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    JFK reacted to Austin Allegro in Budapest   
    Just read your account - very interesting! Oddly enough I stayed near that hotel in  Budapest earlier this year, and it was I agree one of the grottiest and dodgiest streets in BP.  That said, I still felt safer than I would in some parts of London - for a start, they had non-stop police patrols up and down the street, so there was always a copper within shouting distance, like British streets in the old days.
    I cycled quite a lot when I lived in BP, I had an old soviet era three speed bike with a dynamo and coaster brake, which cost me £30 from a second hand shop. I used to enjoy runs down to the little village of Kisduna about 12 miles south of BP.  My ex wife got custody of that bike when I left, and I still miss it.
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    JFK reacted to JoeDavola in Budapest   
    I am alive and well.
    Had a great time in Budapest; was lucky with the weather ect...as well as the touristy bits I wandered a bit off the beaten path a few times - which isn't that far in reality; a 30 minute walk (or often much less) down a street away from a tourist spot brings you to areas in which the food seems cheaper ect...but in order to really take advantage of those areas I'd need to learn a bit of hungarian I think. Which is cool, but was different to places like America where you can go wandering off to remote places and still communicate with folk.
    One morning the door of my apartment opened and three people walked in, none of whom could really speak English. They seemed to be building maintenance folk for the apartment block, but I confess that it freaked me out a bit.
    There did seem to be more to do in the evenings (live music, little cafe's with jazz muscians ect...) than there is in Belfast, which was nice. Some evenings I stumbled across places that had stag do types (mainly rowdy English/Irish blokes) that couldn't handle their drink, which I'd imagine give western tourists a bad name. I can understand the locals not being too fond of those types.
    Unfortunately I did not have sex (after all that's what you all want to know!). The women did seem better looking on average than you find in the UK, and I got talking to more people than I would back home. I had a strange moment the day after I came back when I was standing in the queue in Argos and realized that every woman front of me was obese; so I did a quick scan around the room and counted 13 women, 12 of which were considerably overweight/obese, and one that was just a bit overweight (but wasn't Northern Irish!). An interesting snapshot of the UK obesity epidemic.
    Think I'll go back in the summer. Will book the flights fairly soon to get them cheap. If I go alone again I'd be tempted to rent a room in a shared flat; though I'd much rather just head over with a mate.
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    JFK reacted to Austin Allegro in Budapest   
    All this talk of Budapest has made me 'homesick' for my old haunts so I have booked a trip for next spring.
    Flight £70 and air bnb for £8 a night room in a private flatshare with use of kitchen, a bit out of the town centre which is why its cheap, but it's on a tram line which is about 10-15 mins from the city centre.
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    JFK reacted to Happy Renting in Budapest   
    Her ice cream is runny and he is about to drop his skateboard on you.
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    JFK reacted to The Generation Game in Budapest   
    This thread disappointingly tailed off. 
  6. Cheers
    JFK reacted to wherebee in Budapest   
    Did you mean to post a picture of your knob?
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    JFK reacted to JoeDavola in Budapest   
    Gellert Hill area today - by crouching down was able to get this photo (on my shite iphone 4 camera!) that I thought came out well:

    And which I can't fucking see on the two apple devices I'm using - hopefully it uploaded...
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    JFK reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Priti Patel; rampant racist   
    She can look acceptable when seated at a desk as on QT.
    I was quite surprised she is so chunky.
    I also consider myself to be quite gentlemanly.
    Hence no reference to her tits.
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    JFK reacted to Horrified Onlooker in Priti Patel; rampant racist   
    Please see my earlier post, I just happen to be a gentleman... 
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    JFK reacted to Horrified Onlooker in Priti Patel; rampant racist   
    Thick thighs & calves. Always a giveaway sign that weight will go on later in life. Not as attractive in the flesh.
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    JFK reacted to One percent in Priti Patel; rampant racist   
    She comes across to me like a screeching social climber. The kind of person I really dislike 
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    JFK reacted to Austin Allegro in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    After just one night together he left her alone in his house, and he had his life savings of £3k in cash in an easy-to-find location.
    I feel sorry for him, but come on!
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    JFK reacted to wherebee in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    That is exactly the sort of face that the term 'buttertroll' was invented for.  Gentlemen, never put your dick near a buttertroll.
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    JFK reacted to PeptoAbysmal in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    3,000 quid and a false rape accusation. Bloody Hell.

