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  1. JFK

    Black Friday deals

    Black eye friday, can't beat it (literally)!
  2. JFK

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Bitchute, a platform for free expression gets hit by PayPal deplatforming, bending to pressure from SJW morons, co-incidentally just after a hit-piece in the daily dot website saying bitchute is basically a hoard of nazi's ... what a surprise! Bitchute needs to quickly moving it's service like Gab to a service that promotes free-speech
  3. JFK

    Shock news! Men & Women are different

    Didn't notice either
  4. JFK

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yeah, I agree about Chateau, it's such an interesting read, a hell of a lot of red-pill in it which stands up to a bit of scrutiny. The quite unpleasant casual racism is annoying and distracting, although quite a lot of it is funny as fuck (like for instance calling obama the gay mulatto - that's pure genius in one line). Lindsay Lohan, what a wreck, she was stunning when younger - but as usual the fucking hollyweird machine chewed her up like it does for everyone, just used , got what it wanted and passed all the proceeds on up the food chain. Anyone getting involved in that fucked up place needs to have their eyes wide open. I sort of take back what I said about alice roberts, there''s no evidence she's a DOSBOD, just what happens with the normal ageing process (plus having a couple of kids and being in an exposed environment that fucks up your skin), it was just an observation.
  5. JFK

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    The wall is inevitable. Saw an advert recently for some programme Alice Roberts who is one of those tv science presenters in the style of Brian Cox. She's actually pretty good, explaining anthropology, archaeology, evolutionary biology, she used to look quite tidy. Anyway recent advert as she's the head of the Humanist organisation and the wall has hit her, google images if you want
  6. JFK

    Johnny Gat YouTube channel shut down

    never heard of him but could be interesting - hopefully has a bitchute account? Every uploader should backup to multiple platforms these days. Fuck youtube.
  7. JFK

    The Wilsons

  8. JFK

    The Wilsons

    This is a wonderous judgement, can we please keep tabs on this story?
  9. JFK

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    This made me lol. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2018/11/12/a-tour-of-the-female-rationalization-hamster/ Most women are ignorant of the Wall’s quickness of approach and ferocity of impact. The Wall can shatter nubility in one year, demoting a woman to post-catcall status. Many such cases! The female rationalization hamster (coined at this e’er-humble blog) originally described the thought processes of women who fall in love with badboys and then post hoc rationalize their badboy lovers as good men, often using terms such as “he’s misunderstood”, “you don’t see what I see in him”, or “xoxo you got me Skittles for my birthday!”. The term has come to encompass the broader mental template of Woman, and now includes any kind of backwards rationalization to help a woman feel better when reality is doing its worst to make her feel bad. Sour Grapes (insisting a good thing one can’t have is bad) and Sweet Lemons (insisting a bad thing one is stuck with is good) are examples of logical fallacies that feed the Rationalization Hamster. Jessica Valenti gives us a tour of her rationalization hamster. “The end of hisses, whistles, and stares: we need to walk the streets without fear” ==> she wants alpha males to notices her, and (vibrant) omega males to keep to themselves because they disgust her. “Men rarely catcall me anymore. I hate that our culture makes me miss it” ==> she misses the male attention, but blames culture instead of her necrotizing sexual worth, which leaves her ego to entertain the possibility that culture can be changed and she can be desired again (aka blame shifting) “One perk of older age? Fewer catcalls” ==> Sweet Lemons. AKA polishing a turd. The female ego is loathe to admit to itself that its biological status is uncompetitive in the sexual market. The denial is so strong that you will see women like Jessica Valenti contradicting themselves from moment to moment in a vain effort to avoid honest self appraisal. Unfortunately for her, she gets honest self appraisal every time she wearily rests her eyes on her catch of a soyhubby. *** PS Trump is reshaping the notoriously shitlib 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It may be that Trump’s greatest legacy is recapturing the judiciary for MAGAmerica. Funny how her perception has changed in a couple of years ... the merciless call of The Wall. Notice the difference between the photogenic distance, lots of fakeup in the Gruniad piece ... and the stark reality of her with her beta cuck hubby. Heck she's got more of a jawline than him!
  10. JFK

    Fruit flies

    have a sort of portable powerful vacuum, I was chasing them around the kitchen cackling like a loon. quite enjoyable
  11. JFK

    Facebook falling

  12. JFK

    Fruit flies

    I had great fun chasing them with a hoover, it was like a video game, it amused me for a few minutes ...