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  1. E.g. more free shit for anyone from any shitehole of the third world. I wonder if this person locks their doors at night. Can i drop by Ana's house, help myself to her food, leccy, sleep there ... why not? Are you some fucking bigot, check your privilege
  2. Me too , I've got a sad lamp i stick on at home, breaking it out today
  3. Unsurprisingly in my local election area, last MP was a liebore useless turd who was MP for 25+ years then jumped ship to the Change UK twats. Area is a mixture of retired boomers and youngish families moving in, so a double whammy of Labour are great and idealistic types.
  4. He had throat cancer I believe. He's a very good actor
  5. JFK


    Why aren't I 50 points ahead?
  6. Same, he's a self publicist and akin to the shock jock type of OTT character. He does seem pretty fucked up and people tolerated his 'flamboyance' due to his anti-SJW stance, when all this shit about the paedophilia and sexual experiences came out though that kinda screwed things up , quite rightly. I agree with Sarge though, he does a brilliant job of winding up SJWs and that's good enough for me I think we all know what is on your mind, it's posted there.
  7. If you need it pointing out then you seriously have problems.
  8. cherly cole does look synthetic. nicole kidman looked kind of hot, fresh, when first appeared , now seems to have gone down the frozen botox / surgery look so prevalent in hollywood. Mind you, being shacked up with tom cruise would send anyone over the edge
  9. JFK


    Surprised she hasn't told us about how stunning and brave she was landing under sniper fire at Bosnia (hint: It was totally bogus). https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/jun/22/donald-trump/trump-clinton-bosnia-sniper-story/ Maybe she should tell us about how she described black men as super predators. https://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/crime/298693-hillary-clintons-superpredators-still-the-most-damaging-insult-by Or how she's got 'hot sauce in her pocket' to show how fucking hip and down with the black people she pretends to have something in common with but is in fact just another fucking racist bitch acting like she's a southern plantation owner. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/04/hillary-clinton-pandering-radio/479004/ ... how about when she got confused over black people because they all look the same https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/hillary-clinton-black-people-look-alike-interview-comment-cory-booker-eric-holder-a8609621.html I wish Killary would run for 2020. It's going to be fucking hilarious if she does. Looking at the current lineup with Fauxahontas looking like she's peaked and dropping, creepy Joe Biden looking like the only viable candidate ....
  10. I saw this yesterday, quite amusing. Seriously? Wtf? You fucking arsehole
  11. Greta will stalk you and castigate you HOW DARE YOU!
  12. Sorry to break it to you ... it's all bollocks