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  1. She'll be fine She said she's wearing it in the corridors and to/from school (bit of conformity going on there) but not in class as it's completely uncomfortable, distracting and stresses her out. Still ridiculously high isn't it. Encouraging that 1/5 said fuck this though.
  2. JFK

    Civil Disobedience

    Had a flyer with all the other junk mail the postie puts through the letterbox. I'll just ignore anything census related.
  3. You want equality, you get equality of sentencing (of course we know this doesn't happen in real life). Glad she's doing some time, much deserved. The absolute state of that cuck simp of a husband though.
  4. JFK

    Civil Disobedience

    Didn't fill in the last one and have no intention of doing this one either.
  5. JFK

    NHS Pay

    Most nurses are thick as pigshit and fat as pigs. You don't need a degree to be a nurse. Remember the days of nursing when it was school leavers and then maybe going on day release to college? Now they think they're too good to do basic healthcare/cleaning/bathing/making beds - that's all for the lowly paid immigrant staff of health care assistants. They can just get fucked. Call their bluff and implement a pay freeze instead.
  6. The absolute gall of these greedy cunts is beyond me. I work in the NHS and wouldn't accept that a pay rise is acceptable (on the other hand the finances of the UK are totally and utterly fucked so I don't really see any difference, it's all just printing money isn't it?) For them to try and go on strike - great, let them do it. Suspend and bring the full weight of any legistlation on them. Just fucking sack the lazy fat cunts.
  7. Had a letter from the head of junior JFKs school (secondary school), they're all geared up for the return to school and to be fair to them they do go out of their way to point out any testing/masking is completely voluntary and consent is needed. Reading through the figures it seems that 97% of the parents have consented for LFT for their kids and masking up. Absolutely fucking astonishing the level of psy-op that has been done on the parents and the public. They really have swallowed the bullshit of testing of their kids is needed and they need to be muzzled. I think this will
  8. I'm just watching this shitshow extend beyond clownworld, more money printing at 5Bn a month, more socialism to pay people sitting around. No business can sustain the additional staff costs incurred (NI, insurance etc). There won't be any return to anything resembling normality for hospitality, concerts etc rely on vaccination passports, so they can fuck themselves. And any proposed tax rises are just pissing in the water, there is no way on this planet any tax raising will even dent the horrific expanse of spending. I don't think the average douchebag who's been s
  9. Brilliant Yes, Florida has. Contrast that with the death rate in masked up new York.
  10. On the surface seems a bit cheeky doesn't it, however, when you take into account all the furlough payments/costs incurred it's not surprising. Face it, this restaurant 'chain' is an ex-restaurant chain, the impact on eating/hoteliers has been catastrophic. You have the likes of pizza express, then bella italia etc. How many expensive eating places can the 'market' sustain. Anyone who works for this company should be GTFO, they're toast.
  11. Went to Tesco's yesterday, some young bloke who looked about 17 in on oversized hi-viz jacket (I note they've started donning body cams now) ,asked me if I had a mask, just nonchalantly said 'I have a medical exemption' magic jedi words then got on with my shopping. Full on mask compliance. I do wonder how people will react in the hot summer weather - will they still be wearing such items when it's boiling hot, I suppose they'll square that circle by thinking about the air conditioning. Some boomer couple were behind me in the queue for the self-service, I could feel his eyes lo
  12. Seen that one before, absolute gold. Showed that pig that he is fully aware of his rights and his ego just wouldn't let it go (the pig), pathetic. Absolute mad lad. On another note, I do know of a online content creator who was sexually abused as a pre-adolescent child, he has PTSD (obviously) and the thought/view/images of masks induces a panic reaction in him. There's no way he will even conisder a mask under any circumstances and attends opticians, medical appointments, school events etc.
  13. C'mon man he was just jogging! .... hence the term jogger.
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