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  1. I had the Kawasaki, couldn't use motorways as the services were too far apart
  2. Kawasaki 500 triple, 9 mpg not including two stroke oil
  3. Never had a provlem, mind you I thrash all my car's. Lancia averages 19 to the gallon 🙄
  4. Slightly less than a fox's glacier mint.
  5. It's called being friendly
  6. DPF, drive it at maximum revs for 10 miles and it's ok.
  7. Well away from the school, outside school hours and with no witnesses, and no rules
  8. I refuse to use self service checkouts, if they won't serve me I just leave the stuff and walk out. If I'd wanted to be a supermarket cashier I'd have applied for the job.
  9. They have a big problem with Ramadan here in Norway, it only goes dark for about an hour each night.......
  10. Is that an offer? Cause if I was into arses I wouldn't dislike Demi Rose would I?
  11. With his resources I know what i'd be doing next......