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  1. I can easily imagine its 10M countrywide, thats a fuck load of people.
  2. Thread cross over, almost all the places i go to are EEs with the misses at home with kids.
  3. Outer London, SE, BR,CR, Kent, Surrey.
  4. Anecdotal, I do a lot of landlords gas safety certificates. Agents and landlords are increasingly telling me voids are more common and the market is getting a bit tough.
  5. Totally agree with that. I drip feed monthly, yeah i know its not for everyone but im happy with it.
  6. One of the shares that have been mentioned on here by DB i think ,is Standard Life, up approx 9% since then, well impressive.
  7. Fair enough, but if you think growing it is a problem your naive as fuck.
  8. Its here under enforcement.
  9. Er, yes you can. for personal use only, maximum 25 plants per year.
  10. You can legally grow it in the UK for personal use, just cant sell it or give it away.
  11. Hive has a bit of catching up to do compared to Nest. Nest are currently taking over the heating controls business, its a much better bit of kit. British Gas are also falling behind in terms of engineers at present. Subbing out boiler fits and repairs. I drip feed monthly into Centrica but not for Hive reasons.
  12. 25 quid for me this month on nearly a full holding. 20k out for ISA allowance. I still think they are a waste of time.