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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that. Definitely one would think that with some flash crash there would be plenty of opposing sides/ algos / strategies ready to profit somehow. I know nothing about quants and high frequency trading (as probably 99.999% of people) though. I do wonder if in the future it's likely the programs will gain increased autonomy wider complexity in so far as getting to the stage where 0% of humans understand the machines decisions. Maybe ban if in order then
  2. Dogtania

    Last share you bought?

    So I've thought for a while about the nuclear industry and how to get some skin in the game. Think uranium fund is one way? I used to be a bit biased against nuclear and will would much prefer the renewables but the way I'm hearing climate change co2 emissions discussed in the media seems there is a push to other avenues of energy not fossil fuel based. So nuclear fission could become the main stopgap. I read somewhere some sort of theory on trends and adoption of new technology. Can't remember exactly but it was an old theory being referenced and something along the lines of a new source of power having a plotable line of adoption/ use. I.e wood being iirc widely used as main source in 19 th century then coal coming of age then oil etc. The point I think I read is that nuclear had an initial burst in the later 20th century then going out of favour... Only according to this theory/ trend it should come back as the main source towards middle of the 21st century. Sorry for vagueness I can definitely try to dig out the source but that I think was the gist of it.
  3. I am in a similar mind. Basically -and reading similar sentiment here etc- the way I see it is there is a lot of potential upside. Of course more volutile and could just keep edging down..But seems obvious in my niavity that there is just so much possibility on an upswing. If I bet £1 on a 50/50 bet and the max I can lose is £1 but the most is £2+ surely that's a good play? Not saying it's that simple but that's how I have justified.
  4. Dogtania

    Last share you bought?

    Quick question regarding buying shares...I was always under the impression that it really only made sense to buy shares for a minimum of say £800-1k as a result of dealing charges. Is there a way to buy a lot less (with lower dealing charges) through some kind of "loop hole" regular saving thing. Think I have heard before of this though not quite sure. I have both heargreves L and aj bell (former sipp and isa and aj is newly opened Lisa). Any tips appreciated - I have an amount in one of the accounts that I thought could buy 2-3 shares but have held of for ages, instead dripping miniscule amounts into some funds. Would be great if I could diversify say 3k over a couple of months in 8-10 holdings.
  5. Dogtania

    Retro! Computer game music

    I was lucky enough to have an Atari st back in the day. I was only into the games at the time but think it was regarded as extremely proficient at musical stay composition/ sequencing. Anyway I fondly remember bomb the bass featuring on xenon. A lot of other titles had good sounds albeit not necessarily soundtrack level. There are whole genres now reimagining those Amiga/ outrun/ late 80s neon tinged days. Will try to find some examples at some point. Case in point, I was listening to a something on YouTube a few days ago and somebody commented that it sounded like the game Strider.
  6. Thanks dB. The whole hedge angle is impressively simple but sound. Though l will keep an eye on and quite possibly sell some or most. However I really appreciate the concept of ratio in risk/ return. Especially at the moment potentially in pm / miners where the obvious downside is going to zero or at least close to... Weighed against a far bigger upside possible.
  7. @DurhamBorn regarding tlt, I think I read you mention you sold a while back? I have watched it drop a fair bit recently. I'm assuming you still see rates lowering at some point but does seem the trend and consensus is that rates are going to keep rising ( which directly affects tlt and the like through sentiment?). Anyway I'm hindsight -obviously- I should have sold off too... Just weighting up now whether to keep holding at the moment for the shortish term or cut my losses for the exit. Any thoughts or illumination here dB? Not expecting financial advice! Just thinking out loud that probably more downside holding right now than the reverse.
  8. Dogtania

    Rich parents you never had (Oz again)

