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  1. kibuc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    It does matter when the vote will be, but there's very little connection between that actual date and whatever May says. Why would anyone believe her at this point?
  2. kibuc

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Why would anyone care whether the anti-brexit rally amasses 15k, 150k or, in fact, even 15mil people? Over 17mil people turned up with an opposing view when and where it actually mattered.
  3. It's also worth remembering that the leverage is re-adjusted daily, so their long-term performance may detach from the underlying asset. A crude example: 1. Buy 1 unit of 5x gold, with unit price of $1000 and gold price at $1000/oz. Leverage for this transaction is $4000. 2. Gold drops 10% on the day, to $900/oz. Our 1 unit is now worth $500. 3. Next morning, leverage on our 1 unit of 5x gold is re-adjusted to be $2000. 4. Gold recovers 11%, back to $1000/oz. Our 1 unit is, however, not back to where it was and is now worth only $775. Daily re-adjusting is a killer with volatile underlying assets. On the other hand, it helps reduce losses in a consistent downtrend and raises gains exponentially in a consistent bull run.
  4. kibuc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    You get that - and more - on a daily basis in Poland, but it's not something I'd wear as a badge of honour. In fact ever since I moved here I've been surprised how civil and non ad-persona your parliamentary debates are. I still don't see a point of them, they seem to acomplish fuck all just the same, but at least they used to be a touch above a drunk argument in a pub.
  5. kibuc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Would that have mattered if she had?
  6. kibuc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    May hasn't lost any credibility today as she didn't have any to begin with, but if ERG fails to launch a no-confidence vote this evening then they're even more impotent than she is.
  7. kibuc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I don't have a problem with voting again in general, the thing is how do you resolve the situation if you put more than two options on the ballot paper. Let's say it's a 40/30/30 split between three options, you could argue that neither option got the majority, each have been outvoted by other two combined so technically "lost" and, more importantly, neither got stronger support than the original 51.8%. Do you implement the 40% over 51.8%, or do you consider the vote null and void? Also, if 40% votes to stay, 30% votes to leave with May's deal and 30% votes for no deal, is it a 60-40 win for leave or 70-30 for remain?
  8. Just a few words about EDR (10 sec analysis, so take it with a bucket of salt): there was some noise some time ago about them exploiting their highest-grade veins at Guanacevi mine to keep production numbers up and, inevitably, paying for it a few quarters down the line when high-grade ore dried out. I generaly try to steer away from companies that are more interested in massaging their numbers than focusing on their operations. And their acquistition of ElCubo and subsequent production numbers there hint at their unability to handle money or assets. Then again, big silver bull would allow to paper over any cracks.
  9. That's an interesting observation. I'd say any time Arca goes up by 2.2% is an absolutely terrific day for goldies. Even NewGold is up over 4.5%. And then, of course, there's this:
  10. 10y rates in freefall. Gold catching a bit of a bid. My reading is that markets are clearly thinking the Dec rise might be the last one for a long time. Then again, we've seen a few headfakes already in the last couple of month, so I'm trying not to get too excited. In the meantime, WDO release an absolute peach of an update from Eagle River, and we're still to get Kiena drilling results and resource update later this month. With this one I'm fully allowing myself to feel excited and I'm not planning on holding back
  11. I wonder what $22 silver would do to Tahoe takeover bid. Granted, it's at 55% premium, but with silver rocketing up some shareholders might reconsider. Speaking of devil, Tahoe keeps doing Tahoe things.
  12. kibuc

    Fred Dibnah house raffle

    The problem with game of skill / prize draw is that it has to provide a free entry. That puts a massive spanner in the works of this whole scam.
  13. Judging by my neck of woods, someone is really seeing things that I don't. There's already one big, largely unsold completed development in Hornsey, with another one nearing completion as we speak. There's another one being developed in Crouch End - mind boggling 1700+ apartments in a ward of 13k residents, already available for sale. And, to top it off, Turnpike Lane - Wood Green area has been marked for another 4400k in the coming years, a good few hundred is already in early stages of development and some are even marketed. Thats over 6k flats in a small area housing roughly 40-50k people at the moment. Nearby Muswell Hill got blessed with a whole new mini-village, priced between 800k and 2.3mil, plus a handfull of smaller developments. Someone is clearly insane. Could be me.
  14. kibuc

    Grr Traffic

    It is I run-commute in North London and while it seems acceptable in the morning (admittedly a bit before the rush), it turns into a total, unmitigated disaster in the afternoon. Even with shower involved and me taking a slightly longer route to avoid running in traffic, it's still on par with car (excluding finding parking space in Camden) and beats public transport. It should probably be even better in comparison once I move out a little bit further and the whole shower/change thingy will become a smaller part of the overall commute. The best part is that as you cycle or run over months, you should expect your commute time to get a bit shorter Driving is a nightmare, Zone 4 is a gridlock, and public transport is dehumanising. The only good part about using the tube being 6'2 is that it's the other people smelling your armpit and not the other way round. Wheels on the bus go round and round but WHAT THE FUCKING HELL THAT GUY HAS JUST SHAT HIMSELF OMFG WHY IS EVERYONE TRYING SO HARD NOT TO NOTICE.
  15. Interesting to see how it will affect the GPU market. Demand for new cards from mining pools drying up is one thing and it's putting downward pressure on prices, but once they all start actively selling off that's when the second-hand market will become a place to avoid. I for one wouldn't want to inadvertently end up with a run-to-the-ground ex-mining GPU no matter the price point. I wonder whether it could paradoxically lift up the prices of brand-new cards as people seek security of a proper warranty.