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  1. I have no idea what any of that means. So I am happy to pay for those skills. Likewise, it would be a bit dodgy if amateurs decided to design and build their own electrical power systems.
  2. No. None. That's why you have to seek out the news and opinion online.
  3. Oh yes. I really wish I had started investing in my twenties, rather than my late 40s........ I will be referring my 3 kids to this thread.
  4. My kids were gutted when we stopped getting uniball eye pens at my work.....
  5. @BurntBread Thanks for starting this thread. It would be helpful to know how old you are, to help make sense of your investment timescales. No problem if you don't want to say....
  6. Still HODLING. Up 10% today, February mining results due this week, and BTC on the up again. (That's probably jinxed it now)
  7. Agree. I sweat like a pig on a foam mattress.
  8. Joe. You have hit the nail on the head I live in a 1980s estate house, it's nothing special, but I have a front and back garden, a double garage, space to park on the drive, and green spaces all over the estate. I live next to a council estate built in the 1940s. The quality of the houses, and the open spaces are great. My daughter is looking to buy. I expect she will end up with an ex council house.
  9. Do it. Got some Wahl clippers from Asda this week. £17. No.2 on the sides, No.4 on top.
  10. Agreed, walked into Winchester this afternoon. Lovely in the sunshine. Picked up some bevvys from the Tesco Metro, everyone in there was doing the same. We sat in the Cathedral grounds. Loads of people sat on the grass, just being normal. Families, teen-agers, blokes with mates. It made my heart sing. The Lockdown narrative is lost, all they are doing now is damaging businesses.
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