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  1. oh but of course. It's so ubiquitous that I just see it everywhere
  2. Take off, nuke the site from orbit. Only way to be sure
  3. Guido had some amusing articles on funding ... https://order-order.com/2019/05/20/peoples-vote-took-82000-donation-eu-big-pharma-corporation/ PUTIN FUNDING REMAINERS!!!! https://order-order.com/2019/05/20/peoples-vote-accept-offshore-donation-euros-vladimir-putin/
  4. JFK


    The Dankula / Soph livestream was very interesting.
  5. In Telegram the links are to TR website which has vids embedded in, they might be youtube (which is a bit unwise imho), should at least be hosting on bitchute
  6. Everyone should install the telegram app , this is like whatsapp, allows instant communication and is outside the censorship of gulag / youtube etc
  7. Yeah, all those muslim countries with cultures similar to syria's ... funny that isn't it. Why aren't they taking in loads ?????
  8. JFK


    She's getting the full on Soviet treatment of censorship. See how brave the adult world is bullying on a 14 year old kid. Let's see how the school can back all this shit up legally - they can't. She is exercising her first amendment rights and if the school cannot bring up one piece of evidence of anything she's done in school on school grounds with documentary proof they will be seeing themselves staring down the barrel of a big lawsuit. Sure they can bleat all about 'feelings' and 'how others don't feel safe'. Well tough shit. It's a big bad world out there and it don't give a jack shit about your feelz. Your feelz do not trump her 1st amendment rights and that's how she should play it. She may have some opinions which others find unsavory - so fucking what. i find pretty much all the people I come into contact on a daily basis unsavory but that doesn't give me the right to shut them down from their expression, as long as it does not directly lead to illegal actions / calls to violence etc. Which her videos do not. And they know it. They're just acting like good little authoritarians like you have seen throughout history to shut her down. It's like the satanic panic , or video games cause mayhem , or heavy metal, or reading alistair crowley books, or listening to rap music, or some other bullshit. She should make sure she uploads to many platforms, has a heavy presence on minds.com and gab.ai , she already has a bitchute account - and should steer clear of patreon as they will deplatform her straight away. The legacy media are shitting it in the face of alt-tech.
  9. Oh you mean the poor terrified muzzer who was just happening to be around TR at the time and his hand slipped ... who was later led away by plod and let go ... no charges for him, he's one of the 'special type of people' who are blessed and can do wrong as their religion of peace forbids it etc etc. ... on the other hand let's see this fine figure of a 'man' https://order-order.com/2019/05/20/farage-milkshake-thrower-unmasked/ The usual physiognomy of the idiot foot soldiers of the globalists. Fatty out of shape - check Douchey beard/neckbeard - check Working in low end job - check Low IQ - check Low Testosterone - check SJW / liebore / identity politics - check
  10. Fat soy boy chucks a milkshake. Gets arrested. Loads of violent muzzers, wearing balaclava's, throwing bricks / eggs / bottles of piss at people listening to TR (women and children absolutely shitified) - FUCK ALL. NOT ONE ARRESTED. THE POLICE JUST STOOD BY AND ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN LAMESTREAM LEGACY MEDIA REPORT 'VIOLENT CLASHES AT Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon RALLY' ...twisting the narrative so you immediately associate TR with violence - yet it was a load of violent tooled up thugs from Halifax who swelled the ranks. Can you IMAGINE what would happen if a load of people, wearing masks, gesticulating, shouting and THROWING BRICKS if any of the mainstream political parties occurred. I am not surprised at all by the hypocrisy, the lies the downright deceiving that goes on.
  11. Fucking morons. Bowing before the EU even though they aren't a member of the EU. Just fucking surrender yourselves why don't you!
  12. JFK

    Down under saved?

    Brilliant result in Oz, what a surprise that the so-called polling companies get it wrong ... just like Trump in 2016. Remember being told that Killary had a 95% chance of being elected. Most people unsurprisingly don't tell their true voting intention - or stay silent and the people who do shout how wonderful SJW world is get a disproportionate amount of coverage and this is spun in an self-fulfilling echo world chamber that they are correct and the whole ideological left become more bold. ... then the reality comes crashing down when the majority of people are quite rightly pissed off at being told they are hateful bigots if they don't go all out pro-Islam and 50 million genders plus globalisation is so wonderful and vote this way. Just like Trump in 2016 and Trump for 2020. I am laughing my ass off.