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  1. Popuplights

    Headphones recommendations

    Got a pair of Sony WH-1000X M3 at Christmas. I love them. Noise cancelling is excellent, and so it the audio capability. 30 hour battery life. 300 quid though. 😮
  2. Popuplights

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Another defeat for May. What does this one mean? I lose track.
  3. Popuplights

    The Project fear 2.0 thread

    Yeah, that factory was near me. You know why they moved production to Turkey?? Fucking EU loan!! You could not make this shit up.
  4. About 3 years ago, it became clear that my father in law was suffering from dementia. He still drove. He was a shit driver before the dementia, and I had long forbidden my wife to let the kids ride in his car. He continued to go on long journeys to Scotland and Devon from Hampshire. He could only do this as he could remember the way. One time he stopped at a B&B on the way to Scotland, after checking in, he went out for a meal, but then forgot where he was staying, so ended up knocking on random doors asking for help. In the end I just took his keys away and sold his car one day. He called me all kinds of bastard for doing it, but he has forgotten that now, and we get on fine. His GP was no help at all, we had to force them to tell him not to drive any more.
  5. Popuplights

    Sports what we invented

    Well I am in the USA right now. We watched the Superbowl last week. Although it is obviously loosely related to Rugby, it is shit. No fluidity, off the ball tackling, ad breaks every minute. 3 hours elapsed time to play 60 minutes of "football". What a farce. So yes, I have no idea.
  6. Popuplights

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    Being paid to do a poo at work is one of life's greatest pleasures.
  7. Popuplights

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    The mask has slipped just a little more.
  8. Popuplights

    New Car Registrations

    My son has an irrational hatred of Nissan Jukes. Maybe not so irrational...
  9. Popuplights

    Old Car Spotting

    If you like excellent fabrication skills, and minis, try watching project Binky on YouTube.
  10. Popuplights

    The mother in law on holiday avoidance thread

    I went out with a couple for lunch yesterday. They described going on a 2 week Alaska cruise with his mother. Apparently she shared a 3 bed cabin with them, and slept on the pull down overhead bunk. I can imagine some embarrassing scenes as she climbed the ladder in her winceyette nightie. Why? Why would you even consider it?
  11. Popuplights

    Lottery lunacy

    Once upon a long time ago, when I was at my first job, we had a football pools syndicate. During my first year of being in it, we won a share of the jackpot. We all got £17k. This was in 1992, and that was a lot more than my gross annual salary. I put £10k of it into a deposit for a house, and spent the rest on a kit car. It doesn't sound like a lot now, but it meant that my first house was a 3 bed semi in Farnham, and I still feel lucky today to get that win at the exact time I needed it. I did hear that you at 100 times more likely to die on any particular day than to win the lottery jackpot!! Anyway, I only do the euro millions lottery once in a while when there is a big rollover., With no expectation of winning anything. I just like to think what I would do with the money!
  12. Popuplights

    His real name is Dave and he's from Guildford ....

    Also there is a lovely terracotta church nearby, the Watts cemetery chapel. Aldous Huxley is buried there.
  13. Popuplights

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    That article from the Scotsman made me LOL. I have read more believable pieces in Viz comic!
  14. Popuplights

    Test post