise etc on any positive news. It's an end in and of itself, even if not that effective. We just need to play along and let pharma get some lost monies back? I'm off the bill vulnerable list so at least feel I won't be first guinea pig in line. One thing that i don't understand and been brought up here lots is why no kind of push has been made to let those already infected back out into the wild or studied harder. I know some of the vaccine tech is new but surely a lot of them are still ba
  4. It's weird although completely unsurprising that there seem to be two cohorts now amongst the Joe public. One being those who stay isolated and buy project fear and two those who are trying to get on with things and realise it's really not an end of the world virus despite what some of our governments are making it out to be. Since I'm still going to work and using public transport I'm pretty easy going whilst taking simple precautions like hand sanitizer and not touching face. At work surrounded mainly by people who don't treat it that seriously now if you watch their actions (majority
  5. Not sure really they could cover it that well. And unless really locking down internal movement then it would surely be visible in Beijing etc. But agree they are controlling the bartering but way more effective through technology and data (ie light years ahead of NK). Hopefully I'm not contradicting myself just think it's a bit of a leap to think it's one massive cover up... Very very dystopic if true though. (Already dystopic enough with their monitoring, social credit and the rest - maybe it's the future we're all facing though but they will say it brings harmony and social unit
  6. I agree with the first part but not sure about track and trace. Do you believe China has eradicated? Maybe doing a track n trace of their caliber may be actually work though. Us? No way is our track and trace going to have much impact overall once looking back IMO, apart from costing billions of course. On paper sounds ok, doing half measure pretty pointless.
  7. Really weird. I can't believe either they have totally brought it under control in such a large populous country. We know initially that they took it very seriously...I remember hearing of Western journalists trying to report from Hubei province and effectively being barricaded in their hotel room and constantly getting temperature readings, before being sent packing. This was at the same time as China was playing down the virus through the WHO iirc. They have demonstrated their ability to mass test and lockdown very effectively. Not sure how widespread the welding of doors went b
  8. Someone I know died of covid apparently this week. They have been terminally ill for well over a year. Were in a hospice type place (after a fall) but expecting to go home imminently just waiting on ambulance crew to collect. Family got told they died in their sleep on Monday night. But received another call later and was put down as a covid death. Guessing they tested after not sure. The hospital place had been testing everyone every 4 days I'm told but covid was discovered at the weekend there so all visits stopped.
  9. Thanks, it was a video I saved to watch later with my ever growing list that I may never scratch, just watched the 5 min. Don't know who is getting knocked but clear going forward that they are planning on letting off a lot of debt globally. Don't know who is in the know or whether some have been set up to benefit more than others. Some debt is that bad it's obvious something would be needed to have been done. But not having a car lease mortgage or credit cards outstanding wonder if being prudent will backfire. This video like a lot of the other messages does give posit
  10. Clearly it's not sustainable. The rich getting richer whilst everyone else slowly languishes and diminishes. I don't think it has neccassarily been intentional but with say this year in particular the zillionaires adding a few extra z's it's way too problematic to continue. The rich will be super concerned right now and a lot of others that are pretty well off but have been thrown to the dogs (as giant steam roller gauged their businesses) are always super concerned. In some way it seems to be lining up to some mega change coming where there is a great leveler of some sort. I
  11. Lol, my modern studies teacher was the exact opposite. Very much not politically correct, a bit eccentric but not massively. I think he tried impersonate the Duke of Edinburgh mainly. A Pakistani guy in the class, not the brightest spark and heavy accent, I remember clearly getting a bit of a hard time. Mimic his accent or make jokes although in a kind of paternal way. Said people from Africa lived in mumbo jumbo land, that kind of thing. Even back then it was pretty shocking as in which 19th century TARDIS did he pop out from.
  12. I saw something about the likelihood of a vaccine if not by end of the year, very likely start of next year... Then immediately after saw this saying that the volunteers would likely be infected in January. All very confusing messages.
  13. So basically Islam is all bad or at least not at all suitable as having a place in the modern world. Seems a bit extreme tbh although don't totally write off from my limited experience of. I definitely was under the impression and have read previously about lots of big advances made a thousand years ago when things were maybe more peaceful. Granted that may have been more to do with political environment at the time and not neccassarily because of the religion. I mentioned previously on here somewhere I think but I once went to a mosque as part of a neighborhood charm scheme.
  14. Watched part of some BBC expose type thing of Sudan and children getting the free education in the Islamic schools getting lots of beatings. Really extreme, hopefully some of these bastards get connupance or at least not allowed near 'education' Islam probably mostly peace loving or not all bad but seems like there is this very violent type nowadays that has its tendrils throughout the world. Not sure how much has been instigated -or fanned unintentionally or not- from Western geopolitics over the last 50 years. Thinking oil, Saudi Arabia etc. Seems like a lot of places thes
  15. Not sure it's a translation error but sounds like your in agreement that civil liberties have forever - for the foreseeable at least - been taken away under the pretext of the whuhan flu.
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