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  1. kibuc

    Stop and search

    Putting whatever label on it doesn't really explain why (or if) it's wrong. I don't give a shit about so-called human rights of repeat criminals. I value my and my fellow lawful citizens' right to safe and peaceful existence much higher. Then again, its worth keeping in mind there's a difference between a crime and a misdemeanour, and I'd by happy to see some things decriminalised, starting with drugs and 'hate' speach.
  2. kibuc

    Stop and search

    I clearly triggered you somehow, so once you cool down please elaborate on the sharia law part as I fail to see the connection. Unless wanting to reinstate death penalty is 'fundamentalist' nowadays, in which case I'm a full blown fundamentalist all right.
  3. kibuc

    Stop and search

    I'd say that some societies in the past had a very viable answer, but nowadays we consider ourselves too modern and too enlightened to resort to those. What I do know for sure is that a person without arms won't stab me or shoot me or anyone else again. Just saying. There was a discussion about penitentiary system in another thread and I stand by what I said, that there should be a point - ideally after first re-offence - that would remove you from society for good. If you re-offend, you get shot in your fucking criminal no-good head go into insulated prison for life and you continue your life separated from the rest of the society, with no visits, no phone calls, no internet, those walls are your world now. The added benefit is that first-time offenders wouldn't be able to meet re-offenders in jail, so the "training ground" effect would be minimised. We might be denying an opportunity to be resocialized to that 0.0001% of hardened cirminals who could possibly change their ways, but we increase the quality of life for the vast majority of law-abiding population. I now which side of that bargain I'd rather take.
  4. I'm open to a possibility of a pullback and I understand your inclination to cut exposure via ETFs. Personally, I'm invested mostly in juniors/explorers that should be a bit more agnostic to the price of gold (WDO/AXR) but I'm also considering taking some profits after PDAC in early March and looking at some FTSE reflation stocks for the first time, or maybe upping my stake in INFA. But quite frankly, I don't see a pump in gold going on, rather a start of a long-term uptrend with possible corrections on the way. Edit: FED minutes are relased today and they might reverse or reinforce the move.
  5. @A_P when looking at gold in your table, it's also worth taking a peek at SP 500. For me it's clear that in relative terms gold is near the bottom.
  6. It's worth rememebring that from the moment Bitcoin entered the MSM (which I believe was when it surpassed the price of gold) it still managed to almost 20-bag in a proper mania phase. In gold we have merely bounced off the bottom.
  7. I was referring to the worldwide competition you mentioned. Without tariffs it's a straight race to the bottom where everybody loses. You cannot play to win but with tariffs you can play no to lose. Look what relaxation of tariffs regime did to working conditions in the Western world. Zero hour contracts & stagnant wages because theres 50 million of 10-year-olds working their ass off 12 hours per day 7 days a week in Asia. Good luck competing with that. If Amazon decided to put its HQ in a tax heaven and run its profits through there, I'd say US and EU should slap them with retaliatory tariffs on all goods and services and let's see who goes bust first. If you're a big, well developed nation those companies need your market more than you need them.
  8. And the company in question loses access to its preferred market completely or has to face huge tariffs for operating from a tax heaven. Easily way more than the 3bn tax incentive. It's time to stop acting like countries are toothless in fight with corporations, because they ain't. Its the politicians who are on corporations payrolls that make it appear so.
  9. kibuc

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    I find those stats very surprising. Whenever I turn on the radio, which admittedly is not that often, it seems to be all about Katy Perries, Taylor Swifts and Ariana Grandes of this world. Songs I get recommended on YouTube are like 90% female. I honestly believed it was a women-dominated industry, at least as far as singing/performing (with emphasis on performing) is concerned.
  10. If I told anyone in the office that I invested in 'new gold' they would probably think Bitcoin.
  11. Well, I guess I got shafted. Nothing new Still less expensive than my trade in New Gold
  12. Nah, a 2008 Hyundai i30, a rather basic but serviceable chariot. A quick check online returns a ballpark figure of £150 per disk+pad and similar for roll links, so very much in line with what the garage charged. However, I might go around local indy shops and check how much I could have saved. I walk and talk like an absolute automotive ignorant that I am so I'll probably get milked wherever I go.
  13. They'll make up for it somewhere else, primarily consumables. I got my car into MOT this morning and I just received a call for £600 in repairs (front pads, disks and and roll bar links). The car might be 11 years old but new parts and labour always cost the same!
  14. kibuc

    Because Brexit

    Haha, I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw that headline a moment ago. For shitty companies doomed to fail Brexit is a gift from heaven. USA - China talks are put on hold due to Brexit uncertainty. BoE warns global warming will speed up by 17.6% per capita after Brexit. Brexit will make you FAT. Ter. Fatter. The silver lining is I finally have a free licence to fuck that blonde next door. That's the only way I can calm Brexit voices in me head!
  15. I try to base my loss/profit taking decisions on fundamentals, not on share price movements. NGD story changed significantly with the latest news release and I decided to close my position. If they dropped like they just did with the story unchanged I would have backed up the truck instead. Shares can move on variety of non-story related factors, like being removed from a particual index, long outstanding warrants getting executed, big players taking their profits etc. If you believe in the story and you're in it for a long haul, it's just another buying opportunity. I backed WDO at 2.50cad and went all-in at 2.75cad but that story just keeps getting better and I see no reason to sell at 5cad. In fact, I wouldn't sell at 10cad either.