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  1. So all this vitriol against your fellow travellers is because you are a snob! It all becomes clear now.
  2. Taffys need to get on the streets. Ransack the Welsh assembly.
  3. This bloke is not a mate, he's a cunt. Cut him loose. For your own mental health.
  4. Yes indeed, and it would be boring if we didn't make any more comments until 2028.....😁
  5. Since when did logic apply to anything to do with this shit show?
  6. They could have frikkin lasers attached to their heads
  7. As CCC says, it's all online, you fill it in, then download the PDF to your phone. I used a burner phone number and a fresh throwaway email address.
  8. Heathrow update. Flew into T5 with BA this morning from Houston. Plane was only half full. We were released from the plane slowly, which spread people out. There was only scant mention of the tracking form on the flight. There are posters all along the route to immigration, asking you to fill it in if you have not already. At passport control only about 8 of the possible e-gates were open. The usual nobber was there shouting at people whose passports failed, telling them to join a queue for a desk. It appeared that about 50% of people trying the e-gates were failing, which seems higher than us
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