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  1. Thank you much more accurate Oh yeah. what was it? accusing you of being a bigot/wacist etc etc
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/09/25/migrant-crisis-architect-swedish-pm-loses-vote-no-confidence-step-down/ Interesting
  3. JFK

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Good for you. It's funny how these organisations say they do all the equal ops things but when push comes to shove it's found lacking. I had a similar experience with my youngest, she was ill and rather than Mrs JFK cop all the having to deal with a sick kid, taking time off and having that to deal with at work (employers being shit), plus it's damn stressful, and I wanted to share the stress rather than it all falling on one person ... well I decided I'd do it. I took some time off to leave work early (and I took work home it must be pointed out - so I could fulfill my work responsibilities) to look after sick toddler. Get a fucking phone call from manager asking me what was going on so I inform them. When I get back into work I had a meeting and this was brought up, informed them I had OK'd it with my line manager to take work home and to look after my sick child. The whole fucking response was basically why can't mum do it. Utterly gobsmacked I was. I just looked at them. These blokes have kids too - just because I didn't want to sacrifice my whole life to them it did not compute. I knew I was being blacklisted anyway due to previous shit that had gone on and I wasn't on the chosen list for being given extra responsibilites etc so my attitude was fuck you and I was planning my escape route anyway. So much for gender equality duty and all that. I was glad I left that place, moral is still rock bottom, people have left and the people still there feel totally trapped - how wonderful. The new manager is an even bigger horror, female manager but an absolute harridan that makes the previous male cabal of managers look like eunuchs. The day I left is the day I felt instantly better physically and mentally.
  4. JFK

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I work in the NHS we have a certain amount of parental/ carers leave, think it's 4 days annually, can be used if you have carers responsibility for others (elderly rellies etc). Other than that it's holiday/ unpaid leave
  5. JFK


    Jesus, the epitom of mock meat. It's chock full of soya - steer clear of that fucking stuff. TBH if you want something that is a steak, just buy a bloody steak. Make sure it's a good organic meat, rather than the hellishness of intensively reared meat and all the issues that come with that. Or 'dog roll' as we call those quorn roasts , they're really nice - usually they're on offer for £3, tend to buy 2 or 3 and stick them in the freezer. Pop in the oven, do up some roasties, get some veg on, gravy and it's absolutely lush. Nut roasts ... don't really like them, too much of a hippy dippy 1960s vibe to them. And they're bloody boring and bland to eat.
  6. JFK

    The cult of corbyn

    He is the definition of the soi boi leftist.... dumb facial hair, no real 'manly' physique. Looks like he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. Has that 'yes I know what you mean, nodding, condescending' look on his face. If this was a teacher in my school I'd be making some form of complaint about this partisanship. Mind you it's fighting the tide, most of the teachers it seems are fucking stupid and think anything the so-called Left do is brilliant. I teach my kid to think for herself, to question, to research to make up her own mind rather than just blindly believe one source.
  7. JFK


    Pescaterian, been so for about 20 years, rest of family too.
  8. Jumped before pushed? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-24/rod-rosenstein-has-verbally-resigned-john-kelly-axios
  9. JFK

    SJWs ruin linux

    Fucking SJWs try and fuck everything they get their hands on don't they the cunts.
  10. JFK

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    I went on a couple of open days on me tod under my own steam, quite an enjoyable day trip out - or a few of us bundled into a car and went around to have a look. At uni I really couldn't understand the people who went home for the weekend, seemed a bit sad really, they were by and large the spoddy ones who didn't go out and get wrecked etc. I never went home during term time, screw that, was having too much fun. Used to call my folks (this was pre-mobile days) on the landline, have a bit of a natter - used to , heaven forbid this concept now, write to them as well. My dad used to pick me up sometimes if he was working in Manc (which was quite frequenct actually), but I didn't make a big deal out of it. The only big move was the beginning and end of term, we used to be able to put all our stuff in a storage room in halls anyway. Quite a few times I'd just bundle a large rucksack of dirty washing and get on the train end of term, easy peasy.
  11. JFK

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    Sounds about right. I lived on Kippax street 1996-1997 , that was when the old man city ground was still at maine road. Was an interesting time! ... that story of students being mugged in an audi, fucking hell those halls (Denmark rd / lloyd street) - they're only about 10/15 mins walk to the university area but by god they're in a shit area, it's basically the edge of moss-side and I shoudl fucking know having lived aroundt that area as a student too!
  12. JFK

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    Poor catty has had his nose destroyed by my guffs
  13. JFK

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    I proudly guff under the covers and giggle
  14. JFK

    UKIP release interim manifesto

    Looks like a good start
  15. The knee jerk reaction of the legacy media to twist this to a 'far right/white nationalist, oh my god it's nazi's' angle immediately came to my mind when I heard this. Great analysis from dodsbods on here - as there is NOTHING like the pointing out of the geography / picking apart what so-called-witnesses have said. In the past this would have been done by journalists, not it's just a soundbite thatit's those nasty, nasty white people who are just wacist. I'm fucking sick of this shit.