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  1. Bobthebuilder

    Getting Tradesmen

    I am i this group, tradesman soon to retire. I must be honest, there's not many jobs i would take on these days, to many cheap quotes from "competitors" who don't know what they are doing. Not worth getting involved.
  2. Another good tip is to keep the dough in a tupperware type box overnight in the fridge and let it prove slowly. Makes great pizza and bread. I only use water, yeast and flour to make dough, never any fat or sugar, you don't need it. if you have a fan assisted oven you can make pretty good bread and pizza just on a metal tray.
  3. Bobthebuilder

    Think i saw a UFO today.

    I saw my first one in Wiltshire, Gomeldon 1977.
  4. Bobthebuilder

    Islamification of Europe

    Wankers pure and simple, cant even organise a home delivery anymore. i for one will not pay for it.
  5. Bobthebuilder

    Fix My Boiler

    Have you got a TRV on every radiator? If so, that's your problem, alway leave one rad with 2 lockshields on it.
  6. Bobthebuilder

    Fix My Boiler

    This. The expansion vessel will be flat and needs recharging. It needs a service by a good gas safe guy. You are suppose to re charge the expansion vessel when servicing but many don't. The schrader valve may need changing also, hopefully the PRV wont be letting by but not a big job anyway. Have you guessed what i do for a living yet?
  7. Bobthebuilder

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    Had my 1st cucumber salad tonight from the garden. The cukes are going crazy.
  8. The best rate i ever had on a cash isa was a 1 year fix at 6.4% with the halifax back in 2006 ish? It feels like a lifetime ago.
  9. Bobthebuilder

    Trump's progress

    I just hope Trump takes up Sadiq Khan''s offer of an IQ test while he is over.
  10. Don't forget the energy cost of the cooking. Turkish style food is good for this, roast a leg of lamb and mountains of veg at the same time (peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes, onions, etc). then you can serve this cold with salad and bread for a few days, no need to turn the oven on again.
  11. You can always use a portfolio builder account to do this £1 per trade per month plus SD, outside of your ISA of course.
  12. Keep drip feeding every month, put the kettle on and chill.
  13. Bobthebuilder

    Best Songs of the Eighties

    Interesting thread. What the hell were you lot doing back in the 80s? Best song of the 80s? i give you South East London's finest, CONFLICT.
  14. Bobthebuilder


    Yep, i would 2nd that, started reading 2004, started investing in 2008. Some outstanding threads over the years.