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  1. I haven't done any homework on this one, but my gut feeling says B2Gold. Almost 1mil oz p.a. production, including 430k p.a. from a super-low-cost Fekola mine (AISC 445$ /oz in Q2). Large enough to be attractive, yet small enough for the big boys to swallow.
  2. It was a month ago and I haven't seen an update since then. Maybe @DurhamBorn knows more. Up 20% on the day so far and +75% (!) from just two month ago. Damn.
  3. Sibanye is on an absolute tear, following a double-digit gain on Thu with another one this morning. +12% so far.
  4. To be honest, I'm simply following some people on Twatter who are so much better and more experienced in the field. - he recommended Kirkland Lake and Wesdome way before it was cool, the former back in 2016 and the latter @2 CAD. Has a great hunch for production numbers. - a very angry man who constantly trashes shitty companies, and there's quite a lot of them. Keeps a special place in his ring of hell for Newgold and Tahoe Runs a blog and offers a paid weekly newsletter. Delivered some big news a few days before any media outlets out there, including Barrick merger. - can read exploration numbers and drill results like it's nothing. Worked in the industry for over 30 years and held various executive positions. Unfortunately, has gone much more quite ever since he got a position at Guyana Goldfields. There's a lot more knowledgable people in the Twattersphere but those 3 keep me covered well enough, as they will usually retweet anything interesting.
  5. Regarding Great Panther, be aware that their 3Q production report was rather disappointing, to put it mildly.
  6. Obviously. I prefer shiny yellow bricks to the purple ones, and it hasn't been going too well so far. I don't know what's worse: 1) The fact that "Lissa, who works in cinema sponsorship" whatever that means, aged 32, theoretically a grown-up, finds it a good idea to take on an insurmountable amount of debt, over 13 times her deposit which took her 7 years to save, admittedly with zero idea how to pay it off or 2) The fact that collective forces of bankstery and government look at her and go "oh absolutely honey, have at it!"
  7. I like the inclusion of B2Gold, it seems to be flying under the radar a little bit but I'd probably be on it if I didn't have so much fun with WDO. BTG have just released their Q3 production numbers and they are yuuuge.
  8. Whaaa...? It's... I... Sorry, I can't even. That's beyond my comprehension.
  9. It's a safe haven action, so it's probably reasonable that gold and it's miners are having a better time than silver. Still, I'm rooting for Tahoe to get their act together before the proper silver bull - if they manage to do that, they could be my biggest play after the bust. I'd expect them to +50% overnight just on the Escobal reopening news.
  10. Sibanye killing it as well, %12 on the day so far. I remember you seemed to like them :) On the other hand, Tahoe cannot catch a bid on this massively green day. They had a press release pre-open about their legal issues in Guatemala advancing to another stage, but it looks like it still take some time before Escobal opens again.
  11. Again about New Gold Inca Kola has been tough on NGD for a long time now, tough but fair. If there are indeed insiders claiming that NGD would have to sell Blackwater way below its book value, that would be yet another nail in the coffin.
  12. Wouldn't income tax turn that 35k/month into 21k/ month for a higher-rate taxpayer?
  13. It's not fat, it's big-boned.
  14. Whatever you do, don't let my ramblings influence your decisions Tahoe and New Gold are two companies I've been keeping an eye on from an operational, not financial perspective. Both seem to have put all their eggs in one basket - Escobal and Rainy River, respectively - and so far it backfired spectacularly. Rainy River purchase left NGO with massive debt and it's been a money drain ever since, including 280mln (whuuut!?) impairment in Q2 2018. It's been "ramping up" for ages now. It's projected to big huge, but the company might go bust before that materializes. Tahoe outside of Escobal has mid-level gold production and some exploration not worth talking about. Escobal is super duper big and should be a game changer in silver bull - if they can get it back into production. It's been almost a year now and there's no end in sight, not the way they handle this situation and many others. They are on my radar as potential ten-baggers in reflation IF they get their shit together. Until then I prefer my WDO
  15. Absolutely, something that should have been resolved in an instant, but instead turned into their most important asset becoming loss-making. That's their entire Guatemalan production there, poof, gone. You might think that maybe their learned their lesson, but there are fresh reports of locals protesting against environmental impact, resulting in suspended operations, in Peru. In a typical Tahoe fashion, they dismiss any claims stating that they "comply with all standards blah blah blah". Good luck following that route. If they cannot produce in Guatemala and Peru becomes an on-and-off type of thing, what else have they got to support their share price? 175k oz of gold production in Canada?