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  1. Back in the UK I am (was) a scout leader. I like scouting, I enjoy the outdoors activities and camping, my best mates are other leaders. But fuck me the parents are ungrateful twats. I give up 2-3 hours a week, 3-4 weekend s, and use a full week of my annual leave to educate and entertain little Johnny, and they can't be arsed to volunteer to help at one troop night a term. Or raise their kids to show a bit of respect to leaders. But I do it for the kids, not the parents, and if they learn how to pitch a tent, cook a meal and light a fire, it's enough.
  2. If she was a bloke she would have been arrested for stalking by now. Constantly banging on about her exes, phoning them up out of the blue etc. She is one of the very very few artistes that makes me switch off the radio if a song of hers comes on.
  3. Excellent multiple use of my favourite swear word. Entirely justified.
  4. Because no-one gives the tiniest shit about wimmins football.
  5. Watching in Texas. I liked the bird with the PVC thigh boots.
  6. Aren't trailers supposed to be exciting? I had to fast forward to the end I was so bored.
  7. Why did AA Milne call that bear a pooh? I could never understand it as a kid, and it has made me grow up with a pathological hatred of the whole Winnie the Pooh universe and all of its characters.
  8. I still wear a watch. A Casio F-91W. Currently £9.99 from Argos. It's waterproof and rugged. Straps fail after about 3 years, throw it away and get another. And if it was good enough for Osama bin Laden, it should be good enough for a DOSBODDER.
  9. FOMO. fear of missing out. Missing out on the social media buzz. Its all they have.
  10. All you need to do is compare and contrast. Can you imagine a 2 hour comedy musical on the west end taking the piss out of the Koran. ? No? Why not? There is one called the book of Mormon playing right now. The hippocracy is breathtaking. They don't even pretend to treat all religions equally. And now Muslims want more protection?
  11. Were any of them adjusting their satellite dishes?
  12. Yes. I post on Facebook about twice a month, with a few pictures, just to let my mates back home know what I have been up to ( I'm an expat in TX at the moment) I am very aware that this could be seen as bragging. See link for further details. I am conflicted. I don't really want to use FB, but it is useful... https://waitbutwhy.com/2013/07/7-ways-to-be-insufferable-on-facebook.html As an aside, that's a pretty good site with some interesting articles. I do suspect the author is SJW, so you have been warned...
  13. Physical media is over. With my recent move to the US, I brought no physical CDs or DVDs. Spotify, Netflix Amazon, YouTube, iPlayer. There is enough there for one thousand lifetimes of media consumption. Something happened last week that opened my eyes somewhat. I had to move house after a flood in my rental, I moved to a new place. Saw a lot of activity at a house 4 doors down. Trucks coming and going. Bill, my new neighbor invited me into the empty house, "did I want anything ?" Turns out the owner had shot his wife, then killed himself. And Bill was tasked to dispose of the assets. I have inherited a garden furniture set. I could not bring myself to even look at the remains of someone's life inside the house. It was sad and pathetic. So that has reinforced my mind. Minimal possessions at the end of my life is the aim. And I am starting by not having CDs or DVDs.