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  1. I am a Luddite. I have to get me wife to get the printer to work.
  2. @Errol You know I have just realized what they can do with all those city center empty offices. Split into bedsits that you work for 8 hours and live in. Hey, you can also get a mortgage on it. Job done.
  3. It was the lyrics from "the arrest" by the band Conflict released in 1986. Anyway, all of my posts are messed up.
  4. True. Sure it's fine if you have a dedicated office, not so nice in a 1 bed flat year on year I expect. Anyway I can't talk, I work in other peoples houses.
  5. This. Or else your home becomes a work place. Did they really think they were gonna get away with that?
  6. The YouTube vid. If you take part in direct action or the police don't like the look of you; you are likely to get arrested here's some things to and not to do You don't have to say anything, nothing, but it is advisable (but still your choice) to give your name, address and date of birth, and then say nothing else If you don't give them this you'll find they will only hold you for longer While they establish your identity, but if you have been previously convicted Then don't give your date of birth, for you are on their computers in birth o
  7. Good vid, I enjoyed that. The police are losing control and that sort of stuff will be copied. I don't think the plod stand a chance with the youth now, out of their depth.
  8. Manchester / Cheshire, I spent a while in those parts early 90s. Jumbo sausage, chips and gravy was 89p from my local chippy, I used to live on the stuff. Wonderful.
  9. Be careful who you poke, some sleeping bears can be a bastard when they need to act.
  10. I reckon you could make a couple of savings there stokie. Should be able to get internet in with the sky payment and gas and leccy available for about 75 a month on a 1 year fix. You are doing pretty well by the looks of it.
  11. Yeah I saw that on the so called bbc. The Times headline grabbed me though, Sunaks interview was with the Financial Times.
  12. I noticed in the shop this morning that The Times front page said "mortgage help for first time buyers".
  13. Hello Rhines, I cannot answer your question, others might do better. I do want to point out I am a self-employed tradesman and I have not had a price work pay rise for 20 years. The government imported too much competition and have depressed wages in my sector. Welcome to the club.
  14. Have you had a look for a back burner on the wood burner? My Gas safe inspector has one, he says he hardly uses any gas at all in the winter, combined with wet solar to top up in the summer. Expensive to install is the only downside.
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