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  1. Well yes but you're probably thinking of about 25 years ago...
  2. 915k people cancel their licenses .... nice reduction in income (works out about £144 MILLION), just wait until it hits half a billion in reduced funds then see the piggies squeal https://www.tvlicenceresistance.info/forum/index.php?topic=18034.0
  3. Ha. Get woke go broke. Just watch the pitiful viewing figures drop even more.
  4. Seems fair, think I remember the same. This is why I would advise to try and cancel online (impossible at the moment as they seem to have fucked up the website) , use the telephone line (ditto) or send them a letter recorded delivery stating cancellation requested and that you will be cancelling direct debit then just do it. Fuck them. Not been on the TV license resistance forum for a bit but this made me lol https://www.tvlicenceresistance.info/forum/index.php?topic=18097.msg175955#msg175955
  5. No need to fill in any 'no licence needed' declaration - do you complete a 'no fishing licence needed' declaration, just to declare that you do not go fishing? The mentality of organisations such as this trying to order you into completing a form declaring that you don't need a license is ridiculous. It means nothing, they will just keep your address as 'live' and you will still be on the goons list. Just ignore it, you have stopped paying for the British Buggering Corporation, stopped funding a paedo promoting organisation. Just ignore it. I say it all the time - get over the
  6. How terrible for those poor 'migrants ' fleeing war zones, fleeing persecution from ... France... i mean there must be a lot of those photogenic women and children eh, be a shame if there were YouTube content creators recording every day the fighting age men who are pouring into the country and being put up in hotels ... thank god for priti the barbarian defending these shores ...
  7. Sainsbury's closes it's store in Stockport because: Stockport is an utter shitehole inhabited by genetic defect missing links - just walk down the high street / Mersey square 'shopping' centre and you will think a ton of Agent Orange was dispersed through the drinking water supply 20 years ago and There's a large Chavda right next to it ... catering for the above https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/sainsburys-confirms-closing-stockport-supermarket-18937110
  8. JFK

    Escape from LA

    There's been plenty of non-whites at Trump rallies, at anti-antifa protests, just the media doesn't like showing them. Kind of works against the general narrative of muh orange man bad, muh wacists
  9. JFK

    Escape from LA

    Yeah that vid with the 'zz top guy' ... not very good gun discipline, a firearm/any weapon should always be treated as live and pointed down range / at the ground and definitely not at anyone. I think most responsible gunshop owners encourage any gun buyers to practice at a reputable range, to learn gun maintenance, care and become trained, but, yup you can't enforce it. I do think anyone buying a firearm owes it to themselves, their family and the wider public to become trained in use/maintenance and safety
  10. JFK

    Escape from LA

    Probably because these are majority white areas where people have decided to move out of the shithole inner cities (which are majority black because the dipshit libtard politicians promote welfare dependency so they can get votes)
  11. JFK

    Escape from LA

  12. JFK

    Escape from LA

    I saw this - the dropping a log on Crazy Pelosi's driveway, livestreamed, and fucking lol'd.
  13. JFK

    Escape from LA

    Be interesting if it's met .... follow the money!
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