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  1. Me too! I'm just a repertoire of second hand anecdotes and my own arrived at theories that are continually open to amendment, as it should be.
  2. I'd like to try locusts deep fried, I imagine a bit like greasy potato chips. Think there pretty widely eaten across parts of Africa. Bat soup seems very much more niche and maybe one of those things they seem to do to push the boundaries of what is possible. Kind of like crushed tiger claw sprinkles, chicken fetus or bird spit broth - kind of seems more for showing off than anything. It's certainly doesn't appear to have an everyday place in giving vital nutrition. Also there notorious as being reservoi of disease. People also eat primate brains which equally is disgusting but probably not served in expensive restaurants on demand but rather as a means to survive. Saying that I wouldn't be surprised somewhere -albeit very rarely- in the gluttonous mainland human brains are fried for some extreme one up man ship. Maybe since the Chinese experienced such terrible famine in recent history some culture has emerged where some take great pride in gobbling down anything and everything.
  3. Think the Calvinists etc from the north or some of the Scottish Islands have a reputation historically for being as such... No hanging washing out on a Sunday or enjoying anything tbh. The Methodists I could be wrong but thought they were the fun ones who did things like spoke in tounges and wriggle around the floor before hugging and dancing.
  4. I'd like to Will watch later. I'd like to know what the care home shit is about. Spoke to someone today who has been working in a care home over lockdown. They have a test every week (not sure which but clearly antigen - 72 hr turn around not great though) and have never tasted positive. One of their collegues tested positive fairly recently but would not have known without test. A few people died in the home but all had comorbilities. I really wanted to know what happened to the ones who were at deaths door (I believe they died in April) as in I was thinking surely they would get transferred to ICU if serious like for a ventilator as was what I thought was the protocol for severe cases back then. All he could tell me was the procedure as in they are tested then quarantined in a room by themselves. None went to hospital....I know the guy vaguely and we've had good discussions in the past so I don't think I was out of turn asking but I really wanted to know what the situation was like was the sick person in a lot of suffering towards the end etc. He just said he really didn't know. I'm left with a picture of this old biddie stuck in a room by themselves struggling to breath with only contact being some figure in a hazmat suit coming in a few times a day briefly to deposit some food or water. One collegue in the home apparantly died too, a few family members work in the same home and all came down with something but only he succumbed. Late 50s diabetic but not obese. The worker I spoke with I guess has got a different vantage from me but he seems pretty concerned/ downbeat... Him and his flat mate have decided to avoid each other and arrange different times to use the kitchen etc. Sounds grim and I subtly said sounds good if it works ok but equally there is a trade off with mental health and in different words I wouldn't worry to such a degree.
  5. Not sure what the above discussion is debating exactly. The holiday industry is pretty screwed clear as day. Interesting that domestic holidays such as camp sites are fully booked to the end of time but all the other foreign money from newly minted Chinese or just anywhere else coming spending large will have disappeared. The campers will no doubt buy a few extra ice creams and ham egg chips at the local but hardly compares IMO to the big money visiting tourist attractions like big Ben and taking premium package tours to the Highlands. So is what @WorkingPoor saying is TPTB delibratey want to screw international travel up for reasons outwith preventing the virus plague spread, and in doing so priming the country for an almighty tinder keg of discontent and later disorder? And is the ultimate intention to have the population up in arms in order to say expediate reform and amend civil liberties?
  6. Central Edinburgh was busier than I remember today from last six months, this was 5pm and whlst only been driving since lockdown don't really remember how bad it is pre (probably very bad). Anyway yeah today seemed like taste of proper mini traffic jams for a few minutes. Not nice but good for sign for the economy I guess.
  7. Things like spare ribs can still go down well. I used to always order the 'crispy' beef. The colour was more orange and I think a lot of sugar was or is added to the food which initially at least gives it a bit of an addictive quality. A family I used to eat with a lot would always make sure to ask for it to be made without msg. This was as far back as the 90s, don't know if it made it less yellow or they even followed the request but always remember liking. Can't fault the Marmite however I would have on thin well toasted but cooled bread though I can be picky.
