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  1. Thats genius thou, a great watch. I love her Turkish North London "fuck you". She was fucking great.
  2. You should make a kit, as you say its realy relaxing and fun to do. I use Lifecolour paints for weathering, made in Italy, mix with water for multi layers with a paint brush.
  3. They are not that good close up. I have a few that have been weathered by the model center, proper nice.
  4. Done with a paint brush and some very matt paints.
  5. Heres a Bachmann 9F that i am trying to weather and look rusty. Its harder than you might think.
  6. People were saying that about my Gibson guitars and Marshalls amps in the 80s.
  7. There was one near Salisbury Cathedral in the 1970s, it was not that expensive.
  8. I would like to think its a c19 mark but alas just a up tick in the questions and answers thread.
  9. Note how the Hydrogen burns from the open end of the ship. Hydrogen needs to mix with Oxygen to become cumbustive (15%), 100% pure Hydrogen will not explode but burn as it mixes with air. Same for natural gas (Methane). Still, a crazy idea for a aircraft.
  10. I got called up about ten years ago. Never replied to the letter and did not turn up. Never heard another thing. What i thought was wierd is i got the call up weeks after getting my fire arms certificate.
  11. I was never a massive fan of Eddie but i had huge respect for him as a guitar player. That Eruption track i posted above was released in 1977, he was a ground breaker. When i was a pup learning the guitar i couldnt fathom out what the f he was doing, i still cant.
  12. I am currently buying a new combustion analyser for gas boilers. Have noticed all the new ones state they are Hydrogen ready.. Interesting.
  13. Loads still owned by the national railway, A few have been re opened already with many more on consultation. We had a chat about it a few hundred pages back. I am still hoping the Somerset and Dorset joint railway may re open one day.
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