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  1. I expect to see lots of proselyting from our politicians etc etc .... oh wait ...
  2. What a fucking beta cuck he comes across as. As to Jacinda, basically a fucking socialist. Learnt her craft working for Bliar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacinda_Ardern Basically another cunt who's done fuck all outside of politics, is a professional bureaucrat. A pen pusher. Doing their masters bidding. Running up a socialist agenda. NZ voters get what they deserve from this piece of shit.
  3. JFK

    Poor governance?

    There, fixed it for you.
  4. She was. And there you have the fragility of female beauty. The wall is unbreakable. Most women's peak sexual attraction is in the early 20s, despite the self delusion that women try and kid themselves that they're still hot in their 40s. They're not - compared to a hottie in their early 20s. So yeah, the fleeting fragility of female 'beauty' - but we're confusing outward physical appearance with 'beauty' .. a lot of people are good looking on the outside but ugly on the inside. on the original subject, Carol just looks fucking sad. It's just undignified.
  5. Worse - it's Alastair Campbell writing under a pseudonym!
  6. JFK


    Looks like they're already insolvent behind the scenes ... time to get out
  7. Compare and contrast with the NZ killings which were full page front and centre, immediately labelled as 'far-right terrorist' ... always one rule for them. ... nice to see the cultural enrichment going on eh.
  8. JFK

    The Wilsons

    .... yeah he's just lining up that big Chinese investment corporation ... or was it a middle eastern one, there's so many and the story changes with each iteration I lose track you know? ... his retirement is going to be short the fat fuck will keel over and have a massive coronary with any luck.
  9. Loved Fred Dibnah. A true character
  10. Guy who won was amusing, total fucking Chad thundercock game. She was just completely sad case post wall THOT who wanted to find a nice man and time to settle down and have kids at 43.... what are you offering besides a cunt like a wizards sleeve that's had a good few dozen Chad's meat up there and some flabby tits? Next.