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  1. Ive been installing boilers and heating systems for over 25 years, the guy who trained me 50 years in the business, hotels, etc.Heat pumps, biomass air exchangers all great ideas, none beat gas. 300 litre gas fired comercial cylinders can re heat in under 15 minutes, try doing that with a heat pump.
  2. I would like to see them try and get 25KW off a standard house 60amp main fuse. They have been saying this for years with no alternative to gas. Simply, no gas = no combi boilers.
  3. We will have to see how all this pans out, but if i was Durham Born i would be looking for a publishing deal for a book release. Its already quite an amazing story.
  4. Ah yes "gardeners brew" they used to call it, great for tomatoes apparantly.
  5. I was looking at Sainsburys annual report the other day, cant remember the exact figures but they have debt of approx £1.2 billion and reduced debt by £220 million this year. They plan to do the same every year going forward. I found that interesting in the premise of this thread.
  6. Bit harsh Harvey, most of the work has now been done, just wait for the Autum or longer depending on your gold bug views. Toungue in cheek post by the way, i really respect your input here and on TOS. Thanks.
  7. I see Virgin Money are switching all thier savings accounts to Clydesdale Bank later this year. Any of you knowlagble folk on here have any info on Clydesdale, debt, safety of savings etc, etc?
  8. Thanks SP. Im going to put the kettle on and play with my train set.
  9. Hi Durhamborn, Harmony is running like a cat on fire at the moment. Your dad would have got an extra 10% ish by waiting a week. Its a lovely green to see, just getting an itchey sell trigger finger right now. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and work. Bob.
  10. Thats a load of house for a million quid wind or not.
  11. Had a look over my drip feed portfolio today, i can be so lazy sometimes, ive gone over 10% of total in some stocks, so put a stop on a couple and added a couple of new ones. I have made this over allocation error before, do i never learn?
  12. It fuckin cracks me up everytime.
  13. This coffee smells like shit.
  14. I also have a max limit to how much i would drip into any individual stock. Take CNA, im close to my limit on that one.
  15. As a not very accurate comparison my CNA by monthly drip inc fees and divis is currently -30%. VOD -13%. SLA +13%