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  1. MrXxx

    The Big Short Thread

    Thanks SP, as I thought....still think I will leave this game for the big boys thought!
  2. MrXxx

    The Big Short Thread

    So just to clarify my understanding of shorting, until you get out you could be liable for infinity (theoretically), but with longs your limit is your purchase price?....I assume shorters hedge themselves for such a scenario by also placing a buy requests at a price just above the market value when they set up their short?
  3. Good point, and they can't rely on BTL landlords for sales as they fit out their properties with second hand giveaways or if pushed, with cheap flat pack.
  4. I tried that on my glasses and it didn't seem to work...`should have gone to Specsavers!` :-) :-) :-)
  5. Ah, I see (well I don't as the screen is so small on this phone!), I was thinking it was divis/returns.
  6. I assume that these are both gross, be interesting to see if the trust is still positive in regard to the ETF once charges have been accounted for.
  7. Hi SP, no I wasn't insinuating that this was a P&D thread; as you point out everyone prefaces their posts with DYOR, just highlighting that people can have vested interests when posting....I wasn't seriously suggesting Foxtons as a buy option, unless God forbid we are all in for another housing boom rather than the drop we have all been waiting for.
  8. The difference is that nobody would be happy to take out a 30~40 year loan to buy a car, but they seem to find it acceptable to buy a home!
  9. to bus? :-)...sorry, couldn't resist that one!...but seriously though, perhaps the will zone charge the autonomous vehicles the way they currently do with London and use these to subsidize the buses/trains? The benefit with autonomous vehicles though is that they will be able to `fit in` more vehicles (and so more fees) for the same level of congestion.
  10. Interesting article, and what have I learnt? go and buy all the unloved stock, come onto as many forums like this as possible and talk them up, thus hopefully convincing you all to buy in.... Have you all heard, Foxtons shares are going to be the next ten bagger...don't miss out, buy now! :-)
  11. Which is why they won't allow it to be taxed or penalize housebuilders when they set foundations and then mothball?
  12. Me too....but in those three years I have been educating myself financially and developing a game plan....and what's nice to see/reassuring is that I have seen several on here (that have a greater understanding) proposing a similar approach.
  13. So ignorance should absolve someone of all their poor financial decisions?...."I didn't realize an interest only mortgage meant my house wasn't paid off at the end"..."i didn't realize investments could go down as well as up"... If after 12 years of our finest education and purportedly to be the `Cream of the Crop`, hence why they are going to university, why can they not understand something as simple as the difference between two percentages?...unless of course?...