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  1. Bobthebuilder

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    Or "Lightsabre cock sucking blues" by McCluskey.
  2. Bobthebuilder

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    If you can learn a few bar chords this is wonderful. Chords are in regular tuning, Am,D, F#m,D,G#,Bm,D,Dm.
  3. Another Santa rally this year?
  4. A good start for a beginner is a monthly portfolio builder or such like, a £50 a month drip into say 3 different shares would cost around £6 (3x£50 with £2 fee per trade). You can also buy funds and many us stocks too like VOD. Remember though. Stock market investing is boring as hell 99% of the time and scary the other 1%.
  5. I think RM will out last a lot of competition. I order a lot online as i'm sure we all do, i always choose RM for the delivery regardless of cost as i always get the item.( i have had stuff go missing with other companies in the past).If i'm not in, they leave a card for me to collect the item from the parcel office. I have even been given another parcel outside the office when spotted by my usual postie. Cant beat that service and im not talking in the rural shires here but central London. I had a mate who worked for another delivery company, lets just say he always had "stuff" for sale.
  6. So, another new month tomorrow. Drip feeding into the usual stocks as discussed on this thread and another chunk of silver to add to the pot. Do you lot think we will have another Santa rally this year? Keep up the good work folks, cracking thread.
  7. Bobthebuilder


    That was a good listen, thanks. I do like Jonathans rants. Takes me back to the old days on the old site. Interesting near the end, i think he has been reading DBs thread, minds think alike and all that.
  8. Diamonds in a condom and swallow it. Sure be shit for giggles later.
  9. Bobthebuilder

    The next financial crisis has already begun

    Very interesting spygirl. I've been looking for some savings accounts recently and i notice most of the best rates at the moment are with the capital raising fincos, such as Paragon and Coventry BS. Interesting times ahead.
  10. Bobthebuilder

    What were hipsters before there were hipsters?

    2 members of that band still live in Hackney. Not sure if they have beards tho.
  11. Yep, im 100% offset as well. Just means i pay the debt off faster.
  12. Bobthebuilder

    What were hipsters before there were hipsters?

    Don't get me started on this. I lived in Dalston when the whole hipster thing started from New York. The original hipsters looked like punks from the 70s, tight trousers and dyed hair around 2008. Then the clubs became trendy and the Essex boys and girls started turning up, that's where the short back and sides with the beard came from. Everyone copied the Essex look, nothing to do with hipster really. Hipster were looking to make money out of property, greedy little fuckers too, with no ounce of common sense. Glad they are history to be honest, and the bike thing, cant afford a car as i've spent 450k on a shitty ex council hole in Haggerston. Twats, they are all buying "classic" hot hatches now, wankers.
  13. I notice Natwest SVR went up .25% this week to 4.25%. Chip, chip, chip.
  14. Bobthebuilder

    Can't be arsed anymore

    Don't do it. You will only fall out with the butcher over something, then you will have to deal with the bearded twat in the greengrocers trying to flog you a cabbage for £7. Go to the chippie and get some cans in.
  15. Niche repairs and maintenance is never going to go away. In my experience 90% of trades for home maintenance are rubbish, the other 10% are brilliant at what they do and tend to stick together. Edit to add. I went paye in 2006 to protect my income, went self employed again in 2008 when many guys fell out of the business. 2008 to date has been very lucrative