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  1. In the last part of this article I can't help but see the parallels with the 1970`s/80`s debt crisis in African countries...massive loans/QE are made, this wealth is then siphoned off to a few individuals, and ultimately the other 99% have to suffer the consequences...Developed countries=Developing countries=Developed countries=greedy elite!
  2. MrXxx

    Last share you bought?

    Can't see what you will learn by watching...seems like a recipe to beat yourself with a stick when/if they climb.
  3. Interesting video on buying GM in the investing thread under gold heading...just in case some of you have missed it.
  4. As mentioned on this site (and below), Brexit has already been priced in...if it goes hard B, when the markets realize the UK isn't going to collapse/the world falling in the £ will strengthen OR if it goes soft B the markets will breathe a sigh of relief, and the £ will strengthen. As for Venezuela, once the `New Boy` is finally installed expect some payback to those who sponsored him via favourable trade contracts I.e. natural resources (oil?)... ...but I could be completely wrong :-), so as always Do Your Own Research!
  5. Here you go ( the name wrong, but well worth watching.
  6. Sentiment can be a viscous circle and that's where we are now...sellers are reluctant to drop prices due to recent history and so do this by a token amount, whilst buyers (given a recent 180 change in media coverage) now hold off believing that they will get a better deal in six months time. Any seller who wants to capitalize on the recent highs before they really drop needs to give a reduction that is `too good to refuse`, as in 12-24 months with pressured sellers it won't be a `big deal` and even greater reductions will be the norm.
  7. Think it's time to bring this one to a close and just agree to disagree, although there are points that we all agree on...let's give the last word to those who were actually there in 1914-18 and try (for once) to learn from our history...currently on iPlayer they have the 2018 film `Lest we forget them` that is a compilation of actual footage (some colour treated) and interviews of the 1914-18 war...and not a romanticized treatment either..1.24 onwards is particularly poignant given the sentiments above about how we treat those who return.
  8. Ah, the old `Your freedom of speech etc`...thats why innocents abroad can be detained for long periods of time or other countries can be invaded against international protocols with little/no action by our leaders, especially where trade deals are at threat...when was the last war fought that was based on liberty?...And as for Maggie? She sent the troops to the Falklands to defend the residents liberty?...had nothing to do with her poll ratings and a forthcoming election then?... for the 18 yr olds being hung out to dry, agree, it's all well politicians insisting that battle should be `fought as gentlemen` when their arses are not on the line!
  9. This might be a useful read for those picking divi stocks (hhtps://
  10. OK, I appreciate many wont agree with my viewpoint but I think it's important to share it for balance. Whilst I agree with the majority of the points made above, nowadays I have little sympathy for those who join the forces...why? ...with the foresight of looking at previous history and the easy accessibility to media those who enlist are now in a position to make an informed (and educated?) decision. We treat our war vets atrociously, `wheeling them out` (with their mutilated bodies) on Rememberence Sunday for political gain, patting them on their backs and calling them heroes (whilst secretly saying `Thank God I don't look like that`), yet ignoring them for the rest of the year and leaving many of them to either live in poverty or on the `edge`of society (homeless) due to their inability to work/disabilities (both physical and mental)... ...the societal pressures to `defend your country` and not conscientiously object in WW1/2 were incredibly high but nowadays this is no longer the case, and so today joining the forces is a career decision, but one that can have massive (and potentially life changing) consequences, and `history` shows how much you are really valued by looking at how those preceding have been treated.
  11. MrXxx

    Last share you bought?

    Where do you find all of this info?...I assume some of the financials I.e divis are in the company accounts pdf doc that is normally attached to their webpage but the shorting info? there a single source or do you have to look at many?
  12. I stood on the side trying to understand what I was buying...and by the time I did I had missed the bus :{ ...but if DBs charts are correct I may get a sec chance :-)
  13. There is a reason why you pay a premium for a builder with a reputation...this premium means his subbies are financially insentivised to work for him, are less likely to mess him about, and as a result he isn't left scrabbling around for cowboys.
  14. Open vent this TMs new version of the Back Stop system or the latest soundbite from a Eurocrat? :-)
  15. Are these pre or post Brexit rates?...and how loosely do your apply the terms? I.e Carpenter=did woodwork at school...:-)