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    JFK reacted to ashestoashes in Islamification of Europe   
    my concern was that there were many more victims, but only charges for these few cases 
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    JFK reacted to Option5 in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Hello is that the service department?
    Yes, how can I help you?
    Well, she's great in bed but her nose has started running when we're at it and it's putting me off a bit.
    Yes sir I understand, it's because she's full, you need to empty her occasionally

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    JFK reacted to spygirl in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    The change Ive banged on about on Tos and this was is the lowering of the sto age - get it down to 11.
    And the increasing of the hours to qualify - they need to go to 38h/w.
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    JFK reacted to Frank Hovis in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    The main difference, and I think the government realised its mistake with the spare room allowance / bedroom tax, is that the spare room allowance had a big negative effect upon people whose circumstances hadn't changed.  One day you had housing benefit for a three bed house, had had for the last twenty years, and expected that to continue indefinitely; the next you were having to move into a one bed flat because that's all that would be funded.  I see a parallel in the WASPI protests because they were also under the impression that things would continue as they were (in their case - state retrirement age) but didn't find out that it had changed until they had already enacted their plans based upon it such as early retirement.
    In both cases the change, IMHO anyway, was entirely fair but its method of application seemed designed to cause the maximum amount of distress.
    The capping of child benefit to the first two children only was brought in in a far better way in that it only had an effect if you changed your circumstances - viz had an additional child when you already had two or more children - after a pre-announced future date.  So anybody choosing to have an additional child would know that they would not receive child benefit for them and could so make an informed decision as to whether they could afford an additional child.
    IMO they are all three entirely fair and rational changes but only the last was rolled out in a fair and rational manner.
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    JFK reacted to Fossildog in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Why does this image remind me of this thread

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    JFK reacted to Stunley Andwin in Westmister car of peace   
    It would be a shame if the identity of the person who approved his visa/asylum status was to be leaked to the public. The people who were run over might get very angry.
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    JFK reacted to spygirl in Westmister car of peace   
    'He lives in a scruffy flat above an internet cafe in Sparkhill, an area of Birmingham that has housed jihadi cells linked to terrorist plots at home and abroad.
    His rented flat is also just ten minutes from the former home of Khalid Masood, whose murderous rampage 17 months ago appears to have inspired Khater's own carborne attack yesterday.  '
    Wow. They even may have gone to the same Mosque .....
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    JFK reacted to One percent in Trump's progress   
    Thank you for the eye candy. Very nice and much appreciated. 👍
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    JFK reacted to XswampyX in Trump's progress   
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    JFK reacted to LC1 in Trump's progress   
    I had heard of it but never seen it before. Amazing stuff. The "jokes" take on a new significance through the Q lens too.
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    JFK got a reaction from whocares in Westmister car of peace   
    He dindu nuffin 
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    JFK reacted to Great Guy in Westmister car of peace   
    Culprit is a "Brit of Sudanese background". So in other words it was a foreigner that happened to be born in the UK.
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    JFK reacted to Hopeful in Westmister car of peace   
    Haven't read the whole thread, but I was struck by a comment I heard a police spokesman (it was a man) say on the So-Called BBC news when speaking about the terrorist
    "We didn't find any weapons on the suspect"
    Which surprised me, because I thought the suspect was sitting in a fekking big one.
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    JFK reacted to Byron in Westmister car of peace   
    No, the powers that be are busily scripting a 'confession' that will blame President Trump and Boris Johnson.
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    JFK reacted to Long time lurking in Westmister car of peace   
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    JFK got a reaction from Burned Out in Boris the buffoon strikes again   
    Perhaps because the Rop is disproportionately represented in the terrorist, child sex abuse, grooming gangs ... fuck that
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    JFK reacted to XswampyX in The Sweden is fucked thread   
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    JFK reacted to One percent in Westmister car of peace   
    Farage discussing this now. LBC 
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    JFK reacted to Carl Fimble in Westmister car of peace   
    Your "leaky manifold" as you describe it will still be private, doctors notes aren't available online.
    I've never heard that euphemism before, when I had mine I found cutting down on sugar helped, mine barely leaks at all now.
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    JFK reacted to Carl Fimble in Westmister car of peace   
    Using the term "diversity barrier", mentioning Uber and using the phrase "Religion of Peace"- is Gerard one of us lot?
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    JFK reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    That table means that my mate with 2 kids doing 3 shifts a week as a shelf stacker is as well off as my civil engineer brother working his arse off long days in a stressful job.
    And that's without the council house; if my mate was getting a council house too he'd be considerably better off.
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    JFK reacted to Banned in Ben Stokes - Not guilty   
    From what ive seen of the CCTV, looked like he was being a mouthy a dick as he cant handle his drink, bumped into some weedy looking idiots who also couldnt handle their drink and they had a but of fisty cuffs.
    To me they just looked like the kind of bellends who think they're hard after a few drinks and get mouthy there are hundreds of thousands of this ilk all across the nation every weekend. Hence one of the reasons i've rarely gone out drinking in UK towns and cities for a couple of decades.
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    JFK reacted to spygirl in Another pointer to the UK being fucked.   
    Figure 13: Distribution of workers in each nationality group by skill level of occupation
    There should be no Blue or Red on that chart.
    These people should not be here at all.
    These are unskilled/low skilled people who dont speak English.
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    JFK reacted to Option5 in Islamification of Europe   
    We had someone doing this at my workplace, I found out who it was when I forgot my watch after washing my hands and had to wait until he came out to retrieve it. I went off on one and made him clean it up, he wasn't happy and has chosen to work from home since, I'll probably get a call from HR soon but fuck it, there's only so much shit I can take.
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    JFK reacted to spunko2010 in Islamification of Europe   
    A pub / club is full of drunk people so I can let it pass, Tesco is not. There is no excuse for squatting over a toilet like a savage and shitting on the toilet seat.