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  1. Jordan Peterson

    Yeah waiting until it's a bit cheaper too. it's in paperback on Amazon. maybe at the end of the month at payday
  2. Just reads like a load of criticising, illiterate moaning. Walk on by ...
  3. Heard this on the radio too - all apparently because of 'poverty'. Absolute fucking bollocks. There isn't any real poverty down to the level of starvation. You can find ways of reducing spending on unnecessary shit (how many tablets/sky subs/ciggies smoked/shit takeaways) - I do agree that there is a huge gulf of knowledge. The lack of basic skills in making nutritious food from basic ingredients is shocking. Education should be the answer. ^^^ this
  4. Mass shooting Florida

    Truly fucking tragic. Gun control is not the answer and will not happen realistically, even the 'progressive' left have shied away from that as it's not going to happen. What the fuck was going on in this blokes life? Adopted (always a bit of a head wrecker), goes rapidly downhill after elderly adopted mother dies, what sort of mind fucking medication was he on (links into lack of decent mental health services - a universal truth), alienated from society. Disturbing shit on social media indicating sociopathic tendencies. The bloke does seem to have some dysmorphic features. Would be interesting to see if there has been any formal medical investigation (probably not), what was his school attendance/record like (fairly obvious seeing as he was expelled ...) Will be interesting to see his firearm ownership - I personally think that there should be much more tighter regulation of firearm ownership (note, I am pro-second amendment / concealed carry etc), there are so many examples of society fuckups being allowed to have firearms. There should be pretty much mandatory firearms training for people owning guns I think, this will teach responsibility, respect for firearm, make them think about shit like weapon maintenance / marksmanship - already occurs for the majority of non-city firearms owners I realise. It's all just a fucking mess really isn't it.
  5. Report post Posted 19 minutes ago You're not wrong. https://www.opendemocracy.net/digitaliberties/chenchen-zhang/curious-rise-of-white-left-as-chinese-internet-insult Isn't this just THE perfect succinct summary of the whole tiresome SJW topics ...? THIS should be pinned.
  6. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Never get tired of watching
  7. Islamification of Europe

    My wrath would not have been extinguished until I had killed these cunts with my own bare hands. There is not enough punishment in the world for these 2 - lets face it the so-called-police / judiciary wont do it. We don't have a life sentence. A full life sentence. Or the death penalty. That is what they deserve, no less.
  8. Utter. Fucking. Bollocks. Average player, cheats by playing in the female league. Look at the sheer physical advantage he has - the neck, the shoulder, the arm development. He will have advantages in terms of endurance (biologically male), lung capacity, blood volume, oxygen carrying capacity - all male basic human biology. Nice deep voice this so-called-female has. If he really wants to transition why not have the gender reassignment procedure, it's all bullshit. If it looks like a man in a dress ... it's a man in a dress
  9. Yeah I've seen that before - truly, truly fucking bizarre, one of the weirdest things I've seen.
  10. Suspicious package found in Parliament

    Let's get this party started! *sniff sniff*
  11. I self identify as a male attack helicopter! Suppose culturally I'm British, 'ethnically/racially' I'm half-chinese and half-irish. Not a bad combo. Apart from having some ginger bits in my beard stubble. As I'm getting older and grey is becoming more apparent my hair/stubble colouration is black/white/ginger. I am a fucking Beagle. Indeed (although not married, living in sin. Been there done that once!)
  12. Strike!

    Yup. Gideon is a professor dontchyaknow ... of *drum roll* ECONOMICS. Because he's a fucking economic genius isn't he? ... it's like some sick joke https://anonym.to/?https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/university-manchester-hires-george-osborne-lays-off-171-staff/ In further news about HE, there was the wonderful 'IT restructuring' that happened at manc uni ... the esteemed former director of IT (formerly of Co-op ... because their IT system was such a win) tried to do a hachet job - outsourcing / sacking loads of staff (I know an now-ex sys admin who was basically shat on from a great bureaucratic height and was redeployed then lost his job. A fucking sys-admin. These people are like gold dust to keep the cogs turning). https://anonym.to/?https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/02/01/university_of_manchesters_it_director_resigns/ (the comments in the above article are very interesting). Still, gotta keep the shiny building / vanity project fund going eh? This would be a very interesting move. Uni's position themselves as offering such a wonderful service - and the students are now the customers.... if they aren't provided the service they are paying for (lectures / education), then they should seek legal help for breach of contract / non-providing of service they have paid for. This would be surely a refund as a proportion (day cost) of lost service provided ... hit the uni's where it hurts - in their fucking pockets. I do hope they succeed.