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  1. JFK

    Hoax hate

    Tucker Carlson nicely roasted all the facist left identity politics morons who are now hastily trying to delete all those tweets calling for violence against children. Whoops the internet never forgets your stinking hypocrisy
  2. JFK

    Blow Up Dolls

    Very good book that one
  3. JFK

    Hoax hate

    Yeah totally. He deleted that tweet and set his account to private ... funnily enough Twatter didn't ban him for his hate speech, advocacy for violence. How's kathy 'mutant face' griffin's twatter account going? She was doxing kids etc. What utter, utter fucking filth human beings these cunts are.
  4. JFK

    Hoax hate

    Put is this way. The lad is going to a private catholic school - costing what? $45k odd per year ... his parents are going to be seriously fucking rich. They are most likely to be Republican / right of centre ... they aren't going to take this sort of shit - they are going to hopefully lawyer the fuck up with $1000/hour bad ass lawyers who are going to tear everyone involved in this a fucking new one. And deservedly so, all the virtue signalling cunts in hollywood, all the so-called 'celebrities', all those fucking vile identity politic defined twats deserve every single expose of their hypocrisy.
  5. JFK

    Hoax hate

    Twatter really are beyond contempt. I wonder why anyone uses it, it's a piece of shit it really is. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/01/21/twitter-allows-verified-calls-for-violence-against-conservative-high-school-kids/ Very good
  6. JFK

    Hoax hate

    His twitter account is suspended. wonder why that could be
  7. JFK

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Coz I iz a unreformed male chauvinist pig?
  8. JFK

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    This has been my experience of most of the lamestream legacy media and ever since Brexit and Trump it is literally like the description of an alternate universe. The recent debacle with the lamestream legacy media (Buzzfeed of all places) trying to say Trump told Cohen to lie .... woops. Is it any wonder that people do not believe the bullshit they are told. Hell even my parents who don't have Internet say that they're being fed lies by the news on TV and don't believe half of it.
  9. JFK

    Bye, UKIP

    I listen to Any Answers (not the horrendous Any Questions) on Radio 4 to get a little gist of the general public mood - well, the filter that the So-Called BBC does. it's been relentless non-stop anti-brexit BS which I'm not too bothered about as I know their bias. Anyway, yesterday they were desperately trying to find people to phone in who had changed their views on Brexit (of course from Leave to Remain), very interesting guy phoned in from Yorkshire/Newcastle (can't remember), said he was a lifelong Labour voter - but couldn't vote for Corbyn as he's useless, and also if there was a referendum again he would vote Leave, he originally voted Remain. BOOM.
  10. JFK

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Wilkinson sword are much better, have a look around chemist shops they usually have lots of stuff they're trying to offload. A good alternative is the traditional double edged single blade safety razor BUT instead of the brush and shaving creme lathering routine use shaving gel (NOT foam) lathered up using your fingers
  11. JFK

    Mediteranean Migrant Watch

    good point, where are the bodies? oh wait it's just more fake news designed to try and make us give a fuck. I'm sorry, I'm really out of fucks to give. In fact I'm owed fucks.
  12. JFK

    Windsor Davies

  13. JFK

    Windsor Davies

    Used to love watching It Ain't Half Hot with my dad when younger, windsor used to remind my dad of his old army COs he used to say Sad news, RIP sir.