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  1. They should just wear a mask. It's magic after all?
  2. I used the Amazon prime wardrobe service for the first time a few weeks ago - as sizing is always a nightmare for most clothes, just ordered 2 different sizes of what I wanted, took the unwanted item back to the post office (no postage costs too for returns) and that was it.
  3. JFK


    Oh I totally agree. Any immigration should strictly be on a points based system as other countries use, no recourse to state support, having to sponsor any spouse / family. Private medical insurance etc. We should none of this rocking up on the shores and claiming asylum then languishing around the benefits system for years, with all the libtard dipshit lawyers gaming the system then they eventually claim they have to stay here b/c they've got a few kids. Anyone not using the lawful route of entry should be turned away immediately. Not a foot on this soil, put into some form o
  4. What an absolutely hilarious story, it's like a daily mash write up isn't it? ... now I am waiting in earnest for the super-woke arseholes of the world to call out this hideous racist, white supremacist, literal nazi with a literal nazi name to be shut down. I am waiting but all I hear is silence!
  5. JFK


    It's a cultural compatibility. Although we might not be too keen on certain populations / countries, we will generally be tolerant of incoming people if: - they are from a similar culture with similar cultural values - they don't want to change the culture they are moving into - generally respectful and don't cause problem / crime People from western europe are generally similar in cultural values, like a judeo-christian classical view of the world, also, have a live-and-let-live attitude. People from south east asia might not have a directly similar cultur
  6. JFK


    There was a black guy who was taking the piss in america, doing a similar thing, he'd go into starfucks and ask for his free coffee, his 'reparations' coffee as starfucks was pro-BLM. The reaction of the staff was interesting, they all went instantly into woke apologist soy leftist dipshits when this black guy with dreadlocks appeared and talking in a semi gangsta way. The chief 'barrista' douchebag was sooper-dooper woke. He was just doing it for the lulz and was actually pretty much conservative (e.g. a literal white supremacist nazi in todays lingo)
  7. Of course they do. It's very, very easy to control a population.
  8. Taking daily multivitamins, vid D/K and fish oil supplements. Bought a SAD lamp too as well as been feeling sluggish with the change in seasons
  9. mesmerising. Just try clicking on all the dates!!!!
  10. JFK


    They're all massive hypocrites (which we already know). Again, I refer you to a video of a load of leftists being interviewed and asked if they're pro-open borders, pro-gimmigrant etc OK, here's Ahmed, can he live in your house right now? He has nowhere to go....
  11. JFK


    These cunts should have the criminal scum left to live next to them. A nice tent provided right next to their notting hill homes, they can deal with the results of their actions.
  12. This. These are the glaring issues that stand out to me and anyone with half a brain. I really do feel like I'm unplugged from the matrix and just looking in on a world that exists but doesn't at the same time.
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