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  1. Bobthebuilder


    Pcp rifles are so accurate they get boring at 50 meters after a few hours but great if you are doing pest control. My fav rifles have always been Air Arms, made in the UK.
  2. I did exactly that with Lloyds, started buying in about 2008 at 28p ish but just left the monthly drip going all the way to 70p. Oh i live and learn.
  3. I think a lot of manufacturing will return from China. Whos gonna pay £14 for a model railway wagon from China when you can buy a better quality one from Wales for £9. (silly example but you get my point).
  4. Bobthebuilder

    Frankie Valli

    Top. Grease written by the Gibb brothers, class stuff.
  5. Bobthebuilder

    Bye bye Treason May?

    This is indeed a fantastic thread, but, all i can understand from 2 days of BBC reporting is, they should shut the fuck up and piss off.
  6. Bobthebuilder

    The purpose of this site

    Of course you fuckin do.
  7. Bobthebuilder

    The purpose of this site

    Only if they are collaborators.
  8. Bobthebuilder

    The purpose of this site

    I followed DBs reflation thread on TOS and found here. I was banned on the other for buying a house in 2012 and it didn't fit with the agenda. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many old posters over here. I don't post much, should try harder but enjoy reading everyone's thoughts. My last post on TOS was to Mr Pin about a 1959 Les Paul. I was banned before i could add it was a junior not a burst.
  9. A Santa rally would be nice. Im amazed how well my port has held up so far. looking to cash in some bubble at xmas, if we get that far.
  10. Plumbing, plastering, electrician, mechanical engineering, road building, railways etc, etc. Im very close to selling 100% of my mid term holdings.
  11. Not much to add to this great thread but, a few guys ive known for years in the London trades have all started talking about a recession this week. First time ive heard it since 2007.
  12. Bobthebuilder

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    Or "Lightsabre cock sucking blues" by McCluskey.
  13. Bobthebuilder

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    If you can learn a few bar chords this is wonderful. Chords are in regular tuning, Am,D, F#m,D,G#,Bm,D,Dm.
  14. Another Santa rally this year?