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  1. Popuplights

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Yes. You tell that kind of person you went to Tenerife for your hols. They then tell you that they went to Elevenerife...
  2. Popuplights

    The Germany is fucked thread

    Can you remind me what it is? I have forgotten...
  3. Popuplights

    The Germany is fucked thread

    My password for SAP is sapiscrap
  4. Popuplights

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Well it's A level results day, and Popuplights Jr. has done very well. He will be taking up his place at Bristol university, to do Electrical and electronic engineering. Same as his old man. I baulk at the fees and living costs, which are quite frankly ruinous, but he will at least get a credible degree, and should walk into a reasonably paying job. We have been trying to recruit another engineer for my team (oil and gas biz) for 12 months without success. Thats the last to fly the nest!
  5. Popuplights

    Year Out?

    I would very much like to have some time off work. Nipper no.3 is on his last a level exam today. With luck I will be child free at home in September. Company has got me lined up for a long term assignment start starting in Q1 2019. US first, then the far East. I can't wait. Hopefully will be able to do some traveling with someone else paying the bills. Then I am going to retire, an carry on my scout volunteering, which I love.
  6. Popuplights


    Hello. I have been a long time lurker over at the other place, but really only interested in a couple of topics. Managed to follow the breadcrumbs and find my way here, and it seems like all the best posters have already arrived. Looking forward to learning more about macroeconomics and investing. And house prices of course.