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  1. Same here, except after a year they have called me asking for help. Which part of "Fuck Off" do they have difficulty understanding. Those jobs are now appearing in my inbox.
  2. The point is, do you want to frighten little old ladies or men for any particular reason? They have earned the right to be illogical by living through all kinds of illogical shit. Just be kind and make them feel at ease, it's not really costing you anything apart from your own ideals. Just be kind, OK? Karens on the other hand.....
  3. Sexist!!!! Unless of course he washed his Hens in the sink as well.
  4. They do need airing occasionally
  5. The old lady who lives next door is 94 years old. She slipped and damaged her knee so she can't look after herself until it heals. I was asking her son and he was telling me that her mobile phone, a Motorola flip phone was dead. She couldn't work any of the smart phones her kids had given her so she'd bang on my wall when she needed help. I went to the local discount store and bought a Nokia 2720 flip phone and gave it to her, my wall has been silent since but her kids keep turning up at her place .
  6. Carpe Jugulum "She was not, herself, hugely in favor of motherhood in general. Obviously it was necessary, but it wasn't exactly difficult. Even cats managed it. But women acted as if they'd been given a medal that entitled them to boss people around. It was as if, just because they'd got the label which said "mother", everyone else got a tiny part of the label that said "child"
  7. Not really, you have to go to find out what it's like, I went and will never return. I won't even transit through one of their airports or fly with their airlines if there's any alternative.
  8. I thought EastEnders was an alien program as they don't speak earthling.
  9. Won't they need a TV Licence to do that?
  10. That photo suggests they still make cakes etc. It's just that they eat them all now.
  11. The Companies House site for all these people makes interesting reading. A lot of them have their own companies that are just started or haven't made any money. It looks like a bunch of Instaspam "influencers" have decided to get together to "sell" pwoperdee. I'll check tomorrow if any of their pwoperdees appear on Rightmove, Zoopla etc. In case you hadn't worked it out, I was bored this afternoon .
  12. Reminds me of Arnold Weinstock and GEC. The end is nigh.
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