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  1. Option5

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Citizen Smith.
  2. Option5

    Resident Parking

    Near future, if not already.
  3. Option5

    Because Brexit

    They were consistently the most punctual airline, probably because they saved time getting all the passengers and luggage on and off the plane
  4. Oh, and the 'gunk' is usually a type of oil (Mrs O uses coconut oil) to stop the hair going brittle and breaking due to the cold weather and lack of sunshine. She also uses face cream and body lotion/oil as the cold weather affects her skin causing it to 'dry out' No, it's small and has a big car to compensate.
  5. Mrs O is Kenyan, she just has it short with a good wig if she's going on a night out (or if it's cold outside )
  6. Option5

    Resident Parking

    They should be reversing into their drive.
  7. Option5

    Because Brexit

    Or the fact that they were a crap airline. High cost, low service levels.
  8. Option5

    Bit baldist mate

    No me, mine is silver. DB suggested it could be a good investment. Well the current Mrs O likes it
  9. When the feeling's gone and you can't go on It's blasphemy When the morning cries and you don't know why It's hard to bear With no one to love you You're going nowhere
  10. Well I for one appreciate your counter perspective. We all need to be pulled up every so often otherwise we start to believe our own bullshit.