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  1. I have said before on this thread that i like Halfords, they could have a much larger audience with what they stock, tools, paints etc. If money does get tight then more people might turn to repairing/ servicing the car/bicycle etc themselves.
  2. Thanks, I have been buying stocks in a trading account and ISA since 2005 so not a complete novice, i have always up until now drip fed monthly. I have started a SIPP for the tax relief and being self employed will be putting lump sums in as i wont know my annual limit until nearer the end of the tax year. I will stress that i am not looking for any advice just interested in peoples ideas. I walked past a Card Factory shop on Friday afternoon and had a glance inside, yes it was surprisingly busy. I have had some nice risers (and fallers) over the years, made 70%ish on the gold miners last year (thanks everyone)and current nice greenies include National Grid,SSE,Stagecoach, Standard Life Aberdeen and Tesco(not one talked about on here). Thanks again everyone hope you are all doing well.
  3. This would be interesting for some of us i think. Im starting to build my SIPP and will buy stocks in £1k blocks as a long term hold. Not taken as advice of course DYOR and all that, i will buy stuff i like anyway but would be nice to see a general direction of group mind thinking. Thanks everyone as always.
  4. Good, they can f##k off now, lets move on.
  5. Thats it, pre amp or post turntable, cant remember what they told me now, but the bloke in Richer Sounds was adamant and said, put some wax on the tracks and slide on outa here.
  6. I posted the other day about banks getting rid of free overdrafts and starting charging 40% on balances. I saw this and thought about this thread, credit is drying up.
  7. Thats awesome,look forward to seeing the progress. I have a n gauge wagon and brake van that needs a home (free) should you want them.
  8. I have a project turntable, Cambridge Audio A1 mk3 and the KEF speakers and thats it. No CD or radio, like it simple me. I do have a little Cambridge Audio box that goes between the turntable and amp but i cant remember what they are called. And i love it.
  9. I love KEFs, i have an old pair of Q floor standers fantastic they are indeed.
  10. I inherited some 1960s Beatles mono vinyl and i cant believe how good it sounds. We have been taken down a false road with all this audiophile stereo stuff,cd, digital, etc.
  11. Just get one of those 12 string simulator pedals, you can then sell it on ebay when you decide its shit.