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  1. One of my fav youtubers got caught up in the mix: Chess champ’s YouTube podcast taken down for referring to ‘black against white’
  2. On sunny days like these, wearing shades saves me from getting my face punched in at least a dozen times a day.
  3. kibuc

    Escape from LA

    Talking to people who don't know fuck about shit can be frustrating sometimes. The BLM organization are communists, you say? What's "communists"? What's "organization"? What's "the"?
  4. Why have 50% of £600k when you can have full 100% of £5k?
  5. Not holding, but keeping an eye on. Eldorado has a lot of upside, but in the current environment it's hard to find a mid-tier producer that doesn't. Looking at my current portfolio, I don't see which position I should trim to make room for EGO. Minera Alamos? Fiore? Certainly not one of my silver miners? And shouldn't I go for HMY instead? It's a nice problem to have though, and we should enjoy it while it lasts
  6. I've got to say that this new placement gave me a pause. I don't like the size, I don't like the price, I don't like the fact that I came out of the blue and was tacked on to the end of a multi-news release. I'm going to give them a pass for the old times' sake, but I'll be watching them. I'd hate them to descend to the bottomless pit of their Canadian junior mining peers. That being said, the market took the financing in its stride and Alexco finished the day on par (if not better) with other silver juniors. Well-run silver miners with decent assets and solid track record are few and far between, especially if you're looking for pure silver plays. I'd go as far as saying that there're only two such names: Alexco and Silvercrest. Alexco might seem like a better bet for proper leverage due to smaller market cap and being closer to production, but I see Silvercrest as the Kirkland Lake of the silver space. They cannot put a shovel in the ground without digging out 000s grams per tonne. A new resource estimate and PFS is expected by end of year, which should include all those juicy 5k, 8k, 16k hits from Spring plus many more, and if it coincides with silver reaching price levels we except it to reach then Lord have mercy.
  7. Alexco finally got their draft water licence and are now proceeding with their development of Keno Hill, with first silver production and sales scheduled for Q4 2020. They also announced financing that can (and will) reach roughly 23mil CAD so the price is under-performing today but make no mistake, this is one superb piece of news.
  8. It's a long way from Libya to UK. Surely, when you're fleeing for asylum, once you hit the first safe country, going anywhere further makes you just a tourist?
  9. kibuc

    Escape from LA

    Thank you. I realized that talking with your kids about "difficult" and "taboo" subjects like sex, religion, race, politics etc is actually super easy. All you need to do is to tell things exactly the way you see them, not the way you think you should be seeing them. If you try to satisfy any external requirements for the quality of content of your explanations, you'll come across as dishonest at best. Same if you try to avoid expressing your opinion or blunt it lest your kid should repeat it later in an awkward or embarrassing situation. Whenever a tricky subject came up, I'd say "I think this, that and that. There are people who think differently, some think this, other think that or that, and that's ok, but this is how I see it". That's not how they train them at school, though. We're painting rainbows because we support pride and that's that, kids. Get to your brushes.
  10. kibuc

    Escape from LA

    St Albans, a LibDem stronghold, a shining beacon of woke in a backward Hertfordshire. I think one of the most telling part of this entire nonsense is this: "If you’re white, and you don’t want to feel any of that pain by having these conversations, then you are asking people of colour to continue to bear the entire burden of racism alone." That's how you instill guilt and condition the kids. Anyway, my 11yo is observant enough to have her own mind (and clever enough not to speak it :P). I remember back in London, some two years ago, when we lived on the edge of a big, predominantly black estate, she asked me one day: "Daddy, are black people not as smart as white?". When I wanted to know how she might had gotten that idea, it turned out it was just her impression from watching her fellow pupils at school and her neighbours at home. She noticed a pattern and wanted to know whether it applied universally. Naturally, I don't subscribe to the idea that people of any colour are inherently dumber or smarter than others, but her observation was spot on in the context it was taken from. Today I had a conversation with my 8yo boy about me taking a break from watching Premier League, which inevitably took us to the whole kneeling and BLM spectacle. I told him that some people are trying to divide the public and capitalize on feelings of anger, so they tell black people that the reason some of them find it harder to achieve in life than many white people is because white people made it so, and so that hardship of black people, if it occurs, is white people's fault. I reckon this is accurate enough of a description of what's going on and grabs the core message. He thought about it for a while and asked me: "Wait, isn't that racist?". Yes, son. Yes it is. Good boy. I'm not worried about my kids, but the propaganda is definitely in full force from a very young age.
  11. kibuc

    Escape from LA

    My daughter's school's headmaster sent me this this morning, only in a nice PDF form with pictures and everything: I typed in a long reply before deleting it. What's the point, I'm taking her out of that school on Monday anyway, and she ain't coming back.
  12. I think the kneeling did it for me. Bring back amateur sports so I can go and watch Sandridge Rovers lads playing their hearts out. BTW, I'm still holding onto hope that one player goes full John Abruzzi and says "I kneel only to God. I don't see Him here."
  13. My younger kid's school is preparing great materials for a wide variety of subjects every week, but me and my wife have neither the skill nor the patience to teach all of it to an 8-year-old who is used to focusing for hours at school but not at home (and why would he?). So it's usually an hour of maths (mostly time tables, partitioning and mental arithmetics) and another hour of chess (which he loves), and then the school's over. He might never know why Aztecs built their pyramids or who discovered Mt Everest, but he'll checkmate you on h7 no problem. In his free time he's busy writing a book, which reminded us how atrocious his spelling is, so I guess we might add that to our home curriculum. Or maybe not, after all spellcheckers were invented for a reason. That's with my wife doing 20 hours and me on furlough. I don't know how people can cope if they are working full-time.
  14. kibuc

    Escape from LA

    It's St Albans, 63% Remain and 50% Lib Dem. People are different down here.