    “With our “Rich Parents you never had” competition Porter Davis is raising awareness of the struggles of first home buyers in Victoria and beyond. The huge response to the competition clearly demonstrates that home ownership is a distant dream for thousands of Victorians and that’s a problem that needs addressing urgently.” Porter Davis is offering Smart Living house and land packages of innovatively designed single and double-storey homes with lots of land, developed for first home buyers on a budget. Seems to be legit albeit satirical in how it's presented. Pretty novel way of running a promotion.... And a bit sickening. I think to win the deposit for one of these budget cookie cutter homes you first need to be vetted by them. Doesn't sound so charitable after all.
  9. Maybe different but hearing this reminds me about reading recently on Greece a few years back when they initially joined the Euro. Sounded like corruption/ paying no tax/ fiddling the books was so endemic from top to bottom that it was only through hook and crook that they were admitted in the first place and the Euro chiefs were either negligent or at least made to look like they had the wool pulled over their eyes. Then when in trouble and in order to fulfill conditions Greece basically sold the bail out money and future bail out money for payday cash from American investment banks and the like. All in order to keep the plates spinning and keep those sweet billions from sugar daddy ECB coming in. Maybe slightly different now because the general economic outlook isn't seen as so stellar as the earlier days of the Euro. So indeed the Germans not quite so happy whereas before brushed under the table? Anyway I was shocked reading that in Greece when people were applying for mortgages the banks would themselves inflate the incomes of applicants knowing that everyone under reports/ tax evades. No wonder they could never balance the books! And at the same time here mortgage applicants were doing the exact opposite (liar loans et Al).
  10. Agree with the above, when I saw jack's from Tesco I wondered how on earth it could work. Sure, if it doesn't cost that much and they can steal some of the discounters lowest common denominator customers. But Lidl and Aldi over the last few years have been mixing up their product ranges and I see have a very keen eye on what sells and what price point works. At Christmas they heavily advertise their premium festive range that apparently is usually better than similar from the big supermarkets. Lidl also have regular themed weeks or random products for limited time. Just can't see jack's being the same but as I say they may get some footfall looking for cheap cans of as as soup or value beans? I recently tried Tesco cheap brand ("hearty") cottage pie when doing a yellow sticker shop. Never again - think I managed some of the gravy and mash without gagging on the cheap meat smell, most went in the bin. Should probably stick to budget vegetarian meals if going down that route.
  11. Meanwhile the Wizards at JP Morgan apparently pencil in 2020 as showtime. Won't be worse than recent previous corrections and sounds like US stocks weather the coming better then both PM and energy.
  12. @azzuri82 I've passed that central bar place a few times and always think looks like quite a historic building/ tiles inside. But it also smells heavily like a toilet and that's just passing not even stepping inside. Sounds very keenly priced but honestly can't imagine enjoying a pint if it smells anything close to that inside.
  13. Dogtania

    Costa Coffee sold

    Well I'm not paying £3/4 for a lattee despite having a penchant for milkshakes that they remind me of. We've got a Nespresso at work that have to say is pretty easy and imo tastes good. Think a lot of pressure is going on in the machines with good results. 25p for a cuppa is my upper limit! I'm definitely no coffee snob but consider the difference between instant and real night and day. When I used to use the home machine or the aeropress I would generally buy the cheapest coffee going for my occasional coffee. Those hulking machines that grind and growl taste fine to me but a bit cumbersome for my tepid coffee habit. Recently got into those coffee bags as there so easy to use. However I bought one brand Lyons I think that had almost double the bags for the same cost but were super watery. Presently got the Sainsbury's ones - really tasty black goodness - but damn way to much hassle. .. No you don't just dump the bag in water like tea you have to rip the top of the bag off, balance some kind of cardboard structure on the edge of the cup then slowly pour water in bag, wait and repeat.
  14. Just reading over the thread there are certainly mentions that I relate to as well as albums that do clearly in some way stand the test of time. Mixed bag for me as 25 years ago I was just getting into music with the likes of Seattle grunge and other alt rock/ hip hop. Smashing pumpkins Siamese twins was probably my first favourite although have to say it's the grunge artists that I knew but didn't have has much taste for that still listen to periodically... Alice in chains their early 90 s stuff, maybe Soundgarden now and then. Depeche mode and Prince were bands/ artists again that I didn't have time for but love nowadays. Magazine the band as well as the the knew of again along with the cult but didn't give a chance until a couple of years ago... Solid stuff that to me kind of timeless ( especially magazine which is good music and the the where the album time bomb very timeless. Completely love led Zeppelin album coda now. Anyway yeah lots of good music back then but honestly 25 years ago from personal experience it's almost touching on my junior years of buying Jason Donovan and Kyle minougue.. neither of which I can say I listened to a year later let alone 25 .. surprisingly
  15. Sure, it's actually just a Tesco gift card that they sell on the HSF health insurance/ fund (an extra they introduced called HSF perkbox). (I signed up years ago and do get a slight discount on HSF through work so what I pay in every month is very much less then what I claim back for glasses or dentist every year) I have known other people with similar access to the card through likewise perk/ shopping discount sites... Usually I think through there work. I believe there are a lot of them around. Strangely with the one I use I need to log in to see some of the deals like Tesco card. A friend who now works at Tesco says it occasionally goes to 5% (used to work somewhere else with similar type site access hence knows) Anyway he was wanting me to buy 1k when it does as he already gets 10% of as an employee. Couple that with club points and items on sale and I do wonder if Tesco will be in the red on those specific occasions.