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  1. They've only just announced that they're stopping making them, you can probably still find a few new ones in Germany. LHD only of course.
  2. Not sure coming here would be a good move for them given the state we're in.
  3. Real men never read the instructions. And neither do I 🥴
  4. Now you tell me, I've landed, thought it got bumpy every time I changed gear....
  5. Yes, very. It's so quiet I might get one of the seats at the front of the plane in that private cabin.
  6. Does that include capital costs, advertising, legal etc?
  7. Option5

    Escape from LA

    City centre cinema car park and city centre nightclub.
  8. Option5

    Escape from LA

    Different type of business, I don't do many office meetings as most of my work is on sites. I tend to get out and about as I want to see the real life not the facade. I'm not frightened of these people or places but not naive or stupid either. Nigeria is the only place they gave me security and that was only because it was a government job. Kazakhstan they gave me a driver but he was always pissed so I'd leave him behind to sleep it off. The thing I've discovered is that I'm usually welcomed because I act like a guest in someone else's country should. The British are the only people I've come across who go to someone else's country and consider the people there to be foreigners. If you don't like the way people live in their own country don't go there. I do however agree that people who come to live in the UK should respect our way of life, and to be fair many do. I also don't mind if they feel more comfortable in groups of their own kind, most people do, that it's human nature. It's only when they try to impose their ways on everyone else that it becomes unacceptable. Halal food in restaurants without being asked or given a choice for example (I'm looking at you pizza express). I always ask for the non halal, non kosher option and if they don't have one or don't know I leave.
  9. 33% is the margin housebuilders aim for on new builds. So the 30% discount is only on paper.
  10. Option5

    Escape from LA

    He's white, a nice guy who likes taking the piss, and yes he's travelled to lots of places which are supposed to be uncivilised and dangerous with people who hate us, only to find that they're generally not and they don't. I know this because we have worked for the same companies, in the same places, albeit not at the same time. I was once asked, that as I'd worked in just about every country ending in Stan and quite a few "dodgy" African countries, had I ever been threatened with a gun. The answer was yes, twice. Where was that they asked? Manchester.