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  1. Which state is he in? The southern states residents love their guns
  2. Nothing. I would just like EU worshippers to realise it too.
  3. Just back from the range. Had a fun hour shooting target at 25 yds with my mate. Bloke came and was shooting an M1 Garand. 30-06 calibre, with 10 round en bloc loading. Made a hell of a noise, and spits the clip out after 10 rounds. Had a chat, it was 40s vintage, rifle was a bit tatty, but what a thing.
  4. Indeed. The EU have been totally impotent. Have done literally nothing, and I think it has been noticed.
  5. I'm going to the range later this week to have a plink with my Ruger 10/22. Entry level rifle, cost me 220 bucks from dicks sporting goods. Ammo is dirt cheap, get a box of 500 rounds of .22LR for about 20 bucks. Such good cheap fun. I think I will join a gun club when I get back to the UK, so I can continue the sport.
  6. Smash your old man's head in with a hammer, claim he was a nasty man, get all his money. Nice work if you can get it
  7. Well done. I'm riding a 10 mile loop on my bike most days. Weight is fairly stable at 88 or 89 kg. I really could do with being 80kg. I am going to do a dry June, as I feel the beers are probably the main issue. But I really really like beer.😰
  8. Yes, excited now. Apparently you should be able to see the rocket pass over the UK at about 9.50 pm I'm already watching the live feed.
  9. So do I. I expect they were very cheap. There would be no motability scammers if the only car you could get was a blue spakker wagon.
  10. Spend some on booze n hookers. Then waste the rest.