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  1. Yes I sold 3/4's of my holding last week (after 130% gains admittedly) I'm struggling to read this market. The increase seems to be because RM have announced they did well at Christmas time. Surely that was obvious given the situation? All seems very reactionary
  2. This is going to fuck these kids up good and proper. A generation of young formative minds being filled with the idea that contact with other people will make you sick or kill granny. It better be worth it
  3. Yes good biz Travelodge. Think it will be fine
  4. Divs not what they used to be. 20% corp tax to pay before you start and then amounts > £2k per annum attracting quite heavy taxation. Used to be more like 30k until the "party of business" cut it Worse if you're also in receipt of actual investment divs outside of a tax wrapper as they count too
  5. Put max tax free dir loan amount into premium bonds. Not much money in it but risk free and somewhat comical to get money from gov using gov money. It does seem crazy, anything stopping my other biz charging my bbl comp a monthly service fee until bust?
  6. Forgive me if raised already but one reason people will refuse to go back is kids. Until they re-open nurseries and primary schools it’s illegal for both parents to return to work. Those who have grandparents aren’t allowed to see them and those who don’t have any impromptu childcare support are significant size I’m not sure a forced removal of women (presumably) from the workplace will be politically palatable. I suspect businesses will struggle to sack people on this basis
  7. Wonder how many new companies will be created that charge the loaned company a "service fee". £4166.66 a month for the first twelve months sounds about right
  8. Seems to be purchasable under SIPP at least. Not under LISA tho 🤷‍♀️
  9. Seems to work with economist
  10. afly

    Code reviews

    I don't mind code reviews if they are constructive. Particularly performance improvements like string creation use in loop problems etc. But so much "good practice" in the coding world is subjective. Is it better to have complex, unreadable code heavy with comments or simple, readable code with no comments? Should testing have 100% coverage? Just the important, isolationary bits? Is there any value in TDD at all if you've rock solid, end to end CI testing? Not the same but another pet peeve of mine is daily stand up scrums can quickly become 'boss wants daily updates to make sure you're
  11. This is very clever way to plan an exit strategy. You've got silver gains and property losses working together to get you to your goal and if/when it happens, you're out. Doesn't matter if silver continues to the moon of property hits the floor you got what you wanted for a fraction of today's prices so you can only be so remorseful. Will have to have a think myself about such a plan
  12. If gov come good on the furlough scheme we're only a bit worse off than if we'd been working. My company have given me a decent top up over the £2500 which is still nowhere near my income but my wife gets 80% of hers and there's no £1k a month childcare to pay. Tot it all up and the rest I was paying was just tax mostly. Couple that with not much outgoing and a no q's asked mortgage deferment then happy days.. ..apart from suddenly becoming the full time entertainment centre for a 2 year old who isn't allowed to leave the house for 3 months
  13. Costco had sales on a lot of their fresh food this weekend (some of it very cheap) which is basically unheard of. I realised while I was there it's because of the restaurant shut down having its knock on effect
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