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  1. Blackford is an utter cunt. The sooner he fucks off back to Scotland for ever the better. He hates the English.
  2. Video games What a fucking dirge. Plenty of way better songs than that. love yourself by Justin Bieber is fucking miles better. Sorry for swearing. Am drinking.
  3. It comes in a bucket. That says it all really.
  4. Of course they do. Every sane person in the land knows it. They need to humiliate the tranny into fucking off far far away. I saw him on sky news this morning. He now has purple hair. Coloured hair is a sure fire tell that the wearer is a nutter.
  5. Where is that clown world meme when you need it!!
  6. I have not got the slightest clue how this will go. My brain hurts thinking about it!
  7. Yep, Richer sounds are always a good bet. I got all my home cinema kit from them a couple of years ago. Good prices.
  8. Well that's Mexico off my holiday list.
  9. I once pissed next to Leighton Rees, Massive Welsh darts player in the old arcade pub in Cardiff in 1989. He was totally pissed, but could still beat anyone at a game of darts.
  10. That episode of the young ones is "Bambi". It is the best episode of the whole show, starting with The launderette scene, Motorhead playing ace of spades, the train ride and the university challenge scene. Also starring Alexi Sayle as the train driver. Happy days. Fucking hell. I have just checked. 35 years ago.....
  11. This is making my day. XR have no popular support. In fact, the opposite. I am very happy to see the common working man taking things in hand and doing what the police should be doing. Makes you realise that if the lid was to come off the anger of Joe public, the police have no chance.
  12. That's fucking rich coming from him.