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  1. I'd expect PayPal to hold some amount of BTC in custody and keep it's own ledger, with no transactions actually taking place on the chain unless there's deposit/withdrawal. Basically another exchange.
  2. Obama is the reason Trump got elected. I really like the fact they are rolling him out. Also, much more of Kamala in the news nowadays. But where is Joe?
  3. An unexpected voice of reason: Ethnic minority Covid risk 'not explained by racism' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54634721
  4. "The bombshell expose by the New York Post has been dominating headlines since its release last Wednesday" Oh, has it really?
  5. I'll be honest, I don't know how much value my updates provide, given that we're in a bull market where pretty much all miners go up and down in tandem, so you can just buy GDXJ and go to sleep for 3 months. But, just to keep my post count going, I'm letting you guys know that Kirland Lake just reported some absolutely bonkers intercepts at Macasa, including 253g/t over 14.5 meters and 210g/t over 8.2 meters, plus a number of shorter intercepts spanning from 30 to 430g/t. That's gold, Jerry! Gold! Not silver.
  6. In terms of language (basically a Russian dialect), alphabet (cyrillic), religion (orthodox) and culture, they are much closer to Russia than Poland/Czech Rep./Slovakia. You should find soft and melodic Ukrainian language much easier on the ear than Polish, which is pretty harsh-sounding. Anyway, while those Ukrainias surely put huge strain on housing, schools and other services (luckily we don't have your bonkers welfare givaway extravaganza system), they don't seem interested in blowing their hosts to pieces or imposing their own culture on the locals. I'd say it was a very shrewd move
  7. Poland took 1 million of actual refugees from Ukraine, when the rest of Europe was too busy sucking Putin's cock.
  8. I really like the fact that some cuckface on Twitter worrying that "it will only fuel bigots with their prejudices" is getting properly ridiculled. I usually expect the woke brigade to dominate there.
  9. I fully expect Sky to start brandishing Kuffar Lives Matter slogan during their football broadcasts. Edit: Ooooh yes! https://www.betterlifeby.com/Kafir-Lives-Matter-Tee-Shirt-p19647.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwz6_8BRBkEiwA3p02VVfLKzgqg2s_GxZXYSHEkNxryn6DGS2mvupY1lpx48_fV5yhJxNjphoCWZMQAvD_BwE
  10. Yet another otherwise unarmed BAME killed by a cop. Will there ever be an end to this?
  11. I never read the Quran and I used to read the Bible quite a lot in my youth, what with being an altar boy on my path to becoming a priest, so I prefer to stick to things I know
  12. My experience says otherwise. My wife used to work with mentally impaired grown-ups, mostly Down's syndrome. Those with mild condition had no problem recognizing right from wrong, primarily thanks to "don't do unto others" mantra. Their own experience of other people's behaviour towards and how they felt about it them was much more tangible and a much simpler concept to grasp that God. People with severe intelectual deficiencies couldn't be left on their own at any point, so in their case any discussion about morality is moot. Moving up the intellect scale, she also worked a
  13. That's very true. Unrelated, because morality has nothing to do with intellect, but still true. Anyway, since you quickly turned to ad personam, I accept that you concede the debate.
  14. And they decide to elect an imaginary homicidal maniac for that position? They could save themselves a lot of time and guilt by just asking me for guidance. It's actually quite simple: being nice and helpful to other people is good, hurting other people is bad and most stuff we do in our lives is neither. If someone cannot follow those guidelines (or any other guidelines of their choosing) without an all-knowing all-powerful policeman, judge and executioner in one, that's not morality, that's fear. Morality is the decisions you make when there's no one watching.
  15. Wesdome comes up with 3Q production numbers that disappoint for the first time in human memory. Mill maintenance in August resulted in big drop in ore tonnes processed, and grades are also down from absurd 18g/t to 13.8g/t, resulting in 20koz production (compared to 25koz in Q1 and Q2 each). Annual guidance of 90-100koz not threatened at all but it's likely that I won't be beaten for the first time in years, a mid-point more likely. WDO is obviously a fantastic company, very well run and with great potential in Kiena, but there's a risk that it's all been priced in already, along with spe
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