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  1. Outgoings are split 50/50 between GBP and NOK at present. I won't pretend that I understand exchange rates or what drives them so I've put it out to see if anyone on here does understand than. I know it's my risk, DYOR etc. But I'm interested in others opinions. I'm leaning towards NOK simply because I think any worldwide recession will hit the UK hard and Norway less.
  2. Yes, but that was with regard to Brexit, this is taking Coronavirus into the equation. My transfer was postponed due to lockdown and is now back on.
  3. Bit off topic, I'm working in Norway through the London office but currently get paid in GBP, I have been transferred to the Norwegian office and now have the option of being paid in NOK. Future predictions for NOK v GBP?
  4. He'd already said he was keeping the deposit and why after his inspection the day before the move. We dropped the keys off at the agents office on the last day as she moved out. Everything else was left as inspected.
  5. Presumably only 50% of them are brown helmets, the other 50% are brown helmet painters
  6. As a bonus you get to look like a stormtrooper. Bad news if you wear one to go spear fishing you'll miss everything you shoot at.
  7. I thought we traveled around the universe on the back of a giant turtle?
  8. Yeah? I suppose your boyfriend told you so. Yeah? I suppose your boyfriend told you so.
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