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  1. I have always thought that a round million would be enough to drop of of working, and paying taxes. Of course you would have to avoid spending on. New house and stupid cars, but easily do_able.
  2. Popuplights

    Avocado seeds

    There is an episode of the Netflix series Rotten, who looks at avocado growing in Mexico. Very interesting
  3. What does the DOSBODS massive think are the UKs top trump cards during the negotiations? I reckon the fishing rights is one of them. What else?
  4. Popuplights


    Never heard of the expanse. Thanks lads!
  5. Popuplights


    I expect it will be a vehicle for ultra SJW cock and remoaner of the highest order Sir Patrick Stewart to tell us all how bad we are.
  6. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the LOTR a load of boring pretentious waffle?
  7. How can the kids support capitalism when they cannot build capital.
  8. My No.2 daughter is going to be a midwife. In the south of England she can no more aspire to buy a house as to buy a superyacht.
  9. I think that is the same for many. The only reason I an secure in a mortgage free house is luck. Luck that I bought at the bottom of a dip, luck that I was born on 1969, and that I was looking to buy at the right time.
  10. Yeah, send in the riot police and imprison Wee Jimmy Krankie.
  11. Kathy Millat, a great lady modeller who was a judge on the ch5 model railway challenge does a comparison between the US and UK modelling scene. She also has a good libry of how to vids.
  12. It's what you have left over after booze and hookers.