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  1. Tramp stamp tattoo: check Really bad tit implant that looks like 2 half melons nailed to your chest: check Narcissitic posed photos: check ... overpaid twat: check
  2. Bad start to the day

    Is @JoeDavola ever going to live this internet infamy down?
  3. Mozza Interview

    Good on Moz, he's saying what a lot of people are thinking... I wonder how the SJW heavy meedja play it. They love people like the Smiths who they perceive to be all leftwing until they go off-compass like this. Having said that there was a snippet on radio 6 about Johnny Marr's new album and it was all about how he was writing with inspiration about being anti-Brexit. What a fucking cuck.
  4. Ordinary people you’ve met who inspire you

    Yeah seen some of her posts on quora. Not sure if I could forgive Mengele after everythign she went through. But yes, a truly remarkable woman ...
  5. Indeed. Why the fuck doesn't the family point out that this is private property they are putting all their shit on and it will be removed, they give anyone permission to remove it. Fuck the police.
  6. Styx for Governor

    Yeah saw this, bit of a pisser
  7. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Sounds like a good time out @Turned Out Nice Again !
  8. Styx for Governor

    I'm a real fan of styxx, he's a very smart political commentator. I hope he gets lots of votes, although the establishment politicians will probably get it. It will be very interesting seeing what level of votes he gets.