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  1. It doesn't seem like the current bunch in the Parliament has one, which is why they need replacing. The question you're posing is one for the MPs to answer. They asked for instructions and were given one, now it's up to them to carry it out or make room for someone who will. This mess we're seeing does not stem from the referendum result but from the reluctance to accept and enact it. If I tell my kids to make their beds and instead they get into a pillow fight, the resulting mess is the result of their defiant actions, not my instruction.
  2. In an honest person's mindset, when a promise is made, the longer it's been since then the more important is to deliver on it, not sweep it under the rug. Keeping their promises is what decent people do. Any talk about second referendum when the first one hasn't been delivered on is dishonest and undemocratic, no matter which way you try and twist it. Leave the EU, have a waiting period and then, by all means, have your second referendum on re-joining. I was born in a communist state where people fought and died for democracy so I don't take it for granted. It looks like you and many other people in the West could use a refresher on what it is and why it's important, even if it delivers result you don't like.
  3. Maybe. Who knows? I surely don't. Anyway, if they switched from blowing people up to setting empty buildings on fire I'd call it a step in the right direction. Not an ideal state of affairs for sure, but we can take it one step at a time.
  4. Well, I was referring specifically to the followers of religion of peace who are usually very vocal about their achievements and like to claim responsibility left and right, like they did with the Vegas shooting. If they had any hand in a target as juicy as Notre Dame, my bet is we would have heard from them by now. I'm not ruling out malice as a whole.
  5. Rough day. Taking things and myself too seriously today. Can't help it.
  6. It certainly looks like it, especially if you only read those bits of my posts that you think you can attack and ignore the rest. I find no fun in that, so I'll just leave it there.
  7. What am I, a fireman now? Fires do happen, and churches are both quite prone to accidental fires, what with their wooden structure and all, and can also be targetted for arson/vandalizm for various reasons, not necessarily terror-related. I don't think jihadists are too fussed about getting blown up as that's basically their job description. However, Some People (TM) would surely try to take credit for those fires.
  8. Frankly, I don't understand those conspiracy theories surrounding Notre Dame. Followers of religion of peace don't set things on fire, leaving the outcome to chance or allowing for possible causes to be speculated about, and they certainly don't do it to empty buldings. The blow things and people up well and proper, and their brothers in arms are very quick to claim responsibility.
  9. He's been identified.
  10. I like the "some people were about to do something" reply. Nicely done
  11. Too true. It's weird (and clearly racist) how small startups fighting for survival don't bother with filling diversity quotas and instead just try to hire best people for the job.
  12. AMCU rolled over and signed the wage agreement yesterday. The strike is over with Sibanye not giving an inch, a massive victory for Froneman.
  13. There's nothing wrong with highlighting a problem without providing an immediate solution. When I'm calling the cops to report a group of teenagers vandalizing cars in the parking lot, I don't think I should solutionize anything for them. I can see there's a problem and I want the relevant authority to get rid of it. It's their job to figure out how.
  14. That's the general consensus in the MSM anyway so you might just as well go full berserk.