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  1. JFK

    Naked Attraction

    Yeah most of the blokes are gym bunnies. The birds are tattoo'd horrors mainly - sums up the general female population Trash TV
  2. It's just the hatred and misogny that does that. Ugly people inside, ugly outside
  3. JFK

    Question Time

    There's so many gems on here it's a brilliant read #StunningAndBrave
  4. JFK

    Question Time

    She was a intersectionalist plant Stunning and brave Sargon says it like it is Laurence fox on twatter is hiliarous btw
  5. It starts off ok and then the conflict rises as both personalities are too fucked up to be in the same living space as each other, then the cracks appear and boom, I'd be surprised if they last 5 years together.
  6. Good. Just drive through them, get out the fucking way, don't you dare touch my property (car) if they get bumped their tough shit. The moped driver should have just kept going, anyone touches his property fucking shove them aside. The petrol station owner - just get a hose out, soak the fuckers. Move them on. If the police will not enforce the laws and allow law breaking to happen then they should not expect people to stand by whilst they abrogate their responsibility, we have policing by consent - when the police do not fulfill their end of the bargain that consent is withdrawn.
  7. He certainly is. And the perfect fodder for a narc. They both deserve each other, hopefully we won't hear too much of them although the legacy media will always have some staged photo's of Me-Again and ginger twat saving the planet / helping out with a charaddeeeee etc etc
  8. Ah what a shame. Still , as others have noted the narc has done her tricks, isolated him from his family and work, got him wiggling on a hook with a kid, now his life will be even more miserable. Stupid fucker, being all cunt-struck.
  9. The police admit they knew ... but didn't want to be accused of racism for arresting muslim rapists ...
  10. Well, I must say - this has been reported ALL OVER the legacy lamestream media, you know - you must have seen it widely reported on the So-Called BBC, ITV, Channel 4, in the legacy newspapers - teh daily mail, independent, guardian, times etc etc ... no? Well fuck me neither did I, but has, TR has won an international free speech prize ... https://www.bitchute.com/video/a2xe7rM8_vE/ https://rebeldonations.com/rebel-news-tommy-prize-reporting-ezra-levant/ https://www.tr.news/tommy-robinson-receives-international-free-press-award/
  11. JFK

    Owen Jones

    What utter fucking shit. What a farce - some picture used to smear the guys name, oh he performed a 'nazi' salute - any proof? no, just someone's preconceived ideas because owen socialist-crybaby has his feelings hurt and it will bolster his fucking virtue victim points. I hope he (Owen) gets his faced pagged in more the fucking annoying cunt
  12. Interesting. Asset control / control of precious metals - the first signs of trying to prevent currency outflow / panic divesting ... won't end pretty. I mean, the German economy is doing fine isn't it??? Oh wait ... https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/german-industry-stuck-recession-no-signs-bottom-warns-bdi And in a further turn of events, margins are squeezed, you can't pass on the higher price to consumers so what goes - well human jobs of course, increased automation ... domino's has a fully automated distribution centre https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/robots-takeover-dominos-new-supply-chain-center
  13. JFK

    Question Time

    This the video I saw, I was quite impressed. He does come from acting royalty, Edward Fox was a pretty good act-orrrrr
  14. so-called university. Edge hill was historically a teacher-training college in the middle of nowhere back in the day. Now it's a university by blessing of Liverpool uni, what a joke