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  1. Discord is easy to set up, can use it on mobile as well as computers, is free, you can set up various channels - also livestream.
  2. 30 year old woman was detained and in a secure facility under the Mental Health Act. Well we'll keep an eye on this one shall we
  3. No, it's just been discussed on Telegram, noting how there has been NO mention in the media - no release of the woman's name or ANYTHING. ... it's almost as if they want it to go away ... to just be brushed under the carpet...
  4. This is presumably the 7 year old kid that was killed by a random stranger. ... all been quiet on this , no description of the killer - sex , age , name , where they're from etc. ... strange eh. It's been commented quite a lot on various Telegram pages ....
  5. JFK

    Night Owlism

    Definite night owl here, on normal work time would try to get to bed for 12, usually fail and get to bed for 1, and be sleepy head the next morning. Now my time has shifted a bit and it's bedtime 1/2 am, waking up for around 8/9 ish and being productive working from home in the afternoon / evening.
  6. took a walk out yesterday evening, there's a Chinese on the route back that was open, kitchen seemed active preparing orders. There's a few Kentucky fried turkey kebab shops still open though too, the cheapo salmonella risk ones
  7. Prisoner cell training regimes. Bodyweight exercises. Our kickboxing instructors are putting lots of free training, fitness videos on faceache. Look for 'north west Chinese kickboxing 'there should be a load. We're doing fitness training every day, one of the instructors is livestreaming a session on faceache. The other night was strength work just using a chair. Incline pushups, situps, leg lunges etc. Last night was cardio, circuits, arm strengthening. You just need to be imaginative
  8. Bet the local Kentucky fried turkey kebab shops still remain open
  9. Luckily with the breakdown in law and order more than it already has and the police not bothering to lift a finger , no change there, then people will just enact their own justice. So be it. We have policing by consent and when the social contract is broken then scum fuckers like these 3 (one an immigrant, oh sorry, doctor/engineer, the rest scum who are drug dealers and then went on to intimidate people who shared/named them on social media) try to throw their weight around then they will simply find themselves grabbed one night, with a bag put over their head and wake up in a lock-up, then feel their legs bashed in. I certainly know that I wouldn't be adverse to doing this myself.
  10. JFK

    Alex Salmond

    Yeah there probably is a large amount of political backbiting going on. Didn't one of the accusers contact another one before contacting the police ... quite convenient ... you know, like getting a story together ....
  11. JFK

    Alex Salmond

    Unsurprising. The accusations were never going to fly to the criminal burden of proof, what annoys me about the scottish legal system is the 'not proven' verdict e.g. we're not sure - but we can't prove it but we'll just say you're a dodgy bastard, no smoke without fire etc etc. You're either guilty or no - there is no middle ground. Personally I think he probably was a bit of a touchy feely, trying it on bloke - whether that crossed the line to rape is another matter. He might have been guilty of sexual assault (e.g. regrets and I'll not say anything but go to the papers several years later) and he is an obnoxious twat, but that does not make him a rapist.
  12. I bought some clippers and do my own bonce. All you need is a hand mirror/shaving mirror, pop a hand towel around your shoulders and stand in the bathroom - assuming you have a bathroom cabinet / mirror you can use to see the back of your head in the hand held mirror. Been using these clippers 4 years ago and haven't been to the barbers since, think of all the money saved by doing your own bonce! At first I started on the no 2, then the no 1 and since I've become more folliclarly challenged just use it on the bare clippers with no guard (beware, very sharp!). I have to do my bonce every 3 days. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wahl-8110-017-Balding-Hair-Clipper/dp/B000ICLLMQ Totally recommend these clippers, get some of the Wahl clipper oil to keep the blades ship shape. I did have to buy a replacement pair of clipper blades 2 years ago but apart from that - that's it, zero maintenance apart from brushing out the blades after every use and oiling the blades. Good to go. I think having a very close cut looks a bit better than a total baby smooth slaphead, a no. zero is the choice fo
  13. Definitely this. If they ignore it and try to send someone around send them off with a flea in their ear (a flea being along the lines of 'fuck off I'm self-isolating, don't fucking return until this is over')