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  1. Top 10? Try top 2, and you'd still have to be quite generous! Yes, that space, junior in particular, is littered with abysmal executives who make a total mess of their relationship with local communities, straight-up lie in their newsletters, show total disregard to basic math or work directly with paid pumpers to skim their retail shareholders, or all of the above. If I had to give one name from gold and silver space, respectively, that I feel I can trust, it would be WDO and AXU. In terms of putting in hard work, getting shit done, releasing honest no-bullshit updates and always staying on the conservative side when it comes to predicting the future, it doesn't get better than Duncan Middlemiss. It doesn't hurt that he sits on two great assets, either. I reckon it might be quite similar among the majors, but they usually carry much more momentum to stay afloat for much longer. In the junior space the lifecycle is much shorter and the realization about who's who comes much more quickly. On another note, miners are so laughably cheap now that I'm considering selling a kidney. Some of them, like IPT and EDR, are 30% down from where they were in August, at the same silver price.
  2. #FakeNews, surely. It's a surefire losing proposition for the Cons.
  3. That guy is far right, just on the opposite side. Also, colouring yourself surprised is know as "surpriseface" and is highly insensitive.
  4. To be fair, it got much better once we got colour photography.
  5. This made me chuckle
  6. I entertained that thought for a while, but I don't think it holds up to scrutiny. Selling at $1300/oz or $1400/oz, they are still losing money every quarter. If gold drops, at $1300/oz for majority of their production and whatever low price it's going to be for the rest of it, they will struggle to report operational profits - absolutely impossible now, and still unlikely after putting all their planned cost-cutting measures in place. But that's only one part of the equation. On top of that there are interest payments amounting to $50mil per year. Until that goes away, NG profitablity is a pipe dream I'm afraid. There are a losing proposition in a bull run and they will be equally losing one in a bust. They need to dilute and/or sell New Afton (in the current copper market though? ugh!) and use the proceedings to significantly reduce their debt.
  7. Nope, no news aggregator, I simply start my day by visiting each company's website. I currently own GUY, GPR, EDR, AXU and IPT, and also follow WDO, HMY, YRI, NGD and FR. Scanning 10 websites doesn't take longer than two minutes, unless there's actually some news. GPR, EDR and NGD have reported already - good, bad and really good, respectively. I'd expect WDO, FR, YRI and GUY to mid-week next week at the latest, AXU and IPT will probably wait for the financials and HMY won't report Q3 at all, as they report on a bi-annual basis. That being said, we're talking about junior mining sector, the scum of the industry, so if the production turns out to be sub-par I wouldn't be surprised to see the report delayed and hidden within the financials, at least with some of those names - looking at you GUY in particular. I'm afraid your hope might be misplaced. As if their 2019 hedge wasn't bad enough ($1300/oz ceiling, FFS), they have already hedged 2/3rds of their 2020 RR output as well! "In addition to the current corporate hedging strategy for 2019, the Company has entered into gold price option contracts covering 168,000 ounces of gold production for 2020 that provides downside price protection of $1,300 with upside to $1,355 from January to June and $1,415 from July to December. Details of these contracts are included in the Company’s Second Quarter Financial Statements." Full credit to Adams for turning Rainy River around, and for pushing on with New Afton expansion. Operationally they finally seem to be in good shape. However, their financials are a mess, only exacerbated by their inability to take advantage of current and future gold prices. They'll have to dillute like there's no tomorrow if they are to meet their obligations. It's already started, with that $150mil deal in August, and there will be more to come.
  8. In case anyone is still interested in junior mining space - and I don't blame you I've you have long given up - New Gold reported yesterday. Rainy River did very well in Q3 and a similar performance in Q4 would see them beat the yearly guidance. New Afton also looks poised to beat guidance for gold and meet for copper. As is now usual with NG, I think it's reasonable to expect a surge in SP between now and the Nov 6, when financials are reported and the reality sets in.
  9. Sure, ban me and everyone else from having a 7am breakfast on my commute because you can't control your fat fucking kid. My kids can only have treats on Saturdays. Guess what I used to do when they asked for more? I used the magical power of NO, if they asked again I used it again, and if they threw a tantrum I put the foot down. They adjusted in less than a fortnight. Oh, and no computer games at all. Instead they spend endless hours outside, climbing trees, running and kicking the ball about. They're as fit as a butchers dog. But sure, lay your failure on everyone else, you miserable excuse for a parent.
  10. Tongue-in-cheek obviously, but does any of you accept the possibility that the entire UK political scene is actually playing a game of "good cop / bad cop" against the EU? You want to leave to make your constituents happy but at the same time you don't want the rest of the world to see you as backward-looking right-wing whatevers, or hold you responsible for the destruction of the entire European project. So, you press on with leaving (BoJo) but at the same time claim that you doesn't want to (the opposition). Thanks to the likes of Jo Swindon, as well as all the blue-clad protesters on the streets, everyone is convinced that the British are lovely, pro-European chaps that deserve a hug from Barnier, and we'd all be best friends if it wasn't for that terrible Boris. Whereas in fact everyone wants to Leave As South Park put it, you're a little bit country and a little bit rock-and-roll.
  11. Another one to report its Q3 production was Endeavour Silver this morning, and it makes for a rather disappointing read. They are in a transition period at the moment, having indentified multiple operation issues in late 2018 and having been implementing measures to fix it since early 2019, so YoY production decrease was to be expected. However, QoQ production drop is very worrying as we should expect them to be firmly on an incline at this point. The news release highlights difficulties in implementing operational changes, exactly the type of issues I'd rather not see during this bull run (or, in fact, ever). Don't know what the markets will make of this but I'm quite disappointed.
  12. With Q3 in the bag, we are now entering reporting period for most miners. Many will provide operation updates this week, with financials to follow at the end of the month or early Nov, although some prefer to delay production update and release it together with the financials. For 2/3rds of that quarter, gold stayed north of $1500/oz and silver north of $17/oz, sometimes significantly above that number. Those who have not suffered operational blows should be in very good position to beat earnings estimates. Of the companies on my radar, Great Panther was first to deliver its Q3 production results: Gold production: +18% QoQ Silver production: +20% QoQ Silver and gold grades up QoQ. Full year guidane could still be a miss, mostly due to the weak Q2, but Q3 alone looks very good indeed.
  13. If you're referring to the Surrender Act, that's not what it says. In fact, I don't see how any law could put such obligation on the PM, as it's not entirely up to him. Let's say EU does not offer a deal nor an extension, so no-deal it is. Would the PM be in breach of the law all of the sudden? The Surrender Act puts an obligation to ask for an extension. Which BoJo probably will do. Still, it's no-deal either now or in January.
  14. If one of the women was holding a weapon, that's probably the way I'd have tried to break them up as well - with my keys or a pen, or any other sharp object. They way he returns to the scene also makes sense to me, I don't think he's posturing in front of a PC, he's clearly buzzing with adrenaline but he hangs around to see what the result of his actions was, and the PC doesn't seem to be too alarmed with a suspect armed stabber a yard behind him when he's checking on the woman on the ground. There's way too little shown in that video to jump to conclusions, but I think Twitter has made its collective mind already.
  15. I might be seeing things, but I think there are two women fighting and he breaks them up by attacking the one in the light jumper with a set of keys? However, his quick, reptetive stab-motion and subsequent break out is a mark of a seasoned veteran, no doubt about that.