  8. They always seem to keep really well in my experience. I quite often demolish other people's from the night or nights before that I didn't buy and were effectively discarded. Risotto and the crackers sound a bit weird at first but I'm sure yum. Haven't eaten risotto in a while... Healthy plate that properly fills you up 😍
  9. Haven't had a takeaway/ delivery for quite some time but have been pining for a Chinese (probably a couple of years at least since I've had one). Mostly because I don't want to spend £20 odd on one meal. But all that msg and grease occasionally very appealing... Think it's partly a novelty for me as it's so rare. Also love those prawn crackers too.
  10. Interesting idea and definitely viable however a good proportion of people will be avoiding anything regardless having been scared shitless. They will need to step up the nudges considerably as I feel a large cohort will only feel safe when explicitly told the danger is for example not measurably worse than the flu (which it probably isn't although in my non expert opinion this may mainly to do with how infectious this thing is over the flu) I don't see it as anything other than giving confusing message like everything else. Not sure what in reality they believe is going to be achieved. If they are so hell bent on worrying about second waves, bringing possible legislation in like few posts previous where even meeting in a garden is illegal, and all the rest surely getting people to eat out in public, using shared toilets etc is undermining it all. Very strange times for sure. I guess if this is a summer lull they are trying to limit - or just give the perception of- the amount of small businesses that will fold (or big chains)? Or spread it out. Just seems to be completely conflicting messages to me. If they expecting a strong second wave then maybe it doesn't matter if people go out now as it's seeded all over the place anyway. But like you say it's a good point they could be acclimatizing the population to not living and getting on in what is shown to be a more uncertain world at the same time.
  11. Was thinking it looks pretty claustrophobic. The wide lens photos generally make things look larger than otherwise but I get nervous thinking looking at the photo and thinking what would happen if there was a fire or how you would navigate from the sink to the fridge. Probably optical illusion of sorts but looks like a dark fairy tale/ never never land nightmare getting work l stuck in there with all that junk trapping your escape.
  12. Most likely wrongly I've got as habit of putting some people's opinions in higher regard than otherwise if I liked something they did previously but not related to the subject. Take the economist Richard Werner. I was close to giving him any more attention a few months ago as a massive amount of what he tweeted was regarding the plandemic, or retweeting constant questionable material from conspiracy types (from the believable to very outlandish). I'm now more open minded and see the possibility of truth in some of the threads. With regard to your question, I think it's clear that if you were to go down that line there are lots of reasons as to why it's being milked -or indeed planned- for now. Growing world population against adverse climatic conditions? Massive monetary house of cards that could do with a reshuffle? Geopolitical strife with certain the present hegemony losing power?
  13. I don't know about all NHS workers but some get paid pretty well on top of enviable pensions compared to many others. This sounds like a ww1/2 thing you do to respect and acknowledge the sacrifices older generations made in fighting in wars for the country. Not fucking dancing in the wards. How many actually were snowed under working overtime for weeks on end in this pandemic? I'm sure a very small number were but the rest? And clumping them all together as if fighting a war? Feel slightly callous writing the above but whether or not they deserve a pay rise (who exactly?) to me is a moot point right now, if they deserve one now likely they deserved one as year ago. But yeah let's go onto the streets and lay down flowers and take photos and post hashtags.
  14. Totally bizarre. I've looked at a few places out of interest where I'm moving to see what's on offer. I get the impression pretty much everywhere has signed up to the scheme by default but one that I like is not advertising and is not even reopened yet despite apparantly being part of the scheme (as per gov website). I'm in two minds about it... Probably will try one but strange seeing some people so eager to visit pubs etc whilst a month ago saying lockdown shouldn't be ended so soon. I think a few people are taking directions from the government verbatim when really there is a lot of grey area. Or certainly one shouldn't be one day wearing masks in house and the next happy to sit in the cinema if it reopens. Anyway very strange that they want to lock the country down whilst on the other encourage people to eat out. Don't understand, it's like having a schizophrenic writing the policies.