    p.s. And Feminists reckon we should always believe the woman making a complaint/accusation.
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    JFK reacted to UmBongo in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    She looks haggard for 35!
    I feel sorry for the guy she conned but these peeps need to get wise to this type of skulduggery. 
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    JFK reacted to jm51 in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Strong and independent when a burd does it, rude when a bloke acts similar.
    I try not to be rude to people with manners but if somebody is rude to me, then they have given me permission to be rude back.
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    JFK reacted to crashmonitor in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I've got you down now as the babe magnet giving a withering look as per previous link.

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    JFK reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Crazy wife wouldn't like it if I started one! As a large fit married man I'm probably still desirable to some women, at least the signs are there - might all be different if I was single again and lost the "sheen" of unavailability. But you know what, I doubt it, because exactly like my single mate, also 53, I just wouldn't care whether 99% of women wanted me or not. Call it arrogance, self-worth, good luck of having a good family, plus some experience of nasty females, whatever, the truth is I now don't GAF.  Just like him. And precisely because of that IMO, some of them want him, I guess the same would be true of me. Note - he still doesn't shag much, as he can't be arsed with the trouble it brings. (half the time it's a girlfriend of someone in pub or similar)
    I'm absolutely sure if I was single and used Tinder or ran around trying to get dates, I'd have all the issues described in your (rather brilliantly entertaining) stories and miserably described by the bloke in the video. But I wouldn't be doing any of that. Futile and dispiriting.
    Little anecdote :- In bar recently, watching live music, mate next to me on one side. Other side a woman, fancies herself a bit, tattoos and late 40s, reasonable appearance otherwise. Cat enters bar. As the little bastards always do, it tries to endear itself to me by jumping up on the bench seat next to me and cuddling up. I ignore it. Woman pipes up "You don't like cats much, I guess".  I give the cat a disdainful look - "No,"  Then she says "Nor women much either, I guess". Extremely cheeky IMO, and a bad idea as I'm a bit drunk and way stroppier than usual. I give her the cold blue-eyed stare and say "They have their uses" then return my attention to the music. Woman's face turns purple with rage, mate can barely stand up from drink/laughing.  We leave after finishing drinks before woman sics her mates onto us. Mate tells me off (while still giggling) for being excessively rude....
    I'm not advocating being a rude drunk bastard, but I suspect if you reach a similar level of DGAF while remaining more polite than I was, the game will change.
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    JFK reacted to montecristo in Killary   
    This could be a little embarrassing for the Clintons.   Expect the count to rise and I don't mean Dracula.
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    JFK reacted to MrPin in Is Brexit going to happen at all?   
    I hope I can still get smelly French Fromage after next March.
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    JFK reacted to stuckmojo in The Wilsons   
    I would love to see them destitute. 
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    JFK got a reaction from The Generation Game in Walking boots thread. (please merge if there is already one)   
    Think karrimor's quality has gone downhill in recent years so beware.
    My saloman goretex from decathlon still going strong, comfy as fuck
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    JFK reacted to Option5 in The Wilsons   
    They are of course assuming that their houses will sell quickly, a few months of voids on 300 houses will make their accountant suicidal.
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    JFK got a reaction from The Generation Game in Walking boots thread. (please merge if there is already one)   
    Think karrimor's quality has gone downhill in recent years so beware.
    My saloman goretex from decathlon still going strong, comfy as fuck
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    JFK reacted to InLikeFlynn in Tonights vote - how many will vote to depose Treason?   
    Yup. Still an excellent presenter and genuinely enthusiastic about the subject but looks thin, drawn and rather odd with the new red hair. I wonder if all is well at home.