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  1. Why have we not seen any mugshot photo's of gis, no processing photos. It's all a bit odd
  2. JFK

    Escape from LA

    Well i hope those 2 lawyers have some spare ammo and guns trained on entrances to their property. Anyone sets foot on it i would fucking shoot dead. Fuck these cunts
  3. This is how i felt walking around manc city centre about 3 weeks ago when I went to donate blood. Primark wasn't open then so it was even more stark, whole office blocks shut, all the shops and pubs, cafes closed, hardly any people, it was totally surreal, real disaster movie type feeling.
  4. Get rid of all the bogus asylum 'seekers' / economic migrants. Just deport any cunt whose overstayed visas / commited crimes whilst here etc. Skill based immigration ONLY from now one Culturally HK'ers will likely to be more ok with british way of life: e.g assimilate / just get their head down and work and be productive members of society (unlike the imported 3rd world dregs we have now). Statistically east asians commit less crime than blacks / Indian subcontinent / muzzies etc. 3 million is a lot ... but what's immigration now? 500k per year min?
  5. JFK

    Escape from LA

    Good on these guys, careful with the trigger finger discipline and muzzle discipline ... bullshit they would be overwhelmed. These cunts are cowards, whose going to be so brave they're going to take a bullet? As soon as these cunts took a step further I'd be shouldering it and ordering them back , one foot forward, drop the first cunt. They'd scatter like the hoodrat scum they are. Boomers are fighting back.
  6. It's all fucking bullshit. Spike in cases. Need more detail. Description of cases, age, comorbidities, where they live, travelled to Indian sub continent recently, BLM march? Tested positive per 100,000 population? What's hospital and icu admissions What's the cfr It's all fucking bollocks
  7. It's an enrichedEU loving shitehole why would you consider it or Paris
  8. JFK

    Escape from LA

    Just wait for the shooting to start. Personally can't wait - see some antifa scum go down in a pool of blood
  9. No you're just honest, that's fine, I don't care, it's the rampant hypocrisy and cognitive disonnance that would turn the SJW squirrel brain in a hamster wheel if they had to try and entertain these thoughts for more than 2ms.
  10. This. They all virtue signal yet happy to use the latest computers and mobile phone technology - usually apple products - litereally built by chinese slave labour, in factories with suicide nets and the constnat upgrade path means those rare earth minerals and materials used in the mobile phone business (lithium/cobalt for the batteries chiefly) - mined by children in slave mines. The utter cognitive dissonance and wilful ignorance of these cunts just annoys me. I no longer care about them. I cannot be bothered with the left. When they go wah I just want to smash them down.
  11. Sargon has a few good words on this .... NEVER EVER BEND THE FUCKING KNEE. IT'S A SIGN OF SUBJUGATION .... and good point .... if BLM and the far-left have representation ... then why should not the so-called 'far-right' not have representation eh?
  12. I really wouldn't bother with the lengthy post, she won't bother reading it. It all comes back to the feelz - she feelz that you're being 'racist' but can't articulate how - it just feels racist because you're saying stuff against the brainwashing legacy lamestream media narrative. Ask her specifically and how (using the dictionary definition of racism) what is racist. If she comes back to shit like 'well it could be seen this way , or a way of interpreting it is xyz', call her up on this bullshit and say - here is the internationally agreed definitions of racism, show me how exactly I am being racist - with reference to this agreed definition. If she (as she will) just falls back on the 'it feels like that' just tell her to stop being such a fucking snowflake and fuck her off. Honestly I have zero fucks to give about people like this now.
  13. JFK

    The end of Dr Who?

    This is fucking hilarious I've not heard or played the game, it's far too generic - apparently the first one was pretty OK Part 2 is gettting solid 10/10 reviews from all the magazines / major reviewers ... actual players are giving it a firm thumbs down - this is nothing more than a fucking SJW fest and people are seeing through this bullshit. PewDiePie did a funny playthrough, he was ripping the piss out of it. Even the running animation looks shit - like sort of Mass Effect era (which was fine at the time .... years ago) Let's not even go near the dubious in-game sex scenes!
  14. What a shocker, manchester links .... maybe he sort of ... knew the Manchester bomber???? https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/reading-terrorist-links-manchester-libya-18463606