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  1. So Heck a) wanted a remain vote so that they could continue employing cheap EE labour; like most businesses shouting `Brexit will be the end of the world` b) happy to compromise their `beliefs` if it means free PR; hence their statement about `working with those you don't necessarily believe in` This is why we should ignore any businesses `opinions` on Brexit, as it was a peoples democratic vote AND not just about a single issue I.e trade, FOM, sovereign law.
  2. Anf therein lies the difference between a young mans thought process and a middle-aged one....thinking with your brain rather than your penis! :-) :-) :-)
  3. No, I think its those inbetween (the financially cautious) that get punished via misappropriation of their taxes, these used to enrich the rich further by socially funding the financially illiterate.
  4. Hi DB, so just to make sure my `financial education` (garnered from this site and other sources; thanks all!) and understanding is correct... ...Imperial are doing this as a) credit is currently cheap, and b) it reinforces their share price (as many companies have done in this cheap credit period) BUT this can be an `Achilles heel` as the cycle changes, interest rates increase, and the cycle becomes one of debt deflation = bankruptcy unless they can afford payments?... why are Imperial doing the opposite of what they should be doing at this stage of the cycle I.e. reducing debt to make themselves fitter for the crash that we can all see that's coming?!
  5. This is not a criticism of you (or Barnseys) approach, but my understanding of the consensus here was that S&P, FTSE and shares generally were overpriced, and that in the near future they were going to crash. So why not wait in cash until then, rather than buying and then getting drops? Of course PM and miners are the exception to this at the moment! Have I got this completely wrong?
  6. Be funny if whilst they thought they were `ripping her off` she was selling them a Lemon!...and then went to the grave with a smile on her face :-) :-) :-)
  7. 2022/3?! sorry, us Southerners can't wait that long...looks as though we will have to move enmasse, bring all of our good genes up North for the local ladies...oh, and a bit of culture as well! :-)
  8. My only thought is, are the current (original employers) company covering the running costs?..if it is, and run by a decent fund manager it could be generating some Alpha and saving you 1-2% in costs.
  9. I suppose a hybrid approach may be widening the % at which you sell at and including stop-losses for selling upwards and downwards within a laddering framework, that way you catch incrementally increasing values but also decreasing ones if a favoured share then becomes toxic, a ratchet type effect...I assume you can do this?; sure someone more experience will be along in a moment to confirm my `brilliant` idea is `pants`! :-)
  10. MrXxx

    The Library

    I think for most, in the same way that you allocated between stocks/bonds, you have to do the same with active/passive. For those with some experience (or prepared to spend time/money getting it) then the active is DIY, for those without an active funds with the higher running costs to (hopefully) gain the alpha.
  11. MrXxx

    The Library

    Yes, that was my criticism, told you what but not me thinking thought about active vs passive investing...the problem is, the more I read, the more I get confused/overwhelmed by jumping into the investing pool!
  12. Be a certain sense of irony if you also used them to buy Centrica shares as well...the two products used to create the currency in the first place :-)
  13. OK, lets `entertain` the self-defence argument for a moment...1 stab, 2, 3....but 18!, that's a frenzied attack....ask yourself, `If someone stabbed me three times (and I was unarmed) would I continue to move forward towards them to attack?...Enough!, bring back the death penalty for uncivilized punishment for an individual that allows a civilized society for the rest.
  14. Lets make things simple, the only offensive weapons you are allowed to use and get away with manslaughter are your fists, anything else is premeditated/`prepared` for, and so is murder. Lets then take it one step further and bring back the death penalty...unlike in the last century, we now have the tools I.e. DNA testing, CCTV etc to avoid miscarriages of justice..a few real punishments properly administered would help `focus the mind` of our wannabe gangstas, and the genuine ones who `live by the sword` would die by it!... ...our soft Liberal approach/experiment failed to work, and so we now need to try a new approach.
  15. Thanks, this helped me understand a concept that I had been struggling with for ages.