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  1. Sorry to link the Guardian but it seems to be becoming trendy.
  2. As a guide i paid £600 for new front discs and pads (vented), full service, valet, wheel alignment,mot, pick up and drop off for a 2lt Mazda at main dealer in London.
  3. Bobthebuilder

    Best UK City to live

    Outside of London and Manchester?.....Forget it, its all shit. Yeah sure go and retire in Dorset or Cornwall, but another city? forget it, might as well drink vodka in a bus stop.
  4. Bobthebuilder

    Boilers in bedrooms

    Not only is it a shit job but a shit boiler an all. If i had a boiler in me bedroom it would have to be a better model than that.
  5. Bobthebuilder

    How we treat heroes in this once great land

    I grew up in Blandford, was interesting at times.
  6. Some platforms offer a stock builder type account with monthly fees of £2 per trade. Might be good for smaller amounts.
  7. Bobthebuilder

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    I think the French authorities have made a big mistake here, there's going to be trouble.
  8. Bobthebuilder

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Macron and his ilk are digging one fucking big hole.
  9. It smells like capital control to me.
  10. Exactly, plumber? gas safe licence? or just some hillbilly with some pushfit fittings and no knowledge of open vent systems.
  11. Bobthebuilder

    What's going to collapse next...
  12. Let me give you an example. The daily rate for a plumber on that quote is £350.The sub contract rate for fitting a combi boiler with British Gas is £350. Watch the middlemen.
  13. That's expensive. I have been working with kitchen fitters for 20 years. Usually the fitters only get 50% of price quoted. B&Q for example, who no longer offer a fitting service would typically charge around £5000 for a fit, the fitters would get around £1500. Less materials, CIS, van, petrol, etc etc.
  14. Bobthebuilder

    Premium bonds

    I have almost full allocation in PBs, i find i only win when i move money in or out. it's a bit suspect isn't it.
  15. Bobthebuilder

    Premium bonds

    £50 from £100k? they are taking the piss out of you two.