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  1. https://economy-chat.com/index.php/2019/09/14/man-being-fired-brings-emotional-support-clown-to-meeting/ Yeah I saw that story, it was fucking genius
  2. This has come up before and in America, Mark Dice did a video on it I remember, he too pointed out ... that stuff is security tagged because it's stolen in higher numbers. ... facts don't care about your feelz Good old diverse Minneapolis eh. Home of those wonderful Somali 'community'. Nothing but a fucking bunch of violent cunts. Well done SJW loving MN. What has your representative Ilhan Omar is up to (probably too busy screwing another yet another cuck whilst she sacks off her so-called husband/brother). Same. I'd be getting all the firearms training I could and apply for a concealed carry permit. ... plus I wouldn't be living in a shitehole like that
  3. Jesus what insufferable pretentious, holier-than-thou hypocritical, intolerant CUNTS. And yes .... the non-conformity end when it comes to enjoying the benefit of a capitalist society (e.g. trustafarians) and claiming as much from the state (e.g. working off the backs of others - typical socialists).
  4. Sort of a thread crosser but the Scottish guy was interesting, not heard of him before
  5. Been following this, so utterly funny it's sad. It looks more and more like an unintentional parody now.
  6. I like Starkey, he gives it with both barrels. That video of him calling out the lying little SJW bitch hypocrisy at an event was hilarious how she was all right-on but wanted a big fat fee for the grace of her presence. Starkey was doing it for free Edit: Found it
  7. Sums it up. Banding about big words to present an illusion of intelligence when in reality they're not that smart and use a shield of 'I'm progressive and right on therefore I'm correct and if you dare criticise me it must be because you are on the opposite political spectrum and actually slightly stupid so I can make fun of you. Double standards and only works on anyone under 30 as they have screw all life experience Irritating cunts
  8. Hideously huuuuuwhite. And protecting 'European' culture ... how terribly racist of them!
  9. Then of course you have the vagina pass - the get out of jail card where women receive much less harsh sentencing than men for the same crimes. Look at the paedophile teachers we have. A female is given far less punishment than a man. Just reverse some of the sexes and you would never see a man get the same treatment. Drunken attacks by women on other women and men in pubs / clubs - usually given suspended sentences. Men go to jail. ... and then the ultimate pussy pass https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7456865/Brooke-Skylar-Richardson-NOT-GUILTY-murder-manslaughter.html
  10. Well no surprise marriage rates are falling, what's in it for men? Divorce rape (pretty much all instigated by women), divorce rape, financial and emotional oblivion, battling to see your kids, getting screwed over left right and centre. The lie of feminism saying you can have it all - ride the cock carousel and have untould yards of Chad cock then suddenly become a born-again virgin and 'settle-down' for some beta- provider who you secretly will grow to despise as you're worth it and why can't you have Chad and Tyrone to give you the tingles like you did in your 20s ... see point above. Re. DV stats, well they are of course under-reported for female -> male DV. The official stats put male victims at least 25-30% of cases. Yet the whole system, funding and judicial system assumes the Deluth model (of male aggression only and female victim status) and is stacked against men. Some 'blind justice'. The rates of inter-personal DV is near equal when you look at the definitions of DV (controlling behaviour / verbal aggression etc. It's only when physical and violent aggression is looked at that the male:female ratio becomes 'unbalanced'). The rates of DV in same-sex relationships are pretty high. How's that for the big bad male patriarchy? Rape stats and convictions - in the wake of MeToo I think we are of course seeing a backlash. The mere 'feeling' you've been raped when in it's either blatantly false or regret sex has skewed the debate. I believe that the actual conviction rate of cases taken to trial , NOT ARRESTS OR ALLEGATIONS have remained pretty consistent for years. Yet the SJWs want to have it all - the mere allegation, sometimes from decades ago with no evidence is enough to demolish a persons life. Can you imagine actually being falsely accused of rape???? Can you imagine the shear mental hell that would you go through. I went through false DV allegations from my ex and that was bad enough. No wonder people top themselves under these situations. Anyone falsely accusing of DV / rape should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and pay financially for emotional and psychological damage.