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  1. You really are a fucking prick. Why don't you do the world a favour and fuck off a cliff. Be sure to nuke SNACR too. A dipshit of the highest order Quite. TR checked with teh court, with the tinternet and with the actual court staff (who as pointed out failed in all their procedures).
  2. Tell me about it. I'd be scared about the rage I would feel under these circumstances. Seriously. There would have to be 24 hour protection for any scum like this as - to be honest , the more I think about it, the line would be crossed quite easily that I could see myself just kidnapping cunts like this off the street, bundle them into a van, into a lockup and then get to work with a baseball bat, some nails, an electricity supply and some knives. Basically I would either cripple cunts like this for life by cutting bits of flesh off them or they would just end up dead in a canal. My ex shacked up with some loser and it wasn't long before they moved in together, my daughter with ex was just at this ripe pre-teen age. Yeah I was fucking concerned beyond imagination but what the fuck could I do. Under these circumstances there literally is fuck all you can do. The whole system protects slummy cum bucket 'mothers' like this (yes, I include my ex under that label. A useless shit-kicking turd fuck of meat). Fortunately the ex's fella seemed just a useless doormat sap, they've now broken up. ^^^ this. Personally I wouldn't give a fuck and just bust the shits up a bit. Quite a bit in fact. The system is broken. It does not protect you or the vulnerable - screw them. Get some vengeance in.
  3. A real sense of crazy it really is. I mean this is pure emotionally driven unhinged behaviour. These people are a fucking danger to themselves
  4. Yup. Looks like a fucking advert for the Bernard Mathews turkey farm Not realistic. Not enough cultural enrichment
  5. I agree. I'd execute the cunt without a pause. Heck I'd do the dead myself. I'd be quite happy to look this cunt in the eyes as I placed a bullet in his fucking head. I'd consider it a civic duty and my conscious would be clean as a whistle. I would consider it pest cleaning. There is a compelling argument for capital punishment for these cases without a doubt.
  6. what the fuck is it with these fucking brain dead morons that they allow any bloke into the house, let alone some scumfucker like this, if you have a teenage daughter living there? Are you really so unbelievably fucking retarded beyond Somali levels that you do not think of the potential, the sheer potential for problems. If you give one iota of a flying fuck for the safety of your own kid, even the possibility, that you will take a few quid - you really are fucking pondlife of the lowest form. Just fuck these people off. Yes the tattooed POS should be executed. The so-called mother needs her fucking head shaved and marched through town to be put in the stocks and publically flogged. So I get from this she was shacked up with a friend of the paedo killer .... wtf is these people's chaotic lives. Just fucking nuke the lot of them. They really are scum At the bottom of this is a DEAD 13 year old girl (and yes, I agree with the other postings .... the paedo rape muslim gangs are still going on , a blind eye turned by the cunt system and those inhabiting it)
  7. Jesus @SNACR really is a fucking bellend. Just fuck off with your trolling you knob
  8. This is the best thing to happen, the Dems were moving against Pelosi and Warren, they were already ripping themselves apart. Now with Trump shedding light on the 4 horsewomen of the Democalypse and their profoundly un-american (and quite frankly racist statements - see https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/07/16/list-of-racist-statements-by-members-of-the-squad-so-far/ )statements he is forcing the rest of the Dems to rally around and protect the gang of 4. This forces the Dems to defend the gang of 4's statements - further defining themselves as not wanting the best for the country.... so what do you think is going to happen to floating voters and indeed Democrat voters seeing this before them? It ensures even more support for Trump. It's fucking genius and Styxx saw it 5 mins after all this shitstorm broke out.
  9. This is why there is no confidence in any aspect of the state. The comments on the article are pretty much red-pilled ... how long until you see more violence against these scum.
  10. Quite correct @dgul and look at all the blurb in @spygirl 's original link - all this wooly shit in there 'looking after students mental and physical health' ... with a molly coddyling sets of fluffy cushions and a layout that looks like starfucks. It really is utter bullshit. A massively expensive accommodation set (9k - 11k per year!) with a sort of luxury that makes people accustomed and indeed, expect this entitlement because they're worth it and should experience no form of semi-hardship (which breeds resilience and you making do with what you have, thus more appreciative and know the value of nice accommodation), no, it's just get more and more debt loaded. My student halls weren't very nice, there's a reason the Young Ones resonated because although that was an exaggeration (only just) that's how it was. The halls blocks were a small room, a desk, some shelves, a sink (I paid more for a room with a sink - and yes, I did piss in it a couple of times!). Other places did have the usual mice infestation, we saw mice in our shared kitchen area. There were communal sinks - rows of sinks, so you could have a natter with people if you wished. There were shower cubicles. It was slightly austere but the costs weren't eye watering like they are now. It meant that you planned to be away, the halls were just there to eat, meet, shag, do the social things but ultimately you spent most of your time down the student union/halls bar and went out. There was a library area but you went to the university library and worked there. Moved out to shared house in 2nd year and that did end up like the Young Ones. It was fucking great.
  11. Please let this be true. Peak woke, it will be hilarious to watch it crash and burn - who the fuck thinks this shit actually works. I bet all the pricks sitting around 'creative tables' , 'brainstorming' in their skinny pants wearing no socks with their shoes utter fuckign douchebags actually believe crap like this.